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A Truck named STALINGRAD

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  02:01:08  7 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 2 )

I yelled at Petka Beast that we've lost too many of our Party and
to get the hell out of there and retreat behind me while I covered:

Petka Beast ran behind me as I saw on my Mini-Map two of my friends
had made it back to the Front Gate...unknown number of Zombies ahead:

I lay down covering fire and was slowly stepping back when it happened:

A wave of pain and fear briefly swept over me...I immediately
switched over to my SVU and sluggishly raised it to the right:

Before I could of the others had rushed back to help me:

I heard him scream and fall as a blast of Psychic Power meant for me
took him instead and I saw the Controller raise his hands for another attack:

I fired right as the Controller knocked aside my aim with his Mind:

I attempted to aim again and again the SVU was knocked about by him:

The Controller was getting closer and I could not get a fix on him to shoot:

Everytime I tried to get him, I kept missing and he kept getting closer:

I put down my Scope and saw he was coming right upon me.
My friends were at the Front Gate while Petka Beast was next to me:

Suddenly the Controller blasted me with a wave that made me see red.
I stumbled and almost dropped my weapon and struggled to stay awake:

I could barely raise my weapon and could not even focus:

I heard Petka Beast yelling and firing and abruptly the Controller turned around:

Petka Beast had killed the Controller and had really saved my ass.
I looked at the Mini-Map...why were the others not moving from the Gate?


  02:00:17  7 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/07/2008 4:56:24
Messages: 29403
A Truck named STALINGRAD

It was December in the Zone. The snow was everywhere and the wind
blew behind my back whistling and spraying ice and mist on my goggles.
There were those places found deep in the Zone usually at the farthest
reaches where so many Stalkers were drawn to like a Moth to a Flame.
A place of rumored Treasure and Wealth...endless Wonder and Artifacts.
A place where they were drawn to in countless numbers. The reality was
just like the Moths the Loners ended up the same way. A place of Death.
There were three places in the Zone I knew of where so many Loners
would travel to. All three of them were the same that few if any ever
returned from. I was in one of those places now. It was called Yantar.

I arrived down at the Loner's Camp in Yantar where I found 9 Stalkers.
Veterans, Experts and Experienced there were no Rookies among them.
Two of them here were my friends who I was stopping by to check on:

There was a big discussion going on about all of them assaulting the
Yantar Compound as a Group. I told them that there was no Loot or
Artifacts in there and the only weapons to be found were worn out
Zombie. They brushed me off and didn't seem to believe me:

The Loners were telling their stories and bragging among themselves
making them boast about the past and what they were going to do next.
A few of them seemed fueled by Vodka while the others just by stupidity.
Despite all the warnings of Zombies and Snorks they were not listening:

Weapons were checked and loaded, Suits and Armor adjusted and
tightened and abruptly the Loners took off spreading about the hill:

I had told a couple of the more levelheaded ones to stay behind
and watch our back and camp. We didn't need to be flanked from
the road. I ran up the hill to catch up with the lead three Stalkers:

With the running and crunching of ice and snow we were not quiet.
This was a terrible idea and plan but I couldn't let them go alone:

My Mini-Map displayed 15 Contacts which meant we had company:

We crested the hill and found the Road and lots of Zombies.
They were everywhere. I was firing my SVU left and right
and trying very hard to help cover all the assaulting Stalkers:

Georg Viking fell wounded right at the Gated Entrance:

I went through my first clip and quickly reloaded. The Zombies
were moaning and spraying bullets everywhere like crazy:

It was hard to shoot at the Zombies and keep an eye on the others.
I heard yelling and cries for help among the screams and moaning:

I checked my PDA Contacts and saw there were only four others left.
Three of them were friends who I told we needed to get out of here:

Suddenly the Zombies seemed to flank us from each side:

I ran after the Neutral Loner who was going after that Zombie:


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