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Raw's Revamp 1.02

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  02:13:26  13 April 2007
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On forum: 03/23/2007
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Raw's Revamp 1.02

Get it here:;77937

12 APR 2007

Raw's Revamp Mod (1.02) by tharawdeal

What is it?

This is a collection of 61 painstakingly modified files intended to correct typographical errors, standardize the user interface, and provide better English localization for all of the text in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. It works with the most current patched version (1.0001). It hasn't been tested with any previous version.

What does it do?

The included files will be used by the game instead of the standard ones when engaging in conversations, receiving mission objectives, and viewing various parts of the UI. Numerous typos and grammatical mistakes have been corrected, and many of the conversation texts have been changed to make more sense and read better to English-speaking players. Different slang has been used in some instances, and there is generally more and harsher profanity. Some parts of the UI have been changed to be more internally consistent. This mod works well with Kyodan's Real Weapons Names mod, as any references to the fictional weapons have been changed to the weapons' actual names.

How do I install it?

Simply extract the gamedata folder to your S.T.A.L.K.E.R. directory. Then use a text editor to alter your fsgame.ltx file so that the $game_data$ line looks like this:

$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

If you're overwriting an old version, just say yes to any prompts to overwrite any existing files.

How do I uninstall it?

There is no need to back up any of the original files, as they are stored in archived databases in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. directory. Simply delete the gamedataconfigtexteng folder, and everything will be back to normal.


This mod only alters the game's text. No other settings or values are changed. The only way this will conflict with other mods is if they also make changes to the user interface or conversation texts. In that case, you will have to examine the altered files and see which one you prefer to use.

Errors, bugs, typos, etc.

Due to the large amount of text that was edited, there are bound to be a few mistakes and inconsistencies that I didn't catch. Feel free to point them out so that I can continue to refine the files. You'll be credited in the next readme. Glorious, I know.

Credit is due to the following pickers of nits and hunters of bugs:



(From 1.01)

-Fixed the apostrophe bug where strange characters appeared in text
-Changed instances of cellar to attic in stash descriptions
-Mirrored on-screen text with dialog where there were discrepancies
-Altered some more text that escaped the second time
-Further standardized the UI task descriptions

(From 1.00)

-Added another 9 edited files (mostly Diary entries)
-Made all references to the player in the first person
-Altered some more text that escaped the first time
-Fixed some of my previous errors


Please respond to me in this mod's release thread at the Oblivion Lost ( forums. I'll check it often for any comments and criticism. Or, to contact me directly, send an e-mail to:

tharawdeal AT yahoo DOT com


1. This mod is intended for private use only.
2. It may not be distributed by any commercial means without explicit permission from the author.
3. It may be modified. Re-distributed modified versions must cite the original mod as the source material.
4. It may be included in other mods, without permission from the author, as long as credit is given in the readme file.
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