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  00:52:03  14 December 2013
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On forum: 04/20/2011

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12/15/2013 4:43:40
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Note: The mod is Russian and the text below is a quick machine translation of the information at the site.

(The sad tale for adults) "To find your" Blue Tree ", first to die ..."

Mod released 13 Dec 2013 at and a number of other links
Also see:
for additional information, screenshots etc.


- The new plot will allow the player to see the Zone " before time " when nothing else is specified, when there is no known and well-established principles of law , when there is only a mysterious and unknown "Something" , which also have to know , having met in its path with mysterious and unexplained phenomena and mysteries. Meet friends on the original PM characters are just getting ready to take its place in the history of the Zone and become future heroes . Deserters , looters , diggers and mysterious Observers will be met Photographer on your hard way . And, of course , will need to finish the one who seemed so simple at first , reporting, thereby fulfilling one of its main missions.
- Lack of observation and , as a consequence , the inability to notice seemingly insignificant at first glance , things can lead to premature final scene.
- What is an inexhaustible source of energy?
Some object ? Phenomenon? Or may be sick imagination of a strange man ?
Or maybe it's own internal force capable of some " non-traditional " situations create unpredictable release energy in power ?
And maybe - it's just a Wildlife shows a man who's in charge ?
- In the present modification great texture pack , which increases significantly the quality of the game "pictures" .

* All events and characters are fictional .
Possible matches - random.

Modifying Artifacts

Implemented a new system of transformations of substances . Anomalies in modifications have not yet emerged as a powerful and dangerous child zone . Artifacts known from the original PM yet. There are ( our version ) only the rudiments of abnormal substances called " crystals " . During the passage of the plot, the player will have to search and study the properties and the ability of various types of crystals to the transformations in special psi anomalous zones that have their own distinctive visual and audio characteristics , exhibiting area in the presence of the player corresponding to this psy- zone activating the crystal. Crystals will be divided into crystals activators ( for different types of catalysts activators different psy- zone will react in different ways: a specific sound
specific visual effect and the effect on the actor ) and the crystals reagents involved in the process of catalysis . Downstream - minerals - absolutes that have unusual and diverse properties. In psy- tier areas possible transformation process minerals absolutes in unusual minerals mascot with its own unique properties ( in the second level involves two different mineral - absolute, one of which is an activator . Which is not known ) . And finally , the third level catalyze - this transformation in Talisman Amulets having powerful protective properties) through a biological substance - catalyst ( Parts mutants ) . Accordingly, recent psy- zone will also have their own distinctive sound and vizulnye characteristics manifested in the presence of the player corresponding to a given area of ​​psy- activating element. But , unlike the first two , to activate these unique areas will also need a special device , which will also have to get the player.
Ready-made recipes will not. The player will have their own, by selecting ingredients and collation of data on the affiliation of stones to certain psy- zones , find formulas and recipes to make catalyze that as a successful conversion will be recorded in a special section detailing the PDA : what, where and when Which related terms
happened and eventually led to success. For these recipes will get serious player awards and the opportunity to move towards its goal of Zone.


We are grateful to the testers:
Aleksandr44, Micah, a185, Murchik, Osetrina, MAV, Torvik, vdv5549, slow-witted, BFG (Petrovich), pahancop, Hector, Dan-Homer. At textural content of the present developments: photo zone (base), HD Foliage - Alternate Grasses (vegetation) and a bit of Apocalypse-lll. use animation of «Real Artifacts Activation In Fps» by cOldSnake. 1. Îįâóũęč some sounds taken from the People halophytes and games: Metro33, SWARM, PRAY. 2. Skaykuby: sporadically from NA, DEAD AUTUMN 2, SWTC PM. 3. Edit strips TTX weapons: PLO NA. Courtesy of comrade vdv5549. Acknowledgments: GSC Production - for a great game «STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl." Site AMK - for what drew modding and gathered us all together. creators All models weapons, vehicles and characters from the site of the AMC, whose models were used in development. And also to everyone who helped with the voice acting characters.


dimos - author of the idea. The creator of the basics: build locations for fashion.
Antreg - creator of the plot and the characters voice.
Cation - creator of the plot and the characters voice.
lsclon - developer scripts, created a unique system of transformations of crystals and minerals.
boryan67 - browser developer and creator of unique gameplay "chips" + voice characters and quests development.
_Val_ - voice of the protagonist in fashion. Besides, the story quests, weather, sound polokatsionny content etc.
mauvais - composer, Video, creator of dreams, Particle, voice characters and stories around the campfire, quests.
Tatiana Semenova - creative ideas quests and voice characters.
N6260 - gun cases master. Helped: Amik - new monsters, Particle effects. Aaz - character models and crystals. Valerich - crystal models. exDJMic - magical songs around the campfire. Murrrchik, slow-witted, akva - stories around the campfire (creation and voice). marafonec - adaptation sighting nets. erlik (Garry_Galler), and Kirag Stalk15 - script functions.


1. 15 locations are connected to each other logically and populated according conceived
plot. Transitions available from the location to the location of the start of the game
will not grow. Key transitions will appear as you
progress through the story.
2. Implemented story photographing objects.
3. In fashion there is a great audio content. Starting from their own
voice and ending characters polokatsionnymi music plays and
sketches. A large number of stories and songs around the campfire with a guitar, created
and written specifically for this modification.
4. There is a system of free, shareware nesyuzhetnogo photographing. Differs from the
scene photographing implementation optional, but interesting
5. The new system of secondary quests. There will be about 60 pieces. Six characters will issue secondary objectives in the process
through the story.
6. Implemented several small inclusions gameplay associated with the investigation. Namely, in order to obtain information
about the PDA anomalies and mutants will need to conduct their research. In view of
the fact that the idea of modification "F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F" - this time the outset
study areas, the names of anomalies and mutants, as they study,
will give himself the protagonist. In the PDA will present two
fundamentally different sections:
a) "Journal" - This section will collect the information obtained from the other protagonist
characters (or on the instructions of the other characters) in the process of passing
the story.
b) "Notes of a Photographer" - in this section will accumulate information extracted by an actor in a free mode.
7. New scripting implementation thirst, viral infection of the actor as well as
an interesting system of so-called "glitches" on the presence of some
crystals and minerals.
8. The so-called narrow range "easter eggs", take on new meaning. Attentive and patient player will find much
more interesting gameplay innovations, rather than "fugitive" to locations with
"immortality" and other cheats.
9. Lack of observation and, as a consequence, the inability to notice seemingly insignificant at
first glance, things can lead to premature final scene.
10. What exactly is an inexhaustible source of energy?
Some object? Phenomenon? Or may be sick imagination of a strange man?
Or maybe it's own internal force capable of some
"non-traditional" situations create unpredictable emission strength
of energy?
Or maybe it's just a Wildlife shows a man who's in charge here?

Download links and installation

Modification is ONLY for "STALKER PM" version 1.0004
At 1.0005 and 1.0006 patch will not work.
* Famous "haulers" with older versions to 1.0004 in this case will not help.

Installation: TCH_1.0004 + F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F
* Adaptations sighting nets and correct display of SMS messages on the screen for owners of widescreen monitors - in general archive.
Set necessarily! Over all files are replaced.

Size: 2.34 Gb

Possible departures

During testing revealed some modifications noncritical departures at large locations: Wood peacekeeping corps and Marshes.
Departures overflow RAM type, video buffer:

Description: (bytes_need <= mSize) && vl_Count
Arguments: Out of memory. Memory request: 55965 K
Description: std: out of memory
* MEMORY USAGE: 325149 K
stack trace:

0023:035 A4507 xrRender_R2.dll
0023:058540 E3 xrGame.dll
0023:0359 B6C9 xrRender_R2.dll

Load the last saved game. If does not work, reduce the setting of the game, until the transition to the statics.
If this helps - Optimize system.


1 ) Do not use quick save , if possible . Use conservation through the menu or console.
2) Since the present transportation mode , once in the options , assign the " Ignition " .
3) The mod will be quests for which performance will need to accompany the group NPC. To avoid possible " distortions " in the logic of the characters do not go for a distance -Life from them until the quest .
4) The story mode is built , in particular, on the SMS messages.
Therefore, first, set the display to adapt to SMS shirokoformatnikov ( present in the archive mode) . Second, carefully read the SMSs .

Mini-fix? :
  09:43:51  14 December 2013
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On forum: 04/20/2011
Messages: 938
English (machine) Translation - 1st go

Used (with thanks) Stalkerstein's V5.0 Stalker Dialogue helper to translate gameplay and text\rus folders and changed "rus" to "eng" in localization.ltx


1. Fresh (preferable) install SoC patched to 1.0004
2. Add FOTOGRAF gamadata folder (see links previous post)
3. Add patch 1 (link bottom previous post)
4. Download and unzip
5. Rename config\gameplay folder in installed game to gameplay_bak (or something)
6. Add gamedata folder from step 4 - overwrite all.

Note 1: The text\rus folder in the installed mod needs to remain since there are text\rus include links in some of the code.

Note 2: Check your monitor/graphics aspect ratio and apply (if necessary) the appropriate scope and SMS setups in the FOTOGRAF mod. Default setting may be ok.

Please use FOTOGRAF discussion thread to report problems/comments.
  10:00:27  14 December 2013
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On forum: 12/13/2013
Messages: 10
This looks very nice. I will certainly play this mod when I have the time. Is an English translation available?


  06:07:17  15 December 2013
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On forum: 05/02/2011
Messages: 279

Is an English translation available?

It is the link ( ) in the post above yours, an English 'machine' translation.
  16:18:28  15 December 2013
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On forum: 04/20/2011
Messages: 938
@Svarzhovich and @Seeker of Strelok,
Please note that there is an English discussion thread for this mod at

Is an English translation available?

It is the link ( ) in the post above yours, an English 'machine' translation.

Yes, as described in the post above. It is very crude and only to get started in playing the game. People such as Stalkerstein, Grunter Hunter and david.m.e are far more expert at this than I am and put a huge amount of effort into creating very polished English translations of these Russian mods.
  07:49:51  17 December 2013
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On forum: 04/20/2011

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12/17/2013 7:56:37
Messages: 938
Updated English translation

This has about 17 SCRIPT files added which should help with trading, some messages and using the camera.

Note: This is all very coarse machine language translation. I have tried to make sense where I feel I understood what was being said ... but there is also a lot of spaghetti talk. The intent is to at least help make the game more readily playable for non-Russian players.

IMPORTANT: Please make a backup of both the original Russian version "gamedata\config\gameplay" and "gamedata\scripts" folders before overwriting in case something goes wrong
  16:58:29  12 January 2014
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On forum: 12/24/2007
Messages: 238
translation fix by Playdough from december 30:
  16:03:54  1 February 2014
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Paul Jaye
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On forum: 04/15/2007
Messages: 492
Torrent link for this mod

I'm getting 3.0 MB/s downloading...I'll try to serve on the weekends.

Paul Jay
  23:27:33  5 February 2014
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On forum: 02/05/2014

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02/05/2014 23:28:33
Messages: 3
Definitely will be giving it a try and thank you for the Torrent option. I'll be using the translation keep in mind, so I'm hoping it wont be too broken.

I always find the Russian mod-scene to be what makes STALKER 1/2/3 one of the best game/series ever. Mods like Secret Trails 2, Reborn, LURK, even something as simple as Complete 2009 make the game as best as it can be.

translation fix by Playdough from december 30:

Thankyou for this I will try this out
  21:15:10  28 March 2014
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On forum: 12/07/2010
Messages: 46
All in one

Please can someone upload all in one data.
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