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Narodnaya Solyanka Cumulative Pack 2

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  00:41:29  13 May 2014
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On forum: 04/20/2011

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05/13/2014 10:52:12
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or Torrent

Discussion Thread

Description (Google Translate)

Title: Merging Pak 2 / OP-2
Authors fashion: Proper70, Buusty, Akill
Released fashion OP-2: May 12, 2014.
Copyright canvas: LENA_D
Category: Mod Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl
Category: Scene modes
Required game: STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl 1.0006
Size: 5.6 Gb

Joint Pak 2 is one of the most popular add-ons for People halophytes is built on the Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl. OP-2 will introduce new players and huge-scale plot, and be closely intertwined with all known quests People halophytes and the first version of the combined pack, making it even more attractive for fans of unexpected twists and turns. Aside from the unique storyline modification introduce a lot of new players anomalies, characters, mutants and original gameplay decisions.

First of all Joint Pak 2 will appeal to those who are not indifferent modes called Folk Soljanka , here they can find a lot of new and fully enjoy the original approach to the idea of developers empowerment project both in terms of plot changes and gameplay. For those players who still liking the original concept of the game STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl, the project may seem a bit ordinary and not at least make a new look at the place in the game.

On the subject:
The main plot of OP-2 shakes its scope, which in addition to countless quests, players will provide the opportunity to see a story on the secret recesses called Sniper. Because of this fans something more complicated to challenge the more than 200 caches, the development of which the authors have spent almost one year of operation, while writing the script vnishitelnyh sizes. If you say that a lot of quests will not say anything. One of them will be quite difficult to pass on the camera quest, the quest to stop the mutant backwater locations, which you will need about 7 days of play. Additionally, the Joint Pack 2 was included no less famous chess-player modes, the last pre-proofs for censorship.

Duration passage OP-2 when compared with the first version of this pack is about more than 2 times, but it's a given if the player will not use cribs in the form of a guide for the passage of the Joint Pak 2. Under this condition, the passage of time may increase and 3 times . According to the project developers have tried to maximize border Stalker games. For example in one of the quests are the main character will enter into negotiations with a character who took the guise of a certain animal, and this is at least intriguing. Who is this mysterious character and what role it will play in the fate of SG you will find out when passing OP-2.

About quests:
Quests in Wrath huge amount, they are rather complex, sometimes keep players in suspense and will require patience from him, composure and endurance. When questing do not forget to connect your intelligence, consider the actions, plan their trips. OP-2 basically has no such quests as I'll get, and has a large number of original, which have no analogues in the past quests and missions. The project implemented a few quests in which the present will enjoy all the delights of stealth, since the slightest mistake a player will fail the job and it is worth considering the passage. We can not say about the stalker humor, who will be present and will accompany you throughout the entire passage, he has an exclusive character and his writing was commissioned specifically for use by developers of the project OP-2.

The above modes is represented in compressed form in order to optimize, and speed of loading of the whole. Stable operation will be guaranteed on a licensed version of the game STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl . On the project was done enormous work on optimization, so unlike the OP-1 save in the game began to load almost twice as fast. Following the cleaning browser FPS games has increased by an average of 20 percent.


For a comfortable and stable game and to optimize:
Processor with a speed of at least 2.5 Ghz
Not less than 4Gb RAM
A 64 bit OS
Bootable SSD drive.
No integrated graphics.
Vstorennoy comfortable on the video card game can only be guaranteed on a static osveschenii.Obedinenny Pack 2 will work on the smaller configuration, but with the possible loss of stability.

Installation Instructions
1. completely removed from your computer Stalker PM by uninstalling it. Your computer may not be not only folder gamedata, but even folders STALKER! If she stayed - be sure to remove it manually! Also remove from My Documents folder stalker-shoc with all its contents. This is extremely important and necessarily to perform, even if you are super cool special computers in all there understand and think it's too much and do not need. I repeat once again: it must be done carefully. 2. Set Stalker PM. When installing the game asks you to enter the name of the player. It is strongly recommended to write 111, qqq, admin, Vasia Pupkin and the like. It is best to write your real first and last name in Russian. Playing in the OP-2 you will understand why this was necessary. This information is not transmitted anywhere and used exclusively game on your computer, so you can not be afraid.) 3. OP-2 works only on a clean version of PM 1.0006. So who or another version 1.0004 - Upgrade installed the game to version 1.0006. 4. Download the OP-2 is required to install into the same folder where you installed the Stalker PM. Therefore, if you change the default folder when you install Stalker PM, specify the same folder when you install the OP-2. 5. Once you have downloaded and tested Antivirus all the files you want to install all the time fully disable antivirus. This is extremely important and should be done carefully, otherwise you may experience problems due to improper installation. All files Stalker PM OP-2, and others mentioned in the references are absolutely clean. If you are still scared, then unplug the computer internet, disconnecting the power cord from the socket. And then no virus just for you not penetrate. 6. Set OP-2. When installing do not hurry. Carefully read what he writes installer and everything is done neatly.

Note: According to author Proper70 will work with Windows 8 (does not require downgrade to 7)
  06:17:54  16 May 2014
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On forum: 04/20/2011
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Setting Up & English translation for JP2 with Russian SoC 1.0006

New English translation gamedate folder - includes "gameplay, text, ui" folders

Setting up Joint Pak 2 for Russian SoC 1.0006:
1. Install clean Russian SoC 1.0006 (remove everything old including "stalker-shoc" in User - Public Documents)
2. Install OP2 mod using setup where Russian SoC is installed. In the setup instruction the only thing you need to tick is 16x9 option. This will install OP2 in a subfolder called "STALKER".
3. Replace db1 - db9 and dba files in the SoC folder with those from OP2 and DELETE the additional dbb, dbc, dbd files in the SoC folder (this is important)
4. Replace the XR3DA.exe and xrGame.dll files in your SoC bin with those from the OP2 bin.
5. Make sure that the shortcut created for your OP-II game has the path set to your SoC root folder bin. (You will probably notice that it is intially set to the STALKER subfolder bin)
  08:39:29  18 May 2014
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On forum: 04/20/2011

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05/18/2014 8:55:18
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Fixes and Patches

ASSOCIATION PAC 2 / OP-2 fixes and patches

Note: Dowmloads will only work with the original (untranslated) link page

ASSOCIATION PAC 2 / OP-2 fixes and patches

This topic will be presented with various fixes, patches and changes to the fashion Joint Pak 2 that will remove various departures. In this topic, you can find both official fixes to the OP-2 and supplements are not an official character.

Attention! Changes listed below are not official.
Name: 100% parts monsters.
Author: BFG
Download file: : - Size: 38.59 kb
Set in the game folder. NO is not necessary, but desirable.

Title: Cancel intro for OP-2.
Author: BFG
Download file: Size: 1.95 kb
Cancels the introductory video by pressing Esc.

Title: Cooking artifacts for 5 minutes for OP-2.
Author: BFG
Download file: - Size: 23.39 kb
The probability of extinction is not changed. Only accelerated the process of cooking. Caution Edit test.

Title: Increase font OP-2.
Author: kassyyan
Download file: - Size: 534 b
This correction increases the font size.

Title: Immortal NPC for OP-2
Author: xuyc
Download file: / d / QVHfSsZEQUAzE - Size: 1.5 MB
This edit [color = # ff0000] only works when starting a new game!
Characters who become immortal: Wolf, Fox, fan, Tolia, Explorer, bright-eyed, Petrushka, Gray, Demon, Yura, Prapor Artem Cook, Witek Raven, Mole, Sherstuk, Chuck, Huck, Max Cook, Cap, Shaggy Sergei, bullet Max Luber, Bromine, Bald, Senior checkpoint at the entrance of the debt from the landfill, Plichko Zahar, Petrenko, Ivantcov Voronin.

Title: Spawn menu, normal gravity suit, dressing actor in the OP-2.
Author: BFG
Download file: Size: 42 kb
Implemented spawn items, the ability to edit the file actor, the opportunity to run in the presence of gravity suit weapons and talk to the NPC. A more detailed description and instructions are in the archive.
  05:53:09  19 May 2014
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On forum: 04/20/2011

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05/19/2014 8:44:50
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Official Fix for Joint Pak 2 / OP-2

Link page:

Copyright fixation: Proper70
made ​​changes and fixes:
Made hot key "X" on the "Get All" button and switch to the dialog and trade.
Increased threshold antchita to jump.
Fixed probability search caches NPCs. Frequent portage nychek not gud so made sure that nychki lying away from the side of the castle in the presence of NPCs not obnesut ever. Moreover, the distance at which never twine, compared with solyanochnym reduced slightly - all the old places that are not in Solianke portages and OP-1, the idea should not be to enclose here.
Fixed delay in Woodman free gulags, when he went from the Forgotten Forest, unless it is to go immediately when taking the job. Now he is from the Forgotten Forest will not leave.
Fixed kill quest Sacker knife. Now from the other weapons are not counted.
Bartender sells SD card for the camera immediately and not only after the x-18. Lowered the price on them to not save and do not save / load once again)
Fixed not displaying beacons caches in the Bar.
Fixed being able to talk with a handful of bypassing dialogue with Cross. Also corrected endless dialogue at the Cross on buckshot. Who at the time of fixing just looking for A handful - you need to beat since the dialogue with the cross on the canister.
Fixed exchange sniper rounds with Petrenko.
Fixed exchange cartridges for Thunderstorms in Raven.

Download fix: - Size 807 KB

Updated English translation

Note: This translation has been updated with the translated gameplay/text/ui folder files from the first official fix for this mod and should, to be safe, only be installed after you have installed the fix.
  01:49:21  26 May 2014
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On forum: 04/20/2011
Messages: 939
New English Translation

This translation is for the base install of Joint Pak 2 with the latest official patch - link

The credit for this needs to go to two people:
@achillesdave - whose impressive work so far on a lot of script and ltx files has now been added to this translation
@Stalkerstein - whose Dialogue Helper allows these mods to become playable to the non-Russian community almost immediately upon release
  17:58:33  25 July 2014
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On forum: 12/06/2013
Messages: 75
Ok so i downloaded the base mod and translation 3.0, what else do i need to download in order to play it on STALKER RUS 1.0006?
  18:09:21  25 July 2014
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On forum: 12/06/2013
Messages: 75
The Official fix download has been removed. Im dowloading OP2_Patch_2.02​.exe
  01:34:46  26 July 2014
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On forum: 06/20/2014
Messages: 17
I downloaded the torrent file and whenever I try to open setup (regardless of admin rights) this happens:


Am I suposed to do something with those BIN files?


"The syntax of the file name, directory name or volume label is incorrect."

Or at least that's what I believe it's saying, I never really practiced portuguese that much.
  14:22:21  26 July 2014
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On forum: 04/24/2010
Messages: 1975
That error could be due to the following:

The system does not accept the keyboard combination Alt+0 through Alt+32 or the following characters: \\ \\ / [ ] : | < > + ; = . ? "

User Action:
Correct the file name or volume label and try the command again.
  17:31:48  16 September 2014
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On forum: 08/23/2013
Messages: 19
I tried installing the mod v2.02 on 1.0006 and it crashes straight after the splash screen.
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