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Walkthrough for S.T.A.L.K.E.R

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  15:09:07  7 May 2007
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---Walkthrough for S.T.A.L.K.E.R---

I made this, because I am bored and what my signature says is sometimes true. Anyways, I thought I should just use my boredom to help some people instead of breaking something or eating. Anyway, here goes nothing:

Ok, there are two “main quests” in STALKER. The other one is all about finding the Wish Granter, a mystical artifact in the middle of the Zone in Chernobyl NPP that grants wishes and the other one is about finding Strelok, a mysterious character that is somehow related to you and you don’t quite know how as you lost your memory. I will tell both Walkthroughs at the same time as the locations are tied in together. Here is a list of the missions:

Strelok Missions:
-Bandit Camp
-Save Fox
-Talk to Seriy
-Find Strelok’s Stash
-Find out what Happened to Ghost
-Find the Guide
-Find Doc
-Find the Decoder in the Hotel in Pripyat
-Get to the secret door in the Chernobyl NPP interior.

Wish Granter Missions:
-Bandit Camp
-Agroprom Research documents
-X18 Laboratory Documents
-X16 Laboratory Documents
-Brain Scorcher
-Get to the Power Plant
-The Wish Granter

Bandit Camp (Both Missions)
(In this mission, both the Strelok and Wish Granter questlines are tied in one mission.)
The game will start at Sidorovich, the fat trader that wants you to find Nimble at the bandit camp and he might have information about Strelok. He tells you to meet up with Wolf who is outside at the white house with ladders on the wall. He will wave at you and tell you to go over to him. Wolf gives you a pistol and some ammo and tells you to meet up with the stalkers near the bandit camp. Leave the rookie camp and follow the road until you see a large brick complex to the right. Go to the hill next to it and talk to the experienced stalker and he will ready the troops that consist of 3 other stalkers armed with pistols and one shotgun.

OK, time to attack their base. There is one guy on the roof of the house on the left, two of them inside downstairs and some downstairs in the other house. Let your friends do the work while you flank them from the left and circle around the complex and go straight to where Nimble. Or near it anyway. From here you can flank the guys shooting at your friends. Now pop a bullet or two in their heads and save Nimble. He will give you Strelok’s Flashdrive. Now go back to the Trader and you’re done. He will give you the mission to go to Agroprom, but before you go there you need to do one mission first.

Saving Fox (Strelok Mission)
Now when you’re going to Agroprom you need to go past the bridge blockade. There are three ways past the soldiers and two of them are silly. On the left there is a tunnel thats full of anomalies, dont go there. The soldiers are asking for a bribe, dont pay them. Instead, go right and up the hill and through a hole in the barbed wire fence. You’re on the other side now, boy! Now go forward until you see ruins of some brick house and you should get a radio message from the Trader. Run to the house and talk to Fox, he gives you more info about Strelok and tells you to go visit Seriy at a warehouse in Garbage. Defend him from the dogs and go forth to Garbage, to the north.

Meeting with Seriy (Strelok Mission)
Now you’re at the Garbage and there are bandits everywhere. You don’t have much weapons or ammo, so you should just make your way north to the warehouse where Seriy is. (You can defend the scrapyard against the bandits if you want to, but its not a part of the main quest.) Go north until you see a big iron gate and get a message from Seriy telling that the bandits have gone insane. Run inside and save the stalkers there from the bandits and talk to Seriy and there you go, more info about Strelok, he tells you to find Mole and Strelok’s Stash. In Agroprom you need to do the one Wish Granter mission too.

Strelok’s Stash (Strelok Mission, duh)
You’re now at the Agroprom area. There is a guy in front of you waving at you and saying that Moles group is under attack and you need to go and save him from the soldiers. This is going to be tough! Run forward on the road until you reach the abandoned factory and you’ll get some cutscene that you don’t really need to pay attention to. Go inside and you’ll be greeted by some soldiers. Kill them in any way you see fit. I flanked them by running along the wall on the right and coming from the behind and surprising them. After you’re done, go to the other side of the factory yard and you’ll find Mole. He’ll thank you and tell you that he knows where Strelok’s stash is. He will start running with a couple of his buddies. Follow him. They will run through the factory courtyard and through a broken piece of the wall to the forest next to the factory where you will find a hatch. Remember to talk to Mole before going in and then in you go. This place is littered with enemies, like all other laboratories and underground dungeons. Now first you will meet a big bunch of bandits. Shoot the two directly in front of the stairs and the one on the left side of the room. Then wait for the others to come and after you’ve killed them go on. Go to the other room and find some spiralling stairs. Go down the stairs and you’re now in a small tunnel with green goo. Ignore it and go on into the large room. Beware, theres a bad, bad monster around. Go around carefully until you hear some screeching sounds (Can be called heavy breathing in a rapid succession too.) and then look where the sound is coming from. Two white eyes, right? Shoot the monster and go on to the other side of the room and into the door on the left wall. You’re now in a tunnel with more green goo! Turn back and go through the door there and past the dark room and through the other door, until youre in another tunnel where you must go right where the broken ventilation pipe is. There you will find a couple of crates and barrels etc stacked next to the wall. Climb up on them and up the pipe and you’re in Strelok’s stash. There are quite a few goodies here. Find the Stalker suit, take the Fast-shooting Akm and look behind the map and there’s a flash drive with a message from Ghost. He’s telling you that Fang died and now you must find out what happened to Ghost. We will now leave the Strelok questline and go forward in the Wish Granter questline.

Agroprom Research Institute Documents (Wish Granter mission)
Now we continue from Strelok’s stash and go back into the pipe where we came from. Now when you come out of the pipe go left and through the door. Go forward and turn left a bit more and follow the tunnel to the big spiralling stairs. Go up and shoot a couple of soldiers on the way and get off the stairs on the last floor and into the tunnel. Go forward and turn right and run to the other side of the room. Watch out, you’ll get surprised soon. You will hear a growling sound and after that a screeching sound. Quickly turn back and run to the Controller, the mutant that is making all these noises and messing with your head and shoot it in the head as many times as you can until he dies. There you go, a dead Controller. Not much of a challenge, was he? Anywany, go to the end of the tunnel and climb up the ladder. You’re now at the military base or research institute as some folks here call it.. There are a lot of soldiers around here with Akms and nasty bulletproof vests. When you come out of the tunnel, shoot the guy in the watchtower behind you and go to the nearest house and hide. Make some sort of noises, shoot the walls etc. and lure the soldiers to the house so you can pick them off one by one. After you have killed most of them, find the largest house in the base, the one with the painting on its wall and go inside. Watch out for the bastards hiding around and go to the top floor, dont go to the roof. Now find a white briefcase and take it. That’s the documents you need! Now you will hear some radio chatter and there will be soldiers coming to zerg you soon. I suggest that you don’t fight them and quickly run out the front door, turn left and go behind the building where you find a broken piece of the wall. Go through and leave the area as soon as possible. Make your way to Garbage and there go to the Duty outpost and kill the boars that attack it. Then talk to the Warrant Officer and go to the Bar and find the Barkeep.

X18 Laboratory Documents (Wish Granter mission)
The trader tells you something about laboratories and all sorts of scientific gibberish. Pay no attention! Just go forth and leave the Bar to Garbage and there you need to find the entrance to Dark Valley, which isnt very hard. Go to the east side of the map and through the radiated area as fast as you can and run to the loading spot. Now you’re in Dark Valley and in front of you there is a Duty guy interrogating a bandit. Ignore him for now and make your way to the bandit base where Borov is. Go through the front gate and shoot the bandits. There are quite a few of them on the outside here. I suggest that you run to the right and into the guard tower or into the hangars and shoot them from there. After you’re done, go into the hangar on the other side of the yard and climb up the stairs. There is a tunnel here that takes you to the other building and there are some bandits in front of you behind the crates. Kill them and go on, up the stairs and kill the bandit hiding behind the big wheels and the other one in the other room hiding behind crates. Now go forward and you’re in a big hall, with boards as walkways. Go up the stairs and find your way to the tunnel that leads you more to the south and in to the main hall. Kill the bandits on the way until you reach the main hall which is just a big hall with some walkways upstairs and a large open area downstairs. Borov is upstairs, but I recommend that you kill everyone else before Borov. When you have killed all of the other bandits, if youre downstairs go where the toilet is and climb up the stairs or if you’re upstairs, find the path opposite the way you came from and Borov will be in the room over there. Kill him, take the key and run outside through the door downstairs in the main hall. Now look right and you’ll see the walkway tunnel sort of thingie that goes over the wall. Go there and run through it and jump outside. Done! Now look at your map and you will see that X16 is to the southeast, a complex with walls. Go to the complex and go inside. There are at least five or six bandits around here and they are rather easy to take out. From the main gate, turn left and go in the building then turn right and to the other side of the hall and through the door on the right and to the right again until you see stairs going down. Go there, kill the bandit hiding behind the doorway and walk forward. After a short loading break you’re in X16. Go forward until you reach the stairs and go all the way down. Ignore the noises, there is nothing to be afraid of here, just noises to scare you. You will now be in a room with a codelocked door and a few entrances. Ignore the other ones and find the one where there is a wall with a hole and a whirligig anomaly inside the hole in the wall. Go forward and you’ll be in a tunnel with Flame anomalies. Snorks will attack you and you should just shoot them or let the Flames kill them. Then run straight through the flames as fast as you can and go to the other side. There is a dark room here with a corpse of a scientist, loot him and go back to the main room where the codelocked door is. Enter the code, 1243 and go down the stairs. After leaving the stairs you’ll be in a dark room with three ways to go to. Ignore the right one, there is a codelocked door there and ignore the one on the left too, there is only a dead end there. Beware, there are numerous poltergeists about that might toss loose furniture at you. Now go in the one straight in front of you and turn right at the end and go down the stairs when you find them. You are now in a hall with two doors on the left side and you should see the pseudogiant doing it’s thing in the large hall. Kill it. A couple of clips (Or shots with a powerful weapon) to the head should do. Then go to the other side of the hall and loot the scientist corpse. You should have the code now. Go back to the main room where you came from, the one with the stairs and poltergeists and go to the codelocked door and enter the code. Now turn right and go through the door and you should hear some strange noises and see a flaming ball flying around, shooting stuff at you. Just shoot it with all you got and then go to the right side of the room and up the stairs where the documents are. There we go. Now all you have to do is go back the same way you came and fight a couple of soldiers on the way. When you get out, run as fast as you can and get away from the soldiers. Don’t go on the bridge, it is controlled by soldiers too, instead you should go on the other side of the swamp and run to the gate. There we go, all done! Go through Cordon and then to the Bar and talk to the Barkeep to receive your next mission.

X16 Laboratory and Ghost (Both Missions)
These missions are sort of tied in together and it’s pretty much like X18, but with more zombies and snorks and action. Before you do them, try to save Kruglov from the mercenaries in Wild Territory (Or don’t, he will get replaced anyway.) and escort him to Yantar. Anyway, your goal is to get documents from the X16 laboratory and first you need to go to Yantar. Go through Wild Territory and through the Flame anomaly tunnel there and you’re on the road to Yantar. When you reach Yantar, find the big concrete box where you can hear someone speaking inside. Shoot the zombies outside and go inside. You can hear Kruglov (Or the one who replaced him, let’s just call him Kruglov now, OK?) speaking to the Scientist and telling him that he won’t go anywhere alone. Then talk to the Scientist and he will give you a mission to measure radiation levels with Kruglov. Take Kruglov and go outside and go a bit front of him and take bullets for him, you dont want him to die. When you reach a broken bus, the radiation levels will go really high and a blowout will occur. Don’t worry, you will survive. Just talk to Kruglov when he is lying on the ground and go back to the mobile laboratory. Talk to the scientist and he will tell you something about Ghost going to X16 with another scientist. He tells you to go to the other side of the swamp and find the scientist. Just leave the mobile lab and go west until you reach a swamp. On the other side there is a crashed helicopter. Shoot the snorks and zombies and get to the helicopter, loot the scientist for the data about Ghost and go back to the mobile laboratory. Talk to the scientist and he will give you a psi-protector thingie that looks like a headset. (Remember to take the suit mission from the Scientist before leaving.) Now you can go to the laboratory thats in the north side of the map. Go inside through the main gate and make your way through the base until you reach the other side where there is a brick house with the door open. Shoot all the snorks and zombies you find and go in to the building. (There is a Healing Berill armor outside if you need it.) Go down the stairs until you come to a loading zone. You’re now in X16. Go forward from the stairs and shoot the two zombies and go to the ladder at the elevator shaft. Climb all the way down and jump off the final ladder, it’s broken. Now go forward into the large hall. There are zombies coming from the walkway and straight in front of you. A snork will growl and jump through a ventilation shaft too. Kill it and the zombies, take ammo if you need it and go on. Now you should be at a tunnel with some sort of wooden boardings. Shoot the zombies approaching from behind them and from the left and go on to where you saw the zombies coming from. There are some cages behind you and a snork MIGHT be in there, but just go forward and jump over some boxes and two snorks will attack you at the small stairs. Kill them and go on. Go on until you reach a large circle hall with walkways. Use the walkways, shoot the zombies and find the first switch (A large white box with a switch on it, duh.) and turn it off. Now go opposite of the way you came and go up the stairs, shoot some more zombies and press the second switch. Then forward and climb the ladder up and turn off the final switch and shoot the zombies. Then you are told to “unplug” the system. Get off the walkways and on to solid ground and turn right. There should be some sort of observation post there with windows. Go inside and use the switch there. Stay here and let the hallucinations pass. That’s it for that, now to find Ghost. Get out of the observation room with the power source and DO NOT go on the walkway, that is the wrong way. Isntead, turn right and go up the small steps and shoot the zombies. Go forward until you come to a room with cages around and a Controller. Do the usual Controller killing manouvre: Shoot it in the face and then loot Ghosts corpse, take the suit (If you want cash!) and go to the last cage on the right. There is a hatch on the floor there that you need to use to get out. Jump down, go forward and jump down another hole and you’ll get a loading break.
Now you are in some sewer tunnels under X16. This is pretty straightforward and you just need to run through the place. Run forward, avoid the snorks ambushing you and blast them. Then go on and past the flaming pipe and onwards again, shoot the two snorks hiding behind some garbage and go on. There is a pseudogiant coming straight at you, just shoot it in the face and run directly forward until you reach the ladder. Climb up and you’re at the surface. Now go up the stairs and jump on the railing, then from the railing over the fence and you’re free! All you need to do now is get back to the Bar and give the documents to the Barkeep. (And take the suit you got from Ghost back to the scientists.)

Meet the Guide: (Strelok Mission)
This one is too easy. Just go to Cordon and meet the Guide in the spot where you met Fox earlier: the ruined brick house. Don’t let him die (or let him die, it seems it doesnt matter and that you can get the info from him anyway, even if he is dead.) Talk to him/loot his body and he/his PDA will tell you to find a guy called “Doc” in Strelok’s stash in Agroprom.

Find Doc: (Strelok Mission)
Get out of Cordon and make your way through Garbage and on to Agroprom. Here you need to go back to the pipe where you went earlier and go down the tunnels. This time, however, the tunnels are more dangerous! Kill the usual bandits and go down the stairs. Go forward through the tunnel with Fruit Punch anomalies, the green goo on the floor and you’re at the room where you met the first blood sucker earlier. Go forward and turn right through the door, then turn right again and go to the door at the end of the tunnel. You will meet at least three or four blood suckers here that can scare the poop out of you. Kill them and go to Strelok’s stash. On your way up the pipe, a trap will go off and you will lose consciousness and wake up in the hideout. An old man you have seen earlier in the cutscenes talks to you and calls you “Strelok” and I guess this pretty much explains who Strelok is, eh? Anyways, he tells you to go to Pripyat and that you will find all the answers you seek at Chernobyl and with the decoder found in the Room 26 in the Pripyat hotel is needed for the task. Now you need to make your way through the Red Forest, turn off the Brain Scorcher and go to Pripyat and from there: Chernobyl NPP.

The Brain Scorcher (Wish Granter mission)
Now leave the Bar and go to the Military Warehouses and from there to the northern side of the map and you will be at the Barrier. Defend the barrier against some Monolith bastards and go on the road until you reach the entrance to the Red Forest. Youre in a canyon-like place now with a Monolith outpost directly ahead. You can see the Monolith guys praying there. Use the opportunity and surprise them and after killing them, go on. There are lots of snipers on the road and radiation pockets when you go off the road, so watch out. You should have a SEVA suit before coming here and a good weapon too, so if you have them both its no problem. Now, proceed with killing the snipers and the Monolith men and follow the road. When you come to an intersection, keep going forward and up the hill. You will start experiencing some really funky hallucinations with ghosts of mutants in the Zone. Ignore them, they cant hurt you they just disorient and scare you. Go on, kill the sniper at the end of the road and turn right. You’re at the gate now, go inside and fight off the Monolith guys and go right until you see a train cart and a railroad. Go to the train cart and look at the tunnel stretching to the depths of the bunker. Go inside, watch out for enemies ambushing you behind the concrete covers and go to the door at the end. You’re now at the Brain Scorcher, the final psi-emitter in the Zone. This place is a real labyrinth and hard to remember it totally, so excuse me if I get something wrong. Go forward and dont stray off the path, you’ll end up in a dead end. It’s pretty straightforward, but easy to get lost in. When you find some codelocked doors on your way to the Scorcher, ignore them, they are useless. There are codes for them but they are in PDAs and the storages contain nothing interesting. Make your way through the tunnels, then through the small storage area and go forward until you are at a room with some artifacts on the floor and some chain fence. Go forward and you should be at another room with walkways and a blood sucker. Kill it and go on and you’re at another room with walkways and some sort of generator in the middle. Ignore it and go on and you’re at the first of the three rooms. Go past the first two and in the last one you need to climb up the stairs and go through the doors to get to the Brain Scorcher room. It is a huge hall with two holes in the floor and two pillars coming out of them. In the middle there is a console. Go to the right on the walkway, jump over the holes in the walkway until you get to the console. Turn it off and get ready to fight. You can hear the Monolith say something to you too. Now go back the way you came and you will notice the Monolith are all over the place. Your map should show at least 20 of them in your vicinity, so get ready for some fighting. Now in the first two rooms there are some guys behind the walls trying to ambush you. Kill them and go on to the generator room to kill the guys on the walkways, then to the bloodsucker room and kill the Monolith there. Then to the room with the chain link fence and kill the exoskeleton bastards with shotguns. Then through the storage area and back to the main hall and through the front door! There, you’re out of the Brain Scorcher, but it is not over yet. The base is being attacked by military and you need to fight your way out or just watch as they kill each other if you can keep yourself hidden. Anyway, go back to where you came from, down the hill and get to the intersection. You can see the Duty fight Freedom here as they are all fighting to get to Chernobyl first. Go forward and through the gate to Pripyat.

Room 26 and Getting to the Power Plant (Both Missions)
Alright, you are close to the end. Well, not close but near. Well, not near, but somewhere in the vicinity. Go a bit forward and you will see the expert stalker group the Barkeep told you about. You can follow them if you want, but you can also use them as bait and let them take the enemies off you while you go to the hotel through some alleys and safer routes. I recommend you go with them and when they go through the underground tunnel and into the large open area with a couple of snorks and Monlolith snipers, you go separate ways. You should go for the hotel when they go to the right. The hotel is the building directly in front of you when you come out of the underground parking garage. Go to the front door, kill the Monolith guys and go upstairs. When you’re upstairs, find a roof that connects the two buildings together and jump out of the window to the roof. Run across the room and jump into the window on the other side. Then go a bit forward and open the door, it is Room 26! Find the decoder here and get the heck out. You have done the Strelok questline you need to get the proper ending. I recommend that you back where you came from, follow the route the expert stalkers took and hug the edges of the map til’ youre on the other side. Kill some Monolith in the buildings and go to the gate leading to the Power Plant. You will get a strange cutscene where boars are running in the stadion and get caught in whirligigs and then a loading break and you’re at Chernobyl NPP. (This map is very short if you do not want to explore it. As a matter of fact, there is nothing to explore. Maybe a couple of stashes and the buildings, but they contain nothing special and you cant even get into most of them. Check out the Ferris Wheel on your way out, its a cool piece from the old Chernobyl, reminding you of the accident. Now forget all that and get to the Power plant, silly!)

Chernobyl Power Plant and the Sarcophagus (Wish Granter Mission)
You’re now on a bridge above some sort of large canal that circles around the power plant. Go forward and you will have to go through a large open area with choppers firing at you and snipers doing their usual sniping. Run forward, avoid the choppers and kill the snipers until you reach a toll gate where you can go through and witness soldiers killing Monolith troopers. Kill some of the soldiers and use the train carts as cover until you can get to the Power Plant wall where there is proper cover from the helicopters firing at you. Run across the yard to the wall and hug it while shooting the Monolith guys. Go on until you reach a large gate that looks like a hangar entrance with sandbag covers in front of it and lots of Monolith. There might be an APC around so watch out. I recommend that you run straight in and jump into the hole that leads you to the tunnels below. You are now inside the Sarcophagus, congratulations. The game is near its end, but not quite yet. The tunnels here are very deadly indeed and infested with Monolith. I suggest that you watch out for every corner and crevice, for the Monolith in exoskeleton armors carry dangerous shotguns and can one-shot you easilly, but the area itself is very desolate and consists of tunnels and pretty much nothing else. Now, go on and empty the tunnels until you can find some stairs up that lead you upstairs. You are now at the point where you must decide which ending you want to have.

Wish Granter: The End.
This ending is the most simple ending and requires a lot less killing than the Strelok mission ending. Just go up the stairs and enter the room. The area is a square with some crevices and rooms in the walls, but in the middle is the most important thing: The reactor and the ladders to the Wish Granter, but before you can go there you must do some serious killing. Shoot the guy at the stairs and lure the rest to the staircase, you should be able to kill four of them or five. Save often! Then go out of the stairs and turn right. There is a door at the end of the tunnel here and behind it is a bunch of Monolith in exoskeletons and wielding heavy weaponry like FN2000s and shotguns. Watch out. Kill them one by one at the door and go forward. Turn back and go to the tunnel, past the staircase and into the door ahead. Go forward and enter another tunnel, turn right and you should enter a circular room with ladders on the side. Climb the ladders all the way up and you are at the Wish Granter. There is a glowing anomaly in front of you, go in it. You will be teleported high up to the ceiling and you must use the railing to climb to the other side, then go through the door and the hall-like area and enter the door on the left wall there. Go through, jump on the pieces of metal and approach the Wish Granter. Press “F” and see the ending. Congratulations, you have completed S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Shadow of Chernobyl the “wrong way” Well, its the right way, but the ending isnt that good, is it? Anyway, if you want a proper ending, see the Strelok missions and ending. None of the endings are real at the Wish Granter, its all a big hoax developed by the C-Consciousness. See the mission below for more info.

Strelok Ending..
Now, this is not going to be an easy one, trust me. Go up the stairs like in the previous ending and do the same routine at the room in the right. This time, dont turn back, go forward and search the crevices on the left wall and find a ladder and climb it. Go up and kill the Monolith and walk to the other side of the room and decode the door. You will have to defend yourself against some Monolith approaching from the other side of the room. Kill them and wait for the timer to end and then run through the door and into the next area. This area is very hard. It consists of a labyrinth with snipers and lots of Monolith. Yes, I said snipers. In a tunnel. Well, lets just leave it at that and continue on. The first place you will meet the Monolith at is a intersection between four tunnels. To the right there are two snipers behind a grating and some Monolith and in front of you another grating, but no snipers. To the left is the only way the Monolith can come to you or you can go to them. Dont run into the intersection, you will get sniped and shot by the Monolith, just stay where you are and hide yourself from the guys in the tunnel in front of you, behind the grating and from the snipers. Face the left tunnel so that you are behind the wall and can peek or barely see into the tunnel. Now you are in a good spot to wait for the Monolith to come to you. If they dont start coming, shoot a couple of shots to lure them to you. After killing all the ones coming from the left, peek and shoot the ones in front of you and then peek again and carefully shoot the gauss gun snipers. Be careful, they can hit you hard. Now most of them are dead at this spot, go to the left tunnel and follow it and kill all the Monolith in the way. The tunnel is straight and soon you should be at the spot where the snipers were shooting at you through the grating. Go forward and turn right and right again and you’re in a room with computers that look like server machines (Computer towers) and shoot the Monolith there and lure the rest of them to you from the other room. Then go through the room and you will be at a hall with blue lights and a platform in the middle. Shoot all of the blue lights and ignore the fireballs around you. Talk to the scientist and he will tell you everything. Then its time for the decision:

Strelok ending 1:
Agree to join the C-Consciousness to bring peace to the world by removing negative feelings from the noosphere. In this ending you risk your humanity and mortal body for the greater good of humanity and the minimization of the Zone. This ending is still not the good ending, but at least it is true, unlike the Wish Granter endings.

Strelok ending 2:
Choose to resist and you will be thrown out of the power plant. You will appear in a courtyard outside, with no objectives but to find the C-Consciousness lab in the power plant. Now run through the courtyard and fight the Monolith until you find a way to the roof through a teleporter. Now on the roof watch out for snipers, climb up the ladder and go to the other side. Jump down, then jump down again and you’re on a lower roof. Jump down once again (Sigh...) and run on the walkway and shoot the Monolith. Run all the way until the end and watch out for the rocket launcher guys on the roof. Run to the teleporter, get thrown on the roof and then run to the other side of the roof into the other teleporter. You will get thrown about like this for a while and you will face snorks, snipers, exoskeleton bastards and rocket launcher bastards. When you get thrown on a roof with snorks by the teleporter, you need to jump to the teleporter below, you cant run to it because its too far away. When you get thrown on a large roof with some buildings and walkways, it is the final roof. You should notice it because its not separate from the others. On the other side of the roof you should be able to see a large house and a ladder. Now, here you should find some cover and take out the Monolith one by one and then take out the snipers. Then go forward, find a ladder that takes you up to the walkway and go along them, killing some Monolith below at the same time. When you have to jump from one roof to another, quickly look back. A Rocket launcher soldier has mysteriously appeard on one of the roofs behind you. Shoot him and climb up the ladder. Some teleports will open on the right and left side but you should just ignore whatever comes out of them and run for the middle one and see the best, real and proper ending. The Marked one, Strelok destroys the C-Consciousness and the Zone disappears so he does two favors for humanity by saving them from being totally controlled by the machine and by destroying the Zone and making the area what it used to be. I guess.

Anyway, congratulations!
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