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Pathing problems.

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  01:28:48  25 March 2007
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Pathing problems.

Ive noticed several pathing glitches that have really pissed me off because of so many stalkers getting killed.

1. Garbage Yard. After completing the quest to quell the reprisal from the bandits, I left the yard to continue my main quest. However when I came back later I noticed that the yard was under attack by 25-30 bandits, even Bess was killed (Curse them!)

So I reloaded and started over, saved the yard, and then I just waited around, sure enough in no time bandits came from three directions. And after holding them off (loosing only 2 allied stalkers...Bess lived) I got an idea.

So I reloaded the game yet again and completed for the third time, the quest to defend the scrap yard. This time, when I was done, I headed out the front exit and over to the ruins where the bandits were, killed them, then swooped over to the gate at the zone entrance and killed the guys there. Thinking the yard was safe, I continued on and sure enough, when I came back just before proceeding to the Bar, the whole place was overrun with Bandits.

As it turns out, at the entrance to the zone there is an infinite bandit spawn point and so no matter what you do, you cant save the scrap yard until either the infinite spawn is fixed or better pathing is fixed. And that really annoys me, because if theres going to be a quest to hold the yard, it had better stay safe. Or at least have a harder version of the quest available later on.

2. Field Stalkers
I notice alot of stalkers out on patrols, or hiding out at mills or farmhouses. But then later they'd be dead. Ad some times by the time you hear one of the NPCs shooting, its nigh impossible to get to them in time to save their life. That, while perhaps realistic, kinda irritates me.

And in some cases you cant even get their in time to use a medpack to save them. Like when you have to save Mole and his men, by the time you run from the start (at end of cutscene) to the base, all of the men your supposed to be saving are dead.

3.Lack of ability to give weapons and armor for free to NPCs.
I dont like how if I find a Machine Gun that I cant or dont want to use, that I cant just give one of the NPC stalkers the weapon for them to use. Same thing with armor. I think this would make a great difference in peoples rates of survival.

4. Mutant raid on starting town.
Ok, you know that place with the tunnel in Cordon by where you rescue the dying stalker. I walked by there and noticed a pack of like 12 dogs and 6 pig beasts running around in circles thought anomalies over and over which killed off about all of them. Then the survivors were suddenly joined up by "reinforcements" and the group (for no apparant reason) charged the starting camp. After they killed a bunch of the stalkers, the rest ran through the town and following them with my binoculars they actually managed to pull the entire military garrison into the village, inconveniently killing off the rest of the stalkers at the camp. If thats not a bug, I dont know what is, but it really pissed me off.

5. Cordon trader's equipment.
I noticed several times that Id go to Serdrovich or whatever his name is and hed have some insanely expensive equipment as "starting gear" Like the Assault rifle used by the Duty stalkers or the heavy mercenary armor. Im not sure if thats a bug, but it does seem abit wierd to me.

Well thats it for now, if I come up with any more, I'll post them here.
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