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Save's Nuclear Snow - Graphic overhaul

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  14:35:50  20 June 2007
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On forum: 02/09/2007

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06/20/2007 14:39:52
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Save's Nuclear Snow - Graphic overhaul

NUCLEAR SNOW is a graphical overhaul of Stalker, where the world mostly is black and white with strong contrasts whilst some objects, effects and blood is highlighted with color, making even more contrast between the edited graphics.
The movie Sin City has been used as a reference (, which should give you an idea of what to expect.


-Retexturing of over 2500 textures
-Stronger bumpmaps
-Stronger parallaxmaps
-Bigger bloodmarks
-Bigger bloodpuffs
-Light from headlamp extended
-Weathercolors altered
-Fireparticles extended
-Modified Carrymod2 inserted, compatible with Carrymod3

Several tests were made before I came up with a somewhat good result. What I had to do was to change many textures, sky, ground, foliage and actors to be able to see how the result might end up, so before making the final overhaul, there were plenty of hours photoshoping and batchrunning.
The final retexturing took me several days, mostly because of the different settings for every texture to not loose alphachannels and to get a good result on the image - amongst the other textures.
So, when I ended up with my favorite result, I recorded it in Photoshop as a macro and then ran it on a couple of files at the time, mostly the same group of textures, just to not loose track of where I was editing. To be able to edit and save into Stalker's textureformat I used Nvidias DDS-plugins for Photoshop.
After that, the fun part took place, I started editing some images, like blood, artifacts and some other textures, to achieve the strong contrast in a gamescene. Then some shaderediting and lightcolorchanges in the engine took place, and finally it ended up with this result.
Some time was also spent on looking for the grasstexture, which GSC has hidden well, thank you nokturnal over at's forum for pointing them out.

So, hopefully now you'll be able to play this with the amusement it was intended to give.

To make this mod run correctly, all you need to do is to extract the folder 'gamedata' in the rar-package to your STALKER's rootdirectory.


DOWNLOAD:;80146 - Servers in USA & AUS - Torrent (world)
  15:50:52  20 June 2007
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On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 157
hey save whats up man this mod looks like its gonna kick my ass all over the place lol been waiting 4 a total conversion 4 stalker congrats you are the 1st to do this thx 43 all the hard work and effort you put into
  17:53:50  20 June 2007
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005
Messages: 7378
Beautiful, man!

Now if only the download was fater...
  17:57:09  20 June 2007
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On forum: 05/13/2007
Messages: 63
Really well done . I don't know if you intended it to have this quality, but if you've seen the film "Stalker" some of those screens look surprisingly similar in style to the footage from that movie, when the color is reduced outside of the zone... Again, nicely done.
  20:01:47  20 June 2007
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On forum: 02/09/2007
Messages: 33
Thank you for the kind words!
Yeah I've seen Andrei Tarkovsky's Stalker over and over, and it struck me to after the mod was done - having Sin City in mind - that it got quite similar to Stalker after all.

So have a nice surreal gaming, come back with your thoughts, maybe there's something you want me to change to make the mod better.
  01:55:58  21 June 2007
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On forum: 03/21/2007
Messages: 217
I've already told you i love it.

The only part of this mod I didnt like is that characters are completely black/white, and like I said on filefront's site that you should leave the color of characters skin normal so you can see the color in their face instead of just black/white. I think it would look much better, but of course its your mod so your gonna do it however you like it, but try it out.

Great work regardless, its a great achievement.
  02:09:04  21 June 2007
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On forum: 06/13/2007
Messages: 6
This is one of the coolest ideas for a mod ive seen so far, awesome work.
  08:48:50  21 June 2007
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On forum: 05/25/2007
Messages: 6862
Is this mod compatible with Float32?
Anyone tested this combination?
  04:15:39  23 June 2007
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On forum: 03/22/2007
Messages: 26
Excellent mod! Just wondering what your user.ltx is like, because I can't seem to get the same look as in your screenshots. Some things that seem like that should be black (like shadows) are blue...Could you please post your user.ltx? Thanks for the mod, it changes Stalker to look quite surreal
I have the same question in regards to Float 32 compatibility. Should I override the "common" file that you use for your shaders for the Float mod, or should I leave it and just add the rest of Float? I tried the last one it seems ok, although some buildings have odd shadows on them that look like light is going through horizontal blinds or something...
Oh also, would it be possible to make the blood puffs even bigger, so that they stand out even more?
Thanks again!
  17:21:45  29 June 2007
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On forum: 06/29/2007
Messages: 23
Wow amazing work!

You should post a video of what all this looks like in action!
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