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Kicked By Server

Question Should Ban/Drop be removed from Voting?
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First, lets programm it so as to be executed only in a few reasonable situations
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Absolutely Not
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  19:24:00  29 September 2008
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On forum: 09/01/2008
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Kicked By Server

Good afternoon fellow enthusiasts of Stalker.

There's an unpleasent situation going on and it concerns the Options to Drop or Ban someone.

I only vote For, when a voting to Drop or Ban is on, when it is justified to send someone away, like:

1. Having an ofensive knick-name;
2. Posting offensive comments;
3. Having a destructive behaviour (like killing your team mates on and on);

These functionalities (Drop and Ban) make all sense, however before allowing it to be used Multiplayer creators should have asked themselves:

"Will the gamers use it with responsibility?"

The answer is NO.

I have been kicked loads of times from servers without any admissible reason:

-> someone wanted to be the only Merc playing alone against 3 or 4 Freedom (2% of the times);
-> No apparent reason (85%);
-> killed lots of guys (3%);
-> was killed a lot (5%);
-> being offensive with a knick-name or comments, after having been kicked for No Reason (5%)

I can understand that some guys take it more seriously when its team loses, and hence kick out someone who is scoring a lot (or otherwise), but, this is not an admissible reason to kick someone.

Personally I don't care if someone on my team plays bad; the guy has a right to play, and if he doesn't have a good GPU so what?! And so, 99% of the votings to Ban or Drop receive my sincere Against.

Honestly programmers of GSC or THQ or whatever. Please think about this, because today I have been trying to join a server for the last 30 minutes and allways get kicked out... for no reason.

-> A suggestion I have to discriminate admissible Banning/Droping is having a counter of Own Teammates Frags or Offensive words in English/Russian written comments. I don't know if it is programmable or not, but my personnal opinion is that something has to be done.

-> For all of you retarded/frustrated beings that can't handle someone who plays better than you, or want to play alone with 2 or 3 friends, get a password for your server.

If there are anymore outthere with simmilar complaints, please join to the manif.

Best Regards!
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