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  20:27:55  20 October 2015
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On forum: 01/26/2007
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Artifact Hunters DLC for Oblivion Lost 3.1


ARTIFACT ACTIVATION (this feature is dangerous so read this carefully!)
- You can use your artifacts as weapons to create anomaly traps
- You need to equip an artifact to the pistol slot, and hold the left mouse button until it drops
- WARNING: You must always equip the artifact to the pistol slot from the backpack!
- WARNING: Never equip artifacts to the pistol slot from the belt slots! It causes crash on level change!
- WARNING: Never equip artifacts to the belt slots from the pistol slot! It causes crash on level change!
- WARNING: Always equip artifacts to the pistol slot from the backpack, it’s 100% safe and bug-free!
- If you kill stalkers with artifact activation, their friends become your enemies, so use it carefully!
- Don’t activate anomalies in places like the Bar entrance, it will make you unable to progress further!
- Your activated anomalies will not change their positions, they will stay there forever!
- Stalkers don’t notice your activated anomalies so they will blindly walk into it (this is a trap feature)!
- You can’t use your activated anomalies for artifact transmutations!

- The Enchanted Tear which is the first megamodificate artifact, transmutated by 4 top-level artifacts (lore: it is the artifact which Strelok shows to Doc in one of the cutscenes and looks like a snail house)

- A unique quest is given by Sakharov: "Bring the Enchanted Tear". A very long quest, where you have to fight for the stolen recipe, and do numerous transmutations to become able to transmutate the Enchanted Tear, which holds unbelievable power. Koshei the controller plays a major role in the quest.
- The quest becomes available after you turned off Lab X-16!

- Your new quest hub is Yantar, which is handy, because the entrance to Dead City is in front of X16 so you can immediately reach the new levels where most quests take place
- Camp elimination quests for the new levels
- Find mutant parts (zombie hand, dwarf hand, etc.)
- Find rare weapons (FN2000 prototype, Minigun, PKM, Benelli etc.)
- Do artifact transmutations (similar to the find artifact vanilla quests)

- Regarding equipping artifacts, the message system warns you if you did something forbidden and it does the necessary act; relocates that artifact back to your backpack and closes your inventory
- The script doesn’t allow you to equip artifacts to the pistol slot from the belt slots, but it only updates their information when you close the inventory, so if you equip an artifact to the belt slots from your backpack and don’t close your inventory, and instead you immediately equip that artifact to the pistol slot, it will cause crash! This is a way how it is possible to exploit the safety system, but remember, it protects YOUR gameplay from the crashes, so don’t do it!!!! Read the GUIDE_TO_AVOID_CTD.pdf!!!
- For balancing reasons, you can only equip one of each type of transmutated artifacts to the belt in the same time, to avoid become overpowered

- A proper flash animation added when the questgiver izlom in Chernobyl shifts form
- Fixed the issue which prevented the Coop NPC’s from looting suits from the ground while in a group
- Added fixes for the appearance probability of the artifact transmutation recipes
- Added full compatibility with the Graphical Addon by any order of installation


- Artifact Activation Mod for OL2.2 (thanks to AEI, BAC9-FLCL, Russo)
- Parts of the inventory script from Stalkersoup (thanks to Nuor & Stalkersoup team)
- Thanks to Nuor from the GSC Forums who helped me with scripting and good ideas
- Thanks to the testers: Dievorhut, Capt.Host, Nuor

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