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My Tested and Isolated Bugs recomendations:

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  00:21:18  25 March 2007
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03/25/2007 0:33:03
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My Tested and Isolated Bugs recomendations:

1º First time u go into the wild territory u get like a "cinematic" camera thats shows u the helicopter crash and the fight between the Soldiers and the scientists, well, if you clean the zone escort the scientist go back to bar without going into yantar, next time camera will do the same again, this time, with the whole zone empty.

(note that in my case while the camera was circling around a bloodsucker killed me several times cos u cannot skip the cut-scene).

2º The famous "Trader" door gets stuck and cannot be open with the "use" key, when u actually open it and stop his trayectory with your body, if you open the door and rapidly step backwars, the door never gets stuck.

3º When the game is on CGI Video, the game dont actually pauses, u can get killed without being able to do anything.

4º Sometimes game dont wait for u to read the text on chat box, like on first mission with "wolf" u accept the mission comes a big wall of text and then window gets closed as he calls to announce you.

5º i was trying to make a "sneak" run into the base that u gotta steal the docs, so i quicksaved a lot, but if they see u, and u quickload or plain load, they are still chasing you. I think that happens everytime.

*** ill post more later as i remember them ***

Personal Recomendations for patch:

- When the loading scene is done, game should wait for confirmation to continue, something like "Loading: done, click to continue", especially since loading times are reported to be long on low-end system specs.
- "click" sound when switching rating of fire
- I dont think that enemies should be wandering around with infinite ammo, but i guess its the pay off for they inability to heal themselves.
- Button for Throwing grenade.
- I think actually DMG is ok, but definitelly "Awareness" of the enemy needs tunning, in my opnion AI its not only smart response to fighting, AI is making believable ambushes and smart reaction, that counts too as smart diying. Believable diying.
- They shoot too much thru walls and land bullets on u.
- Enemy accuracy is retardely good, even with LOW accuracy weapons.
- U should be able to wear at least sub-machine guns as a primary weapon AKA pistol in stalker.
- Instead of speeding time, there should be an option of "waiting", maybe only applicable in neutral and safe spots, and not in the "wild".
- Did i say something about enemies spoting u at 200 mts in the NIGHT?, steal alot of game attractive and will to "SNEAK". Giving the idea of buginess, instead of "if i do good, i can make it". I like play the game in total darkness, i tune options so i can barely see in the night, i enjoy stalker atmosphere, and if i can tune it up, ill do it.
- Bandits are wearing jeans and a jacket, they should die faster. (I can accept that pseudo-robot stalkers are tougher to kill).
- I think using bandages should have a "cast bar" like world of warcraft. Same with medkits, but a little longer this time.
- Weapons should be repairable .
- Weapons should be improvable.
- Inventory menu is a pain in the A** to click, that should repaired, a "unload and drop" option would be apretiated.
- Clock should be shown in minimap.
- Light should have a repleaceable battery, would be cool to have a battery in backpack.
- No big deal, but some fires should die on big storms .
- Little metal boxes should be opened instead of smashed all the time (low profile looting ftw).
- Eating, curing agains radiation and healing itself, should take at least 2 secs. "Cast bar" would be great.
- Did i say that enemies always spot u?
- Would be great to have a sitting position to sit around stalker buddies around fire.

*** ill post more in a few ***
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