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  19:00:35  16 April 2007
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Don Reba
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On forum: 12/04/2002

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Don Reba
04/16/2007 19:02:39
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Can you find the link? You probably have a better idea of where it is.
To get the link, you have to either righ-click the thread and choose "copy shortcut" or use the "URL" link above a post in the thread.
  18:47:56  16 April 2007
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On forum: 04/04/2007
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The old topics have been locked. If you think that some topic should be returned, speak up.

i would like to take up the sunshadow problem again.
sollution was to install the catalyst 7.3 drivers, but those are for ATI Cards? i have Nvidia Geforce Go 7900 GTX 512 so problems not solved yet got any ideas?
  02:03:47  16 April 2007
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Don Reba
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On forum: 12/04/2002
Messages: 11733
The old topics have been locked. If you think that some topic should be returned, speak up.
  02:02:55  16 April 2007
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Don Reba
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On forum: 12/04/2002
Messages: 11733
Error 139: game stopped working - client synchronizing. (1 report)


I was playign stalker without any proplems for about a week now, but it suddenly stoped working. When i try to load a game it freezes in "CLIENT: Synchronizing" stage. Then after about a minute my computer restarts. I did not install anything new on the computer between the time it was working and the time it stoped working. After that i tried updating windows, but it didn't help. i thought of reinstalling the game, but i couldn't find my save files and i didn't want to loose them. has anyone heard about such problem before?


lolz, i bumped my resolution from 1024x768 to 1280x1024 and it worked... weird solution for a weird problem...

Error 140: flashlight does not work. (1 report)


like the header says, i have no light, my torch did work before, then the game crashed and it no longer works.. are the batteries flat or something???


well got my torch working again, had the graphics setting on minimum so i bumped them upto medium, now everytnings peachy again, but still no night vision, so im thinking i may need some kind of headgear to get night vision???? anyone know?

Error 141: flashlight passes through walls. (1 report)


Flashlights randomly appear on walls and on floors but nobody is there. (Mostly happens in Bar area but occasionally happens in other areas)

Error 142: freedom base storm saving bug. (1 report)


When attacking the freedom base (together with duty, after killing off the first sniper), if you save exactly when the wall blows, then every time you load that save, the wall will still be there, and the npc's are performing the attack with the wall still up, lol. Yes they are also shooting through the wall. The freedom defenders are also shooting through the wall from the other side.

Error 143: graphical locker glitches. (1 report)


I found a graphic bug. Its mild but should be fixed. When you open lockers and go to another room and look at the wall that the lockers were against. If you turn on your flashligh you can see ghost images of the lockers. I don't know if any one else noticed this but i see it and it only seems to happen when i have my flashlight on.

Error 144: hard lock soon after startup. (1 report)


STALKER hard locks my computer within minutes of the game starting. I've managed to get as far as seeing Nimble once so far in over twenty attempts. When it locks up, not even the mouse pointer will move. I have to reset the computer. The logfiles in STALKER-SHOC show nothing at all. They are blank.
I opened Task manager up on my other monitor and watched it whilst I was sat on the main options screen and noticed that the memory usage of the STALKER executable steadily climbed up and up. I tried to exit out of the game when the memory usage got to about 80k and I got a BSOD. Something to do with NV4_disp.dll. The Nvidia display drivers.
I've been trying various fixes from this forums as well as the Nvidia forums and various other places but have had no luck so far.
These fixes include, but are not limited to:
uninstalling and reinstalling the game / Nvidia Drivers (both current and previous iterations) / sound drivers / mobo drivers.

Error 145: howling saving bug. (1 report)


In the freedom zone (where the freedom base also is located), if you go to the village where the monsters are. If you save exactly when the monster(s) howl, then the howling sound will run in an endless loop after loading. It even continues to loop after loading another part of the zone. This was really annoying to listen to, believe me.

Error 146: image curruption on dual monitor setups. (1 report)


I Have a Nvidia 7900GTX and found some severe graphical corruption after playing the game for a while. Textures and shaders began to turn multi-couloured. My first thought was an overheating graphics card but no other game was doing the same.


Long story short, in turns out that the problem was caused by having a dual monitor setup. As soon as you disable the second screen and restart the game all is fine.

Error 147: grenade bouncing glitch. (1 report)


A funny one: crouching behind a wall, I throw a grenade over it in order to disable a bunch of troopers. I aim about one meter over the top of the wall (2.50m high ?). For some reason, the grenade just goes "boïnk" on the wall 20cm under the top... and back to me.

Error 148: grenades do not trigger anomalies. (1 report)


Ok not sure if this is a bug, but it does seem like a flaw with the physic's engine. Its acceptable that you can fire bullets through anomalies like the whirlwind. But larger objects like your bolts (key: 6) will trigger it off.

That should also mean grenades should trigger off anomalies. I throw the grenade into an anomaly and it just goes right through, exploding later on, when it should probably detonate instantly. I only that this because when you throw a bolt, it turns red so I assume it's melted.

Error 149: grenades pass through walls. (1 report)


Sometimes rifle grenades won't impact after firing - they just clip through walls and vanish.
  02:02:38  16 April 2007
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Don Reba
Bishop and Councilor of War


On forum: 12/04/2002
Messages: 11733
Error 93: PDA used with unusual controls. (1 report)


for FPS games I use a really weird controls setup, where for example my left mouse button means walk forward. Now, that is immediately my problem. The PDA functions are controlled with the left mouse button. However, when you use the PDA, it doesn't disable actions in game. So when I use my PDA with left mouse button, I keep walking forward. I really hope this annoying thing can be fixed in a patch soon. Thanks in advance.

Error 94: people sleep with open eyes. (1 report)


minor bug, not really an issue, but - people sleep with open eyes. if you just talked to them, they will pull out their guns, just to put them away again and lay down - starting to snore while still standing...

Error 95: moving through water bug. (1 report)


Running through water near certain vegetation causes character and NPCs to look multicolored.

Error 96: crash at X18. (1 report)


Hi guys, wondering if you could help me out with an issue that has basically rendered Stalker unplayable for me.

In Lab X18 when you need to kill the entity at the end to be released from the room, after grabbing the docs, my game will crash to the desktop. I get the shaking effect of it dying, but then, at exactly the same point of that sequence the display will blank out and I get booted to the desktop. I have definately previously gotten past this part, however I was having general graphics issues so I had to patch it and restart the game. The patch did seem to cure most of the graphics issues however!

I have tried reinstalling the game, three times now. Also on a seperate OS (server 2003), and on a clean reinstall of XP off an oem (non-modified) install CD. I have gotten the latest drivers for gfx / sound / chipset / network / sata etc, but it seems no matter what I do it will crash at exactly the same point, not even any fluctuation. Now I'm out of ideas! I notice there are acknowledged issues with Ati cards - I'm using a 9800xt w/v 7.3 drivers, could this be an issue with that driver?

The error log is reporting the following lines of text when it crashes :


[error]Expression : strchr(str,']')
[error]Function : CInifile::Load
[error]File : D:xray-svnxrCoreXr_ini.cpp
[error]Line : 181
[error]Description : Bad ini section found:
[error]Arguments : [smart_terrains

Not sure if this is related however ... could have been a previous random crash as the game doesn't seem to have enough time to write an error report when it crashes. But if anyone has any ideas at all then please let me know ! As it's somewhat ruining an otherwise great game

Error 97: crash on leaving the scientist's bunker. (1 report)


Every time I try to leave the scientist's bunker in Yankar the game crasheds and dumps this in the console:
Scheduler tried to update object gar_dolg_respawn_157928
[error]Expression : ai().level_graph().valid_vertex_id(vertex->data().level_vertex_id())
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 165
[error]Description : patrol path[yan_st_stalker3_patrol_1_walk], point on path [name04],object [gar_dolg_respawn_157928]

Error 98: crash on load. (1 report)


I'm already several hours into the game, found this Strelok guy's stash, stole the military documents and now I'm infiltrating the base on the dark valley to steal a key from someone named Borov.
So I was happily working my way through the base and just when I reached Borov and took the key, the screen darkened for a moment and I was back at the desktop.
Luckily, I had saved just outside Borov's room. Now whenever I load this savegame, the game crashes within about 10 seconds. It doesn't seem to be related with killing Borov. I even tried to get as far away from him as I can, but after about 10 seconds, I'm always staring right at my desktop.
Here's the savegame, maybe it helps finding the bug for the first update patch or something

Error 99: crash at Agroprom underground. (1 report)


I'm stuck in the Agroprom Underground. I've tried numerous ways to get out.... well the only way (in game) I can think of is to try both the exit/entrances to going down in the underground part after saving mole. At first I went down to kill the first few bandits so I could go back and get the reward/unload all the crap I had accumulated. When I tried to leave the way I came in, it loads up all like normal but when the loading is done, rather than letting me hop on out and run around as usual, it just crashes to the desktop. No error or anything. I've googled all over the net and cant find anyone having this problem. I even went through the whole underground, shot the hell out of everything that moved, and tried the other end. Same problem as before. So as far as I can tell I'm stuck. I do have another save I could load up and be outside of the dungeon I got trapped in, but that is almost 3 hours of game play behind. And even if I do reload, I more than likely cant continue with the story line because I'll just get stuck again. So any help would be highly appreciated.

Error 100: crash at Bar. (1 report)


Bar Keep Broke

It was after finishing finding Strelok's stash and getting the military documents. He just won't come near me. I have a mission to collect on from him and I need to unload my junk.

In the console I get this error:


Error[expression] :fatal error
error[function]: CScript Engine::LUA_Error
error[file]: D:xray-svnxr_3daxrgamescript_engine.cpp
error[line]: 74
error[description]: <no expression>
error[arguments]: LUA Error : Attempt to index a function value

Error 101: crash at Freedom. (1 report)


everytime I go to the Freedom base, the game crashes to the desktop.. every time without fail :/

odd thing is, there is nothing particular i am doing, sometimes i can walk around the base for a good few mins before it crashes,... usually just long enough to go talk to the boss and try to exit, before i get out it crashes

sometimes it crashes before i try to get out... each time it crashes i am not doing anything the same (eg not pulling out a weapon, walking anywhere in particular, turning on flashlight etc) nothing.

really hope this is fixed, it's pissing me off bigtime... its putting me off playing it now because im at that part of the game where i want/need to get into freedoms base

Error 102: crash on returning flashdrive to trader. (1 report)


For some reason my computer is reseting after I try to return to trader after getting flashdrive.

Error 103: Duty grenade launcher mission bug. (1 report)


When you are asked to get the Bulldog grenade launcher
for the Duty Officer, you can return to him, drop the launcher
on the ground and then talk to him, the mission will be marked
as finished, and then you can pick up the bulldog and keep it.

Error 104: enemies forget after loading. (1 report)


You've shot someone and his two buddies are after you. Running over the hill you save. Now you reload. Now his two buddies aren't after you, they've forgotten they were chasing you and they go back to simply scanning the horizon.

Error 105: false page file size error. (1 report)


ok so ive increased page file , more then once, as it sits its at 7gb yet the error message is still there, hell id sell a testicle to even see the menu screen in the game , someone give me some help thank you...

Error 106: crash when saving over old files. (1 report)


for some odd reason when i try to save over my old save files, not quik save, the game will crash, or sumtimes it will crash when i save a new file anyone please help... plus id really appreciate a patch comin out soon for it

Error 107: crossfire does not work. (1 report)


i love this game very much, but i can only play it with low settings and Static Lightning, because Crossfire is not working at all. It doesnt matter if i enable it or disable it i always get the same Performance.

Error 108: dealer reoffering missions. (1 report)


Just as the header states, when returning from missions beyond the bridge, the original dealer keeps re-offering me the same missions, and while I don't mind taking his money, he really should remember that I've brought him the same thing three times.

Error 109: crash - cannot find model file. (1 report)


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CModelPool::Instance_Load
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrRender_R1ModelPool.cpp
[error]Line : 116
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : Can't find model file 'actkrs/novice/green_stalker_3.ogf'.
First occurrence was the transition from The Dark Valley to the Cordon via the south exit. Tried circling around via the Garbage but same crash occurred as I headed south. Results in a crash to desktop or in a bug-report interface.
Is this a bug or are my gamedata.dbX files corrupt? Is there a list of md5 checksums with which I can compare my files?
UPDATE: Tried a reinstall and that didn't fix the problem.

Error 110: Avast! antivirus causes BSOD. (1 report)


I'm currently using Avast! Antivirus scanner. When i have scanning for virusses enabled, and create a new game / load a game, the client stops at syncing, a blue screen is shown (for about a half sec) and the computer reboots.

By disabling the virusscanner everything works fine. I think anyway this should not be the way it should acutally "work", a fine workaround disabling the scanner for playing, but i rather prefer having it enabled... for some windows reasons (though, i'm working wine cvs to get stalker properly running in linux).

Error 111: bug when changing levels. (1 report)


After quite a few issues, I finally got Stalker running well and to my liking - i've played the game for a few hours, and after the Agropom Research Institute, i decide to head back to the trader in the Cordon area to get my reward for finding the documents.
Easily, the level changes from Agropom Research Institute to the Garbage - no graphical issues
However...when i decide to move back from the Garbage to Cordon, it becomes EXTREMELY laggy and unplayable suddenly for no reason. If i move back in to the Garbage level, it plays perfectly. For some reason, as soon as I set foot in the Cordon level - EVERYTHING runs at < 5fps compared to the usual 60

***FATAL***: Too many lmap-textures (limit: 8 textures or 32M).
Reduce pixel density (worse) or use more vertex lighting (better).
Thing is, even if i lower all those to the lowest and lower EVERYTHING - same warning arises... if i leave everything as it is, and go back to the Garbage level - everything runs fine at 60fps...

Error 112: cannot select goto point in PDA. (1 report)


I've seen this a few times and not sure why or what causes it but in the PDA, normally you can double click the target icon under your objectives/quests and it will switch to that pathfinder point on your map and highlight it, select it, whatever you want to call it.
Sometimes you can't select it though. I usually have to exit the game and re-start, then it fixes it. This bug seems to be random.

Error 113: able to see in only one direction. (1 report)


Able to see fine.
Turn any other direction, I get crap.
Anyway to fix this?

Error 114: alllias turned on me. (1 report)


Hey all.
I was out doing various tasks, and when i headed back town where the "bar" is, as soon i enter i head a voice over the PA saying something like, "the murderer is back kill him" blah blah blah.

so naturally evryone in the whole place tries to kill me. i don't know if this is a bug or not, but when i previously left the town they were not attacking me so why now? i can no longer visit the barkeep because when i enter the bar, the guy who you can buy information from pulls out his gun and begins to shoot me.

does anyone know if there is a way to reset vals so that they no longer want to rip me to shreads? like in oblivion for esample where you pay off your bounty.

please help, i really don't wanna have to redo the previous 3 hours or so. (cant believe i forgot 2 save again).

thanks heaps be patient

oh! and i am 100% that i didnt kill anyone in there!

Error 115: ammo disappears when switching. (1 report)


when i switch between ammo types they always equalize like so.

say im on 5.56 AP and i have 400 rounds.
then i switch to 5.56 SS and i have 800 rounds...
well after 1 second of me switching ammo my SS ammo goes to 400 rounds....

Error 116: cannot unload RPG. (1 report)


I've found 4 RPG's in the game, obviously I want to pick the one in best condition and drop the rest, but keeping the rockets. Whenever I try to unload the RPG, I don't get the rocket... It doesnt go in my inventory, it doesnt go on the ground, its just gone. So I have to keep all the RPG's to keep the rockets or I loose them.

Error 117: chat box closes early. (1 report)


Sometimes game don't wait for u to read the text on chat box, like on first mission with "wolf" u accept the mission comes a big wall of text and then window gets closed as he calls to announce you.

Error 118: constant HD use. (1 report)


I have a Core 2/X1800 Mobility/1GB RAM system, but I can only run Stalker in DX8/Static lighting mode. If I try either of the DX9 modes the game starts loading masses of information from the hard drive every time I so much as nudge the camera. The framerate itself is OK: it's just the constant HD loading.

Error 119: constant helicopter sound. (1 report)


In some zones where the military had helicopters flying overhead at one point, returning to the zone later causes the sound of a hovering helicopter to play constantly from a point in the sky even though there's no helicopter there anymore. This is EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!!

Error 120: can't talk to Mole. (1 report)


In Agroprom the military are attacking the stalkers, then you get the mission to rescue Mole. He is also being attacked by military.

I went to rescue him and killed the military, but Mole was injured and lying on the floor needing a medkit. I picked up his rifle first and then talked to him to give him a medkit. He thanked me, but then everytime I try to talk to him he doesn't mention about getting out before the chopper arrives, or that we need to find the tunnels.

This only happens if Mole gets badly injured during the fight and when you revive him, there is no weapon on the ground nearby. If he can find a weapon to pick up he will work correctly.

Error 121: can't use the last two inventory rows. (1 report)


Ok, the whole jumping back to the top of the inventory has been mentioned but I wanted to throw that in here too as it's pretty darn annoying.

But, one other one that I haven't seen in here yet is that I cannot use or do anything with the last two rows of inventory items when my inventory requires me to scroll down. I can't right click, I can't double click. I have to drop things from my inventory to get them to move around or move up so I can use them.

This is quite a pain when I've got red radiation and can't actually use my RadX (ahh.. I miss Fallout) and I'm dying because I can't actually manipulate my inventory fast enough.

EDIT: I just did a bit of testing and found out if I move the mouse around the inventory square I'm trying to activate and rapidly click, it will eventually register and allow me to use or drop the item. So, there's a workaround, but it's still annoying.


Error 122: central sound channel too quiet. (1 report)


For some reason centred sound seems far too quiet in this game. I find that things to my left and right are much, much louder than anything positioned directly ahead of me. This appears true for both my 5.1 and headphone setups.

Error 123: knife slash texture bug. (1 report)


When I slash a surface of a wall with the standard knife you receive at the stat, then step backwards from the wall. There will be two black retangles above and below the slash mark.

Error 124: lag at Dark Valley. (1 report)


I got to Dark Valley yesterday, made it half-way with killing the bandits in those buildings... I saved the game, happy that I'm still alive after i went through (I'm playing on the hardest level), I made myself a break. When I loaded the game back and went outside the building the FPS dropped tremendously from 40-50 to about 5-15. I got shocked, written vid_restart hoping for working effect... Nothing! Still messed up. Loaded prevous save from entering Dark Valley - and guess what - still the same thing! I even started new game and... Youre right - the same thing. I have no idea what happened, but the game is now unplayable.

Just formally - i got killed earlier, but before that i shot some guy and he went through a wall (lol?) flying awaaaaaaaay over the "normal" borders. Im not sure that it can have some effect on it since i reloaded game after that.

Error 125: lag at Garbage. (1 report)


I get consistent lag/loading issues in the Garbage. When approaching the central factory where the stalker camp is located from any direction, STALKER will lock up for about two minutes, and then resume with my normal framerates. This happens repeatably, in a certain set of locations (e.g. when approaching from the south, the temporary lock up happens when I am roughly even with the bandit camp to the east of the main road)

Error 126: inventory windows position resets. (1 report)


When you double click an item in an inventory window the window resets back to the top. This makes transferring large numbers of items that must be scrolled to extremely tedious.

Error 127: invisible anomalies. (1 report)


Sometimes electric anomalies are never visible and don't react to bolts but when you or an NPC walks through one it activates

Error 128: key assignment to numpad. (1 report)


when i try to assign numblock keys.. the USE button doesnt work anymore - DEFAULT button only works for keys i havnt changed to numblock keys
when i quit game with assigned numbock keys the game does not start - pls wait error dialog

Error 129: lag druing lighning. (1 report)


Heavy FPS drop during lightning storms

I have noticed during lightning storms I get a heavy fps drop when the lightning actually 'flashes'. In between the flashes the framerate returns to normal. This seems to be a new problem as I have been in storms before without the dramatic FPS loss. Perhaps the later environments are more detailed and cause a heavier drain on the graphics card? This only appears to be a problem as I have gone into the later zones.

If anyone has any suggestions, thanks.. I'm not sure if this is a bug or just my PC 'coughing and spluttering' with the workload!


have same thing, changed the lightning distance to about 10% (10/100, bar 90% to the left) fixed the prob for me,

Error 130: misaligned difficult text. (1 report)


The difficulty level text in the settings menu is a bit mis-aligned, as shown in this screenshot:

Error 131: missing "tourist's delight". (1 report)


As a reward I was given an artefact called 'tourists delight', but it didn't appear in my inventory.

Error 132: mission completion messages get skipped. (1 report)


I've just bought S.T.A.L.K.E.R and instantly patched it to 1.0001.

I'm about 3 missions/jobs in (help someone, clear boar lair, find jellyfish) , and have a problem: every time i complete a mission, the message window closes back to normal view ( out of trade etc) so i don't see the "Thanks for completing that mission" , or what i get given etc, meaning i've got to go back to the pda and log message to find out what happened.

Error 133: lag from vodka. (1 report)


low fps ONLY when drunk on vodka!

i run the game on pretty high settings and yet, i usually got around 40 fps. looking at the camp fire for example is fine as well, nice heat effects and all, but...

once i had some vodka, my fps drops to FIVE.

is it because of the blurring effect used when drunk?
or is it even intended? since its constantly 5 fps no matter what i look at, i think it might well be. hmm.

i do have the latest drivers and a quite optimized windows xp, running still on service pack 1.

Error 134: lag in inventory. (1 report)


At random times/places in the game whenever I open the inventory page the game suddenly lags and freezes and I have to re-load it or close the game completely. What could be causing this? It's pissing me off :/ I've even tried starting new games and the same thing happens at random times.

Edit: 9/10 times it's just after I get the "special mission" from the trader.

Error 135: menu cursor glitch. (1 report)


When scrolling up and down the advanced video settings menu, something funny sometimes happens to the cursor. Grabbing the bar and scrolling down sometimes results in the scrolling stopping for some odd reason, or becoming extremely slow.

Error 136: incorrect NPC position on load. (1 report)


One particularly weird occasion was when I had saved in a multilevel stairway in the power plant, and there was an NPC one level above me. When I reloaded the save the NPC spawned right next to me instead of the level above. I've also experienced this happening when they're on the other side of the wall from me when I save, then I load and yikes! they're right on top of me firing as soon as I spawn.

Error 137: freedom commander mission bug. (1 report)


When you go to talk to the Freedom Commander after coming back from completing the quest to kill the agent and the snitch, he asks if you want to assist his guys over at the checkpoint because he's concerned that the monolith are going to invade in the near future and they need support. If you tell him that you don't want to help right now, it never gives you the option to talk to him again to accept the quest. Is there a workaround for this? Or can you simply just go over to the checkpoint and speak with the Freedom guys to get the quest?

Error 138: frequent freezing. (1 report)


stalker keep freezing every 5 mins on my Laptop!
  02:02:03  16 April 2007
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Don Reba
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On forum: 12/04/2002
Messages: 11733
Error 52: crash on quest dialogs. (2 reports)


I got the following problem: I'm playing the patched german version of STALKER and, most of the time (~85%) when I talk to a NPC and click on a quest-related dialouge option, the game crashes into bugtrap.
So for example when talking to nimble, I wanna accept the Quest "Find the completed suit" (or whatever it is called in englisch) and sometimes (but seldom) it works fine, most of the time the game crashes as descriped above. When it works though, I can be sure that it will be crash when talking to Wolf afterwards about quests or the trader.
This is very annoying because I really wanna play the game.

In the logfile, there's written:


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamescript_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 74
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : LUA error: f:stalkergamedatascripts_g.script:20: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got no value)

I also already tried to extract the gamedata and to give the function (I think it was script.log or something like that) a correctly typed random parameter (so string, integer or whatever the log said was needed), and it also worked for a little while back then, but a little later it started to crash on questdialogue again, but now with a different error msg (dunno no more, but he wanted a table instead of nothing in some function in _g.script or something like that) which I wasn't able to debug due to it's complexity and now I'm frustrated because every day, my friends tell me how far they are with stalker and I can't even make it to the second area because most of the time I can't complete the mainquest because of stupid crashes. Outside the dialogs, the game runs fine though.

Well to cut a long story short: did anyone else beside me have a problem like that recently and was able to solve it also? I'd be VERY pleased if someone offered a working solution. I like the game anyway, but I'd surely LOVE if it would work correctly, or at least would be bugged in a less anoying way than when accepting or complete quests.

i have a problem with stalker it crashes all of the time. I have updated my windows, updated my gfx card and updated my directx. It still crashes ingame. Mostly when i talk to an npc. Yes i tried reinstalling it and patching it to 1.0001.

Error 53: skybox bug. (2 reports)


For nothing in this world the game could render the scenery /sky, clouds,
etc./ and there's a bright-green solid color when dynamic lighting is
turned on, and when static is working - there's sky-trail all over the
screen /not rendering anything at all and when moving - huge trail with
the shape of the trees and landscape/.

Error 54: shadow problems. (2 reports)


Playing in near maxed settings : Full Dynamic lightning, shadows On, Grass Shadow Off, Af8x ... shadow slider to the right

Like many, I don't have self shadow (except on the ground)

but it seems like overlapping shadows of npc, trees, objects or player can't be displayed correctly.

here are some examples :
full tree (trunc foliage) and player shadow

and here :
half a second later, with another camera angle, superposed player and foliage shadow are not displayed

finaly, same kind of problem with bus, player and tree shadows :

im playing with sunshadow on, and the shadows keep moving to unnatural places when i turn around.
theres shadows a lot more places than there should be and it and none of the shadows are synchronized with the environment :S

to support my post. please reply to confirm its a bug


problem SoLVeD ! installing Catalyst 7.3 (uninstall,SafeMode drivercleaner,install).

it looks much better now :

and self shadowing now works perfectly too

Error 55: crash at Strelok's stash. (2 reports)


I got the same problem at first. I entered thru the research center and exited somewhere else (going through the hall with the electric anomalies). So I went back to the research center went in and back out and it was fixed.

I have a problem with the Streklov's group's stash quest not updating.
It asks me to escape the underground after picking up the flash drive and when I do exit it refuses to update.
I'm not sure if this is game breaking as I have managed to progress as far as the scorcher missions without any trouble.

Error 56: click missed when droppoing a weapon. (2 reports)


For some reason unloading and droping sometimes doesnt happen at all when using the right mousebutton-menu. Sometimes it happens on the third click. Sometimes on the second. A countervalue seems to go crazy?

About half the time when I try to drop a weapon in my backpack by using the context menu, the game wont register my click. I can right click easily enough to get the menu, but sometimes i have to re-right click several times before it will register my left click on "drop" (which would look nicer if it was capitalized, by the way)

Error 57: becoming visible after loading. (2 reports)


I have found that if you load a Save game, having been killed by AI which were previously unaware of you when you Saved, the AI will instantly be alerted to you when you load after they killed you.

i was trying to make a "sneak" run into the base that u gotta steal the docs, so i quicksaved a lot, but if they see u, and u quickload or plain load, they are still chasing you. I think that happens everytime.

Error 58: user.ltx overwriting itself. (2 reports)


I go into user.ltx to add two key bindings (correct syntax used) in the correct place and every time I start STALKER, the game overwrites user.ltx which one that obviously is customized to my in-game settings, but at the same time doesn't reflect the key bindings F9 for saving "fastsave" and F11 for loading "fastsave". Heck just placing F6/7 with these would be fine.


Course the way I resolved it means I now have to hand edit the file to change any settings, but I don't have much else to change.

Ok, gameplay usabilty tip for everyone out there. *don't ever put quickload function keys RIGHT NEXT to quicksave function keys*. We're far enough in the development of software that that should be a standard usability factor for anyone to know. (Sorry, I've got 13 years Software QA management behind me)

Ok, to resolve it, first edit the file and make the changes you need (such as your f9 f11 bit (i did the same thing)).
Now, save the file and close it.
Right click and select "properties".
Check the box that says "read only"
Sweet.. all good

Error 59: black screens during gameplay. (2 reports)


I got this excellent game to work finally after getting some sort of frame rate problem. However, now I get constant little black screen things as I play. They come up every thirty seconds to every two minutes, but it's like I just went into the console and typed vid_restart. Eventually instead of coming back to the game it just crashes to desktop and shoves me into 4 bit color mode and 800x600 resolution. I've updated my graphics drivers and they happened less frequently, bit they still happen and it will still crash me. I believe my specs are:

Error 60: windows blinds conflict. (2 reports)


Can you believe this? I really had to unload window blinds to get this game starting??? what the hack has window blinds to do with the game? I still can't believe it!

So gsc-guys... you better start find a solution, cause I really don't want to part with wb!!!

I played this game with a friend of mine and I liked it, so I got my own.

I installed it, without anti-virus, but when I try to start it up... nothing happens???

If I look in the taskmanager, the "XR_3DA.exe" is loaded and running, but nothing happens.....


Finally, I found the conflict!!!!

It seems that WINODWBLINDS from StarDock is responsible

Error 61: enemy cannot be hurt when animated. (2 reports)


Ive noticed when I shoot someone and their hurt there "Hurt Anim" plays and he staggers back hurting and you shoot them 15 to 20 bullets into the Enemy he doesnt die, you have to wait for the Anim to STOP playing Hurt and he stands back up to shoot just one bullet into him and he dies...

I have noticed this, but after the anim the npc is still standing, because he's not dead yet.. however, you have generaly just fired off another 5-6 shots at him since you have the range of your target.. its very annoying, but the only work around is to fire a shot or 2, wait till the animimation stops, then finish him with another burst.

The whole argument about NPC's having too much armour, or gun accuracy being rubbish would be negated, if they just fixed this one issue with registering hits.

Error 62: trader door stuck. (1 report)


The famous "Trader" door gets stuck and cannot be open with the "use" key, when u actually open it and stop his trayectory with your body, if you open the door and rapidly step backwars, the door never gets stuck.

Error 63: mulfunctioning video after patch. (1 report)


After the patch , i tried to play a new game, and during the "synchronizing" i hear a short sound ( i recon its a CAR form the intro). when the intro video loads , it starts from the point where a stalker already takes the main hero body, but the sound starts from beginning. So the timimng is crap and video starts from the half scene. What2do????

Error 64: NPC formation. (1 report)


I thought this was pretty funny. Here I am getting "attacked" by this "organized" group of people.

Here's them bunched up trying to find me:

Here I throw a grenade at them:

But they're too busy to notice:

Ah, gotta love the AI.

Error 65: X16 use bug. (1 report)


When reaching the X16 lab you have to turn of a machine, the one where you have three minutes to deactivate it. The problem is that the lever doesn't work. When I approach it it says "press F to use" but nothing happens.
There are no problems using the "use" button anywhere else in the game. The lever just won't work!

Error 66: take key from Borav won't update. (1 report)


I'm at the mission where you sneak into base, take key from borav, and enter the lab. No matter how many times I search Borav my PDA never updates. I've even tried starting from the beginning of the game or reloading and killing him and searching again. I proceed to the lab (metal door underground) and can't get in either. "Sneak into base" updates but nothing after that. I'm sure it's Borav too since I put my crosshairs on him and he's in the office with all the locked cabinets. Is there a workaround for this?

Error 67: NPCs stuck crouching. (1 report)


When the stalker at the starting camp tells you to help them fend off the approaching mercs and you kill the mercs, almost all of the stalkers get stuck in their hiding place in a "combat camping crouch" stance. They will still talk to you but will always revert back to the combat stance...

Error 68: objects do not appear. (1 report)


Playing through the game, I noticed it takes 10 minutes for objects to appear from a crate i break, and sometimes they don't appear at all. Also all the lockers, cupboards and tables are empty, no objects on them. NPCs also take some time to spawn. Once i was able to walk through rookie camp to the garbage without experiencing any opposing NPC parties, the only NPC that was alive was me and the trader.

Error 69: no pause during CGI video. (1 report)


When the game is on CGI Video, the game don't actually pauses, u can get killed without being able to do anything.

Error 70: zombie quest poorly named. (1 report)


A "kill the zombie" quest (located near the crashed helicopter) should be labelled "Destroy zombies camp" as it requires to kill several to get the quest completion message

Error 71: wild territory cinematic. (1 report)


First time u go into the wild territory u get like a "cinematic" camera thats shows u the helicopter crash and the fight between the Soldiers and the scientists, well, if you clean the zone escort the scientist go back to bar without going into yantar, next time camera will do the same again, this time, with the whole zone empty.

Error 72: vsynch does not work. (1 report)


...any reason why the VSYNC & 60HZ options don't seem to do much in-game? I'm working with nVidia HW (93.71 drivers).

Error 73: zero artifact count in statistics screen. (1 report)


I have already found and sell a lot of artifacts (it is not so hard I think it will be -- this is another thing). But I still have 0 in count of Artifacts in statistic screen.

Error 74: upright weapons. (1 report)


Probably not quite a bug as such, but somewhat annoying nonetheless. Whenever you re-enter an area, all dropped weapons will be upright. Completely upright to the point of half floating in mid air. Their physics properties only start taking effect when something touches them.

Error 75: nights stop. (1 report)


specifically, nights are very short -- only about 3 hrs of darkness from approx 0100 to about 0400.

first day in game was fine, got dark about 2200, properly dark w/ stars and all, reddish sunset and sunrise before and after. now, as above, a very short night, a different skybox (looks like storm/cloudy) and it's more twilight than darkness.

i've waited for several days in game w/ no change. on a different forum, someone mentioned something similar ?corrupted save -- so started multiple times.

full dynamic lighting is on, and it's not the "*" issue -- the hours go by appropriately.

no issues w/ lighting elsewhere -- eg underground is black where there are no lights like in parts of x18, all lightsourcing/shadows seems to work ok

any ideas?

Error 76: music stops playing in the menu. (1 report)


The music sometimes doesn't play in the main menu, or ceases playing after some time. This could be fixed as simply as just looping the music over and over again.

Error 77: snitch bug. (1 report)


He keeps saying "I've got some information for you, Stalker." even though i've allready bought all the information he has to offer.

Error 78: snitch assassination mission bug. (1 report)


On the Freedom Snitch mission, there is an issue with the game's registration of when you can kill the snitch.

There are two pseudodogs behind the house. When it's time to kill the snitch, if the pseudodogs are close, he will be in 'alert' mode and become 'friendly' to the player. Even though you're supposed to kill him, if you do so when he's in 'alert' mode, everyone at the freedom base will blast the hell out of you when you return.

Took me a while to figure out what was going on with this one, but I did find on one time through that if I sit and wait for the dogs to (hopefully) move on, then the snitch goes back to being "red" and I can kill him at that point.

I also noticed something similar with the first freedom mission (kill the duty boys). After all the duty boys were dead (i just watched as I'd still like to be able to go to the bar ) there was a boar that Max went into alert mode to deal with. After the boar was taken care of I tried to talk to Max to flag that the mission was complete and he kept saying "talk to me after we take care of the duty men". Well, they were all dead (I even walked around to make sure there weren't any hiding) and I couldn't go any further and had to reload back to a point before this.

Error 79: purge dog lair mission bug. (1 report)


Purge the Dog Lair. Just outside the south entrance to Rostok... I've cleaned this area of all dogs about 16 times now, and I never get a "completed" message for this quest.

Error 80: stadium fight bug. (1 report)


Last section before NPP we get a flyover view of what looks to be a great stadium fight - and then we are suddenly past it - please add this back into the game.

Error 81: settings change to default. (1 report)


Settings: Theese may change back to default without warning

Error 82: x16 mission bug. (1 report)


get the unique body suit and turn off the brain thing in lab x16 - impossible if you haven't done lab x18, what's worse doors closes behind you so you can't go back

Error 83: select setup language for an installed game. (1 report)


Select Setup Language when launching game even if installed?!

This has been bothering me for a while now. Every time I try to launch my game using the game CD (which is autorun), it gives me the "Select Setup Language" screen as if it thinks I want to install it! Now, only after I've selected a language does it give me the window: "Launch STALKER?". I hope this bug is fixed, because it's starting to annoy me greatly.

Error 84: save game thumbnail images change randomly. (1 report)


My save game thumbnail images randomly change to some other save game image. For example, if I save a game in The Garbage, the thumbnail is correct for the first one or two times that I look at the save game list. But, soon after that, when I go to load that save game from The Garbage, the thumbnail is replaced with a view from some other place... like The Wild Territory, or Dark Valley.

Error 85: saves not working in Pripuat'. (1 report)


I just entered Pripyat and after pretty much clearing the zone and getting the documents it was late and I had to go to bed, now neither my quicksave nor more my regular save game in the Pripyat level will load, all my other games will load but not those 2. Is this an attempt to let only players have one ending and make them play through Pripyat and onto chernobyl in one sitting? If it is that is absolutely ridiculous but if it's not could you please help because I do not want to redo my entire game. Thank you.

Error 86: stuck in the Arena. (1 report)


I wanted to earn some money so I went to the Arena in Duty's Bar.

I smoked the first dude in Round 1, came back to the Loner and got $1000.

I smoked the second dude in Round 2, came back to the Loner and got $2000.

In Round 3, you take on 2 dudes with shotguns. Obviously, you need to kill one, save the game, and then go kill the other one.

I finally was able to kill them both this way, but when I came back to the Loner to get my $3000...I was bleeding to death with 6% health. I would die every time before I could heal myself. SO...I had to go back to where I saved after killing the first of the 2 guys...

NOW the bug (?)...


Error 87: PDA position marker disappears outside the map. (1 report)


This bug is going to be problematic if people start adding in new map sections. Basically, if you start walking outside the restricted areas, by fence jumping or whatever, and walk towards an adjoining area (like at the bar, to the place at the west) your position marker *disappears* under the graphic for the other map.

Error 88: parallax mapping with sights bug. (1 report)


When aiming through the sight on the MP5, if you move, the screws move, too. Glitchy parallax mapping.

Error 89: suicidal stalkers. (1 report)


Everytime I come into contact with some STALKERs and save them, they go out of their way to walk into a deadly anomaly and die. eg:

The team Wolf sent to save Nimble all walked (in a single file line, mind you) all the way across the area to take turns getting ripped apart by a whirlygig. EDIT: Including Nimble. Which broke my job he gives you for the jacket.

That STALKER you save the first time going into the Garbage did the same thing.

I defended some STALKERs (the place where you meet Mole) who were under attack by Bloodsuckers. One STALKER survived. It was storming, and Bloodsuckers were all over so I decided to stay with him and read my PDA until some backup shows up.

So, I hear gunshots and go out to find about 4 STALKERs fighting bandits. One was wounded. So, we killed the bandits and I healed the shot guy... They thanked me, then walked single file off the road, toward the blind dog den, and also took turns getting killed by an anomaly.

Error 90: stashes cellar - attic. (1 report)


It took me a while to figure out that Ukranians keep their cellars in the attic.

Bit of a mistranslation there. 'Cellar' = under the floor, 'attic' = under the roof, not the other way around!

Error 91: poor sawn-off shotgun animation. (1 report)


The sawn-off shotgun recoil animation is extremely clunky: After shooting with the shotgun, and the shotgun recoiling, it returns to its normal state almost immediately, and not via a smooth transition. The same sort of transition as with going to crouch position.

Error 92: PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES. (1 report)


Has anyone been getting BSOD's while playing STALKER and had the error say: "PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES" ??? (code: 0x76)

If so.. I found the cause, atleast on my system.. It's a Creative Audio driver file named: ctoss2k.sys

If you are getting BSOD's that say the samething and want to trace it, you can do the following:

the driver that caused the error can be detected by editing the registry. In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management registry key, create or edit the TrackLockedPages value, and set it equal to DWORD 1. Then reboot. The system will then save stack traces, allowing the erring driver to be easily identified. If the driver commits the same error again, bug check 0xCB (DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS) will be issued, and the name of the driver causing this error will be displayed.

I did the above, the next BSOD I had showed "ctoss2k.sys" to be the cause.. my audiocard is a X-Fi XtremeMusic, but I'm sure it's not limited to just the X-Fi series, I have seen other STALKER players complain of this same error, however, I don't know what audiocard they had or any other system specs of theirs.. but I'm willing to bet they had a Creative card.

Has anyone been getting BSOD's while playing STALKER and had the error say: "PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGES" ??? (code: 0x76)

If so.. I found the cause, atleast on my system.. It's a Creative Audio driver file named: ctoss2k.sys

If you are getting BSOD's that say the samething and want to trace it, you can do the following:

the driver that caused the error can be detected by editing the registry. In the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlSession ManagerMemory Management registry key, create or edit the TrackLockedPages value, and set it equal to DWORD 1. Then reboot. The system will then save stack traces, allowing the erring driver to be easily identified. If the driver commits the same error again, bug check 0xCB (DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESS) will be issued, and the name of the driver causing this error will be displayed.

I did the above, the next BSOD I had showed "ctoss2k.sys" to be the cause.. my audiocard is a X-Fi XtremeMusic, but I'm sure it's not limited to just the X-Fi series, I have seen other STALKER players complain of this same error, however, I don't know what audiocard they had or any other system specs of theirs.. but I'm willing to bet they had a Creative card.
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Error 27: artifact supposed to stop bleeding starts it. (3 reports)


I'm not a newb here with hardware for gamming comps and I'm running on a 9800 pro and amd 64 3200. The game works PERFECT with constant 60 fps on med settings except for one thing.

Every time I get around a damn campfire, my fps goes down to 3. I don't have the slightest clue why this happening. I've updated drivers, patched the game, and etc... what is wrong!?

Edit: This is with statict lighting btw

Edit II: Here are some screenshots to show what I'm talking about and to walk everyone through step by step.

I put everything as low as it can go to show that its only the campfire causing this problem.

Here is a screenshot in game just looking out into the wilderness, notice the Frames per sec in the upper left hand corner is 100

Now when I turn to my right in game, there is a small camp with 2 fires seen in the distance, notice how far away I am and how the fires lower my FPS from 100 to the single digits.

Here is an other image from a different user having the same problem, again notice the sharp decress in FPS while the camp fire is loaded.
Also note, dx9 effects can been seen when they are not suppose to be there

Now here are some images of me playing the game normally without any lag once so ever when no fires are being rendered or loaded. Notice the constant high FPS even in low setting. Lowering the causes for loss of FPS to basiclly only the fires.

Here are some screen shots of the basic video menu and the advanced video menu in-game showing that everything is a low as it can go.

Now I understand that everything is at max possible lowest value in terms of video settings but I can play the game with everything fairly high on static lighting and maintain a 60-70 constant frames no matter where I go or any in game event I experience (fire fights or w/e). But the main thing I want to stress is that the cause for major loss in FPS when I play at my normal settings, is not due to NPCS, Models, Lighting, or anything else but the camp fires. I am 110% sure its related to the camp fires.

I picked up the slug artifact in game and thought "awesome, an artifact that prevents and heals bleeding."

Only, it doesn't really. It behaves very oddly and seems to cause severe hemoraging after a period of time, rather than preventing it.

I encounterd this bug in the MP beta with a 6600GT.

I SLi's it up, and added a second Gb of ram, but it still stutters around barrells... I'm wondering if it is something to do with points around the barrells that other stalker sit at.. as in if all the 'spots' are full will it stutter or not?

Ill have to go check this, but I can say that it only effects dx9 rendering modes.

Error 28: crash on startup with error message in German. (3 reports)


i try to get into stalker by using the desktop icon, also start menu and i get this error message in german and i can not find out what i need to do or what it says
it reads:

Die Page-Datei ist Deaktiviert oder die DateigroBe(sorry no accients) reicht nicht aus.

Um zu funktionieren braucht das Spiel eine Page-Datei von mindestens 2GB. Bitte die systemkonfiguration anpassen, bevor das Spiel erneut gestartet wird

I've jsut installed the game and it works just fine but only for the first start. After that, everytime I try to start again I get a crash and the following error:

XR_3DA.exe caused ACCESS_VIOLATION in module "C:SpieleTHQS.T.A.L.K.E.R - Shadow of ChernobylbinxrGame.dll" at 001B:06791B5E

My machine is a Intel Pentium 4 3.75 GHZ, Win XP Pro, 2GB Ram, 250GB HD, Radeon X850. And the Pagefile is big enough, I checked that already!

Why can I play the game just fine but only the first time directly after installation and after that never again??? It just makes no sense to me at all!

i keep getting fehler error
umm i keep getting a error it alwas comes up when i try to start the game some one please help me

Error 29: grenad dropping bug. (3 reports)


i've got a problem with using the grenades.

i had the offensive type selected with the rifle active (in my hand) and i dropped all of them in order to pick up some medkits from a stash.
i still had a few defensive ones in my inventory but when i tried to use them further in the game i could not activate them, probably because i had the offensive ones selected and i had none of those.

problem was solved only when i found an offensive grenade on a dead guy. kept that one just in case and played on.

unfortunately i can't replicate the event to check whether it is really a bug or i am simply stupid as i no longer have the game installed and it might take a while until i have time for it again. also i did not check if anyone else posted something like that so i beg to be excused.

I once noticed I couldn't use grenades after selling half of them. I had to drop and re-equip them before they could be selected through No. #4.

I am suddenly unable to select and use grenades, I used to be able to hit their number key and get them, now that doesn't work at all, talk about fucking annoying.

Error 30: crash during duty sniper mission. (3 reports)


This can be seen in both the dynamic lighting version and static lighting setting in the game..

I'ma take a long shot and say... certain times the gaurds get killed at the gateway and then when they fall they eventually disappear.. but for some reason they're light does not.. I've noticed this a few times and only around the Duty Soldier / Guards in the Bar Area of the map..

This is happening to me, too. I'm stuck. WinXP SP2, 7900 GTX-OC, E6600 @ Stock speed, 2 GB ram. Also patched the game. And I have seen this before! When I was to kill "Borov", each time I killed him, I was crashed to desktop. It might have been a fluke, but the way I fixed it that time was to change my primary goal from killing him, to something else. It's not working this time.

Error 31: Kruglov mission bug. (3 reports)


so the scientist in the area with a lot of buildings next to the BAR (forgot name of the place) wont do anything after he ran through the burnout anomaly tunnel thing. my quest thing is to lead him to the entrance of Yantar but he wont follow or move. any ideas or is this a stupid bug that i cant do anything about?

Kruglov asks for your help in escorting him. I Accept the mission and I have eliminated all the bad guys. However, Kruglov doesn't move. I've tried saving and reloading the game and Kruglov starts moving for a little while simply pointing his gun at no one and then simply returns to his spot against the wall. I went through the entire level and killed everyone thing in site including the Zombies. I tried saving and reloading again but Kruglov doesn't move and therefore I can't complete the mission.

This mission worked fine before the patch. Has anyone figured out how to complete this mission.??? I like the game but honestly its become more frustrating that fun. Thanks Team.

don't want to say too much as don't like posting spoilers but at a certain section where you have to lead the guy through the tunnel he gets to the end then stops, aims gun down the tunnel and ...thats it.
Cant talk to him so cant finish quest.

Error 32: passing through walls and shooting. (3 reports)


I've noticed this several times. Particularly at the back of the warehouse in the Garbage, where the bandits come through the gate to raid. I see their body clipping through the door, and they're shooting at me, when in actuality they shouldn't be able to see me as they're on the other side. I can also shoot them when they're showing through the door. Most of the time I can't see them though and they can see me.
This has also happened at a concrete corner inside a building, they were shooting at me even though they couldn't see me, and actually hitting me through the concrete wall.

I have had this problem when you go and blow up the wall together with Duty members. The enemy (freedom fighters i think) are able to shoot trough the wall without any problem. I think however that the problem there is because the "wall" is actually not a wall but something you can destroy.

Esp. in the back entrance of the Hangar in the Garbage area the AI can sit on one side of the gate with their gun pointing through the gate and see/hit me. If I try firing back at them it hits the gate.

Error 33: lag at Bar. (3 reports)


I get about 8 frames a second in the Bar. Yay. And yeah it feels like I'm skating on ice.

After patching to v1.0001,there is a great lag problem in the "Bar" area~~~
Can anyone solve this problem??


Have you tried going to the console and entering vid_restart after entering the bar? This solves my extreme drop in FPS upon entering...

Error 34: can't talk to barkeep. (3 reports)


I just arrived at the bar after getting strelok's stash and the militaries' documents. For some reason the barkeep will not come to me so i can talk with him. The duty soldier at the door way just tells me, "You can't go there."

I have tried the quick saves and quick loads. I even reloaded the save from when i first entered the zone but with no luck.

The game is broken for me at this point and i cannot go any further. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm stuck in the Bar, I have the militaries' documents and I've protected the camp from the bandits. My quests tracker tell me to go to the Barkeep to complet those questes, but the NPC doesn't move, and I cannot speak with him, he's too far away. Any idea ?


Does this to me sometimes as well... I just keep pressing 'F' fractically and he eventually comes over.

Error 35: checking stashes multiple times. (3 reports)


Like most people, I'm sure you've had the problem of a cache that stays on your map, even after you cleared it. Well, one way to clear is, is to put something back in, and take it back out, however many times the game thinks you found that particular cache.

Also, sometimes the number of items in the cache is multiplied by this amount, I noticed this after finding 3 (!) silencers in a cache outside Agroprom. Sure enough, after I emptied the cache, the marker was still there. So I put something back in, left the inventory screen, went back, emptied it, exited, then repeated once more, and the marker disappeared.

I also noticed this with the artifact cache in the pipe in the box on the traincar in Condor, where I got 4 of that artifact. (It took 4 take-all's of the cache to get rid of the marker)

hi there.
there seems to be a bug with stash icons when getting information about this stash more than once. to make the pda icon disappear you will always have to empty the stash as often as you got information about it. this means: empty it, put something back in, empty it again and so on.
though its not such a big bug, its sometimes annoying when jumping up a roof to loot a stash just to find it already empty ; )

I'd love to see this "fixed" whether or not it's intended. I've gotten many stashes over and over, while others have never shown up at all; preventing stashes from repeating would make it much more possible to discover more of the stashes on a map rather than cycle through the same ones over and over.


There's a bit of a bug with how you discover the existence of caches. If you leave a bunch of dead bodies, discover whatever caches they have to offer, and then come back later, after leaving the area and doing some other stuff, you can come back, and find new caches of their old PDA's. This is a bit of a concern to me, as I've made the corpses last for about 10x longer.

(I changed in monsters.ltx
corpse_remove_game_time_interval = 360 ; in hours
stay_after_death_time_interval = 360 ; in hours

Error 36: crash at Sakhorov. (3 reports)


I have had this exact problem - first time round the guy I was meant to be protecting charged a shotgun-wielding zombie and got slaughtered. I picked up the psi-detecting pad on the guys body and went back to the bunker. As soon as I clicked the button to talk to the trader the game quits to desktop. No messages, no logs that I can find.

I have tried all combinations of letting the guy die, keeping him alive, leaving the device on his body and taking it with me. Stalker crashes every time. I left the area and did other missions, went as far as I could north past Freedom before the psi emissions started killing me, but the game still crashes when I go and talk to Sakhorov.

During the task 'Find lab documents in x16 lab' I come across a laboratory with two scientists. I make a deal with Sakhorov (the 'trader') that I will help him in exchange for a prototype of his suit, so I team up with the other scientist and I go off into the dead lands. The scientist dies (trying to save me, by placing me inside a bus or something like that) so I haft to return to Sakhorov and tell him what happened. I return to the lab and when I try to talk to him my game crashes to my desktop.


OK I think I may have found a solution. When you have cleared all the enemies in the first field after the bunker, sprint ahead of th scientist and kill everything in the tunnel and outside on the other end. Also toss some grenades and storm the top of the hill outside. don't go too far on the hill because you are pressed for time. When the scientist gets to the truck, make sure you are there too and stand right in front of him so that he cannot move forward when he attempts to run away. When i did this, I just gave him a medkit when I regained consciousness. If it works please do post here as this seems to be a big problem.

Error 37: startup failure with splash screen. (3 reports)


Right after the splash screens the music would play but you couldn't see the menu, only the cursor. As stated the screen is brown, not black. A temp. fix was to use 3dAnazlyzer and click the option, use max pixel shader ver. 1.1, however the guns would not show up and some of the pixels were missing. This made the game playable but it would be nice to see your weapons. If anyone has found a solution to this problem, post here.

Ok..rant over so here is the problem> I have 2 systems I've tried to play this game on.
First is a Dell Dimension with P4 2Ghz CPU, 512MB of Rambus, ATI 800xl - etc....
Second is a home build - P4 3.00Ghz CPU, 1Gb DDR, BFG 7800GS, etc..
: The game will run on the Dell, but as you can tell it only meets very minimal requirements...the game is unplayagle with choppy frame rates...
The game will not run on the second PC...the splash screen pops up then disappears... and no game start.

I have just bought my stalker...
installed (D:S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of Chernoby).

At end of setup I said: start game.

The splash screen appard (the small one) and ...
hop! nothing!

I launched via desktop icon: the same!

i've alrady checked permission of the STALKER-SHOC
and the file fsgame.ltx for duplicate entries... but still nothing.

Even worst the log file is empty!

Error 38: PDA resets when a bandit is killed. (3 reports)


Was wondering what's up that my PDA flashes and when I open it no new things are inside.
Appeared that when I loot some random bandit after killing him diary entries from grey ( I read them all) goes to green - which cause PDA to flash.

I spotted this one too, it's one of those small things thats starting to get annoying (for me anyway). I posted a similar thread, about the PDA updating showing read items as unread.

Error 39: stashes empty. (3 reports)


After playing the game for a few hours, suddenly all secret chests, stashes etc. are empty and do not vanish from my map, even when I opened or searched them. Anyone knows why and how to solve this?

Even if you find hidden stashes on your own, they will be empty unless you have the purple icon over it. I would hope it is a bug because to view an empty stash then search a dead body and then get the icon and then go back and theres stuff inside all of a sudden is stupid. They should make it to where theirs always loot whether you have the purple icon or not.

Error 40: flying weapon bug. (2 reports)


I'm using a Ti4200 and have the same problem. It's our older cards that are causing it. Unfortunately, these cards aren't supported so it's unlikely they'll fix them. The AKs and a couple other rifles won't render correctly in your hands and you won't be able to use the irons for the entire game. The good news is that later on, most of the guns render correctly. If you're willing to ignore a couple of the weapons, it's not all that bad. I'm up to Pripyat right now and except for the constant crashing in that particular zone, it worked just fine minus a few screwy looking graphics. (I just pretended they were visual anomolies and the guys playing guitars were actually playing stand-up harps.)

I am one of the users with the "flying weapon" bug
see pic:

also some of my own weapons arn't visible if equipped. (i just see my hands and the granade (if i use ie a ak with launcher)

I updated my graphicdrivers to latest version and installed the 1.0001 patch as well, but still got this small little bug.

There are more glitches like this, like doors 90° turnt and some of this "long barrles" etc.

My question now, is this a problem of my graphic-card or is it a gameproblem? (i got a rather old card, gforce To 4600)
Is it fixable already? or does i have to hope for a patch or graphicdriverupdate?

Btw, the game is amazing, i fucking love it. even runs ok on my old system (of sure not best quality, but without the glitches id would be perfect for me). With a few patches and mods from users this game will rock even more. I will go on my second run and will try to do some things diffrent that before.

For the developer i made two more screenshots with graphic bugs (well i forgot about the guitar, it has an error too)

(Specs: 1800MHz (Athlon XP) 1,5GB RAM, Gforce Ti 4600, WIN XP (SP1))

Hope this bug will be fixed soon, because i have the same look like the notebook on the doors with the codepanel and i think i don't see any switches on the machines.

Error 41: RPG unloading bug. (2 reports)


If you unload an RPG the rocket won't appear in the inventory and it will be lost.

Yeah, the phantom grenades are most prevelant with the M203 grenade launcher though the one for the AKs does it as well. There is also a bug of if you have the alternate grenade loaded and then load the game, it magically changes to one of the regular grenades. Though I haven't seen any difference between the regular and modified AK grenades.

Error 42: flying Snork. (2 reports)


In Yantar ther was a snork on the roof of one of the buildings, it started running towards me across the sky, at the height of the roof, not a game ending bug but kind of funny

I've seen the same thing... But no bother... Just another weird glitch....

Error 43: minimap stops working. (2 reports)


Ok, I'm not shure if this is right, meaning is it a bug or part of the game ?

I have no minimap in the Wild Territory

Also I have chose to participate in finding this chap's family gun. And the arrow points to some spot on the floor near the enterence to the Wild Territory...

Is this ment to happen, or not ?

Ok, I ventured a little further into the Wild Territory and found that there is a map. It's just misaligned.

Unfortunatly, I think this is what's causing the task pointer arrow to funk up.

Here is a screenshot of the problem, take note of the minimap in the top left.

Hey all. I have been playing for many hours now and I noticed that my minimap stopped working. This has only happened once. Waypoint markers, points of interest (stashes) stop appearing... the map itself too. All that is left is the HUD art where the minimap data is supposed to appear. Although the PDA map still worked just fine.


A simple quick-load solved the problem.

Error 44: menu freeze. (2 reports)


The game installed and worked fine for me. I got up to the part where you get your first mission and decided to try and improve the performance by lowering graphical settings. Thats where it all started going wrong. The main menu had some lag but was bearable but as soon as i clicked onto a different menu, it brought the game to a standstill. I have absolutley no idea whats causing this as i have all the latest graphics drivers and directx.

I have tried shutting down all non essential processes, patching the game, defragging my HD and restaring my system several times. Just in case it is hardware related, i have a spare motherboard with an overclocked P4 processor (i think is somewhere between 2.5 and 3 ghz). The game itself runs ok apart from some audio lag here and there. I think the error may be related to the background animation of the sub menu system. If this is true, does anyone know how to turn it off? Any help you can give is greatly apreciated.

For the most part, STALKER runs fine for me. I'm using the no prefetching command in the shortcut, and I haven't had many problems at all with it. Except that when I try to disconnect from a single player game, or a multiplayer game, the game will freeze at the main menu and I will be forced to hard reset. This doesn't happen all the time, but does anyone know the cause of it? I have an AMD 64 3000 , GeForce 7800 GT, and 1.25 gigs of RAM. Is my RAM just getting too full all of a sudden, or is it something else? Am I the only one with this problem? Thanks in advance.

Error 45: misaligned items in widescreen. (2 reports)


Bugs after the new patch found.
Misaligned items and bars in inventory when you have a wide screen.

just got the german standard package of stalker. i have already patched the game but the bug is still there. when i am playing the game with a resolution of 2560x1600 (thats my TFT display resolution) the dialogs are cut off. you have to imagine a dialog box with 70% of the text viewable (left side) and the last 30% on the right side are clipped off.

that bug does not occur with all resolutions. but with my native tft resolution of 2560x1600 i want to play the game with that one. because of that bug i have not played the game yet as the story is not tellable when some words are completely missing during the dialogs

Error 46: no sun. (2 reports)


Guys, I think it's a game bug or the cause is my video card. Ingame I can't see the sun...
Pic from a friend who has the same video card like me but with less memory (128) and at him the sun appear 2007-03-31 11-07-40-34.JPG

Exists a way to fix that or should I change my video card...?

Error 47: invisible weapons. (2 reports)


I read the list of fixed bugs in this patch (10001) but i didnt saw that AKs graphic is fixed.Now i have wraped weapon and it is impossible to use right mouse button to zoom in,becose you cant see the weapon itself,so you cant aim!The second trouble is that all npcs also have their weps screwd totally,and,i almoust forgot> the guitar is screwd also :>

Okay, I know I'm technically playing on an unsupported card (Geforce Ti4200)... However except for this one error the game runs surprisingly smooth. I have yet to find any other bug besides this one and from what I've read, people with much higher-end systems can't run it near as well as my crap machine can. It looks like an easy to fix problem as it's all cosmetic. It's also proof that the the game can still be easily played on lower-end machines. The bug seems to effect guitars, NPC pistols, NPC AKs and player AKs. So far, I haven't seen anything else. Here's what happens and my current dxdiag:

Loading textures...
* t-report - base: 842, 64562 K
* t-report - lmap: 12, 12289 K
***FATAL***: Too many lmap-textures (limit: 8 textures or 32M).

Error 48: ghost grenades. (2 reports)


When using the M203 (might not be the exact name, it's the grenade attachment for the Western weapons), the first grenade you fire just disappears. The weapon appears to fire it (makes the sound etc.), the grenade disappears from your inventory as if you fired it, but in fact nothing happens.

I experienced that with the ghost grenade as well, I fired the first one and it did nothing so I just threw a regular grenade. I'll test it out again later when I open it back up. As well, I don't know why but certain weapons in the game don't seem to do as they suggest. Such as the USP Compact, I take more rounds to drop a target with that then I do the Walker pistol. This is just the purist in me though but I think damage should be keyed to the ammo, not the gun itself. *Shrug*

Error 49: lag when looking at fire. (2 reports)


Ok so i have a really wierd problem with stalker at the moment that seems to annoy me. First look at the screenshot below to find out where its happening so i can give you a better idea of the problem

So wen i scroll over the fire place there seems to be a lot of tearing and fps slow down even though ive tried turning vsync on in game and on in nvidia forceware control panel and still no difference. Everything else seems to be fine, the fps is great when i look anywhere else until i turn and face these objects where it just jutters. I cant seem to find out a way to solve this problem, has anyone else experienced this and do you have any idea how to solve it?

I have stuttering around fires. It occurs with one gfx or 2 sli'd.

It occured when I had 1 Gb of ram, and still occurs now that I have 2Gb, although with the 2Gb, the noticable stutting after loading has gone.

It occured on my old A8N-SLi deluxe, and still occurs on my new A8N-SLi premium.

Everything else seems to run fine.. the flame effect seen on the barrells can be seen with the anomalies(sp?), but they don't cause a problem, so I'm wondering if it might be something to do with barrells being spawn points.

A bit of interaction with the dev team to know if they can fix this, or have fixed it in the next patch, or, heavens forbid, that they even acknowledge the problem, would be nice, as it's a bug that's been mentioned many times before on these forums.

Error 50: lag in the menu. (2 reports)


There is significant lag in the main menu, especially after switching to the video settings menu (not changing any settings, just going to the video settings menu).

I have a slow sluggish mouse in the menus/invent/pda but its fine in the actual game.

Had this in other games which use software mouse cursors, and usually changing to a hardware mouse clears it up.

Error 51: see nothing except the background. (2 reports)


finally able to get to the stalker main menu by installing the latest vista beta drivers. the intro movie plays fine (look amazing btw) but then as soo as the game starts i can see nothing except the hud and a "background" everywhere... its like a purple colour.

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Error 10: crash in Red Forest. (5 reports)


This is actually the only place in the game I've had any stability issues. It doesn't happen on the main road, but when I go into the forest itself to raid stashes. My guess is the Psy-dogs are the cause (the dogs that vanish when you hit them with 1 bullet), seeing as that's the only place they ever spawn and the crashing tends to happen after I've engaged quite a number of them.

I too have not had any problems until this spot in the game. The game locks up when I start shooting the pseudodogs. I tried lowering the video settings from high to medium and then low and it still locks up. I am putting the game aside tonight and playing some Commander & Conquer 3 while someone figures out a work-around or a route that gets you around the pseudodogs.

Whenever I kill on the the teleporting psuedodogs (I think someone called them Chernobyl Dogs) in the Red Forest, my game crashes. Any ideas as to why?

Error 11: taking items through walls. (5 reports)


Bugs after the new patch found.
I can now pick items throe locked doors and draws.

I also noticed this with lockers in various locations, I X18/16 for instance. It shows you what's inside without actually opening the locker. When the item icon appears on the screen though, it's watermarked (lighter) than the icon usually looks.

I'm able to get the items which are in a locked closet. don't know if this is a probleme everywhere or only in this room/level

1 pictures to ilustrate the issue

and 1 picture looking outside the window in the same room to illustrate where this issue occures

I also noticed this with lockers in various locations, I X18/16 for instance. It shows you what's inside without actually opening the locker. When the item icon appears on the screen though, it's watermarked (lighter) than the icon usually looks.

Okay I was in that half build office by the underground lab, and inside the office with all the cabinets and desks.... I was kinda mad when I noticed they were all locked.... I held "F" down and could see object names through the lockers and other cabinets.. "Now, this isn't the problem I found."

Now... I realized without locking the cabinets, I could just take crap out of every single locker that was locked.. just by well... picking it up...

Error 12: radiation that won't go away. (5 reports)


Just loaded into Agroprom for the first time. To meet Mole, do some other stuff over there, etc. and I get a message saying "Hazardous radiation level. Protection required to pass."

I start dying from radiation. I quick save instinctively. I use my anti-rad meds, and cure myself. Not five seconds later, the radiation is back. Green, then Yellow, then Red. Red is when the message comes up. And it won't go away no matter what I do.

The problem is, I had been playing ALL DAY and only using quicksave. So now I'm a bit screwed. My earlier save is from about, oh 7 hours before. Waaay too far to start over.

I tried loading it again and dropping every single artifact I had, even ones not on my belt. No help. I tried loading back into Garbage, and dropping EVERYTHING (except my suit, it seems, from the screenshot), and still no help.

I had a couple mods running. A weight changing mod, and the headbob mod. So I deleted my gamedata directory and tried again. No help. I loaded it without mods, saved, exited, restarted the game, and loaded that new save, but no help. I also made a mod that disables radiation in the actor.ltx, but THAT didn't help either! Seems I can't even cheat myself out of this.

Now, to answer some questions before they're asked: No, I'm not running a pirated copy. Yes, I am patched. I put a copy of my autosave in a zip and threw it up on zshare.

Can anyone help?

hey - my character has suddenly been inflicted with a 'constant radiation damage' bug.

radiation constantly fills on his bar, regardless of where he is, or what he is wearing.

i am not wearing any artifacts at all, so its not that that is causing the damage.

i am wearing armor with 90% radiation resistance, so luckily it drains slow, and if i wear a fireball or something that drains radiation, it's refilled slower than it drains, but i still get a slow down in my movement and what not due to the radiation drain effect.

but im still running out of rad-aways syringes, does anyone know of a way to fix this bug?

it's not an ingame feature, it's just simply a bug.

I have the same problem.
I was told that it's a bug that happens if you load an area while radiated. I'm not 100% sure that's what caused it, I had that warning you mentioned, maybe that gave us permanent radiation sickness.

Edit: Oh, I'm not using any mods and I have the patch installed.

It's not artifacts causing it. I have 3 or 4 fireballs and 2 blue drops(or is it tear drops?) they take away radiation. I can survive with this stuff equipped, The small amount of radiation that is still there causes me to limp every couple of steps and bleed on stuff.

My character's radiation level is constantly rising causing me to either use anti-rad or artifact to stay alive. I started to have this bug after going to the dark valley. I believe it was from going through a high radiation area right near the entrance to dark valley. The radiation seem to stay with me even though I am no longer in radiation area.

In case you're wondering
- I am not using any artifact that generate radiation
- I have reload/restart and go to new areas
- Used a whole lot of anti-rad to see if it go away. (It didn't)

I even FRAPS the bug you can download the video here

I was standing right outside of Yantar lab at the time of the video.

Taking rad damage alone isn't at all annoying since I can counter it with an antirad artifact. However, because of this, my character can no longer walk/run normally. He jerks and stops every 5 seconds or so.

I was heading from the Garbage to the Bar, and stepped in the super-rad zone while skirting the anomolies, just as I zone-transitioned. On arrival I immediately dosed myself with anti-rad drugs, but my radiation levels went straight back up again. More drugs, radiation level to 0, then increases again. I know the area I was standing in was not radioactive, and there were no radiating artifacts on my belt. Zoning back and forth didn't fix it, nor did running into the super-rad zone and out again. Attaching 4 Fireballs to my belt just about stabilises my rad levels, but if I take them off it shoots up again. It looks like I'm going to have to roll back to my last permanent save, a couple of hours back.

Error 13: reputaiton bug. (5 reports)


Reputation changed from Excellent to Terrible for no reason.

1. Complete the x16 lab quest without retrieving beril suit
2. Come back to lab.
3. Get eliminate snort quest.
4. Kill snorks and assorted zombies pick up snork foot
5. Check reputation before lab entry not rating of Excellent
6. Enter lab and speak to Sakharov.
7. Complete snork quest
8. Ask for new job
9. Get job for Snork foot and complete quest
10. Check reputation note change to Terrible

Expected: Stay at Excellent
Result: Change to Terrible

I am at X16. My reputation is 'excellent'.
Now I accept the job of cleaning the swamp from the snorks.
Now when I return to the doc, getting my reward, my reputation instantly goes down to 'terrible'.

I ask a job from the guy called Hunter in the bar who I first helped get his family rifle back.

He asks me to go kill a Bloodsucker in its lair at the village near the military warehouses. I go, and while at the village I agree to help the Freedom-members to purge the rest of the village from the Bloodsuckers. I do also this, but I wont yet go to the main Freedom-base to get the bigger reward. (my reputation is still normal, excellent) I return to Hunter at the bar and this is what happens.

After telling him I killed the Bloodsucker in the lair and get the reward, I check my reputation and it has gone :

Excellent --> Terrible.

im neutral with mercs!

Error 14: crash in Pripjat'. (5 reports)


I'm getting the same thing in my log as kurupted, crashes as soon as i hit the first cross street when following the stalkers. Tried the autosave, same thing, same spot, everytime.

i played the game and got into pripyat and then went back to get more items and now i venture back into pripyat. but the problem is that when i try to load a quicksave that i made in pripyat the game crashes. i played from my save in the redforest and moved back into pripyat again and now i crash when i try to kill this flesh that is running around inside the monolith building. but i also cannot load my quicksave which is also in the same area. i looked at the bug breifly and it said somehting about a leak i will post the full bug here if it can help.

I've made it to Pripyat with little or no encountered bugs, performance issues or anything else, running 1.0001 (or whatever). I fought through the snipers and other monolith forces with no problems or errors, then left Pripyat to return to a stash i'd left in the Red Forest.

I get back to Pripyat, and the game crashes almost every time i save there, crashes everytime (without fail) i load a save i was lucky enough to get away with there, crashes when i leave the area, either back to red forest or to Chernobyl (just after the cutscene), and crashes intermittantly just walking around the area.

I've got Windows XP SP2 and the following specs:

I've tried a little bit of messing with the settings, i've tried it in windowed mode (? somebody suggested this.. ?) and i've tried a few other weird things, but the point is i can't progress any farther in the game, because it crashes when i leave Pripyat for Chernobyl.

I just loaded in Pripyat and the Stalkers talk a bit, then were off to kill and make to the Center of the map or what ever they said...
We walk and I kill the first 3 enemies and then FATAL ERROR...

The biggest Fatal Error was buying this Bug ridden game...

Come ON...
After playing for SO many hours this crap...
It happened on the Map before, on the Antena where there is a huge white helicopter in the forest like place... Damn crash...
This is what the LOG says :


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamescript_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 74
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : LUA error: ....r. - shadow of chernobylgamedatascripts_g.script:20: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got no value)

The only thing I can say is this game doesnt like people playing it I guess...

Same problem here. First time I ran through Pripyat without problems. Eventually I had to go back to the Bar to resupply and now if I enter Pripyat, it just crashes right to desktop after I have moved a few steps. Strange really...

The error message:


[error]Expression : fatal error
[error]Function : CScriptEngine::lua_error
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamescript_engine.cpp
[error]Line : 74
[error]Description : <no expression>
[error]Arguments : LUA error: c:gamess.t.a.l.k.e.rgamedatascripts_g.script:20: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got no value)

Error 15: rain glitches. (4 reports)


I only get this error after I alt tab out of stalker to do something
and go back in, I've never got this error otherwise.


Set your Antialiasing to Application Controled in your Nvidia Forceware Control Panel and set the AA level with the slider game instead.

So far, the only thing that does is to save, exit and restart the game. However, it only happens about 1 out of every 10 times it rains.

Error 16: crash on save. (4 reports)


everytime you try to save a game the game crashes?

Now my problem is when playing stalker and i try to save the game or there is an auto save, the game just crashes to the desktop. Is this something to do with my rig? ie the 64bit version of vista. Does anyone else have the same problems wehn running with vista?


I do reboot the games after each setting change.
And now, I have saved and saved again: it never crashes again (a 20 times aprox.)

Error 17: sticking flashlight light. (4 reports)


I noticed that when I change areas in the zone, that sometimes when an NPC has his flashlight on, the flashlight beam stays illuminated on the wall or ground around him forever no matter where he moves. Kind of an odd bug. Anyone else experiencing this? I'll provide pictures if necessary.

Hello. Here is an odd bug that I seem to encounter quite often. I noticed when changing loading zones on the map at night, the dynamic beam from the NPC's flashlights sometimes 'get stuck' or stay in one area until I either kill them or until they turn them off. I don't believe this is an error on my part because i reproduced this bug on 2 PC's with totally different configurations. Please look into this GSC gameworld, thank you for your time.

don't know if this is a widespread bug, but in the area by the barkeep and duty headquarters, a lot of the duty guys that stand around have flashlights shining out of their feet at all times of the day. The flashlights are invisible but you can obviously see they are shining on stuff. In some places too, invisible flashlights are shining and nobody is even standing in those spots, I have lots of screen shots to show. These are just a few...
that last one you can clearly see two flashlights shining at that wall and nobody even there.

I loaded back up and waited till it was a bit darker, the npc's started flipping their head mounted flashlights on. All the flashlights on the ground disappeared when they did this. so I am guessing that when they turn their flashlights off, it displays them at their feet for some weird reason...

Here are some pics to prove that the flashlights on the ground disappeared when the duty guys started turning their flashlights on. These screen shots were taken just a few hours (game time) from the last set I posted above.

I can send my dxdiag.txt, but I didn't want to just post the whole thing on here cause its long.


Ok, so this is something that I never payed attention too up until recently when things really started getting crazy. Something is going on with the NPC Flashlights and the map world itself. The lighting seems to be embedded into the maps now even when the NPC's arnt there or their flashlights are turned off. Here are some examples of what im seeing.

Now as you can see some of the lighting is EXTREMELY bright lol, and some are really small and tucked away in a corner, but it all seems to be in locations where NPC's would stand guard, walk by. And the NPC's that are standing guard over these strange lights do not have their flashlights on while the light is present.

Error 18: startup bug trap. (4 reports)


1 4dety ty65i789[p-=09:34 PM 3/24/2007[error]Expression : Invalid call
[error]Function : CResourceManager::_CreatePS
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daResourceManager_Resources.cpp
[error]Line : 318
[error]Description : _hr

I have been all over the forums, and have not seen this error. When launching, I get the spashscreen, then a window pops up stating the following... "A crash has been detected by Bug Crash." When I look at the details, I see this error:
XR_3DA.exe caused BREAKPOINT in module "C:GamesS.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Shadow of ChernobylbinxrCore.dll" at 001B:007F6024, xrDebug::backend() 740 byte(s)


I had the same problem. I fixed it by reinstalling the game in a directory without any spaces(c:stalker).

Error 19: grenade launcher wastes a grenade. (4 reports)


For any gun, my first shot from the grenade launcher never does anything... Like, it shoots, but no explosion. Then the second shot always works and after that they work until I switch guns. Does anyone else have this problem? It's really annoying.

When firing the Tunder's grenade launcher the first shot doesn't fire a grenade yet consumes a round of ammo. However after reloading subsequent grenades actually fire. This problem may just be regarding the modified Tunder that uses the 5.62mm ammo.

Yes, I did have this problem. You are refering to the grenade launcher attachment I assume? That's what doesn't work for me. Also, I've tried attaching it to a couple different guns it supposedly works with, but it won't work. I'm sorry to say I don't remember the name of the gun that didn't work because I only had it briefly, but I'll try and back that up later.


Basically fire the launcher when no grenade is loaded. Then load a grenade and viola, it works. You have to do this everytime you switch to the weapon though..

As for the launcher not fitting properly / scope / silencer. Look around for a minute until you find the link that fixes it. I'd give you the link myself but.... otherwise... meh.

Error 20: far away dog sounds too loud. (4 reports)


Ahh, glad you brought this up. Humans, fine. But yeah dogs, and well just animal noises (Snork growl etc) appear WAY to it seems 1/2 the distance they are at.

In other FPS not so big of deal, but for this game a BIG deal. It breaks the immersion somewhat. You get used to it but still annoying. IMO judging distance by sound is very important in a survival FPS such as this.

It may be designed this way but does anyone think the distencing on sounds is a little strange? Like little to no volume loss or no tone change to simulate open space.

I'm walking over the bridge from the Rookie Camp and hearing dogs that sound like they're right next to me when they're really meters away.

Yeah I'm having this problem with the realtek HD audio that comes with the 680i mobo. I'd love to have a fix for this because I really don't want to play the game without surround sound.

Just want to know if anyone has the same issues as i do with the sound!

I have EAX enabled with an onboard graphics card (realtek hd audio, i think)

All of the sounds such as groan, dogs etc sound close to me, regardless of distance! anyone else have this issue?

Error 21: enemies appear and disappear randomly. (4 reports)


When I walk into the bandit camp[car park], I can kill two, maybe three enemies, and then I'll walk around and at varying points (not specific ones), enemies will appear briefly, shoot me a couple of times, then disappear again.
So far, this means I cannot complete the first mission.


i had the same problem i got more ram and i think that fixed it
i now have 3gig the game works great now

I can confirm the same problem with the game patched to 1.0001

I attacked the army outpost south of the rookie camp at Cordon. After wiping everyone out the game respawn 2 new soldiers who started patrolling the road as usual. That's when the dissapearing bug occur.

If I fight the army patrols in the ''starting area'' after 3-4 hours of total playing, the soldiers have a tendency of spontaneously DISSAPEARING from my image, and SOMETIMES, if I load a saved game right after they dissapear from the screen, The appropiate npc's will spawn again, but they are unaware of my presence until they actually hear me. I managed to kill one of the army soldiers before he dissapeared and looted his gun. Then I saved the game and loaded again. To my surprise, the corpse of the army soldier I had killed was gone......what in gods name!? Has anyone else experienced anything alike? It is very frustrating to fight....invisible or phasing enemies.

Error 22: scientist saying "hello". (4 reports)


Climb the scientists bunker near X16 and you can hear the scientist inside constantly saying "hello" as though you are right beside him inside the bunker.

I have the same problem, except I can still hear him even outside the wall of the compound. No wonder stalkers in the area are going crazy.

If it hasn't been noticed, I have noticed alot of the NPC's will repeat alot of triggered events.. more than once in a couple of seconds.


There's been a fix for these problems and more for awhile now.;77584

Error 23: indifferent AI. (4 reports)


Try this. Take a high damage weapon and walk to a campfire surrounded by stalkers. Kill one by a single shot to a head and his friends will all draw their weapons but more or less ignore you. I can kill an entire camp of stalkers like this sometimes without any kind of retaliation.

By using the knife, it is possible to wipe out the entire freedom base without any retaliation. I walked up to the front gates, slashed everyone's throat. I walked up to the leader's house, slashed everyone's throat. I walked into the leader's ROOM, slashed his throat.

I have another one. Take a low damage one and shoot one stalker (neutral) once (semi mode). He will draw out his weapon and aim at you, but won't shoot unless you shoot again. It'a amazing, because next shot usually is a headshot from me.

I've noticed that some AI are simply retarded. I don't know if this is a bug or not but it sure as heck sounds like one. I walk up to a AI and shot them in the face around their buddies. The buddies just stand there like nothing is happening. Discovered by stabbing and shooting all the duty guards near the gate to the BAR

Error 24: startup failure. (4 reports)


I just installed S.T.A.L.K.E.R and tried to run it for the first time, and nothing happens. The brown "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" screen appears for a while then like nothing its disappears. No event log is created and no error log in the game folder structure.
I tried to reinstall the game in other folders around my hard drive with the same result. Then I uninstalled S.T.A.L.K.E.R and then uninstalled my Graphic drivers. Then rebooted the system and installed the game once more, the same result haunts me even now. What can I do? Without any error log its damn hard to try to fix this.

The game wont start. I've tryed everything with my drivers, reinstalled the game and my PC specs are WELL above high. I don't have Vista or 8880, just your game is rubbish.

Error 25: black screen while the game is running. (3 reports)


I recently installed Windows Vista, and STALKER was the first game I
installed. At first, I would double click on the icon from the desktop
and I would get a crash message.
( I
contacted support earlier about this, and my problem was solved, but now I have a different problem. Whenever I double click on the icon, I get the STALKER splash, and then the screen goes black. I can hear the sound of the THQ logo, but I can't see anything. It will eventually get to the menu music, but shortly after, it will crash. This all started when I switched from dual monitors to a single monitor (I think that is all I changed, I was in the nVidia control panel. I have a GeForce 7950 GX2).
Can anyone explain how to fix this? Thank you

I have a promlem, when I started the game screen goes black. Music comes normally. I have Windows vista and gf7800gt. Game hasn't start normally ever. Sorry my bad english.

Tried to run STALKER today and when I do, the screen turns black and stays that way. The audio is ok and I hear the game running. I have to get task manager to log me out to clear the screen. I played with the resolution before running the game and each time it is the same thing.

Error 26: enemies see through walls. (3 reports)


Enemies frequently are able to see through walls and also try and shoot through them.

Here is an example; I'm walking outside of a building, either crouched or not, and all of a sudden the enemies inside freak out and start yelling. It becomes clear that they are aware of my presence.

Another example; I'll be doing the slow crawl/crouch (Shift Ctrl) up to a corner of a door. Then all of a sudden i will hear shooting from the other side and hear the bullets hitting the wall on the other side, the enemies are also yelling. Also, Sometimes i will be walking in a building and the enemies on the floor above me will be shooting at the ground trying to hit me. I can also see the sparks on the ceiling from where the bullets are hitting.

Screenshots of the corner/door where the 2nd problem happened.

This is the corner/door:

This is where i was crouching:

When i died in the room, enemies keep their eyes on the wall. Though they are in the room with my body, why they aim at the wall...

This is one of the *few* areas where the AI is not top notch.

I'll be behind a BRICK wall, and the AI will try to shoot my right through the wall.

REALLY reduces the ability to out-flank the enemy when they have X-ray vision.
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Forum search works poorly, so here is the nearly full list of reports made in this forum section. Reports of errors that are already present in the future patch change lists are absent, as well as streams of conciousness, enormous paragraphs, and reports forgetting to mention any error.

Common Error Summary

1: crash at Garbage. (11 reports)
2: graphics corruption. (8 reports)
3: extremely low performance. (8 reports)
4: memory leak. (8 reports)
5: lag when facing certain directions. (8 reports)
6: occasional 2-3 second hangs. (8 reports)
7: fDuty mission bug - bandit Poker missing. (7 reports)
8: read marker memory. (7 reports)
9: crash at Yantar. (6 reports)
10: crash in Red Forest. (5 reports)
11: taking items through walls. (5 reports)
12: radiation that won't go away. (5 reports)
13: reputaiton bug. (5 reports)
14: crash in Pripjat'. (5 reports)
15: rain glitches. (4 reports)
16: crash on save. (4 reports)
17: sticking flashlight light. (4 reports)
18: startup bug trap. (4 reports)
19: grenade launcher wastes a grenade. (4 reports)
20: far away dog sounds too loud. (4 reports)
21: enemies appear and disappear randomly. (4 reports)
22: scientist saying "hello". (4 reports)
23: indifferent AI. (4 reports)
24: startup failure. (4 reports)
25: black screen while the game is running. (3 reports)
26: enemies see through walls. (3 reports)
27: artifact supposed to stop bleeding starts it. (3 reports)
28: crash on startup with error message in German. (3 reports)
29: grenad dropping bug. (3 reports)
30: crash during duty sniper mission. (3 reports)
31: Kruglov mission bug. (3 reports)
32: passing through walls and shooting. (3 reports)
33: lag at Bar. (3 reports)
34: can't talk to barkeep. (3 reports)
35: checking stashes multiple times. (3 reports)
36: crash at Sakhorov. (3 reports)
37: startup failure with splash screen. (3 reports)
38: PDA resets when a bandit is killed. (3 reports)
39: stashes empty. (3 reports)
40: flying weapon bug. (2 reports)
41: RPG unloading bug. (2 reports)
42: flying Snork. (2 reports)
43: minimap stops working. (2 reports)
44: menu freeze. (2 reports)
45: misaligned items in widescreen. (2 reports)
46: no sun. (2 reports)
47: invisible weapons. (2 reports)
48: ghost grenades. (2 reports)
49: lag when looking at fire. (2 reports)
50: lag in the menu. (2 reports)
51: see nothing except the background. (2 reports)
52: crash on quest dialogs. (2 reports)
53: skybox bug. (2 reports)
54: shadow problems. (2 reports)
55: crash at Strelok's stash. (2 reports)
56: click missed when droppoing a weapon. (2 reports)
57: becoming visible after loading. (2 reports)
58: user.ltx overwriting itself. (2 reports)
59: black screens during gameplay. (2 reports)
60: windows blinds conflict. (2 reports)
61: enemy cannot be hurt when animated. (2 reports)

Error 1: crash at Garbage. (11 reports)


Nailed me too, and I'm fairly certain my computer performs at the liking of STALKER, as SYSREQLAB gave me an outstanding score... but it seems there is a nice nasty bug in Garbage which prohibits me from going to the Agroprom Research Base. However, it is centralized in one area, and that is the trainyard. If I look at it, or look at the path, or anything near it, I get a nice dosage of CTD (Crash to Desktop).

This makes the Strelok's Stash quest rather difficult.... is there anyway to teleport or some other entrance or anything? Also, am I the only one with this diabolical bug?

Besides the Trader problem, now I'm facing with something worst: Apparently now things start to freeze and eventually crashing at Garbage in or near theFactory area where those Loners are trying to fight off the Bandits.

Please, don't tell me the patch will only stop this? I tried putting my graphics in lowest and turning off the EAX (Even all the programs in my computer) but it does the same freezing for a bit and then crashing when near the factory thing though it seems to hold off the crashing a bit longer so maybe it's just the game in general, but why at that spot? =/

I got the same problem, in the same area, after the same mission(Kill The Soldier)

I found this in the log error:


[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 156
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [gar_smart_bandit_raid_1_walk] in inaccessible for object [gar_sniper_bandit]

I seem to be Trapped inside agroprom, whenever I try to leave agroprom into garbage, my game locks and CTDs, crash occurs a few seconds into the garbage map.

As such, i'm totally trapped and unable to continue the game.

Have tried reinstalling and turning graphics settings right down, still the same crash.

I've been seeking a solution but I cant seem to solve it as I did sended quite a lot bug reports already. Yet, when I check all those reports it does seem to crash because of the same event.

[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 156
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [gar_smart_bandit_raid_1_walk] in inaccessible for object [gar_sniper_bandit]

stack trace:

Scheduler tried to update object gar_sniper_bandit


[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 156
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [gar_smart_bandit_raid_1_walk] in inaccessible for object [gar_sniper_bandit]

Just asking what the fix is for this and how to preform it because waiting for patch to solve this matter is useless.

Although, I believe I can see the error already and it's the filepath which is TOTALLY incorrect. Stalker itself is already installed on d:gamesstalker , so how could a file be loaded if it's located on d:xray... (dvd driver is on G

Try to enter Garbage with and without killing the soldier. It doesn't matter for my game. I got a crash in garbage after about ten seconds everytime I enter it. Doesn't matter if I'm walking or standing.
When I enter Garbage and leave it directly back to Agropom and go bach then, the crash appears after one second.

I cannot go back from Agropom to Garbage. Everytime I enter Garbage the game crashs after about ten seconds, even when I#m doing nothing but standing still.
E.g., I'm trapped.

I'm having a similar problem. I killed the guy in the bus but I apparently exited apogram (spelled wrong, I know) to garbage fine. Now I got a mission to kill a stalker inside apogram and I can walk around most of garbage fine but I crash when I hit the area the exit to apogram is (The spot around the train tracks where all the bandits usually are). For a while it was giving me an error but now its stopped telling me why I crash, so I can't get a message to compare.

Hey, I'm trying to level transfer from Garbage to Duty with the Bar where I'm trying to complete the Trader's quest. When I try to transfer between the zones it crashes at the CForm loading. How can I go about fixing this?

I started a few days ago, very fun game.
I got to the point where I need to enter "The Garbage" level. When I walked through the doorway in the little house where alot of bandits where, the loading screen appeared. After about five seconds, the game crashed to my desktop. I tryed in a few more times and it did the same thing.
I tried reinstalling the game, no good.
I also downloaded the patch, doesn't solve my problem.

Should I wait awhile for the next patch to release?
Any help would be appreciated.

I got the same problem, in the same area, after the same mission(Kill The Soldier)

I found this in the log error:


[error]Expression : vertex || show_restrictions(m_object)
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 156
[error]Description : any vertex in patrol path [gar_smart_bandit_raid_1_walk] in inaccessible for object [gar_sniper_bandit]


I finally managed to get into the Garbage, no CTD after Kill the Soldier! Here's how I did it:

I jumped while leaving the Agropom place so it started loading the next level while I was in mid-air (I'm not sure if this is actually significant

I immediately turned around after the level loaded, as someone suggested here. I stayed turned around for about 5 secs.

Error 2: graphics corruption. (8 reports)


these are some gfx glitches i keep on encountering is there anyway to fix this?

I'm about 9 hours into the game and it's been running well so far (although the engine just feels rough). in the last 24 hours I've been getting some horrible corruption that normally i would put down to a bad overclock except I've adjusted all settings to default and still get it.

My box (XP) is well looked after, plenty of cooling, no dust and tweaked for performance - all other games run fine (playing C&C3, CS-S & Call of Jaurez atm) so it seems that this is a bug with Stalker.

Screenshot fo the corruption here:

i had the same visual errors with 1950pro, before i tweaked my game. It's not an overheating problem for shure, it's the game engine problem. And the patch doesn't solved it

I get these type of image tears after 15-20 minutes or so of play.

I am using both 6600 and 6100 both also shows the corrupted sky texture. The only way to fix it is using windows mode, but we really need to know how to run in full screen mode!!!


I seemed to have solved it by dropping textures to medium.

Yeah, vid_restart does the trick, then 10-20 minutes later

Error 3: extremely low performance. (8 reports)


Restarted game with MIN settings to get to work smoothly but it didnt work - even at min getting 1 FPS (remember im able run at MAX). I actually needed to reboot pc to get smooth frame rates after reloading stalker and my saved game before upping to MAX detail as I normally do to get smooth running. THEN the graphics garble up with huge triangle polygons appearing and disapearing as i look round (ironically I have super smooth FPS). I drop the graphics back down to MIN, but the graphic corruption is still there. I up it to MAX, still there. I quit the game to windows, restart, reload at the same detail levels as before where graphics were running smooth but corrupted and im having 1 FPS again with no corruption! *SIGH*

Ok so I should be able to play with atleast dynamic object lighting. When I turn it on it runs great if I am in a lab, but as soon as I go out side I get between 2-14fps. Any reason why I can't use DOL without stutter?

I got this game Thursday. I Installed it and started playing and noticed that it was very slow. I set resolution 800*600, static lighting, and minimum graphics and still FPS was constantly under 5. I installed patch and latest graphics card drivers and it made no difference. I gave up for the day.

Friday I decided to give it one last try. I started the game, and suprisingly it ran just fine. I set resolution 1024*768, static lighting, and high graphic settings and FPS was all the time over 40. I haven't changed anything since Thursday and the problem appeared to have solved itself. I played the game whole day and I was happy it worked.

On the Saturday morning I started the game and the performance problem was back again FPS was very low and again I didn't have changed anything since yesterday.

I have no idea what could cause this problem. All my other games work really well.

The game just plain runs like crap on my computer! I installed the game, everything installed just fine, I go to run it, start the game, and the opening movie is lpaying at about 2FPS (it's unwatchable). I hit esc to skip the movie, then when the game starts, everything is black, only the lights are white, and I can see through the ceiling and can see the trees and the sky. All of this at around 3 frames per second (even at lowest settings, 640*480).

I downloaded patch, updated all my drivers etc. etc. It runs smoothly for about 1 minute. Then it starts lagging- gets choppy. I even lowered all the settings. Same thing. I've gone into the forums/community....tried there ideas/tweaks...some of it helped for about 2 minutes during game-play.

I go into the runs smooth for about 1-3 minutes. I go to save game than RETURN to game....all of the bugs come back. I can't even play the game at all... 2 minutes of game play. Very frustrating. I also have the same problem in the Main menu.

Error 4: memory leak. (8 reports)


I play S.T.A.L.K.E.R with all the setting at the highest even on the Nvidia control panel 1680x1050 it runs super smooth with 1 8800 GTS 640 MB but after a hour or more it starts to slow down dropping FPS so I have to exit the game and restart it, is it all the resource being loaded or? Does the performance guide help with this?

Frame will be fine and then suddenly drop to unplayable. I have to quit to the desktop and the restart the game for it to run properly again!

If I load a game set on MAX details, with full dynamic lighting at 1024*768 the game is unplayable (1-2 FPS). Yet switch detail levels to minimum, exit the game back to windows, restart Stalker and then load a saved game FPS is smooth, then pop into options change details back to MAX the game runs smooth.

Ok, this si the ONLY problem i've had with the game so far, and it only happened 2-3 times, in about 50 hours of gaming.
Anyways, i the game seems to suffer from a memory leak sometimes when going into buildings, or other covered areas. I noted it once inparticular when i was going into an ungerdound bit with loads of anomolies and artifacts and stuff. Sometimes droping back to the main menu would help, other times i would have to reload my last save. never had to quite the game, and its never crashed on me once. I'm just wondering if anyone else has suffered from memory leaks or anything? See if they can offer anything more diffinitive.

I get this problem also, sometimes when new areas load the fps drops to below 20, i go into my options, don't change a thing then click cancel and go back into the game and my FPS doubles. It happens a lot for me.

Generally I get between 30 - 70 fps while playing the game with HIGH settings selected and lowering a bit of the grass density as well as maxing out the textures.

However, at times I find that my framerates drop into the mid - high teens.

In the past, I have attributed this to the current locale in the game as this tends to happen when I enter a higher density area (i.e. more vegatation, more buildings, more objects about, etc.).

Quite by accident I discovered that when this happens, if I go to the console and type vid_restart, my framerates will, 95% of the time, at least double back into the mid-thirties and often go higher.

Needless to say, I did nothing to change my point-of-view in the game, nor did I go mess with the graphics settings. All I do is go to the console, type it in, watch the screen blank for a sec, and then everything is once again smooth as butter..... until the cycle repeats.

Hard to measure how long until the cycle repeats as it depends upon where you go on the map.... but tonight during about and hour and a half of gametime, it happened twice.

Could this be some type of GPU memory leak??


I've discovered that if I load a level with all graphic settings on Max, I get less than 5 FPS and Stalker is unplayable.

But if I load a level with all settings on minimum (not including the renderer which I leave set to Full Dynamic Lighting), then change all the settings to Max once the level is loaded, the game runs absolutely fine (40-60 FPS)...

Yes the game prefetches all the files in the game, everytime you zone.

Here is a fix for you.
Click it , download it install it love it.];77359

Error 5: lag when facing certain directions. (8 reports)


I have exactly the same problem.

It occurs in the first village, in car storage and also in Warehouse.
But only if you look at a specific spot.
And when you walk through the same area again and again sometimes it is ok and there are no lags.

I have the same problem. The game runs real smooth at 30-60 fps then suddenly when I turn around or something, I get 1-2 fps. Turn around the other way 30-60 fps tun back around well, you get the picture. Only happens at certain times. Its not that often, but grinds the game to a halt.

This is the EXACT same problem I am having. I play for about 15-20 minutes, and then the game is reduced to a slideshow (although only when facing a certain direction). So far I've found the only (temporary) fix is a complete restart of my PC. Simply exiting the game and then booting it back up DOES NOT work.

Mine does something similar. In most of the maps that have large building complexes and such, if I face towards the majority of the map, I get a framerate slowdown. I kind of expect this. The weird thing is that once I have explored all the areas, it won't do it again, it runs perfectly smooth no matter where I stand or what direction I am facing. Its like until I get close enough to something to load it properly it kills my framerate. If I exit the game and get back in, I have to explore it all again to fix the framerate.

I thought it was the areas being too detailed as well, but the fact that no matter how low I turn the graphics down to, it still gets crap framerate in those areas. I don't think it is isolated to any particular card either. My computer that has a 8800gts in it suffers from it (but it doesn't make the game unplayable, just really annoying). My housemate's computer with a 6800 suffers from it bad to where it is unplayable. My other housemate's laptop with a ATI graphics chip does it too and is almost unplayable.


If you get a strange slow down, I find that 'vid_restart' in console can clear a lot of them. I generaly get it with the first load after launching the game.

Error 6: occasional 2-3 second hangs. (8 reports)


I'm getting very long pauses (30 secs or more in some areas) now that I've played well into the game (ranking over 1000).

It seems to be related to population count of the area, i.e. not in the open country-side. For example, when I'm nearing the central Garbage structure, at a radius of about 200 meters or so (from any direction), the game will now pause for about 30 secs or so. (At what ever distance the NPCs become active, it seems.) Oddly, nearby NPCs seem to continue on doing stuff through the pause (i.e. if they were moving, after the pause they will be far away).

It's getting worse as in-game time progresses

This happens in all areas with various durations as I approach population centers. 'Even moving toward the 100Rads Bar area, which has no corpses or discarded weapons or such.

It does not happen if I re-load save games from earlier, or rather, I do seem to get pauses, but only for a fraction of a second, so I never thought about them when first playing through.

I've got 1.5Gb of mem, and with the settings I'm using, it seems to say that I've got about 200-300Mb free in the system when the game is running.

Any suggestions/work-arounds would be great, as it's fast becoming un-playable. It would be cool if there were some console command to do some manual garbage collection, which might be the issue.

I built a brand new PC game rig 1 month ago for STALKER. I havent had a new rig since my days of prepping for DOOM3 and HL2.

So I build my PC and it screams, right? I install STALKER and push all the settings to max and it basically runs damn good except...

I get crazy pauses every couple minutes that last a few seconds. No crashes, no BSOD, nothing critical, but that laggy pause shit is not acceptable!

Anyone else have this problem? Is it related to RAM, VM? CPU? What? I have 2 GB of DDR2 RAM now and I am considering getting 2 more GBs next week.

I play the game on 1024x768 with full dynamic lightning and the vision distance set to 3 ticks away from low.
The game runs smooth (25-40 fps) but tends to have huge hangs especialy when I turn 90 or 180 degree.
This goes to the point where it's unplayable in firefights.
Especially in zones with a lot of buildings or scripted events.
Just tried to do the mission where you have to help out that scientists and shoot all the mercs.
While the framerate stays good the game hangs every few seconds, especially when I turn my view.

Error 7: fDuty mission bug - bandit Poker missing. (7 reports)


Same here. The pda shows him, but he's not there.

Yeah I currently have this problem as well. Probably just another broken side quest.

Me too. However, I did get a quest marker on my PDA map showing where Poker was supposed to be. Nobody was there. I went back to "Garbage", and the map marker followed, and started *moving* on it's own, as if some ghost of Poker was haunting the landscape.

Like many of the quest bugs, I think it's because I accidentally killed him before accepting the quest from the Duty commander.

Tried the mission twice, he was not in the death valley bandit camp the first time, and not at the strelok's stash sarcophagus the 2nd time. In both times the PDA marks him on the map with the white objective legend, but he is actually not there and is not on the PDA contacts even if I am standing on top of it.

Same here. I went to the marker, found nothing. Killed all the bandits and few military persons in the area, but nothing.

Hey everyone. I finally got the trust of Duty to meet the General, and he gave me an assignment. To neutralize the bandit leader called "Poker" in the Dark Valley... Only problem is, he's not where the marker says he is... I've looked all around and he's nowhere to be found. x.x Anyone else encounter this bug?

Here's a picture of it on the map and description.

Error 8: read marker memory. (7 reports)


I don't know how to reproduce it, but I have re-started the game twice by starting a new game. Everytime I read the diary section of the PDA, it says I haven't read it. To clarify:

A new entry is displayed in green. Once you have read it, it turns white. Normally, it should stay white when you put the PDA away and then open it again. However, my diary always goes green everytime I re-open the PDA. If I read it, it goes white. But when I open it again, it is once again green.

When you get a new message and have a look at the unread messages they are green, read them and they turn grey...

read all your messages and the pda icon on the hud goes away.

get a new message and ALL the messages turn green again and the pda icon appears again! very annoying for keeping track of actual new messages as 90% of the time the pda icon is flicking away!

Also, the diary, after I read all the entries, I close the PDA, and then re-open it, and they're all green again.

Just a small problem I hope they fix... in all of the PDA sub-sections, wehn you click on a green subject, it turns white to tell you you've read it, so you can quickly find any new entries. Except for the encyclopedia, every time I leave it everything reverts back to green, and is annoying to find new data. They need to fix that.

This really doesn't matter to me, but I thought you guys would like the heads up. When I started the game, the items in the 'Personal Note' section of the diary on the PDA would return to green (from gray upon clicking them) after clicking on another PDA menu or exiting the PDA.

I check my PDA and all of my personal notes, and found stalkers PDA show up in green as unread. None of the stalkers PDAs nor my personal notes have changed. They just show up unread when I loot a corpse and receive some info about a stash or something.

when im searching bodies and it beeps to tell me ive upladed something new, sometimes nothing appears on my PDA, not even points of interest. not very often but sometimes.

Error 9: crash at Yantar. (6 reports)


I came to Yantar in order to obtain the special suit from the scientist. I did the radiation reading, went back to the scientist in the facility, and when I try to start the communication with him (default: F key), game crashes.

At first I thought it was just when I had the mind-burner test quest and the orange jumpsuit guy had died that talking to the Old man in the science hut would crash it, but I am well past that (had to re-load until orange guy was alive and balled-up) and just went to trade with the Old man and it crashed. There was gunfire that had just broken out outside, so maybe that had something to do with it? Log data included below.


[error]Expression : ai().level_graph().valid_vertex_id(vertex->data().level_vertex_id())
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 165
[error]Description : patrol path[yan_st_stalker3_patrol_1_walk], point on path [name04],object [gar_dolg_respawn_131752]

stack trace:

Scheduler tried to update object gar_dolg_respawn_131752


[error]Expression : ai().level_graph().valid_vertex_id(vertex->data().level_vertex_id())
[error]Function : CPatrolPathManager::select_point
[error]File : D:xray-svnxr_3daxrGamepatrol_path_manager.cpp
[error]Line : 165
[error]Description : patrol path[yan_st_stalker3_patrol_1_walk], point on path [name04],object [gar_dolg_respawn_131752]

stack trace:
--A-bee, uhda-bee, that's all folks!

I finished the X-16 lab before doing the X-18 lab mission.

Now the Game always crashes when i am leaving the vault with Kurgov to do his escort mission for getting the "psi-protection".

I also think this crash occurs because its supposed to be done BEFORE the psi-emission is deactivated.

Maybe it crashes because Kruglov's vault is now protected by the guardians, i am not sure.

Upon visiting the Yantar area the first time and heading to the X16-lab everything worked fine. Some psi-emissions were supposed to keep me out, but they didn't do nearly enough damage so i made it into the X16-lab while using a few medkits.

Long story short, i went to the X16-lab and shut it down BEFORE i had even located the entrance to the X18-laboratory, so i decided to go back and finish the X18-lab mission.

Now the quest returns me to the Yantar area again to locate and shut down the X16-lab, but first i need to do some tests in the area and get me an experimental suit. Now the problem occurs, the game randomly crashes in Yantar. I suspect that this occurs because i finished the X16-lab BEFORE the X18-lab and broke the mission-chain or something. So when the game issues some sort of check it randomly crashes because X16 has already been completed but i'm still doing an pre-required quest for the X16-laboratory.
  16:07:15  24 March 2007
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Short FAQ.

Knowledge base 31.03.2007

1. Game installer bug


- launch the installation process
- pass several installation windows by clicking on ‘Next’ button. Not less than 3 windows
- take several windows back by clicking on ‘Back’ button. Not less than 3 windows
- continue the installation, and finish it

- the game crashes upon the first launch


1. Uninstall the game. Install it over again without pressing ‘Back’ button.
2. OR: Find the file fsgame.ltx in the game folder STALKER-SHOC, and delete the duplicated string(s) $app_data_root$

2. Installation freezing

Cause: processor overheating

Solution: during installation, press "Cancel", wait a few minutes, then press "Cancel" to continue. You might have to do this a couple of times. It is different for everyone.

3. Problems with Vista OS

- crashes upon the game launch
- crashes upon saving games
- occasional freezing
- occasional soft crashes, which make the system irresponsive

- install the latest drivers for Vista
- wait for updates to the game - the problem is being actively worked on

4. The sky is not shown, or it is colored with yellow

- sky texture is missing
- sky texture is yellow

- install the latest graphic cards drivers (except 6200/7300/Go):
- drivers for 6200/7300 and integrated series Go haven’t been updated for more than half a year by now; thus the solution here is to switch to the window-screen more (turn Full-screen option off).

5. Installer doesn’t allow installing the game over the low size of Windows’ pagefile.

- the installer doesn’t allow to install the game

- Increase pagefile size to 2Gb. How-to can be found in Windows help.

6. The sound lags behind the events of the game, or is being cut
Happens mostly on SB Live, Audigy etc sound cards.

- Turn off hardware acceleration. In sound card properties, set standard acceleration, or if the latter doesn't help – basic acceleration.

7. Soft crashes on Radeon x1600, x1700, x1900 etc.

Cause: The game overloads the graphic card. If the manufacturer of the graphic card hasn’t supplied it with sufficient cooler and radiator, the game will freeze when the graphic card runs hot.

- the game or PC freezes with different frequency

- Set Static Lightning in Video options
- Remove all PC accelerations
- Install the latest drivers from ATi web-site
- Turn on ATi Recover in graphic card’s properties
- Turn off ATI Overdrive
- Turn off Catalist A.I.
- Check the workability of all graphic card’s coolers and the presence of all radiators.

8. The main menu is not shown after starting the game, typically with graphics cards below Geforce 5700 and Radeon 9600.

Solution: run the game with the parameter -nodistort, and use some third party utility to limit shader support to version 1.1.

9. The game does not start up after installing the patch.

Cause: the patch comes with the most recent version of OpenAL, to make EAX work correctly.

Solution: install the latest audio drivers or go to the folder windows/system32/ and remove the old version of the library ct_oal.dll (Creative) or nv_openal.dll (nForce2).

10. Miscellaneous

- the flashlight does not work on minimal settings - in the console type r1_dlights on
- the crosshair is invisible - turn off antialiasing
- configuration files, saves, and logs are by default stored at Documents and Settings/All Users/Documents/STALKER_SHOC/. You can move them, but first you have to change the line $app_data_root@ in the file fsgame.ltx to the new location.
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