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damage, gore effects & more - what to expect

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  18:45:48  29 January 2003
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On forum: 03/01/2003
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damage, gore effects & more - what to expect

1. I have a few questions about the level of damage/gore in the game. Is it going to be as innocent as in Medal of Honor (just smoke puffs), or as visciously realistic as in Soldier of Fortune 2, or going to be something in between?

2. Also how much attention was paid to character animation. Ghost Recon had probably the most stunning/realistic character animation/death animation using motion capture technology. America's Army is great too. What about STALKER?

3. Another question about game's engine. In many nowdays games like MOHAA, Batlefield 1942, Unreal to name a few, developers used such lame feature as removal of destroyed objects and dead characters from the game world to reduce stress on the engine and CPU. You'd see a dead body on the ground or a destroyed vehicle, turn away then turn back and it's already gone, vanished. That completely shatters the sense of realism and immersion into the game world. Is STALKER going to be using that feature too? AA, OFP and GR were the only ones that were brave enough so far to avoid using this outdated effect.

thanks for the response in advance
  08:54:52  31 January 2003
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On forum: 01/31/2003

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01/31/2003 8:55:29
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re: damage, gore effects & more - what to expect

1) While I agree MoH was unrealistically boring with it's gore, SoF2 actually started to really bug me. An amusing video ([link][/link] 14.3mb) points out, some animations can be far too long. But just to voice my opinion, considering this game is definitely not designed for the children, I'd like to see some decent amount of damage/gore myself =P

2) Nothing for me to say here. I can only hope the animations feel realistic, or else the entire atmosphere could very easily be completely ruined.

3) I guess I'll play the devil's advocate on this one. Frankly, some people cannot afford to keep up with technology at intervals more than once every 2 years. For those unfortunate souls who cannot afford a great 3D card and a blazing processor, many times these piles of corpses can really kill the framerate which in turn can horribly effect gameplay (albiet mostly only with respawns). While my GF3 Ti200 is sufficient to play the games of today, will it really be enough to cope with games a year from now? S L is an amazingly beautiful game and honestly, I'd like to be able to explore with a moderately decent framerate that isn't hampered by things I've already killed.
As an immediate solution, I guess corpses could be extremely low detail versions of previous actors. I should also mention that I think this should be an option. The game should ALWAYS store corpse locations (like Fallout did) but in S L, you would be allowed to turn them off to save on performance issues.

I'm just gonna go on a tangent here, but I have to wonder how the radiation might affect microorganisms. Would all bacteria still be able grow a normal rate? Would decay actually take the same amount of time? I know radiation poisoning causes hair to fall out and skin to slough off, so perhaps within a matter of days or weeks they turn in to a skeleton wearing equipment? =P

Honestly, I'm hoping they put in some more RPG elements than what seems currently availible. I'm hoping this has some feel of 'Fallout' (the game) to it, even though it wont be in a wasteland.
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