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STALKER realistic-looking weapons pack, parts 1 and 2

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  20:19:35  9 April 2007
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On forum: 04/01/2007
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STALKER realistic-looking weapons pack, parts 1 and 2


Part 1 (3.97 Mb):;77733

Part 2 (12.1 Mb):

(been trying to mail this one to StalkerFiles too but their email keeps bouncing; I blame easter)


is two bunches of quick'n'dirty reskins, plus edited weapon descriptions, by YourMessageHere. Sadly I can't fix the heinous weapon mirroring with Photoshop but I can make them look more realistic otherwise. The quest to stop Stalker's guns from looking permanently over-exposed and glinting like mirrors continues. Military equipment doesn't usually gleam like that, and military guns are traditionally black, as in a dark shade, not sort of light bluey-grey.


To use, unzip to your stalker directory. BTW this WILL OVERWRITE EXISTING STUFF so BACK UP ANYTHING YOU WANT TO KEEP BEFORE YOU UNZIP THIS. Warning has been given. Additionally, part 2 contains improved versions of AKS74U and Dragunov skins that are intended to replace the ones in part 1.


Part 1 contents (a bit of a rubbish pic but you get the idea)

By popular demand, a higher res shot of part 2 contents:

Part 2 contents in-hand montage:


All guns given real names.
All weapon and ammo descriptions edited/rewritten for proper english.
Part 2's version of the file is the more definitive, with slightly corrected info regarding grenades.


-Knife given black handle and blade made a bit more metallic/less contrasty
-Makarov given black slide
-PB 6P9 given black slide/silencer, grip lightened a touch
-FORT-12 given black slide
-P99 darkened and given black slide
-P220 darkened
-USP cleaned up and made not-greenish
-MP5 made darker and peculiar gold bits eliminated
-AKS74U darkened and given wooden pistol grip and foregrip
-Winchester 1300 made black
-LR 300 cleaned up a touch, given darker clip and simple camo job
-G36 darkened, erroneous detail removed, inexplicable blue clip made correct brown
-SVD and SVU darkened
-resurrected old texture for grenades that makes RGD-5 black with red stripe


-Groza darkened w/ more accurate clip skin
-SG 550 with khaki foregrip, pistol grip and stock
-Desert Eagle darkened and made all black (but man, that is a crap model; I can only assume the DE is really hard to model well)
-SVD re-re-done, with wood furniture (I remembered how to get photoshop to render woodgrain! Woo!)
-AKS74U re-re-done with better wood
-AN-94 made less shiny
-Beretta darkened (can't seem to fix or even puzzle out why the sights are partly transparent, though)
-SA80 darkened, with greener green bits
-Val and Vintorez darkened and made less contrasty, w/ more accurate clip skins
-AK74S cleaned up and given wood furniture
-Browning HP darkened
-FN F2000 darkened, contrast lowered, sight reworked as per real thing
-RPG7 darkened, some shininess toned down
-RG-6 darkened, less contrasty
-1911 darkened, given wood grips and chequered backstrap
-SPAS-12 darkened, given proper pump texture

PLUS Part two includes these bonus alternative skins, which in order to use them you, yes YOU, will need to RENAME, by HAND (and don't forget to back up the default one if you want it):

-all-black SA80
-black furniture LR300
-khaki furniture LR300
-urban camouflage SG550
-khaki furniture AKS74U
-black furniture AK74S

Most guns also have upgraded sights - where I could work out where the hell on the texture map the sights actually were. I didn't change the Sawnoff or the TOZ-34 at all, as to be honest they look pretty damn brilliant as they are to me.

All done by me, with Photoshop 6, the nvidia DDS plugin and patience.

Not perfect and not comprehensive, but a start. And yes, I like black guns. Enjoy. Do what you like with this, bung it in your mod or hack it up to make your inevitable gold gangsta PMs and AKs, you tasteless people you =P Credit would be nice but it's not as if I really care THAT much.

I also recommend getting the G36 reticle done by Wildwing that's floating about. Much better.

Thankyou GSC, best game in years even if you didn't finish it quite properly.

============================ =P


Ystrad Meurig Handguns custom shop

josh_quillan at
  09:38:27  11 April 2007
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On forum: 04/01/2007

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Don Reba
04/26/2007 2:38:25
Messages: 88
A mistake has been made.

Part 2 was supposed to contain a darkened 1911 skin with wood grips, but the wrong file was inserted; thanks go to TristanYockell for alerting me. The above link for part 2 is now dead, the corrected pack is now HERE:

We Apologise For The Inconvenience.
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