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A Truck named STALINGRAD

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  10:29:34  30 November 2018
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Act II Part 10 )

There comes a time in the Zone when the only Artifacts you ever
still see or come across are those only found on the Dead. I took
everything but the useless Pistol and 9X18 Ammo that I had a Code
be them Friend, Neutral or Enemy, I always left the Dead their Pistol:

My kind of Loot. An Artifact, some Ammo and a Grenade:

I heard gunfire and as I approached the Gauntlet I ran into a Loner:

Found several Dead Bandits on the other side who foolishly tried to
attack the Duty Detachment. I had some Vodka & Food:

This was a very rare trip for leaving all the Dutyers still alive in Yantar
and coming all this way north and finding all the Dutyers still in place:

I stopped by my only major Stash in the entire Zone where I used a Body:

As I left the Wild Territory I glanced at all the dropped weapons of
all the Men who hard been ripped apart by Mutants at the Entrance:

I finally arrived in Eastern Rostok in the middle of the Night:

It felt so good to be Home but as expected it was mostly deserted:

I stopped by my Main Artifact Stash and dropped off some including
my Mutant Body Parts. I stopped selling all my Artifacts a long time
ago not needing the money. Collecting 101 Pseudodog Tails was Fun:

Other than the 100 Rad Bar Patrons, the Dutyers at each Gate and at
the Duty HQ, there was only a single Loner Guard in the small room
and 2 Dutyers walking about in the Warehouses. Rostok was Empty:

Gave the Bottle of Vodka to Arnie and went to my Ammo & Supplies Stash:

Sidorovich told me one of my Order had passed a message to him that
I was needed to go to the Red Forest to go help escort some Loners:

I sold him 2 of my worn out Shotguns. He had nothing I needed or wanted:

I prepared my Load for my next assignment going up to the Brain Scorcher
but before I left there was one more thing I needed to do at the Duty HQ:

I passed through the Main Gate just after 4am. The dual Seva Suited
Guards stood silently with their headlamps still on. I saw my Friend:

"How's Stalingrad?" Captain Ivantsov cheerfully asked holding his Tunder.
"Good...I even charged the Battery myself. Your Men said to send some more
Anti-Freeze...the usual Gas and also why you're at it...a couple of new rear Tires."
Ivantsov looked puzzled at the last request. "It's a real funny thing but the best
I can figure out is the Zombies shot up the rear ones for some strange reason."



Again, bless ya for putting up the link to this for me!

  22:02:08  30 November 2018
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A Truck named STALINGRAD


No problem. Sad all the Imageshack links are defunct. It was a fun story to create.

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