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My Dreaded NPP Experience

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  05:47:08  12 June 2015
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My Dreaded NPP Experience

This is the song I listened to on loop while I fought. I thought it fit the ever looming presence of the Sarcophagus up in the sky, the place I had to get to (especially when it wa ssurrounded by fire) perfectly. Also, since, this was final stretch, but was less like badass guns blazing ending, and more of "Finally, I'm at the end, even now I'm not sure if I'm going to make it".

So, here I am on Master difficulty my first playthrough, 1 med kit, a few bandages. Playing complete '09, the only help I had received was a few radiation drugs I spawned in to keep me alive during the first stretch. So, I had started with 1200 rounds and 200 ACP, plus the RG-6, with tons of grenades, but most of that was depleted when I finished Pripyat, I went there unknowning this was the end of the game.

I listen to the Live to Forget, the games ending theme, as I spend literally hours fighting through the Sarcophagus underground, against Exoskeleton after Exoskeleton, with scavenged rounds for my SG-550 with a Scope, Silencer, and M203 (I wanted to fit Strelok's character with "his" SG-550 throughout all 3 games), for the most part, I had to to start scoring headshots with my silenced USP 45 and toss a few scavenged frags.

Eventually, I destroyed the hologram and fended off the pyrogeist, then already midnight, I was ready to finish up here. Nope, the game was definitely not having that. I spent the next 3 hours listening to the song above on loop, as I spent engaged in some amazing sniper fights and thankfully I could start scavenging the 5.56 rounds off of the bodies up top and medkits among other basic supplies. I had to use the rpg a few times, learned to only pull headshots with my Sig and .45, it was rough. I was actually near extremely pissed off that the game was nearly forcing me to continue on and on portal after portal at 3 in the morning after I had already spent hours dodging helicopters, fighting through Pripyat, and the bottom of the Sarocphagus.

Though the whole time, especially with the music added, I think it was perfect it probably saved me in ending the game that night. After fighting the armored Monolith soldiers at the last portal, leaving a trail of bodies behind me, I finally climbed up the ladder to the last portal. Two more spawned began spawning around me, nope I was not having it, the end was literally in sight. With an empty SG-550, one mag in my USP, and a near broken SEVA suit (Again the SEVA is Strelok's iconic suit, so I wanted to keep that, and ignored the multiple Skat-9 and an exoskeleton along the way) I ran and dove into the portal, seeing the ending scene, making sure to take multiple screenshots, and then appeared on the tower.

I had played Call of Pripyat quite some time, specifically with Pripyat, so difficulty and the gunfighitng in this game wasn't new to me. I also play a ton of ArmA, so the playstyle of taking cover and picking shots was also easy to adapt to. But, seriously, there was waves after waves of the strongest human enemies in the game, and I understand it's S.T.A.L.K.E.R., it wasn't going to give me a hint that I needed to seriously load up, which is nice I'm all for realism, but damn that was a struggle. Anyways, thanks for reading and please share you experience at the end of the game here, to!
  15:37:43  19 June 2015
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Thank you for sharing your experience! Reminds me of mine during my first game-play.
  06:37:23  20 July 2015
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07/20/2015 6:37:45
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My Dreaded NPP Experience

Good story.

Some other game related music:

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