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  14:42:41  29 March 2008
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On forum: 09/17/2007
Messages: 64
All Known Bugs to Date - Compliation

These bugs have been taken from my own experience :

Section 1. Numerous "Lag spots" where the game will freeze for maybe 20 seconds.
A. Entering the Metali structure on garbage, where you need to defend it from bandits.
B. Entering Bar from Garbage, whilst crossing the metallic "bridge" over a small ditch with nearby dogs.
C. Entering Bar from Wild Territory or Warehouses, as you pass through the metal barricades guarded by stalkers.

Various others are present, if you've found one, please post.

Section 2. Crashes
Random crashes for no apparent reason, whilst running Patch 1.05.
A. Pripyat, whilst approaching the Bandit Camp initially, this has now spread to contain most of Pripyat. I have noted this usually happens when two things happen : 1. Someone on-map is firing at you, 2. A "off-map" atmosphreic soundbyte of distant gunfire is playing. This may just be me, but every time I hear those two simultanously, it CTD's.
B. General, Random crashes tend to happen to me everywhere, every so often now. If anyone has any more definite locations, please post.

Section 3. Immersion Issues. (Named due to thier ability to prevent the player really becoming immersed in the game)
A. Repeated statements. "Get out of here Stalker"
B. Lighting issues, i.e. headlamps being attached to the heads of soldiers, whilst the light is coming from a point under thier feet, which moves with them.
C. Watching enemies spawn upon map entrace, i.e Red Forest -> Warehouses. Nothing like seeing two bloodsuckers, 10dogs and 3 flesh appear in front of you.
D. Weapon issues. Once a weapon is dropped upon the ground, if you leave then re-enter a area the weapon will be standin up, lengthways, and no longer on its side. I am yet to discover a radiation-mutated "Gun stander-upper" monster.
E. AI issues. I have a fire with about eight corpses on it in Red Forest, just where the AI tried to warm themselves, and they walk right into it and die. Good for free loot, bad for game immersion. (Happens everywhere there is a fire, RF was just an example)
F. Stupid triggers. A army soldier in bar (near the garbage -> bar entrance, before the little ditch) began shooting me. When I shot back, and killed him, the "There is a murderer on duty territory, find him and kill him" message began to play and I was thus hostile to everyone in the Bar.
G. Mapping Issues. It is possible to get out of the map without any effort in so many locations its hard to list them. The most memorable ones are : Bar, where the dogs spawn. Walk onto the ditch, jump over the fence. Yantar, walk to the crashed helicopter behind the research bunker, walk up the hill. You are out of the map, by walking up a hill.
Warehouses : Rocks behind the crashed helicopter area, but before the checkpoint which leads no-where guarded by enemies, you can jump on a rock, then onto another, and you are out of the map.
H. Sound issues. Particularly following the helicopter attack on Yantar, the helicopters remain, but are not visible, to annoy players with the rotor noise. I found them, get out of the map as is stated above, and they are there. If you pull out your knife, one blow will destroy them.
I. Item damage issues. (There is a mod to fix this, I reccomend it.) If an item can be damaged, it can be repaired? I have no idea how it is possible to include unique items into the game, i.e. upgraded weapons, and then have them slowly become useless.
J. A-Life system. Creatures spawn in always the same place, and remain there. It would be nice to see those pigs outside the Freedom Base in Warehouses walk about a bit, instead of just standing there and occassionally walking into the minefield. Likewise with snorks etc. Animals roam around, this would add to realism greatly.
K. NPC AI. Upon entrance to the Wild Territory section, I have to sprint past the duty patrol that spawns there every time I enter (ruins immersion in itself) and get to the doorway of the red-brick building before the duty patrol gets there and blocks the doorway. If they do, I have to re-load and try again. Include a way of preventing them blocking doors, please.
L. If you are trying to sneak and load the game, you are instantly detected. I would like a "Save-Load Detector" next to my Geiger counter, too.
M. Collision problems. I have regularly had enemies shoot through walls entirely, which is a real problem when I am on low health and I need time to scavenge for a medikit. M. Also includes when enemies move through walls, i.e. When the arms and weapon of an enemy will appear through a wall.
N. Enemy monsters sometimes show up as friendly once you have killed them.
O. Map updating issues. A stash icon will only dissapear from the map if you use the "Take All" button, annoying to have purple icons everywhere if you cannot carry it all. General things not leaving them map, such as "Kill this" tags etc.
P. New quests upon entrance to areas. I still get "Defend the camp at Garbage" quests when entering Garbage from any direction. This also includes others such as in Yantar and Cordon.
Q. Inventory Scroll Bar, It begins again at the top, this is particularly annoying when removing large amounts of ammunition from stashes.

That is it. I will edit and update the compliation if needs be. If you wish to post, please state the Section and Sub-Section you wish to add to, i.e. if you want to mention something relevant to the New Quests on Map entrance issue, please have "Section 3. P" at the beginning of your post, so it is easily referenced to the original post.

Please do not post "Yeah, I have this issue:" and just repeat what I have said. Otherwise this will reach 32pages like the others and be useless to everyone.

My opinion : I don't intend to buy Clear Sky unless all these issues are fixed. We need to know that GSC will help the community with its issues, otherwise it is totally possible Clear Sky will have just as many holes as this game did. From the look of the description of Clear Sky under the New section of the site, it looks like they are including everything that should have been in this game. Perhaps they should make Clear Sky free, as it is mainly just the patch we have been wanting for this game? (I know it won't happen, but it has to be said.)
  21:10:38  16 February 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/08/2005
Messages: 353
There is also this bug in army warehouses area.After i kill all freedom members the duty guys return to the village.But somehow they get alerted all the time.Maybe because there was a dead neutral stalker in theyr farm ? Anyway , as they return from search for theyr imaginary enemies , they often push each other close to fire in middle of house and many of them burn to death.There is now like 6-7 dead bodies and all of them seem to be neutral ones , none is from duty members dead.The bodies just keep to pile up.

There is also bug that doesnt allow you to finish the kill Lukash quest if you attack first the sniper you suppose to kill before you talk to duty leader and accept quest.Why not to trigger on that quest as soon as you start killing theyr snipers , even if you do it on your own ? Or make me able to finish the damn quest.

And why isnt the sound still fixed ? There are loads of NPCs that just repeat the same line all over and over again.For instance some guys in barkeepers bar , or that idiot scientist in yantar! Or that idiot patrol near the exit from bar area to the garbage who keeps telling you "get out of here , stalker".That one should surely be removed while guy in entrance to barkeeper should ONLY say "come in , dont stand there" when you REALLY stay in front of him , not just when he sees you.Or that bastard called "i always got something "interesting" for people like you".Noooo! I dont want to hear these guys just repeating the same line over and over again.Why cant they just shut the fuck up and only talk when they got something to say!? Same problem is with all the neutral stalkers and theyr annoying havoc.They just keep talking something to me when im near to them with a gun in my hand.Why cant this be removed too ? Its nothing but silly and annoying , because most times i DONT stick gun into theyr face in order to get some nasty replies!
  16:02:17  28 November 2007
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On forum: 11/28/2007

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11/28/2007 16:06:39
Messages: 4
Hey there fellow stalkers !

First of all let me apologies if this problem has been signaled before , but the search function is so annoying on this forum that you can't find anything with it
The problem consists in guards that spawn only when you get close to the zone of their spawning positions . This occurs at the Bar ... every time when I get back from any zone to the bar I see dead bodies on the side from the Wild Territory / Army Warehouse .

This happened because the guards that protect that side of the bar spawns only when the player gets close to that location . Why dose the the other Stalkers are there when I am not ... and the guards aren't ?

Wasn't they supposed to be there all the time like the other AI controlled characters ?

I realized the fact that the other AI controlled characters are having a panic attack when they see a dead body and they start scouting the area for enemies that are not there ... so to calm things down I have to carry those bodies outside the BAR area for everything to come back to normal .

Really is annoying to see Mercs entering BAR and killing Lone Stalkers because those guards are spawning only when the player is there .

LE : And i know this is a general problem ... because I am sure you hear the same sound of lock and load when you get close to their spawning points as if then they appeared there .

To explain my point I made some screen shots .
  11:39:07  28 November 2007
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On forum: 11/28/2007
Messages: 3
Ummm i have a weird bug, which happens all the time. there are dead bodies all around the place especially in the camp or spots with a campfire? and sometimes when i go out to another map, my character ended up being dead after the loading screen and i cant continue on with the missions because the character ends up dead everytime i go to another map.

is there a solution for this?
  14:52:24  8 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/13/2006
Messages: 1432
Heres a problem, patch 1.0004 sucks ass in general and overall. I pray to god that the reason for the jump to 1.0006 is because GSC/THQ know this and are rectifying it as well as fixing other stuff. Also, increase mutant spawns and make them free-roaming for crying out loud! Stealth is also impossible in patch 1.0004, I modified my knife so it makes ZERO NOISE (and registers as such on the "noise" meter) and somebody STILL somehow heard me! The level after the sewers is also properly screwed up, if you die in that level, your narfed. NO savegame from that level will load, resulting in a crash to desktop. If you can get past that level without dying, the crashes in Pripyat will surely get you. Patch 1.0004 is worse than the inital release of the game, and thats saying something.
  10:12:16  6 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/02/2007
Messages: 580
Will the 'magic awareness of AIs about protagonist after saving/loading near enemy AIs' be fixed or it's too complex problem and require huge reworking of the engine?

Stealth is virtually impossible because of the bug.
  16:52:44  31 October 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/12/2007
Messages: 426
Army Warehouses crash
  21:41:58  15 September 2007
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On forum: 09/15/2007
Messages: 10
The AI needs to be fixed so that the dumb NPC's dont walk into fires, killing themselves. This case is especially bad when an important NPC like Wolf kills himself . Plus the NPCs at camps need to be replaced faster after they die by another NPC so that if the Freedom, Duty, etc camp get decimated, it can get back into 100% strength as before.
  21:47:25  12 September 2007
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On forum: 05/02/2007
Messages: 92
Isn't it time to update and/or unsticky this thread?
  03:04:22  8 September 2007
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Undead Terminator
On forum: 06/18/2007
Messages: 96

The third patch will, among other things, further improve the AI.
It is also possible that it will enable free play after game ending.

Problems with ATI's cards are being worked on.

Will we have to wait for the 3rd patch, or will they release a hotfix to be able to play the game with our shiny new ATI cards??

If the devs sort the problem, but don't release a hotfix, then I'm not impressed at all!
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