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Poll on contest vote results

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Question Poll on contest vote results
Vote is cast by public + authors
Vote is cast by reviewing panel
Vote is cast by public + authors + reviewing panel
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  15:40:19  5 October 2005
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Oleg [GSC]
Informal Informer


On forum: 12/25/2001

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10/07/2005 10:27:53
Messages: 243
Poll on contest vote results

In the light of reported cheating on the literary contest voting, we’re curious to hear your frank opinion on the possible solutions. Feel free to vote and express your opinion on the following:

1) Leave the vote system as it is now, taking into account the votes of “authors” as held several months ago, to draw the final results.

2) Introduce a completely new voting system, which would be based on the opinion of a group of 50-70 carefully selected people from among the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community, so as fans of other FPS games and professional reviewers (not involved in the contest). All of the selected reviewers will be reading through all the stories and presenting their unbiased opinion on which they consider the top ones. Winners to be chosen based on the average calculated from the pool of reviewers opinions hence.

3) Draw final results basing on the current vote, taking into account both the authors’ votes and the votes of the independent reviewing group. Although complex, such a system would give opinion of a maximal number of people, and hence be most comprehensive.

Attention! IF you have no idea on the contest, please consult this thread:

Newbies to the contest: please, PLEASE, it is essential that you too would vote your thoughts out on this. We need every vote we can spare on this... Just remember that both O-L and us are going to get some goodies if the combined votes from this thread and the polls from their thread pass 1000
  17:03:18  5 October 2005
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The man lacking a plan


On forum: 08/02/2003
Messages: 273
Well, I've been away for a while but this seems worth resurfacing for.

2, I would say.

Option 1 doesn't do enough to avert the massive sway made by the 'cheating' mentioned, as authors can only vote once but, apparently, others have voted many, many times even if they may only be one person!

I favour 2 because the 'public' can't be monitored in a satisfactory way, hence you never know whether that system is being abused. I would also say count the votes of authors out as well as, despite our best intentions, we are biased simply by the nature of being authors in this contest - this is why I feel option 3 would be option 2 but twice diluted unecessarily.

Also, Oleg, are you now in charge of the literary contest? I wanted some parts of my story removed as they were put up by mistake but Atem didn't respond to my requests, if we could arrange to get that done by the time this re-voting starts that would be great ( to clarify everyone I'm just removing, I'm not adding anything ).
  19:50:18  5 October 2005
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Arthur Gordon Pym
On forum: 07/28/2003
Messages: 138
I think that if this wouldn't be a contest probably it would be better. I can't find a goal in competition while talking about writing, the goal is to have fun and recieve feedback, to participate at the stalker project to support the development, and to take attention to such an important topic as it is Chernobyl.
If you agree, then screw the whole contest system, choose 10 people within the forum to give 10 free games, and include all stories in the retail - it's not late to take such a decision.

But if it's important for users, authors, and developers to organize a competition, because most of them raises their fun with it, then i completely agree with Ian C and my vote goes for number 2.
I think that priority in this case is: a fair and professional judgement, as every contest in the world try to offer.
Two things comes with this:

1- Correcting the submitted stories.

I agree with the fact that if the contest is restarting, and the stories will be included in the retail game, it would be better to give every author the possibility to check grammar mistakes and some other errors.
As for me, english is not my mother language, and i would like to change some mistakes: the are also some italian words on a story, and i even don't know why i didn't check before sending it, hehe.

2- No authors or public among judges and reviewers.

None of the authors should be inserted in the list of judgesreviewers. I mean, i know some authors, and if i would be selected for a review, i feel pretty sure to be fair and not to vote them just by doing friendship favours.
But how would the other participants react? They don't know me, and they will be probably not sure of my "fair decisions". So, every judge can't be in the contest, and viceversa, to be sure that everyone can
participate with the same starting positions.
Also, some people here already has their favourites, and probably doesn't want to spent anymore time to check other or older stories.i think some professional or highly selected non-authors judges and reviewers should be hired for this new contest system, so they will read every story for the first time.
And no public too, as unfortunately it's impossible, even with email registration in the forum, to have a fair voting system.
  20:24:26  5 October 2005
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Resident Filth


On forum: 03/30/2004
Messages: 337

Poll on contest vote results

Oleg: I think it's great that you guys are taking this seriously. I've already
cast my vote, but would like to add that it would be interesting to know how
the panel comes to their decisions.

Ala: story X had such great , Story Y portrayed the feeling
of the zone so well, etc, etc.
  20:47:59  5 October 2005
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back with a vengeance


On forum: 07/31/2003
Messages: 1729
[B]Read this Carefully:

Alright folks, listen up - GSC wants to use another set of result for the literary contest polls... and this is how he wants to set up and do it:

After some discussion, we have decided that we want about 1,000 combined votes from both and the official board. That's right folks: 1000! Don't care whether any member here voted in both forums, but the number HAVE to add up to 1,000. It is possible - a recent poll from OL reached 1366, while I believe we might be able to squeeze 100-200 from here.

Now, of course GSC has some sort of reward ready for ya-all. It's in some sort of... eye-candy and some sort of sweet news, as Oleg says. I don't know the validity of this claim, he also says it'll be ready days after the poll is out.
  22:39:15  5 October 2005
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Resident Filth


On forum: 03/30/2004
Messages: 337

some sort of... eye-candy

You mean they hired Peter Sjoberg to illustrate one of the stories?
  06:26:07  6 October 2005
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resident genius


On forum: 11/07/2003
Messages: 284
I belive if there is Anything to do with cheating they should scrap the results now and completly redo the my be a pain in the ass for us but I belive it would be the fairest thing to do for all the authors who worked really hard to create thier storys. ( why try to salvage cheated votes) I vote for number 2.
  11:47:57  6 October 2005
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Local Law-Enforcement


On forum: 03/02/2005
Messages: 7378
I've cast my vote and now am hoping that the future goes the way we want it to go.
  15:21:11  6 October 2005
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resident smart-ass


On forum: 06/04/2003
Messages: 1927
Looks like the opinion so far is nearly unanimous.
  21:12:36  6 October 2005
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/21/2005
Messages: 1089

I vote for number 2.

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