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NS Joint Pak PLO K MA (English)

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  04:23:55  28 April 2013
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There is a strange beauty in The Zone.


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NS Joint Pak PLO K MA (English)


Proper70, Buusty, Akill

The Joint Pak gamedata folder contains:

Narodnaya Solyanka 19.04..+..exp 14.08..+..patch 03.09
Combined Weapons pack 1.1 (BUUSTY)
The Collector 0.5.5
Master Addon 1.1

For game version 1.0004

widescreen adaption applied


I translated all the addons and made some improvements to the NS translation. I've played through the entire NS storyline and have been to all the new territories (fixing errors along the way). The quest line that will lead you to all the new territories, starts when you bring Sakharov the three scientific research books from the labs (X-16, X-18, X-10). He will send you to Wolf on Army Warehouses for part of your reward.

The AMK forum has an excellent guide with pics and videos for finding all the new caches and completeing the quests.

[link] [/link]

New weapons:

1.TT-33 Tokarev Pistol (will be available at Sidor, especially useful for those who have just started playing Solyanka and not yet got hold of automatic weapons) - Author Real_Wolf.
2.Colt "Kimber Custom" (A copy of the semi-automatic pistol M1911 for U.S. Special Forces - US SOCOM. 45 caliber, 10 round clip) - by Real Wolf and pseudo-STALKER
3.Glock 35 (22x-round automatic «Glock» pistol chambered for .40 S & W) - borrowed from DMX.
4.Beretta 92A1 (New Model Unica converted into caliber 5.45x39) - by eXiu.
5.OTS-33 mace (machine pistol, 27 rounds in the clip, automatic firing mode) - a model from the Arsenal mod, model and edit animok Cylz.
6.HK UPS .45 - by [PROTOTYPE].

Submachine guns:
1.Thompson Submachine gun (70 round drum magazine and integrated collimator sight) - author @ "StreloK" and eXiu.
2.MP-40 (submachine gun (also known as the "Schmeisser", from WWII)) - by D.Kruger, edit recharge [PROTOTYPE].
3.New model AKS-74U - author eXiu.
4.New model PP "Bison" (mounting for the optics "USP-1" Tulip " - by Alexandrovich, updating models eXiu.
5.PP "Bison" (under caliber 9x19mm and integrated collimator "Cobra" - by Alexandrovich.
6.H & K UMP-45 - (45 caliber submachine gun, distributed among mercenaries) - author @ "StreloK" and [PROTOTYPE]

Assault rifles:
1.AK-47 "Scout" (Improved optics and precision parts) - Model from the Arsenal mod.
2.AKM "Dream" (AKM with folding bipod, rotary magazine with 75 rounds, and non-removable optical sight PSO-3) - author @ "StreloK".
3.AK-203 (AR-F "Sniper." In fact - the same AK-47, only with the western skirts, and very accurate) - by Alexandrovich.
4.FN2000 "Paratrooper" (or simply "Paratrooper" modernized complex FN2000, increased accuracy, and multiplicity of optics,
under caliber 9x39, 30 round clip) - author vdv5549, refinement of the model and eXiu Aahz.
5.Flamethrower, "Poltergeist" (new model based on the flamethrower FN2000, very convenient for battleing groups of mutants) - by dimak.
6.AK-104 (AK one hundredth series chambered for 7.62x39, increased rate of fire) - author of the pseudo-STALKER
7.Steyr Aug "Coulter" (Austrian assault rifle, with mounting for an underbarrel shotgun) - Author Alexandritch.
8.AKM (Kalashnikov Modernized, chambered for 7.62x39) - Model of the Arsenal mod.
9.IMI GALIL ARM (Assault Rifle IMI Galil, an Israeli version of the AK, chambered for the NATO cartridge 5.56x45) - Model from the Arsenal mod.
10.IMI GALIL ARM "Sniper" (IMI Galil rifle chambered 7.62x51, higher accuracy of fire, reduced rate) - a model from the Arsenal mod.
11.OICW (System OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon). Combined assault rifle Heckler-Koch XM-29 OICW (USA)) - by Nomadec.
12. "Mini-Dragunov" (automatic AK47 Sniper "Mini-Dragunov" - a hybrid of the AK-47 and SVD-built with 8x optics, it is possible to install a silencer and grenade launcher) - Model from the Arsenal mod.
13.STG-44 (SturmGewehr 44 - German assault rifle chambered for the 1944 7.92x33mm) - Model of the Arsenal mod.
14.SIG 550 new model from LURK.
15.AN-94 "Abakan" + new body, optics and silencer (New model "Abakan" from stalkers Real Wolf and pseudo-STALKER)
16.AK-9 (Silent shortened machine, based on the AK-74M. Machine uses subsonic ammunition 9x39 mm (SP-5, SP-6)) - by Grayshooter.
17.AK-74 Arrow (new model based on the AK-104 and chambered for 7.62mm) - by Aahz.
18.AK customized-101 (AK-74M) (Automatic chambered in 5.56x45 NATO. Integrated collimator optics and a removable silencer + grenade launcher) - by Real Wolf.
19.AS "VAL" - "Cobra" (Removable "Cobra" collimator and accepts mounting of PSO-3) - author of the new model, Aahz.
20.AK-108 (AK-108 has a higher (1.5 - 2 times), accuracy of fire bursts, chambered in 5.56x45 mm NATO. ACOG sight. 5,56mm "Silencer".
21.SIG SG 552 "Commando" (Shortened version SIG SG 552 of SG 550. Collimator optics or scope can be installed. Located in the pistol slot.) - By Aahz.
22.Colt M4 (automatic rifle), with an Acog telescopic sight and tactical grenade launcher) - by Aahz.
23.AS "VAL" - "Tactics" (Tactical grip and buttstock, removable sight PK-A) - Author: Model PSEUDO-STALKER, tuning @ "StreloK".
24.AK-47 "Stormtrooper" (an excellent weapon for close combat and at medium ranges. 45 round clip, an integrated "Cobra" collimator sight, grenade launcher - GP-25 "Fire" - Model of ARMA, tuning and fitting models @ "StreloK".
25.SBR (modified assault rifle M4A1) - author eXiu.
26.New model AK-74 - the author Alexandritch.
27.New model AK-47 - from the ARMA model.
28.New model - AN94 Abakan "Sniper" - a model from the Arsenal mod.
29.SR-3 "Whirlwind" - author SnipeRStalkeR.
30.Scar "Crysis" - author purke62.
31.G-3 (German assault rifle company «Heckler & Koch», full range of attachments) - by Alexandrovich.
32.AK-105 (elder brother of AKS-74U. All attachments) - Author: mongol, PSEUDO-STALKER
33.G-41 (assault rifle of the German firm «Heckler & Koch» chambered 5.56x45 all attachments) - by Alexandrovich.
34.New model assault rifle LR300 (the "correct" shutter) - by Real Wolf.
35.M4A3 (assault rifle based on M16A3, takes all the atttachments) - by [PROTOTYPE].
36.L85a1 "lightweight" (new model Unica) - by [PROTOTYPE].
37.Colt M4A1 (Assault Rifle by M4A3, only without grenade launcher, with tactical grip) - by [PROTOTYPE] (optimization Alexandritch).
38.Grenade launcher GP-25 "Fire" - Author: mongol, PSEUDO-STALKER

Machine guns:
1.PKK Machine gun "Pecheneg". Rapid firing, modern, and reliable. Very useful for cleaning large areas of evil, especially in the new quests!) - By Nomadec.
2.RPK-74 (Kalashnikov machine gun. Disc magazine for 75 rounds, may mount a silencer and optics) - Model from the Arsenal mod.
3.RPK (2 types - with a clip and with a drum magazine) - models of ARMA, compilation and tuning @ "StreloK".
4.New model of the minigun from OGSE Mod, version (Thanks to the authors and developers of this mod for the given model) - the authors and Deathdoor KamikaZze
We kindly request to all who would like to use this model in their mod, to get the authors permission. For example, comrade KamikaZze on AMK Forum.


Sniper rifles:
1.SVD "Lash" (with adjustable rear sight and target Autolock) - For firing the rifle, replace the xrGame.dll with the one in located in Joint_Pak_pt1 options.
2.New model SVD (real snipers! Or else ... a misunderstanding that was originally Solyanka) - by SanekEd.
3.New model VCA (real snipers! Or else ... a misunderstanding that was originally Solyanka) - by SanekEd.
4.K98 Mauser (German 5-round rifle during the Second World War. Calibre 7.92x33mm) - Author: L @ r1ng1t $ and Aahz.
5.VSK94 (Reduced size VSS "Vintorez", located in the pistol slot) - by Grayshooter.
6."Exhaust" (large-caliber silent sniper rifle chambered 12.7x108) - by Nomadec.
7.SVU-AS (Modification of the basic version. Removable 8-x optical sight and automatic fire) - author of the pseudo-STALKER
8.New Vintorez BCC model of ARMA (sniper rifle with a night sight, 20 round clip - replaced the model Unica "Named Vintorez" - author of the pseudo-STALKER, refinement and tuning of the model "under Unic" Aahz.
9.AKS74u-SVD (Hybrid AKS-74U and SVD - production by a local craftsmen in the zone) - the author eXiu.
10.SIG 550 "Sniper" (a unique modification of the Swiss SIG SG 550 rifle, a powerful built-in silencer and optics + NATO grenade launcher, calibre 7.62x51) - author, unfortunately, do not know.
11. "Exhaust - Anti-terror" (Modification of the "exhaust" with Autolock targetting and adjustable zoom) - author of the model Nomadec, my modification.
12.Sniper rifle G3 SG1 (Modification G3, silencer, built-optics) - by Alexandrovich.
13.New model of Gauss Krayzisa (In game one copy - Unic) - by purke62.
14.New model SVD "Trucker" - by [PROTOTYPE].
15.KSVK (Kovrovskaya sniper rifle, caliber 12.7x108) - by Piter, tuning models and animations Cylz.
16.Custom Vintorez of General Voronin (Unic) - by Aahz.
17.M14 (automatic sniper rifle, M-14 7.62mm.) - Author: L @ r1ng1t $ and [PROTOTYPE].
18.SKS (carbine Sergey Simonov arr. 1945) - model of LURK

1.MOSSBERG 590 12GA (Smoothbore pump shotgun, powerful, reliable. This version with -8- shell capacity) - a model of LURK.
2.MOSSBERG 590 Compact Cruiser (smoothbore shotgun. Short version, this version with 7-shell capacity. Placed in the first slot) - a model of DMX.
3.Saiga 12K "Sniper" (smoothbore automatic carbine "Saiga", the ability to mount a scope and collimator optics) - by Aahz.
4.Saiga Cardan (New easy, smooth, rapid-fire carbine, with auto fire and extended magazine, located in the pistol slot) - by Aahz.
5.AA-12 (Automatic Atchinson shotgun with 20 rounds drum) - by eXiu.
6.Vepr 12 (smoothbore shotgun with a 20 round clip + automatic firing mode + collimator "Aimpoint" - Author: Model Mongol, tuning and Aahz @ "StreloK".
7.Remington 870 "Marine Magnum" (The most powerful pump shotgun in the game, the librarian better run) - by Alexandrovich.
8.New model SPAS12 "Hunter" - the author eXiu.
9.New model "Winchester combat shotgun" - author nafigator.
10.USAS-12 (automatic rifle caliber 12th, optics ACOG and silencer) - by [PROTOTYPE].
11.AA-12 "Camo" (Automatic Atchinson shotgun, non-removable silencer and collimator sight, drum magazine of 32 rounds) - by eXiu (revision Alexandritch).

Ammunition and grenades:
1.Grenade "Snowball 7643b" (locally produced at Kulibina factory. Tthe explosion simulates the anomaly "Snow" - the idea of dimak, my realization
2.Double F1 grenades (Greatly increased the radius of shrapnel. Throw from a safe distance!)
3.New type of ammunition - "Shrapnel" for all shotguns.
4.New 7.62x39mm cartridge "KM" (7.62x39mm cartridge with increased charge "KM." This kind of "ammo" can be used in all weapons that use this caliber).
5.New 7.92x33mm cartridge, fmj and armor piercing (for captured German weapons).
6.New 5.56x45mm EP double charged rounds. This kind of "ammo" can be used in all weapons using this caliber.
6.New optical sight PSO-3.
7.New flamethrower "Systems Screws" - author Alexandritch.


- New model of Wolf - now he is a true leader and role model for beginners - model by Aahz. From the new Wolf, a new quest will be available on the cordon.
- Revision of the performance characteristics of all weapons and ammunition. Have revised rifle grenades, now its a real help in combat (you can bring down a chopper, if you get where you want to!).
- New weapons will not be available for sale - they can only be obtained by completing quests or finding caches. Necessary "attachnemts" for the new weapons can be found in caches or on sale at Adrenaline.
- Some of the new weapons are distributed to NPCs. I think the difference in this re-experience will become apparent starting on the cordon. Most of your enemies have been rearmed. Including the new weapons which can be looted from the fallen.
- Fixed some minor bugs and rough edges, which were in the most Solyanka example, when Mayor did not give a reward for the quest for parts of monsters, now produces one of the new trunks of the pack (in general, I advise you not to ignore this character quests). Spawn second controller brain on ATP for Lukash, now its not a myth, its real, "wait" when you find it. Will now be able to photograph "ulcer-controller", on assignment from Maples.
- The new weapon sounds from stalker Kuzm @ Master.
- New boot menu from Solvador new boot screen.
- The pack includes corrections by prorok 13, significantly extending the range of weapons exchanged for artefacts with Raven. Also the addition of new "compatible weapons" to give repairmen.
- Added 3 new unique exoskeleton ("Storm trooper", Sniper series Kevlar exoskeleton" Lethal Speed M1 "," Sniper series Kevlar exoskeleton" Lethal Speed M2" , as well as restored the Nano suit. Models of suits are from fashion "Tin", the adaptation of the costumes for Solyanka - vdv5549.
- Added a new monster - "Death Claw" - author Scarabay, help in adaptation and configuration amik.
- Also added New armor - Upgraded Mercenary Exoskeleton, Modernized Military Exoskeleton, modernized "Seva+". "Exoskeleton of the Black Doctor" - This quest will start when you finish the mission bringing Sakharov the three scientific manuals from each of the labs (X-18, X-16, X-10). It will unfold a whole chain of quests that will take you to the new locations: East Pripyat, Lab X-8, Pripyat underground, Jupiter, and Zaton. This chain of quests is hardcore.
- Added a new quest for "Klondike artifacts." Raven will give this quest. Also on the new locations made several caches of valuable swag, monsters, including the new ones - will not be bored. And you will find many interesting surprises.


Several plot threads:

Kostya Caches-2 - 40 new caches throughout the zone, mainly in the three new locations, like Kostyas hard-cache at the landfill. In the latter inaccessible hiding you in for a surprise!

Arrow caches- The Doctor reminds you of the caches you left under your codename "Arrow" on your first trip to the zone center. 8 very complex and difficult caches - best of + bonus cache Arrow! Find them all!

Voronin Document quest: We search for 300 missing documents throughout the zone. They are not hidden and scattered throughout the zone. But the search is not getting any easier. Everyone who loves hiding places will like this job.

Now money / arts / Ammo / med-kits will be in constant short supply until mid-game! A lot of swag to bring traders. You will need to cook a lot of artifacts. Need a lot of vodka ... and not just vodka ... See the detailed description.

- The main story lines: -

- Kostya secrets 2. Story called "old-timer Secrets." It all begins after the date of Sakharov bags and teleport Bones for revision. Kostya gives the AU. 40 fairly complex caches throughout the zone, mainly in locations where no original caches. A third of them - randomly. And 3 remote cache, like the last hiding place bones at the landfill from the original. In the latter inaccessible hiding you in for a surprise!

- Secret caches of Arrow. Doctor gives you dialouge in Pripyat after you return the medical bag to Sakharov. Here we have the most interesting puzzle. All caches are very complex and difficult. Almost all require acrobatics. A total of eight caches plot plus branches. There is also a bonus cache Arrow. Issued after setting off in the x-16. These recesses are very useful teleports that will pass the final part of Solyanka faster.

Feature stories on caches are protected against cheating. If you increase the jump, change the growth YY or any of its settings, spawn or prescribe something to sell, and thus get to the cache - then both the plot stop! Be careful! Your a Master, just play this addon. Why do you cheat? Arrow on geocaches to find all the extra backpacks, otherwise the plot will also stop. Complaints to stop a plot to geocaches online will not be discussed - no cheat.
Specify: protection against cheating only affects stories on Secrets: Kostya-2 caches and caches of Arrow. Solyanka quests and the Original PM protection is not affected in any way - can always register for sale with trader, if you can not find something, or lost. Protection works only for Geocaches Kostya-2 caches and Arrow.
All caches, including remote, are exclusively through observation, careful reflection on a tip, a good knowledge of the location and logical reasoning. Nowhere to crawl on all fours, hold down the "F", not necessary. In some places need to practice in acrobatics. Caches of varying complexity, but for the experienced stalker all really findability.
The arrow on the right caches warn potential claims that it is impossible: caches are very complex, almost all need to carefully crawl, search, where and how to crawl / walk / jump, calculate the length and height of the jump, climb trees and other acrobatics, but everything passable completely honest with the current settings of height, weight, size, and jump height HS. In the process of inventing and testing caches personally done it more than once. You need only think of how to get to them, and use all the features of the game. Many caches Arrow and Kostya are in prominent places, but not many see. Still need to get to them ...

- The quest to find 300+ documents. Voronin will give dialouge for this quest after you complete the mission to bring him the RG-6 grenade launcher. We need to find more than three hundred pieces of documents scattered throughout the zone. They are not hidden - but they are scattered. And your task - to find and collect. The document quest is given for each territory, if you complete the level Voronin will give you the next territory to search. Also, as with hiding places, the earth to dig while holding key "F" never need. Everything is through observation, a good knowledge of the location, thinking about pickups, plus a little ingenuity.

- The plot of "Homyachestvo." To change the alignment of the atmosphere and the balance of money / artefacts / monster parts. A series of tasks for bringing different weapons / artefacts / armors / mutant parts/ to Sidor and other merchants. All these quests require you to bring large quantities. All assignments are given after certain quests or at the first meeting with the dealer - do not miss. Further details of who and when given the task:
Sidorovich - after Nimbles flash
Kuznetsov - after Nimbles flash
Borov - at the first meeting
Bartender - at the first meeting
Zahar - at the first meeting
Sakharov - after x-16
Lukash - at the first meeting
Skinflint - after brings gravity suit
Syak - at the first meeting
Doctor - after receiving recipe for living heart
Adrenaline - after brings minigun

The purpose of this subject - to try to somehow equalize the balance of money in Solyanka, not to run a million already in his pocket to the AU and to bring salt to reality. When you run this story all - arts, parts, ammunition, and most importantly, money - will be guaranteed to be in short supply until mid-game. You have to decide what to build in the first place, and that in the second, what tasks do first, what - then.

Key observations on these quests:
- There are 4 new artefacts that will help you collect the loot on quests to "Homyachestvo." Arts and recipes are given as a reward for doing the simple quest to "Homyachestvo."
- Quests of "homyachestvo" are designed so that most of them will take at least half of the game to complete. Take your time, do not panic, do not get mad and do not quit the game - all there in the process. Patience and a little effort ... The main thing in this quest - that money is now sorely lacking. Use the exchange, sell those traders who buy expensive looking options to maximize profits from the exchange / sale - this is a business, and in the Zone, he also has a right to exist.
- We'll have to cook a lot of artifacts. Including out of spare parts. And they have to cook or in small batches, with or without save / load, so do not take off netpaket. Plan cooking artov before every bedtime, and soon after the last release ... Choose a quiet place, so you will not be disturbed. If the result is a cobblestone - dont replay cooking - you also need the cobblestones. Cooking time corrected so that all the arts are cooked in no more than 8 hours ...
- You need a lot of vodka. Do not drink it just like that, and look at the options exchange traders. To be attentive and learn range of merchants, the vodka in the Zone can get nemeryannom, and almost nothing ...
- Many rare weapons and ammunition for these jobs can only buy. For this we need the money. To earn more money - Learn price merchants to include products to the dealer, which is more expensive to buy.
- It is hard to carry a lot of swag? Want to run the Zone congested and not go? Take the gravikostyumy early and explore the properties of new artifacts - and succeed.
- Once again, the main thing: there was horrified by the head and not throw the game, seeing the amount of good that is required by the story - the whole swag gradually find itself in the game. It is only necessary to make sure that does not sell what you need for one of the tasks - and everything. Missing number can be bought or bartered. Swag chosen so that it will need to collect at least half of Salt. This is not a simple task - task to master. To perform them - will have to live in the zone, and not just do quests. These jobs are very much changed the game's atmosphere.
- The number of items and range of selection make this difficult, but not impossible. Who said that the Zone would be easy? But the game contains more than enough to complete these tasks. The main thing - do not panic and just play, do not forget to set aside the necessary swag in caches - and succeed. The amounts are not taken from the ceiling, and are the result of analysis of the probabilities spawn swag in corpses and artifacts at after release. Once again - just more than enough.

- Various small additions: -

- First Arrow cache has now become even more difficult ...
- Made a big battle with the Controller and Zombies in the Red Forest. In the open. Denise gives in his dialogue. 7 Controllers and hundreds of zombies against you one! Tactics is everything ...
Be sure to try this quest. Get extraordinary pleasure! Can be very spectacular and very unusual. Nothing like it! Show must go on ...
- An important task is given by the Marsh Doctor in the cordon where you first meet Fox. Do not miss this or in Pripyat he will not be! This is the only job of addon that affects the main story - to take it is a must! All other quests in the main story is not affected.
- Shotgun shells and ammunition for artefacts and tails are limited ... You will have find other ways to replenish your provisions ...
- Do not rush to change the conventional ammo Sakharov - some rare ammo you can only barter with him.
- ... and a lot more little things. Find out yourself.

Some general tips and advice on all assignments:

- Do not sell rare items and weapons right away (for example: red monster parts), obtained at the beginning of the game, all of a sudden they come in handy on those quests.
- Radioactive loaves are now very much needed. Take care of them.
- Do not carry all the mushrooms to cold ...
- Miniguns for Adrenaline: There are more than enough in the Zone to fill his order ...
- All rare weapons are obtained from completeing quests, trader missions, Kostya - Collector - Cyclops - caches.
- Sometimes the reward for one quest is just what you need on another quest.
- The sequential plot flow Solyanka and attentive cache hunting, It takes only one time to teleport from ATP to Pripyat to find all the caches of Kostya 2 (the Mountaineer caches) and Arrow, which are in Pripyat. A clever head makes for comfortable feet...
- A job appears in your PDA after disabling x-16 quest for Arrow artefacts ... do not worry and just go on - all will be revealed in time.
- The first cache Arrow consists of more than one backpack ...
- Many caches are hidden so that even demorekord not help you. : Beee: Only legs in the proposed location, as it is for life ...
- Parts of the documents can be picked up by NPCs ...
- If you dont have all the documents for a level - . Voronin accept them, if missed one or two parts. Task for level , of course, will fail, but the story does not stop - Voronin will give data for the next location.
- Document in the mine on Agroprom taken elementary. Thinking outside the box in your hands ...
- Tasks can be performed selectively - in the main story, they have no effect, except for the job the Marsh Doctor gives you about healing people, you can get this task from the Doc at the farm when you first meet Fox. But if you try these tasks selectively, then why this addon for? Play pure salt - the atmosphere and the complexity does not change ...
- Buusty and his team will enter the Cordon from the south, behind the checkpoint. They will spawn along with a new group of enemies, so its best to wipe out all soldiers at the checkpoint before you pick up the document case. If Buusty gets killed, you will lose his quest.
- The mutants on Jupiter are really strong, you would be well advised to obtain a flame thrower and lots of fuel before you take them on.
- Close combat is deadly, secure bioradar soon as possible for life preservation.
- This mod requires you to hoard large amounts of loot. When you put a Lock on a stash, its best to leave it there. Locking and unlocking when you add or take items will often cause a crash before you leave the level.
- Most of the Traders will only enter into dialouge for trading artefacts for ammunition a limited number of times. You will get the phrase "Unfortunately I cant help you" when the limit is reached. They will not trade ammo for the rest of the game. It's still available for sale at different dealers. This forces you to use a variety of weapons, whatever you have ammo for at the time.
- If you enter the Red Forest from Eastern Pripyat, before you have gained access through the regular NS storyline, do not talk to NPC's. Just make your way through to the transition.

gamedata folder divided into eight parts for easier dowloading,

Joint_Pak pt.1 [link]!eRUVEAIJ!YdbZZRQ4D9xRS_XklcrraEVndGByKZ08XHsU7NxPPi4


Joint_Pak pt.2 [link]!LJVQiYTa!dUxaWSlNbVvoLxOAKtH06QiNkFUaqI_4_FIbeStkYzs

Joint_Pak pt,3 [link]!WF00SAKZ!KXwhKzkQlhj28h5bx5gwDgtONWxVKH8qsxfAeukbMEw

Joint_Pak pt.4 [link]!OdFGHI6B!JMBgoEffwVOqhry3gyMokkjv1KFwKg2xkrHkvbVi204

Joint_Pak pt.5 [link]!zQVUgAQb!WdnEiUdzjVNCSUcabNsYkABP2ohQU9j4SNm2YTlNukc

Joint_Pak pt.6 [link]!HI82RADB!IaFQHWb1GeKNvhwDbJjieGMNVGJUU_Qj3M8A8xgnUZY

Joint_Pak pt.7 [link]!PQdQiSAb!Q083sm5DpgxSW8vVuOUs1EE503Rif1p-P_uu5_mPP88

Joint_Pak pt.8 [link]!KU9QAJCJ!MPc3-V6apsZ8hTThVjvbTjN6FkN_FDjcHw1he2BluDs

If going through the cave with a shotgun is driving you nuts heres a save at the Miner.


This fix contains the missing terrain textures.

If you dowloaded Joint_Pak pt.7 after 5/1/13 (when this post was made), you do not need this fix.

New Joint_Pak pt.1 uploaded 5 - 8 - 13: duplicate file stable_dialogs_new deleted from gamedata/config/gameplay folder. Some translation fixes.
  04:02:00  10 May 2013
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Cyrillic sound and texture fix

Here are the files for the cyrillic sound and texture errors identified by Husserl.

  17:26:52  26 May 2013
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Download error

Hi, I dont know why (maybe because MEGA is still Beta) but when I am downloading 8th part of files, in Mega it reaches 100% and it doesnt says download complete yet it still says downloading at 100% and it stalls at 100% forever.
Can anyone upload this file to hotmail cloud or anywhere else so I can download it and play this looks so promising mod, please guys
  04:21:27  3 June 2013
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On forum: 08/22/2007
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Obman error fix

This file corrects the error when collecting the teleport from the Arrow caches.

  23:14:47  10 June 2013
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On forum: 06/02/2013

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06/11/2013 0:52:33
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can anybody reupload pt4 ? everytime i try to dl it, it says temporarly not available Oo

Edit: works again, maybe i tried to load too much files at once.thx for this great mod!
  11:57:04  26 June 2013
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On forum: 11/21/2010
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Fix for the final arrow cache, this fixes the missing text in the found pda section on taking the stash high in the radar and also the crash you otherwise had when in range of the cache
  20:32:15  2 July 2013
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>>opinions will differ>>


On forum: 07/04/2007

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07/02/2013 20:34:20
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Immersive HUD for NS Joint Pak

This modification completely removes the following elements from the HUD:

Map/Radar/'Contacts on-line'
Stance (standing, crouching, etc.)
Binoculars ability to 'spot friendly/hostile, etc. (optional)

I believe that this makes for a much more challenging and (most importantly) more [immersive] gaming-experience

I will (most likely) make another compilation of this, as I did for Stalkersoup, with more optional elements, but right now I am fully satisfied with how it is
Beware that this will add some difficulty to this game and you should use at own caution

Make sure to backup the gamedata/config/ui and the gamedata/config/weapons/w_binoc.ltx files before installing this mod, in case you would like to undo it
  15:02:53  19 March 2014
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On forum: 12/20/2013
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Please reupload part8, it stops downloading after 40 percents..
  19:39:58  20 March 2014
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On forum: 06/23/2010
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Please reupload part8, it stops downloading after 40 percents..

Use Google Chrome--I've just successfully downloaded pt. 8 in minutes.
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