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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - U.H.S.F. BIG MOD 1.0

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  21:50:46  26 June 2007
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Level ?? Demon (Boss)


On forum: 01/26/2007

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06/28/2007 19:23:29
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - U.H.S.F. BIG MOD 1.0

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. U.H.S.F. BIG MOD 1.0

This is the BIG version of the United Hungarian Stalker Forums Mod.
See below the differents of the other version:
Whats New? ( BIG MOD 1.0)
- We added a lot of cars everywhere (random places) in the levels (Cordon,
Garbage, Agroprom, Dark Valley, Yantar, Military Warehouses, Red Forest,
Pripjat, Stancia1, Stancia2)
- The cars have rusty textures... looks out much better
- You will see random Blowouts in the game...better to pack some antirads!
- We added Clean weather to Pripjat, so you can explore the city in daylight!
- We removed the Pripjat Stadium animation, so You can explore the stadium and
the city more! (we placed a car at the stadium too, beware of the soilders
equipped with RPG and gauss)
- Also took out some "electric shock" anomaly and now you can explore the city
- edited the default weather file, and changed sky textures, and added new
ones too
- Removed the final Blowout at Stancia1, so now You can explore the whole area,
you don't need to hurry, because no timer will be there!
- Also added Clean weather to Stancia (to make the exploration more convenient)
- Removed the radiation from Stancia2 (true ending extra level) so now you can
walk on the ground and explore the area, we added some cars, and some new
zombies (in white clothes... you know the fellow workers at npp...hehe)
- Added Clean weather to Stancia2, so you can explore the level in daylight.
- Added new zombie textures, you will see some interesting stuff there
- Moved the level changer points to an other direction at BAR and at Pripjat
Stadium and now you can explore those levels a bit more Also added some
cars and monsters to those areas!
Other features added by existing modz:
- cut out monsters and blowouts and psy emission (and teleports only at Cordon)
- sleeping (requested by users) (buggy with the blowout stuff, but you don't need
to use the sleep function)
- trader mod (requested by users) (edited a bit, all traders sell everything, but trades in normal prices)
- BTR windows are open now (requested, and optional too)
- Repair mod is also included (2.x version i guess)
- float32 mod for better and faster graphics (only in dx9)
- you can trade and repair in Pripyat (requested by users)
- you can use the artifacts as a gun, and you can cast anomalies with them
- you can put 10 artifacts in your belt now (requested by users)
- Few custom weapon and Scientist Suit textures (requested by users)
- No time limit on quests (requested by users)


*Now lets see what mods we included:*
- M_BCCF Monster Mod 3.x and teleports at Cordon by LSSNeitrino
- Psy Zone & Emission Mod by LSSNeitrino and dezodor
- Pripjat Trader & Repair by Shebuka
- Weapon Retexture mod by natasha8384, Gohda, Balnazzar
- Trader mod 1.1 by Balnazzar
- Groza retexture v1 by Gohda
- Float32 Shaders by NivenhBro
- BTR windows are open by Romzes
- Annoying Audio Fix by Mtang
- Fix Shader Skins by Seven Days
- also thanks to DEXX for the idea of the Pripjat Stadium Exploration,
we made it in a different way, but credit goes there too.
- No Quest Time Limit by PiIsARational
- Artefact Activation by LSSNeitrino
- 10 Slots For Artifacts by Keha

Future Plans?

Well lets see our plans to the following version of this mod (1.1)
- Level changer point from Stancia2 to Stancia1 (you can go back)
- Level changer point from Stancia1 to Pripjat (you can go back)
- New trader at Stancia1 (you will be able to buy a lot of stuff)

(yep we can call it a free play mod... i guess)
Install Notes

1. Unpack the content of the archive to your Stalker game directory

2. Start a NEW GAME!!!

3. Open the console (~) and add this: "bind turn_engine kb" (without quotes) and
use the button "b" for starting the engine of the cars, (or add an other key) or open the user.ltx and write this to it:
bind turn_engine kB
bind cam_1 kF1
bind cam_2 kF2
bind cam_3 kF3



BUGFIX 01 (needed!!!!):

With this addon you be able to reach Stancia2 without missions of True Ending, because I inserted the Pripyat Decoder to the Inventory with my editor program. Enjoy it!

Discussion Thread:
  10:44:21  9 July 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/17/2007
Messages: 275

Thanks for making the game fun again..... And for those that haven't gotten it, this mod's a must!

I'm only to the part where I'm first to the Garbage, but have enjoyed it immensely so far.... After playing Stalker 6 or 7 times (the last 3 after the .03 patch, the games just seemed out of whack. But being able to buy any item in the game, any time, a lot of fun. (not to mention there are some weps that I never knew existed...other then the ones you made)
And love the twists you've added (sorry don't want to spoil it for those that haven't got it yet

Thanks to Kanyhalos and those that also contributed to the 'Big Mod'...
Keep up the good work.... (you all should be working for GSC
  13:24:17  9 July 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/17/2007
Messages: 275
Big Problem/ bug!

The mod went great until I tried to enter the 'Bar' map as the bar map is loading the mod tried to connect to the server....
I've guessing that this is the problem for some reason as the bar area is loading I see the "Server connecting".
As I'm playing single and off line and have my firewall shut down to traffic, this causes the game to crash (I'm assuming when it can't connect to anything?)

So guess my problem is.... Is there a way to fix this?
If not can I just remove your mod files from the STALKER folder to return the game to it's regular patch .0003 state?

Will drop you a line just to let you know of this problem....
  17:33:08  9 July 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 02/11/2007
Messages: 250
It's Raining Bugs! Hallelujah! - It's Raining bugs! Amen!
I'm gonna go out to run and let myself get
Absolutely soaking wet!
It's Raining bugs! Hallelujah!
It's Raining bugs! Every Specimen!
Tall, blonde, dark and lean
Rough and tough and strong and mean
  19:12:47  9 July 2007
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 3803
yep, but this was the old version... hehe

the new was the Solve the monolith's secret... you will find it here in the mod downloads section.
  23:15:28  9 July 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/02/2006

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07/09/2007 23:15:47
Messages: 4820
Maybe Kanyhalos can remove this thread so that no one else download it and waste a lot of gaming time
  23:35:07  9 July 2007
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level designer


On forum: 04/08/2007
Messages: 3803
He cant... its too late... cant edit his post either, maybe i should talk with DonReba about this...
  04:37:46  10 July 2007
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On forum: 04/27/2007
Messages: 12
I actually enjoyed it and only hit a couple of bugs. Take out some of the controllers though. They have been beefed up too much and there are too many of them. After a while it gets really annoying hearing the moaning sounds when they are in the vicinity.
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