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SDK Tutorial Thread

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  05:39:14  16 May 2007
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SDK tutorials

First of all It would be nice if don reba or an admin could create a seperate forum with tutorials in it, one forum for 3ds max, one for maya.

Secondly, I was originally going to use adobe writer to create a pdf tutorial, however I don't really know where to upload files...SO, this way is the way it's going to be done; in this thread.

My first tutorial will cover the setup of maya 8.5, including installation of the plugins provided with the SDK, and general visual setup, aswell as several other things.
My second tutorial will be going into basic maya modelling and creating a basic level for STALKER, setting up the textures and what not.
Third will be exporting the level from maya, and importing it into the level editor. Aswell as how to use some of the basic functions in the Xray level editor.
Tutorials after this will be made as I progress further on how to get a map working.
But this is designed for all those people who know absolutely jack squat about Maya and want a bit of a kick start. I am not a professional by any means, but I know enough for now.

This will be written in numeric form, so as you can follow it much more easily.

You WILL need Maya 8.5 or possibly the learning edition (i'm not sure about that one) to follow this tutorial, and you will need to download the MP SDK for STALKER, won't be able to make you're own levels, you'll only be able to add stuff to pre made maps.

SO, onto the tutorials.

Setting up Maya 8.5 to begin level creation.

Plugins and exporter for Maya 8.5

1. Go to C: \Program Files\X-Ray\ SDKscripts_plugins\scripts\ and copy all of the contents of that folder into C: \My Documents\maya8.5\scripts\

2. Go to the folder located at C: \Program Files\X-Ray SDK\scripts_plugins\ver-8.5plug-ins\ select all the files inside there and copy them into C: \Program Files\Autodesk\Maya8.5bin\

3. Go to C: \Program Files\X-Ray SDK\scripts_plugins\ copy the file called "xray_path.ltx into C: \Program Files\Autodesk\Maya8.5bin\

4.I almost forgot to include the most important steps. So open up maya 8.5.
Go to:

As you can see, there is a highlighted area, go to this and check the boxes "loaded" and "autoloaded" for both "xraymaya_export.mll" and "xraymaya_material.mll"
That is done now

This is required to be done, otherwise you won't be able to export from maya.

Maya 8.5 setup

1. Click on Windows>settings/preferences> preferences

2. A new window will appear, go down to the menu on the side that says "settings" and click on that. Change the part that says "linear" to "metre" if it isn't on metre already. This will change the unit size into metres, otherwise you may end up making a huge map that is actually only 1x1metres because the unit measurement is set as cm or mm.

3. Now further down the list on the right, click on "cameras" and slide the far clip slider to the right as far as it goes.
This may possibly change the view distance in maya, do this as a precaution, however I don't think it is absolutely necessary.

4. Save those settings by clicking on the save button at the bottom of that window.

5. In the user interface, if you don't see 4 view ports, click in the one that already exists, and press spacebar. This will bring up the 4 different view ports if they arent shown already. If you have all 4 view ports showing, you can click in one, and press spacebar to focus only on that one view port to work on.

6. go up to the corner of each of the view ports and click on "view>camera attribute editor"

7. You will notice that something happened on the right side of the interface, go to the text box that says "far clip plane" and change the number to "1000" and press enter.
If you couldnt see your grid in the view ports before, you will see it now, and this solves a really annoying problem with your view distance inside the view ports.

8. Now if you wish to change your grid size, click on "display" up the top and click the little box icon next to "grid".
When you've done that a window will appear, and you can change your grid size to something much larger if you so choose. To do this, click on the "length and width" text box and change the value to something like 120, which would make the grid size "120metres x 120metres".

This concludes this section.
I was originally going to have a camera movement section, but if you have maya 8.5 you can go to "help" and click on "learning tutorials".

So the next section will be creating your first level. This will be rather lengthy, lots of screenshots need to be made and uploaded, so it will be a while before it is done.
Not too long though.
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