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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1.0004 bug fix attempt

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  10:32:50  1 September 2007
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09/01/2007 10:38:08
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1.0004 bug fix attempt

New version for 1.0004:
Author: bardak (see also thread S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 1.0003 bug fix attempt)

For all those who don't know what for bardak's patches are intended:
The patches don't change game balance, prices, weapon damage, graphics, sound, things like that, they only fix errors of the devs themselves in the game files - omissions, misspelling in the code etc.
So, basically, his patches fix patches of the developers.


This mod is an attempt to fix some of the bugs in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
version 1.0004 (only!). It keeps the original gameplay and balance.

Below is the main list of the changes. It lacks the more detailed
technical description for the reason of the defect. Please see the
Russion version for this.

1) Fixed the random crash in Pripyat. Reason: the error in the function
that checks if npc's community is accepted into the gulag.

2) Fixed the occasional impossibility to complete the quest to protect
the border near the army warehouses from the monsters. Reason: the
error in the function that calculates the gulag state.

3) Fixed the impossibility to complete the Lukash's quest to destroy
the Skull's group in Army warehouses if there were game loads during
the battle. Reason: kill counter in the Skull group was not saved.

4) Fixed the empty gulag in Escape with bloodsucker activated after
the Agroprom documents quest. Reason: similar misprints in the accepted
communities list.

5) Fixed the problem when player becomes an enemy to everybody if
he/she kills the stalker from the hostile faction in the Bar location.

6) Fixed the occasional impossibility to complete the quest to destroy
the bloodsucker's lair in Army warehouses. Reason: another offline
mutant due to the error in function that checks npc community.

7) Fixed the problem in the Escape location when the stalkers from
the novice camp do not take cover before Mercenaries attack.

8) Fixed the defect in state_mgr.script. Credit goes to Red75.

9) Fixed the problem with "jumping" reputation. Credit goes to NatVac.

10) Implemented the workaround for the death of stalkers when many of
them are spawned in the same point at the same time.

11) Prevented the possibility to get the stash information from the
same body multiple times.

12) Prevented the possibility to lost the stash contents in the
following scenario:
a) player gets the information about the stash, which is in
the online mode;
b) player saves the game and loads it again;
c) the stash were not switched to offline between a) and b).

13) Prevented the possibility to "repair" the weapon by giving the
gun to the novice stalker then killing him.

14) Text changes for the Russian localization only. Ignore this for
the different versions.

15) Implemented the output of the abort() message in the game console.

The additional changes are available only when the all.spawn file is

16) Implemented the correct fix for the problem with dead stalkers
in the camp fires. Reason: missing kamp_N_task way paths.

17) Fixed the omission of the Mercenaries raid in the Army Warehouses
location. Reason: the way paths were just removed in the 1.0004 patch.

18) Fixed the empty controller gulags in Pripyat. Reason: misprint in
the all.spawn.

19) Fixed the empty boar gulag in Garbage. Reason: the incorrect
activation condition.

Copy gamedata into the folder of the game. Files in the
gamedataconfigtextrus folder can be safely deleted.

[Known problems]

It is unlikely I will respond to any requests to rework these changes
and fixes, because it is a kind of "personal" mod. Therefore, feel free
to use the mod or its part (excepting the string_table_enc_weapons.xml)
at your will.

  04:43:28  2 September 2007
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