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  17:56:31  14 May 2007
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On forum: 05/03/2007
Messages: 40
I was havng a frustrating time with all the crashing and lock ups caused by this game. After rummaging around for something to fix while waiting for the next patch, I am now able to get a smoother game. I set the game to static lighting. That seemed to cut the problems out completely. I found that odd because my graphics card isnt so bad. I also rolled back my drivers to 7.3. The -noprefetch tweak did not work for me and I do not use it, but feel free to try. The game also seems more stable if I press the Numlock key on my keyboard and turn it off before playing.

Windows XP home
Asus A8R32-MVP deluxe
AMD 3800 Single core
Radeon 1800XT
Soundblaster Audigy Gamer
  16:17:42  14 May 2007
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On forum: 05/14/2007
Messages: 1
Do i need this still?

7)) Registry Tweak
(scroll down a bit)

Tutorial by Spazz:


in winxp push start>run and type "regedit" (without the " )

click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , then "SYSTEM", then "CurrentControlSet" then "Control" , then "Session Manager" ,then the folder , "Memory Management."

look for the word "PagedPoolSize" and right click it. click "modify" under "valuedata" put in ffffffff

Right click on REG_DWORD (any of them in the middle)and NEW>DWORD Value.

a new value will show up at the bottom of your list.
right click that value and rename it PoolUsageMaximum.

after you renamed it right click it again and click Modify.
under ValueData put in 00000028 and thats it your done ..

like i said before it might not work for everyone.

With the new patch does this regedit have any benifit with Float32? If not how do i set my reg settings back to default?
  22:43:15  9 May 2007
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On forum: 03/25/2007
Messages: 26
9)) Strange "black lines" in the distance with ATI


by strawman

I was having the same problem and I believe I've found a work-around.

You'll need to bring down the console and adjust the r2_sun_depth_far_bias value. It has a range of -0.5 to 0.5 with an apparent default of 0. Positive values make it more pronounced while negative values 'fix' it. Starting with -0.00001, I've selected a value of -0.0001 which seems close enough to the default value. The pattern starts to disappear around -0.00007 or so.

So, press ` to get to the game console and type:

r2_sun_depth_far_bias -0.0001

and hit enter.

You should see the problem disappear.

This seems to remove the 'black lines' (looks like a filtering bug with either ATi's driver or the game engine). I haven't seen any obvious side effects from this tweak yet. Let me know if this works for you.

  04:34:27  9 May 2007
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On forum: 05/09/2007
Messages: 1
its dont remove

i think my problem es strange in the arsenal of liberty y kill lots of liberty guys and y go to red forest and back to liberty and the bodies still there and back again and now crashed , i have a 2gb ram,8800gts320mb,gigabyte965p,c2d e6400
  01:38:02  8 May 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/20/2007
Messages: 265
Thanks for your post-Excellent solution for Vista

Updated Vista fixes.

Problems with solutions tested on many systems. It may help you with your problem.

Vista Fix

See Here

After I have played and completed STALKER on XPSP2 several times, I thought I would install the game under Vista 32bit Ultimate and see how it behaved. Well, the second F6 I applied -> you know CTD as seems to be affecting many Vista users. So I thought I would have a hunt around these forums to try some of the workarounds posted.

The game actually looks and performs much better on Vista as On_Target600 claims particullarly with the current 158.18 nVidia driver set also I use the latest RivaTuner to increase the GPU fan speed to 100% all the time to lower the temp of the card.

Unfortunately the stutter is still there same as XPSP2, and for some reason that stutter seems to get worse with the more inventory that Marked 1 carries? In fact, I have noticed in the XPSP2 install of this game that on 1 occasion I decided to dump every piece of inventory that M1 had and it hardlocked the game and the system for at least a minute and just as I was to press the reset, it freed up, but on resuming, the stuttering almost was non-existent when running or walking particullarly near those trees at the entrance to the little village at Cordon where the trader resides.

Anyway On_Target600 thanks for your links and post, the Fix you quoted works perfectly so far for my Vista install with this game and the value of the fix is that it's applicable to all games very easily. I hope others give it a try.

  08:19:59  5 May 2007
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Michael M
On forum: 03/24/2007
Messages: 6

Thank you Don

Glad to see you back.

Glad to be back. Had to refresh my system for a while.
Had anyone already had the success with finishing the game, or the bugs hold you up?

I'm on my 4th playing of this game. I've had 3 different endings, of which the last ending was incredible and mind blowing. You need to play this game at least 3 times through and do different things as you will get different endings. I've had my problems with video issues also. Weird artifacting etc. I upgraded my power supply added 2 gig of ram. This game likes power and RAM! I still can't use dynamic lighting which is a bummer. I have to use static and a res of 1280x1024. And.... here are my system specs. A Gateway 5228 Dual core 4200, 4 gig ram, 7900gt/gtx video card, latest drivers 400 watt psu, win xp all updated, Samsung 225bw 22 inch monitor and I still can't run the game above 1280x1024 res and high graphic settings. No AA or anistropic filtering.
Still with all the problems I've encountered this is the most awesome game I have ever seen. No wonder there are problems. Look at the detail that has gone into this game. This game is a masterpiece of work.
  06:44:34  1 May 2007
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On forum: 04/25/2007
Messages: 25
Running in Windowed mode may fix crashes

I found this out a few days ago, and someone else posted a thread saying they'd found it too.

If you uncheck 'Fullscreen' in the view options so the game plays in a window it seems to make it much more stable. You can make the window the same size as the desktop and drag the taksbar off the bottom of the screen and it looks no different from playing fullscreen.

Since doing this, I've yet to have a crash after 4 days of solid playing. Previously I'd get a crash after about a minute of gameplay.
  15:22:55  26 April 2007
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On forum: 04/23/2007
Messages: 9
same S**t but Different....

well... first of all i salute you all stalkers... (hihihi)
here goes, i own the game for 3 weeks now, and the thing is that i beat the game one time already ( with all settings at max, the game run smoothly), without any kind of crashes , freezings or lockups.... and imediatly after i beat the game i started a new one, and that's when it started... it only holds for 5 minute at the most...... it crashes, freez and lock up....
i didn't change my system... wich is : intel core 2 duo E6400, 2 Gb Ram, ati x1950pro and a lot of HD space!
now, can anyone tell me what the Hell is going on??? please!!!! thanks! Cheers!!!
  14:37:02  26 April 2007
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On forum: 04/17/2007
Messages: 12
Updated Vista fixes.

Problems with solutions tested on many systems. It may help you with your problem.

Vista Fix

See Here

  13:04:13  22 April 2007
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On forum: 04/01/2007

Message edited by:
04/22/2007 13:06:36
Messages: 65

Vista32 fix not a 100% fix for some. Unfortunately.

I've got a brand new box, E6600, 2GB ram, 8800GTS Vista32 playing at 1920 * 1200 on a Dell 24" widescreen.Built this just to play this game and have scoured the net looking for the save game crash fixes, tried em all (I'm a programmer in the real world). On my system the enable memory fixes causes an xray engine crash on startup of the game making it unplayable. I've been sitting here for the last 3 weeks without being able to play this neat game waiting for patch2 to hit the deck. Sigh. When its going, its wonderful.
I'm waiting for the devs to fix it. (and it has been according to the patch list!)

Have you tried the new Official drivers from NVidia, out a few days ago?
[link] [/link]

Some say these help.

Yeah, installed those straight away. Looking at the crash the engine is having trouble allocating memory to capture a screen image to go into the saved games list, no vidro driver is going to stop that particular crash. Patch 2, I need you! Cheers...

There are two known memory "hacks" in circulation; one specifically for the registry (have not tested), the other that only requires you to edit the XRAY engines executable. I've tested the 2nd on a Vista64 machine and, despite game/content related issues I have not had any problems saving/loading games since that first week of purchase (which was hell ).

Edit: btw, the link in your quote is missing a closing brakccte on the first [link] element; "]" that bracket; that's why the quote is broken.
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