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SagerSTALK Balance Mod

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  06:51:25  11 May 2007
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On forum: 04/06/2007

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05/16/2007 19:44:00
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SagerSTALK Balance Mod

SagerSTALK b2.2.3 Now Available

If you are installing over a previous release of SagerSTALK, please delete the gamedata | sounds folder before installing.

Download Here;7525649;/fileinfo.html


SagerSTALK b2.2.3

Realism, Balance and Improvement Modification for STALKER
by Sage & altair

**Fully compatible with S.T.A.L.K.E.R. patch 1.0003**

Oblivion-Lost Discussion Thread:

GSC Discussion Thread:

e-mail me (e-mail address is a downloadable image to avoid spam bots):;7502653;/fileinfo.html

Similar to my Oblivion mod, Sagerbliv, the purpose of these changes are to better balance the game, without making it more difficult. The game should feel more realistic in someways (such as weapon damages) and more rewarding in others (for example, once an area is cleared, it will stay cleared for awhile).

I recommend playing with your crosshairs turned off, and on veteran difficulty.

If you have other mods installed that you do not want to use anymore, please delete your gamedata folder before installing SagerSTALK. If you have other mods installed, and they don't add audio files, please delete gamedata | sounds if it exists to get rid of .ogg audio files from previous mods that would override default audio and cause problems.


Unzip SagerSTALK to your game directory. You should see a path like, "C: | Program Files | THQ | S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernobyl | gamedata" for the mod, with component directories underneath.

Next, open fsgame.ltx with Notepad, and change the game dataline to read exactly as I have below:
$game_data$ = true| true| $fs_root$| gamedata

After installing SagerSTALK, open the LANGUAGES folder. Open the folder for your language. You will see a gamedata folder inside. Copy that gamedata folder into your stalker folder (writing over files when necessary).

*Some translations are incomplete. They can be finished with your help. Visit a SagerSTALK forum thread for details.*

After installing SagerSTALK, open the WIDESCREEN folder. You will see a gamedata folder inside. Copy that gamedata folder into your stalker folder (writing over files when necessary).

Don't forget to buy an anomaly detector


Quick Summary: To uninstall, do NOT just delete your gamedata folder. You Must Not Delete gamedata | config | misc | task_manager.ltx otherwise your savegame files may not work

Detailed Description: The 10 day quest mod included modifies a file: gamedata | config | misc | task_manager.ltx
This file will bind itself to your save games. This is due to the way it fixes broken quests and changes deadlines for quests. This means that you should not delete this file, otherwise your savegame will not work. It MAY be possible to remove this file if you don't hae any active timed quests, but this has not been tested. I firmly believe that this is the best quest mod available and it will remain in SagerSTALK.

If you switch to another mod that changes task_manager.ltx, the changes should be merged using WinMerge.


Chao7 for the Bar area savegame loading fix.

Parabellum9x19 for German translations.

Gacu666 for Polish translations.

Herd for ideas and his respawn script.

Raw and Kyodan for their string fixes.

Motor for the weird bar music and a few sound file fixes

Ab@dDon/Goffik: DreamMod v1.2

Shebuka: Repair Mod v2.5

terminator149: anomaly detector mod (SagerSTALK version is heavily modified)

Paddy the Wak: Paddy's Blood v2

Ceano: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Better Headlamp v1.1

TREG: Zombified Stalker Skins v1.0

Bergatroll: G36 Bundeswehr Reskin;78741

foxh0und: Real Scope Reticles v1.0

Ceano: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Scope & Binoc Reticles v1.1

Badmagic: Darker Nights and Longer Flashlight Beam;7126590;/fileinfo.html

MrKlorox: Extended Darker Nights

Azzer: 10 Day Quest Mod / Reputation Fix
The thread is down. I'm mirroring the file here:

Lexx: RuNam Mod v1;77583

YourMessageHere: STALKER Realistic-looking Weapon Pack;77733

Kyodan: STALKER Real Gun Names Mod (English) (0.3);77804

Magnus Warthorn: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Dark Knife (1.2) (normal without logo used);77684

scotTHC: 2 Tone Colt Skin;77695

Robert Hammer: Black Desert Eagle re-skin (1.0) (light black version used);77685

KnifeInFace: Rookie Stalker Outfit Re-skin;77724

Lexx: Antigas Armor Mod v4.1

Giv_em_hell: Real_World_Weapons v1.0;78597

Gohda: Retextured Groza;78110

Goffik: Silenced Weapons Mod v1.2

KnifeInFace: Hi-res Food (hey, why not?);78592

NivenhBro: NivehnBro's Shaders

__________________CHANGE LIST________________________

==Beta 2.2.3 Changelist==
Fixed a crash that happened for some users when loading a savegame in the Bar area. (thanks Chao7)

==Beta 2.2.2 Changelist==
Fixed crash to desktop at Sidorovich

==Beta 2.2.1 Changelist==
Polish translation up to date (thanks Gacu666)

==Beta 2.2 Changelist==
Removed/replaced sound fixes

Raised price of last anomaly detector

Added some "interesting" bar/duty music

==Beta 2.1 Changelist==
German translation up to date (thanks Parabellum)

Incorporated Shebuka's latest repair mod

Anomaly detectors now equipped via belt

Incorporated the dream/sleep mod

Widescreen scope reticle fix

A few bug fixes

==Beta 2.0 Changelist==
Stalker patch 1.0003 compatibility (numerous changes)

All mods & changes from SCIM v1.3 incorporated into SagerSTALK

Raw's Raw Onion Revamp 1.03

Switched to Paddy's new blood

New scopes & weapon skins

Better headlamp

Zombie reskin

Updated weather files

The Abakan is back to 600 RPM single shot, 2-round, & full auto
This is due to A.I. problems when NPCs use the higher RPM Abakan

The 2 unique Abakans are 1800 RPM single shot & 2-round burst

Assorted bugfixes

==Beta 1.57 Changelist==
Added a couple modified files that should've been included in 1.56

==Beta 1.56 Changelist==
Added NivenhBro's Shaders

Hi-res Food

New skins for several weapons

Incorporated Goffik's silenced weapon volume tweaks.

(If you care about older changes, see the full readme included with the mod)

  14:49:43  13 May 2007
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On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 12
I hate you Altair now youve made me play the game AGAIN! And again with another release with your mod ><.

Btw. I wuv your work, the game is sooo much better with it .

Couple of questions though:

Could you implement silencers (that degrade after a while) to some of the weapons? USP silencer perhaps?

Also I know that the repair mod is not yours but just incorporated, yet id like it very much if you could repair your armor in it too (for a high price) or be able to buy a new one as a repair substitute.

Cheers and keep it up
  00:58:49  14 May 2007
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On forum: 04/06/2007

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05/16/2007 19:49:43
Messages: 51
Silencer degradation is not possible as far as I know.

The wacky repair code that Sage included in earlier versions has been replaced in b2.1 (which will be released today or tomorrow) with Shebuka's latest repair mod. Weapon and armor repair is much more polished & improved now.

I started a discussion thread on GSC for people who don't have accounts to discuss the mod on the Oblivion-Lost forums. See links in the first post. All further discussion should take place on one of those two threads.

  19:42:58  16 May 2007
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On forum: 04/06/2007
Messages: 51
SagerSTALK b2.2.3 released.

  22:27:05  11 August 2007
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On forum: 07/23/2007
Messages: 20
link is dead, repost please?
  10:06:42  21 August 2007
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On forum: 07/11/2007
Messages: 18
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