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Darkness and visibility and a few more complaints...

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  04:27:59  23 March 2007
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On forum: 03/22/2007
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Darkness and visibility and a few more complaints...

Can you actually use darkness in this game to hide from enemies? It seems impossible for me. I can be hidden underneath something in a pitch black room and be spotted and shot as soon as a enemy walks in the room. This was a big problem when i was underground looking for the stash. The visibility meter in the game is useless as well it seems.

I've been playing on Veteran and the game is really hard without being able to be stealthy at all. Also if i do manage to sneak up on someone its almost easier to knife them then kill them with a gun. I have the AK74-2, which is the second AK thats supposed to be more accurate, and I'll sneak up to someone until I'm about 10 ft away. I'll then crouch and use the sights to zoom in on their head and I''ll still miss or hit their chest. WTF? It then takes like half a clip to take them down. I've shot an AK in real life and with single shots its very accurate especially at such a close range.

The other thing that really annoys me is that the game dosnt give you enough time on the time sensitive missions after you've completed the first part. Three time now I've failed missions because I didn't get back to the person to get my reward. And this is with me trying to get back to them as soon as possible. On veteran it can take a while to move through the different areas. ahhh so frustrating. I also do not have time accelerated so thats not the problem.

Otherwise the game runs great and has some awesome graphics and atmosphere. I just wish a few things would be tweaked.
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