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Graphics, models and other questions...

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  23:16:22  22 February 2003
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On forum: 02/16/2003
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LOL man Will- u backed up what i've been saying without even realizing i think.
Im not talking about single player, it will be better than Half Life or other popular SP im sure. But i think a gazillion copies of HL sold to peeps wanting to play online the mods like TFC CS and DoD.
Im guessing and its just a guess i admit, but large MPs like BF1942 will cause it to never be as popular as the HalfLife mods. Add up all the HL servers from CS to S&I then add up the BF1942. As awesome as that game is (i have no doubt its as good or better than TFC/CS) i predict it will never become as popular only because of the limitations they put on the MP. Not beacuse its less fun or a worse game.
Just wanted to give this feedback to the developers of Stalker MP. They can look up whos playing what online, follow the leads from the most popular online games to create the Stalker MP. And ill be playing SMP till TF2 comes out
  23:26:59  22 February 2003
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On forum: 02/12/2003
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yeah i think the mod-ability of HL makes it wildly popular too, i agree...

BF1942 is tougher to deal with when modding i hear...

not to mention that HL had the ability to take developers from quake 1 and 2 right into HL... same tech basically...

BF1942 is all new tech and didnt ship with tools... ouch
  23:16:04  3 March 2003
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Unholy Cow
On forum: 03/03/2003

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Unholy Cow
03/03/2003 23:16:41
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Ohhh skeletons...

I really like willhaven's idea of a skeletal-animation background for death animations. It wouldn't be too hard to impliment if they use a re-link method of animating everything and that way your arms and legs won't bend backwards when you die. (That's the single most annoying thing in UT2K3)

Maybe they can even keep the objects mass in mind when they die. Example: You shoot a fully grown male in the shoulder, killing him. He won't fly backwards 15 feet like they do IN UT2K3 but will instead twist at the torso and rotate down to the ground.

If that is included it will make my year.
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