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Shadow of Oblibion 2 - Remake [Rus]

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  08:56:09  7 June 2013
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On forum: 03/09/2010
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Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work. I grabbed the 'Shadows of Oblivion 2.rar' from the torrent motanut uploaded to mediafire, since registration is required for the 3.0 file, and the vandex link seems to be dead. Using the provided bin files, the mod crashes with no log.

here is Shadows of Oblivion 3
  11:13:41  7 June 2013
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On forum: 05/02/2011

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06/07/2013 11:48:29
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Thanks as well, I'll be done downloading in about ten minutes, and I'll seed it, too.


p.s. - Not even a log this time for a hint at what happened, just more failure.
  22:21:56  7 June 2013
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On forum: 03/31/2007
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I downloaded the torrent and tried to run the mod. No instructions included but it seemed straightforward gamedata folder. Got this via the clipboard trick:

Expression : error handler is invoked!
Function : handler_base
File : E:\stalker\sources\trunk\xrCore\xrDebugNew.cpp
Line : 753
Description : std: out of memory

don't know what its about. Can't get the mod running. :\
  22:58:45  7 June 2013
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On forum: 11/19/2010

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06/07/2013 23:01:48
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The best way to launch the mod is to have an original Russian game of Soc in 1.006.
To find it : search Сталкер ТЧ 1.0006 in google,(exactly like that ,in russian and so you have many interesting link).

The first link will give you the graal (clic on blue icon).

You have to install the .exe to have SoC 1.006 Russian,
and so have the possibility to test every russian mod you want.

Then you copy the gamedata of the mod and the three bin files
(after save the originals to play other russian mod which need ori files).

You can use the fsgame.ltx and the folder userdata to saves the files ,screenshots directly in the Soc folder.Very good (but not obligatory if you don't want).

And launch the game without the problems that appear in the ww version of the game.
  20:38:46  16 June 2013
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On forum: 04/24/2010
Messages: 1975
Is there a non-torrent download somewhere?
  20:36:16  14 November 2013
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On forum: 11/19/2010
Messages: 1991
Shadows of Oblivion. The end.

Author: valeras_98
Added: valeras_98 Archives November 14 2013
Platform: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl 1.0006
Title: Shadows of Oblivion. The end
Size: 2.2 GB
Developer: valeras_98

List of changes / innovations :

1. Restored 6 locations ( Marsh , Dead City , the Secret Laboratory , Generators, Varlab and Dark Hollow ) and are involved in the plot.
In addition , new transitions between areas , for example , the transition from army depots in the City of the Dead , the transition from the Cordon in Dark Hollow , and others;
2 . If possible, restore the cut missions , scenes , dialogues , fully restored carved arena ( will be available after the passage of the original scene ), and more;
3 . Fixed many bugs of the original game ;
4 . Changed the balance of the game, doctored configs edited trade;
5 . Restored some cut mutants . Some of them will ever meet , and some can be found only on the subject ;
6. Restored transport and added to the scene. Also on the course of the story several times have to ride on the machine;
7. Modified weather from the build in 2215 . In some locations used by the weather from the build in 1844 ;
8. Modified equipment. Restored function of sleep and relief equipment , and the use of a belt of ammunition ;
9. Changed the style of the menu, build in 2205 ;
10 . Changed the style of thin build 2232, and the game's interface has been approached to build of 2571 ;
11. Changed the texture of the CPC and the CPC can put their mark. In addition, some returned carved PDA capabilities ;
12. Ambient changed locations on the style of build 2571 . In addition, the sounds were added randomly from build 1935
13. Restored carved unique weapons and armor . The range of armor ;
14. All locations have undergone a slight revision. In Pripyat added marking asphalt. In addition, the lighting changed at each location , as well as restored the cut function of light sources ;
15. Changed the global map in the style of the CPC build 2588 . Also changed the texture maps of each location under build 2588 ;
16. Now you can make friends with some factions ;
17. Added cleaner bodies of mutants and stalkers ;
18. Restored some carved arms , some carved and some anomalies carved items . Restored carved products ;
19. AutoSave returned ;
20. Animation of all weapons , all stalkers and YY changed
21. Modified physics objects;
22. Restored carved mutant abilities ;
23. Changed shaders ;
24. Changed to spawn locations. Populated with new locations ;
25. Restored emissions . After a blowout artefacts and mutants ;
26. Added repair weapons and armor ;
27. Restored carved post-process ;
28. Changed a lot in the Particle , in particular of Particle build 2571 ;
29. Corrected crash transport scheme from the build in 2571 ;
30 . Changed the logic of some of the characters ;
31. Changed start of the game ;
32. All dialogues rewritten for style build in 2571 ;
33. Many textures and sounds to change the style of builds ;
34. Added some of slide changes . Implemented the shadow of the SG on the full dynamic lighting ;
35. Fixed counting statistics. In addition, the CPC in the appropriate section you can see the relationship with the factions , as well as a fully restored working counter artifacts ;
36. Added new settings. Before you start a new game I recommend to adjust the settings for themselves ;
37. At some locations added new static sounds ;
38. Implemented birth artifacts in the anomalies . In addition, some of the anomalies of the artifacts are produced at operation ;
39. Now it is impossible to go to Pripyat , not disabling Vyzhigatel .
40 . And more. Where possible, the use of all the resources that are present in the archives of the game.

Only found on Yandisk for the moment:
  02:41:23  6 January 2014
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On forum: 11/07/2009
Messages: 26

Shadows of Oblivion. The end.

Only found on Yandisk for the moment:

Sorry...The link is dead.....
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