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NS DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 Beta by boutch71

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  21:42:28  7 April 2013
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On forum: 12/01/2008

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04/08/2013 19:54:57
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NS DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 Beta by boutch71

~ DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 Beta...~
~ "Addon_by_Saruman.1.1..+..adapt_Nanosuit2\NTH..+..Oracl_HUD_"Makckey" ~

~ Published Main Topic Direct link -

welcome dear stalker zone!

Shadow presents here its version 1.3.5 DMX mod that continues to evolve and impress over time and shows also an incredible variety of items at the arms and a new way to accomplish certain quests give NPC by several of the zone, the mutants are still active and aggressive, abnormal invaded zone around one Again! in short everything you need to get more off steam! but the fact remains that this version 1.3.5 brings a huge change gameplay side plairas certainnement again and again fans of this series!

A brief summary of the English version in detail with all the innovations that have been made​​!

Original Version "Narodnaya Soljanka 03.09.10 with DMX mod 1.3.5 By Shadow.
Full English Version Revised and remodeler by Boutch71.

Compiled -

1 - Addon By Saruman v1.1
2 - Adaptation Nanosuit Version 2
3 - Install Oracl HUD Vesrion 2: by "Makckey"
4 - Real Outfit "Strelok" By Alexander IV
5 - Dynamic Depth Of Field Shaders 1.1 Beta+Patch by Meltac
6 - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Flickering Flashlight 1.0
7 - Shows enemies or dead bodies on Minimap
8 - New PDA TIP Beep Sounds By Boutch71
9 - New Blood Particles Effects
10 - New Binocular ReTextured By Boutch71
11 - New Improved Nature Textures
12 - New BIOMAP Textures
13 - New Loadscreen & Mainmenu
14 - New Sounds Environnement and others
15 - stalker restrictor Radius, jump & Weight modification in file "actor.ltx"
16 - FX Red Cursor
17 - New All Icons
20 - New M-134 In the "Cave"
21 - XR_3DA 4GB Patcher!
22 - More bottles of Vodka on corpses
23 - New Nanosuit 2 HQ Textures Dynamic Show HUD!
24 - Mutants are stronger and more resistant!
25 - New Gloves textures
26 - New Starting logo by boutch71
27 - New mainmenu vidéo Présentation.
28 - New Sounds zwuki for NS + PLO (Modification!)
29 - All New Crosshair Changed
30 - New textures Mutants
31 - Reduced the icons weight size HUD on the screen
31 - Reajusted the NV Radius Adaptive Nightvision Scopes - By Meltac

Download torrent on "The Pirate Bay" here -

Link dropbox by kahului -

UTorrent download here -

Download and install latest version here 7z -

Pass word for decompression - boutch71

Important: Once the download archive leave the directory in your "download" to stay
As much as possible "Seeds" do you a copy instead of the 13 DMX 1.3.5 archives elsewhere on your hard drive and remember.Especially not "Stand Seeds"! thank you Well, if you follow this rule and you share your ride has other members interested in and can enjoy them as well and you will get the chance to archive faster.

So I start the "Seeds" was 4.17 with uTorrent GO!
Once unzipped the Gamedata will make a total of 10.4 GO install in the game directory Stalker SOC.

In the archive you will compress two folders named -

1 - Utilities -> Who contains several subfolders that you will be extremely utilities! if you
want to have a little more information on all of this that folder you can post your questions here on the station.
2 - Bonus -> Who posted contains improvements to make in exclusive images just for your eyes! the images will
also available again later on gallery will be dedicated to this version of DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD.

Now here is the installation method that is easier! nothing very complicate because the mod is
everything already prepared and ready to use!


1 - Install S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl in English.
2 - patched to version 1.0004
3 - If you want to play in v1.0006 install (Adapted patch v1.0006) available in the archive.
4 - Install the "Add Saruman NS_DMX 1.3.5_ENGMOD_v1.0_Beta + 1.1 + + Oracl Nano Adapter (FINAL VERSION! V1.0004).
Do not forget to install the folder "Bin" and the file "fsgame.ltx" into the directory of the game.
5 - Install STALKER-SHOC Folder Started in \ Documents (Windows 7 64x)
6 - "user.ltx" is already configured you can always change it to your taste if desired.
7 - Create a shortcut of "XR_3DA.exe" on your desktop and right click on it go to "property" and enter the command
Switch-noprefetch-nointro in the "Target" respecting space as
this -

"C: \Program Files(x86)\THQ\STALKER - Shadow of Chernobyl\bin\XR_3DA.exe"-noprefetch-nointro

BONUS!! - "ACS (Atlas Spawn) v1.95 NS DMX 1.3.5
(Eng Version By Boutch71 FINAL!)" for DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD v1.0 Beta.

Download Here - password - boutch71

I ultimately decide not to include the ACS (Atlas Spawn) v1.95 to DMX 1.3.5 ENGMOD because I had not
enough testing and I had problems setting buttons brings up several menu functions and
some fesais literally planted the mod! then I suggest a place to download a part of DMX 1.3.5 you can
test yourself it works very well, but its usefulness is for moin secondary problem except for objects
which disappear and reappear as you want to without having to edit files "Traders" merchants of the area.

To finish I suggest you play 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 resolution because if you decide to play
in a lower resolution than 1680x1050 you can not see the HUD displayed correctly "Makckey"
locate at the top left of your screen, I check myself playing a lower resolution and the HUD
becomes inactive unfortunately I have not had time to check what it could induce slight problem but
I will keep you informed once corrected.

As of version 1.07b of DMX 1.3.4 you can post your error log to bring the
Necessary adjustments that permettras of improved and make the mod more stable.

Important notice: This version has been designed as such alteration or manipulation of file
could affect the operation of this mod is your responsabilité.Si you need to change
a parameter that you do not like you can always post your message or write me write
by MP that would be more appropriate!

So good to all games and have fun with this version 1.3.5!

To the next.

boutch71 -
  07:07:34  8 April 2013
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On forum: 12/01/2008

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04/08/2013 7:09:43
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Yes it is possible to do but I have no premium account and I do not want upload an archive of more than 4GB on a time limit of 30 days!

Unless a person friendly (once per download torrent) put in DMX 1.3.5 upload are on premium account and share the link right here is an option and it would be greatly appreciated.

If you download the mod by the torrent and you leave the archive in the directory "download" and you'd have the mod seeders more quickly as deposite files for example if you have 10 members download DMX 1.3.5 depositefiles you would limit it to say that the host will have separate download speed in 10 and you risk to wait longer before getting the complete archive.
  16:02:33  8 April 2013
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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04/08/2013 16:03:46
Messages: 1991
Hello Boutch!

So great!What wonderfull work!
Fantastic!All works you've done on the DMX and ... lonely!

Awesome!All ok at first launch,beautiful cinematics,menu, hud...

What job accomplished since the first version on Stalkerfrance ,you remember the 1.3.1?

Bravo and congratulations to you !!

Thank to you for sharing another great gamedata !!

That restores want to dive again into the Stalker world
(despite chronic lack of time!)

  18:46:58  8 April 2013
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Hello DavidEverett

Here :
  02:31:38  9 April 2013
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/02/2011
Messages: 279

For any English-speaking players who have given this a go :

Is the text in readable English, or just google translated?
I've tried playing these mods before, where both the ingame text, and any guide to go along with the mod are translated in this way, and it's almost unplayable. I'm merely curious, so I don't waste time downloading.


  12:33:41  9 April 2013
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On forum: 05/02/2011
Messages: 279

As for the torrent, I've only managed to grab 1.17 GB's, been off and on for about six to seven hours, and seeds are numbered at four, so I can't complain at all. I tried the other download link earlier around five p.m., but I guess it had been taken down or something.

For speed, it's ranged from around 14 all the way to 170 ( or so ) kbps. It's how torrents work, so I'm not worried about it.

I'm also assuming ( hopefully correctly ) that this is a modified version of the people's soup ( NS ) mod. I tried it ( not DMX ) a while back and found it almost unplayable, just due to bugs and crashes, some stability would be nice.

  15:05:56  9 April 2013
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Just play five hours without crash for the moment.

Time loading correct and it's a first very good thing
(I completely abandoned StalkerSoup version with insanely times loading even on an SSD...a shame and too many bugs never really corrected...a big deception ...but it contains really good tools for modders and we need to try to use it in DMX Boutch version...the spawn menu for exemple).

Hope we finally have now a nice version of DMX and ...yes seems a really good game with plenty news features!

Just at beginning ,but two things need to be improve for me personnaly:

I don't like the size of the left hud (too intrusive) ,so will try to modify it.

And also the blood for me ,definitly hate these effects and try to remove it.(But it's me ,I don't like...)

And add The Photo Realistic Zone 2 textures (a must from the True Zone Project -Thank's Loner1 !what wonderful and incredible improvment!).

And at last but not least ,for once time ,now french Stalkers have a chance to have the DMX in good french and it's so wonderfull !
so we can progress now in the quests and really enjoy that!

So in few time i think we can adapt relatively easy the files in our native language.

So ,beautiful things in this version (just the new minigun in the underground for exemple...awesome!)
(I remember how your a specialist of this gun Boutch!Incredible weapon and sounds!I read again old message in the ogse topic!)

Really appreciate now the DMX!Try to mod to my convenience the gamedata but it's really appreciate to have a such gamedata!
Thank's Boutch and I know a second surprise will become...You work hard on Nature Winter...

And when you see the time put some mods to predict just out and probably not emerge for years (and being optimistic) we can appreciate such work and try to correct the inevitable bugs in such mod .

I was really attracted by the idea of Stalkersoup to a truly great mod DMX but it was a disappointment for me and some message here was not really good.
Perhaps now (it's too early to say now for sure) we have a good base to
rejoin the unknow earth lands...
  07:52:39  10 April 2013
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On forum: 12/01/2008
Messages: 24
Hello Seeker_of_Strelok

First of all

This is a version of DMX 1.3.5 Shadow Fully re-textured and optimized
Fully translated into English and especially the help files translated DMX-1.3.2-02 dkz then this is the Google translation this is not the case here because the files have been carefully translated for the English-speaking best understanding possible mainly for dialog.

One works more than 5 months and stability side I made my own test and it is the equivalent of DMX 1.3.4 I would say even better!

Some changes also for Pseudogigant this is a lot bigger! compared to the original model, also another new Nanosuit version 2 propose and publish by Saruman on AP PRODUCTION she possessed no Dynamic HUD then I create myself a brand new single HUD represents very well the Nanosuit version 2 as you can see from the pictures on the forum post STALKERFOREVER.

Torrent ago for more than 6 clients sharing and I think it is very satisfying With a good transfer rate also depends on all the speed of your internet connection.

Kahului happy to discuss further with you here! It is a real pleasure
I'm happy! this new version you satisfied as long as the 1.3.4!

about! the Photo Realistic Zone 2 is not really necessary in the DMX 1.3.5 Beta v1.0 ENGMOD because shaders are Meltac great work

The next stalker ...
  09:06:30  10 April 2013
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On forum: 05/02/2011

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04/10/2013 9:15:15
Messages: 279
Well, I finished downloading this sometime between coming home from work and eating dinner, about four or five hours ago from the time of this post. I'm not sure what my upload speed is, but the torrent is listed as 'seeding' in my copy of Utorrent, and I'll leave it doing so.

I've yet to try this, but it looks fun and enjoyable. I'm only dreading going through the cave again.

Thanks for putting this together and archiving it, Boutch71.

Also, since I'll be playing this on an older monitor, I wonder if a 1280x1024 resolution ( it's low, and I'm not currently looking to buy a new monitor ) will severely hamper the HUD. If so, my 'copy' that I play myself will need some alteration done, shouldn't be too difficult for me.

Thanks again for sharing this, and the time you put into archiving and translating.

  13:10:42  10 April 2013
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On forum: 04/24/2010
Messages: 1975

Will your PRZ2 work in other mods?
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