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New Patch

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  19:30:05  19 May 2007
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On forum: 05/11/2007
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--Also, as Blazter pointed out, there is most definitely a memory leak, because the game gets slower as I play, and a restart (or just dropping to the menu for a few seconds) will fix it temporarily for me.


I just discovered that the memory leak problem doesnt exist in those areas that are inside, like the underground base. It seems that the problem only exist outside in the nature.
  19:45:12  19 May 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007

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05/19/2007 21:22:24
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Another annoyance

This may not quite fit into the description of a "bug", but it is annoying nevertheless, so I might as well let myself be heard. Sometimes the Barkeep fails to walk up to me when I approach him at the Bar, and if this happens he is usually too far away for me to speak to him. Now, I'm sure anyone can understand that this is extremely annoying when for example doing a timed mission for him.... Anyway, could some kind soul at GSC please create a script which would have him move towards the player each and every time the player comes to his vicinity? Thank you.

EDIT: The shadow issues should really be taken seriously by the way. I just encountered the most annoying shadow corruption I've ever seen. Take a look, and no, my hardware is NOT overheating.... This kind of corruption only started occurring after I applied the v1.0003 update.
  09:41:03  20 May 2007
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On forum: 05/19/2007
Messages: 19
Once Sidorovich's door is open it needs to stay that way. I still have no clue how I'm getting in their again without starting a new game

( jumping at it wont work when there's an unbreakable box in the way. )
  19:24:05  20 May 2007
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On forum: 04/05/2007

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05/20/2007 19:25:12
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Refilling Stashes. You can revisit stashes and keep on collecting items and some stashes are never full.Plus the pda marker doesnt disapear.

So are the refilling stashes a bug or not? and are gsc going to fix this anytime soon e.g 1.0004?

I think the best way to overcome this, is for all stashes to be full so if you find a hidden stash ur rewarded.The pda markers should have been there to help you find them (if you needed help )not to triger a stash to fill.
  01:57:18  21 May 2007
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On forum: 04/11/2007
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1. Constantly repeating NPC voices, i.e the doorman at the Bar, the "my information may be of use to you stalker" guy and the scientist at Yantar mr "hello, hello" himself.

2. Army warehouses is severly broken for me, if i touch the escape key here I am going to CTD often with no bug trap. Just straight out program termination. (Vista 32bit). If i run through the zone as fast as I can to the next one i have a 50/50 chance of making it through. otherwise it could and does crash at random.

3. Multiplayer, If i click on a server to join it will actually go into the loading process and sit there untill right at the end before it tells me about the version mismatch, can we have it check the version before loading anything else please.

4. there needs to be a slider for the GUI mouse speed?, navigating around the inventory is just painfull.

5. Allow me to specify how many rounds of ammo i want to buy, clicking to buy/sell is annoying, have you any idea how long it takes to sell all the pistol ammo that piles up as you roam around. click, click, click, click arrrrgh.

6. Add information to the gun data that states if you can fit a scope to it or not, perhaps mention what type of scope slot it has if any.

7. Seconding the trapped by unmoveable NPC bandwagon, the ammount of times i have had to reload a save because of being trapped astounds me.

8. Add the ability for NPC to repair weapons and armour, having to mod to do this is silly.
  02:40:39  21 May 2007
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the Marvellous


On forum: 01/25/2005
Messages: 609
Oh boy, Atem is back!

Even if DX9 is unplayable with current hardware, it is working and I can play a few minutes to compare scenes. And what I want to report is that we don't see our own shadow in DX9 but it is so obvious that you must already know that fact.

I played a complete mission no crash with patch 1.001 then took a break for 2 weeks (gf was happy!) and when 1.003 I took another turn.

All I can say is that I wanted to play it a bit faster, not following normal path. I think the game was designed to be fully playable that way, right? Well, I realized that after many tries that I would not be able to climb the hill and reach next loading screen that bring us in Pripyat because I didn't have the psi helmet so I headed back to help Professor Kruglov reach mobil lab but once I press F to talk to him after the tunnel the game crash to desktop. Just like the game realize I skipped some parts or missions and that condition is unknown and crash. Be sure also to check soon the video I made of Kruglov acting strange. He's doing a non-stop run.

Finally, maybe not a bug, just a feature where time was missing (!) for you to implement that in the AI but look at that video I made and see what (does not) happen when you shoot a barrel close to a friend. Nobody care I'm doing this?

Glad to see you here again Atem.
  05:49:29  22 May 2007
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Mother Fo
On forum: 03/31/2007
Messages: 74
what happened to the nvidia driver made for stalker that was announced?
  09:26:21  22 May 2007
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On forum: 04/15/2007
Messages: 6

My complaint (not to mention the damned known ATI problems) is the following:

you've introduced some 16x9 video modes in version 1.003, but the aspect ratio isn't taken into account. All things that are supposed to be round (circles in the rifle scope view, for example) are still distorted and oval in 1680x1050.
  14:03:50  22 May 2007
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On forum: 05/22/2007
Messages: 1
clean install, patched to 1.003, win xp sp2

In Warehouse area (possibly other areas)- some bodies do not give stash info at first, but did when I leave the area and come back.

Unable to complete the Freedom mission to Kill the Duty team (Skulls team) - went to talk to Skull after initial ambush upon first entering area; got the kill the tower sniper mission.
Walked into freedom base, talked to guard at gate.
Talked to then guard inside base; spoke to freedom leader;
Spoke to Max; followed Freedom to Duty people

Started killing the Duty people both before and after Freedom engaged them; wiped out Duty - everyone but Max returns to base.

Waited half an hour - Wolf turns up, then eventually a Duty soldier with the custom Tunder (takes AK ammo) - killed him and mission complete - but Max died in anomoly during my wait

Reloaded save - killed same soldier when he reappeared - no misson complete - reloaded several different saves to no avail. Waited an hour and killed a second wave of duty - still no complete.

I also experience the following reported bugs - annoying repetition of speaking, esp in bar; map icons not updating after stashes emptied; stashes being empty even when marked on map; AI occasionally not caring if i shoot comrades in front of them
  14:27:27  22 May 2007
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On forum: 04/26/2007
Messages: 149

Wolf turns up

Sorry to go OT for a second, but do you mean you've seen Wolf alive outside the Cordon map? From what this forum has shown me, along with my own plays in the game, nobody has seen him (aside being dead in a fire on that map) beyond the Cordon. Cool.
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