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New Patch

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  15:33:47  17 May 2007
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On forum: 05/11/2007
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Some sort of memory leak is present in the game. Doesnt matter where in the game you are. The fps goes from fine to lower, lower and lower. A vid_restart are required like every minute and thats annoying. I have tried to change graphic settings which doesnt help. I have read about others that have the same problem. Some say its because you have over 2gb of RAM installed.

Im running the game with an Radeon x1950Pro with latest drivers, 3gb of RAM and Windows Vista x64.
  13:18:16  17 May 2007
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On forum: 04/04/2007

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05/18/2007 10:20:18
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My personal compiled bug list

The bugs in this post are copy/pasted directly from this thread:
... With some small comments/changes applied to the descriptions.


1.) Upon entering the bar in the Bar Area, the bouncer by the entrance constantly repeats "I said come in, don't stand there" when the player is standing within 5 meters of him. It is very annoying, so I would be appreciative if the amount of time it takes for him to repeat it were greatly reduced, or even better, just have him only say it once each time the player enters the bar.

2.) In menus where there is a scroll-bar (when for example placing items into your stash, or taking them out), the scroll bar flips to the top after one double-click. This is extremely annoying if you have lots of loot in the bottom: You need to grab the scroll bar each time and scroll down again, which is nerve-recking. Also, the scroll bar itself doesn't function very well....

3.) .... Because when you grab it, you only need to go 1cm to the side of the bar for it to stop scrolling. Like this:

Here it is still moving..

Here it has stopped moving..

Some may consider these 'bugs' small and insignificant, but it's the little things that form the entity.

4.) New Mercenaries spawn every single time after I have left and re-entered the Wild Zone in the Bar Area. It doesn't matter whether I re-enter immediately or after 2 weeks; they always spawn at the same places each time, and in quite large amounts. This is very annoying if you have to make multiple journeys there, when for example looting. It is also unrealistic, and takes away from the immersion quite a lot. I also somehow have a feeling that this "bug" isn't only limited to that particular area. Please do something about this, preferably making the respawning of NPCs be independent of whether or not the player has exited the area, and only have it rely on the respawn timer.

5.) The repetition of certain lines of speech extends far beyond just the bouncer mentioned first in this post. Please fix this, as it's very immersion-breaking to hear "get out of here stalker, we don't let just any loser go through", "get out of here stalker, we don't let just any loser go through", "get out of here stalker, we don't let just any loser go through", etc. etc. again and again. (This particular line of speech gets repeared by the Duty Soldiers in front of the gate to the Bar Area in the Garbage Area)

6.) Sometimes NPC's block doorways, and if they do not move, there is nothing you can do about it except shoot them (which you shouldn't have to do to get them to move), or reload a previous savegame because you cannot push the NPC even the slightest bit by walking against him in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Why do these types of bugs have to pollute this otherwise brilliant game?

7.) When trying to sneak, you are detected by the enemy. You then try to load a savegame where you have not yet been detected, but your enemy/enemies will act as if he/they have seen you! Even though you just loaded a save where they have not yet done so!

8.) Flickering Shadows, blocky shadows - Both of which were introduced by patch v1.0003. Please fix. For more information and proof that the problem is widespread, see here:

9.) Prefetching is still fubared. I tried to play the game with prefetching enabled after installing patch v1.0003, but it hard-locked my PC. I then applied the "-noprefetch" target parameter tweak and haven't had a crash since. This problem is also very widespread. For evidence, see this thread:

10.) Some monsters show up as being "friendly" after having killed them.

11.) Enemies sometimes shoot through walls.

12.) In some maps, there are farmhouses which have ladders you can climb to reach the top floor of the farm house. Going up is not a problem, but sometimes there is a wooden ledge blocking admission to the ladder when trying to get down. The player then needs to jump out of the farmhouse, and sometimes even this doesn't work. Please fix this collision bug.

13.) A small spelling error spotted in the "Duty Illusion" Local Folklore diary entry: In one part of the entry there is written: "...that'll be the end of me" I though, even though it should be thought with a "t" in the end. See image below.

  12:58:51  17 May 2007
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Atem [GSC]
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On forum: 05/12/2003

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Atem [GSC]
05/17/2007 13:02:20
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New Patch

Lets talk about problems that might still pe present on the patch 1.0003 version. Please do not post bug complaints on earlier versions. It will eleminate such a mess that might happen.

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