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New multiplayer mode (Stalker)

Question Do you want a new "Stalker" mode in multiplayer?
Yes, that would be awesome and true to the concept of the game.
100%  (5)  
No, I like counter strike, and I like the stalker multiplayer modes as they are.
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  20:56:17  11 October 2008
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On forum: 10/11/2008

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10/11/2008 21:03:11
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New multiplayer mode (Stalker)

I registered just to get on my knees and beg for this to somehow be noticed by dev's and implemented in near future

Since the universe of stalker is so captivating and interesting, and the whole atmosphere and actual gameplay is centered around actually surviving and stalking for artefacts, I am somewhat baffled that this suggested multiplayer mode is not a default already in the game. Only "rambo-modes" are currently included which gives a sad sort of counter strike feeling to it so, here goes:


New multiplayer mode: Stalker (free roam)

- No time limit, no frag limit.
- Mobs included (the non-human ones).
- (suggestion) Trade bonus - as it would be easy to just kill another player for some quick gear, a trade bonus is suggested so that if one trades something in game with another player and not kill him a monetary trade bonus is given. This should encourage interaction over killing at first chance.
- (suggestion) Maps are the actual zones from the singleplayer game. If one changes zone by walking into a new area (like in the single player mode) you are moved to another server running the next zone (with min. 50% population and at least one empty player slot - a ping threashold could be set in settings as well). This would give a great sense of freedom and stalking as well as maybe even developing a sense of belonging to a specific area.


So, you can't "win" so to speak, but you can stalk the world as it was intended (imo) and rack up some experience and money by killing, trading and finding artefacts. Maybe an experience bonus could be added for actually just surviving (would add some sense of survival necessity as well). Your kills, money, experience and so on is updated on the fly.

Well, thats about it. I don't know if I am the only one out there wanting an actual "stalker-mode" - it just seems like the perfekt world to have one in... and I would be stalking there many, many hours... oh yeah...

  06:56:57  12 October 2008
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Starioshka Prokol
Tactical hedgehog of Duty


On forum: 02/27/2008
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an a same

I has that idea posted to but I cant read what I said hehe...
but I finked eweryone starts killing and killing but what ewer who has brainz wouldnt shoot at anyone it shold have mmorpg components and also change how stalkers loks like then they walking with gunz or on free hands because if u look at stalker who just satnding he looks like he targets at you or doesn't sees you also add ability to talk other with PDA and for singleplayer:voice recorder for fast messages for future.
multipayer ummm... also pda section "friends"and"foes"but no ignore also"wanted" (or name it "important" or something like that.)
  21:52:27  19 October 2008
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On forum: 10/11/2008
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Yeah, nice inputs - It would be great to have the npc's and quests in there to add that mmorpg feeling to it so youd both have to interact with real stalkers and can still earn cash with the normal quests - also it would open up for the possibility of actually solving things together in a small band/group/team. That could be awesome!
  17:34:37  20 October 2008
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On forum: 12/15/2007
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haha 3 votes

Well this is all well and good, but the ai sync just wouldn't work with stalker in its current state. I can only think of making 1 player contorl animals? maybe a marker and make the ai folllow that.

But ai and stalker multiplayer is, as far as I know, a no no.
Sorry to ruin your idea.

Other than that a freeroam multiplay would be fun. Possibly like an artifact thing, maybe 1 player designated trader. You take artifacts to him for money etc.
But including ai woudln't work. Also you'd need it to be a large map --> lag
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