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A Truck named STALINGRAD

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  10:36:39  9 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/10/2008 3:24:27
Messages: 29388
A Truck named STALINGRAD



Dang TS you really make me wanna try this winter mod,
if I survive long enough to make it to winter that is



The Winter Mod should have been a part of the original Game after you
spend enough time in the Zone for the biggest Seasonal change. It's Cool.



You know how to tell a story TS
Can't wait for your next report.



Thanks. Glad you are enjoying it.



Chewing my fingernails to the bone here, TS!

Give us the next part, damn it!



Unfortunately my Screenshots and Words can only show a fraction
of how really intense, engaging and immersive this whole Battle is.



Loner Support?
I guess the Zombie army will get attacked from behind
and get distracted. Or you undress from your armor and
sprint away from there.. that´s what I would have done



Unlike an Army made up of Members of any of the other Factions,
the Zombified Stalkers show no fear and can take a lot more damage.

  03:17:24  10 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/10/2008 7:14:12
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 12 )

I was carrying two brand new SPSA-14 Shotguns I was taking to Rostok.
I had thought stopping by the Truck named Stalingrad would be a quick
effort to add the Fuel Stabilizer, charge the Battery and check it over.
I had expected a few Loners to be passing by and also that I would
watch their back if any Snorks or Zombies had been following.
What I didn't expect was the marching of a Zombified Army.

My AK came to life kicking and spewing it's hot lead and warming my hands:

I had killed over half a dozen Zombies but my Mini-Map showed that
at least 14 were still coming. I jammed in another fresh Ammo clip:

Several Exoskeleton Zombies were blasting me with SPSA-14s all at once:

A Loner Zombie raked his AK across me hitting me in my Helmet
and Armor as I continued firing having my choice of so many targets:

The Zombies were getting past me and up the slopes where they
could easily shoot down into Stalingrad's Bed neutralizing my cover.
I moved frantically from right to left shooting and loading another clip:

A few of the Exoskeletons had gotten high enough blasting me with their
Shotguns so I switched to mine as several of them were only meters away:

A Zombie had flanked me on the far right and from up on the slope
he had shot me in the leg as several of them on the Road fired their
automatic weapons. Bleeding I knew I could never run out of here:

I stood up and blasted several quickly with the SPSA-14 that had
surrounded the Truck's bed on all sides. I dropped the Shotgun and
reloaded the AK firing at several more flanking on the higher slopes
above. 12 of them left and I had used up the last of my AK's Ammo:

I grabbed the Shotgun again as the Zombies kept coming with their
Army having dropped down to 9 attacking and my Shotgun reserves
told me I had fired over 50 rounds with it in just the last few minutes:

I looked quickly at my PDA glancing at the date and time and Contacts:

My Shotgun starting jamming so I pulled out my UDP Compact and fired:

The 45 Hydro Rounds tore right through the Zombie's Brain:

Suddenly no more Zombies were attacking...but still 4 remained:

I found one of them in an Exoskeleton wounded as I climbed out of the bed:

3 more out there and for the first time I had a moment to survey the Dead:

And then it hit me I had actually survived what had just seemed hopeless:

A few of the Zombies had passed me but did not get very far:

The 3 Zombies I still had left were only the fallen and dying as I found the last
one a former Dutyer who was wounded and hiding underneath the Dead Exo:

I watched as my PDA changed from the 4 Dying to the red tint of 4 Dead:

I looked at my Inventory. I had no more AK Ammo, 17 Shotgun shells,
12 SVU, 38 Pistol and I switched over to my Viper with it's emergency
remaining 131 Rounds. I had solely used my Belt Artifacts saving that
very last Scientific Medkit. With no food, exhausted of all reserves and
still having a bullet in my leg I realized I would not survive a 2nd Attack:


  08:27:21  10 July 2008
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The Grodlund


On forum: 05/09/2007
Messages: 437
Dismount silencer offa the Viper, drop Viper and AK, Undress from Exoskeleteon - MAKE A RUN FOR THE MOBILE LAB!!!

  09:27:28  10 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/10/2008 9:42:56
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 13 )

I climbed out of the Truck bed and quickly started searching for Ammo.
Saw a Loner Zombie wearing glasses that looked like the Freeman Guy:

Came across 2 more good SPSA-14 Shotguns and 100 Viper Rounds:

The wind suddenly shifted and I sensed I was not alone again:

The searing pain hit me as I struggled to maintain consciousness:

I repeatedly tried to aim but was physically knocked aside each time.
The Controller roared at me with defiance and kept getting closer:

Every ounce of my strength was used to keep my weapon steady:

The top of the Controller's Head exploded in a dark red shower of blood:

The Controller's arms flew back as it let out a guttural howl:

I approached the dying Controller's breathing was very
shallow and labored as it stared right back at me without any fear.
It's lips moved and it seemed to gurgle some words and then died:

I expected to see a lot of Zombified Loners, Bandits and Dutyers
but it's always a mystery to find a Mercenary who generally never
venture far at all into dangerous and unknown places but prefer more
safe, controlled areas where all the booze and money is usually found:

I gathered PDA Log Entries and looked for Info and clues on all the Dead:

Found a Zombified Dutyer still carrying an SPSA-14. I was slowly able
to replenish my needed AK and Shotgun Ammo but it was not enough:

Looting on the snow covered slopes was quite dangerous as I got a
lot more harmful Radiation exposure and lost a lot of Blood real fast:

I started counting all the fallen Zombies...

With also 2 Controllers and 2 Snorks, I had about 25 Zombies total Dead:

I now had a lot more Shotgun shells, 2 clips of AK and 4 new Grenades
but I really needed to head back to the Mobile Lab to get some Food, get
a lot more Ammo, dump the Shotguns and get the Bullet out of my leg:

I stiffly walked out of the Canyon trudging through the Winter snow.
I turned around and looked back at where I had been and realized that
in the back of the Truck with it's thick steel bed was the only reason I
was even still Alive. I had been very lucky to be in the right place at
the right time when the Zombified Army came marching into Yantar
to conquer it but instead ran into me...and a Truck named Stalingrad.

  23:11:02  10 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/10/2008 23:21:31
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Act II Part 1 )

Wounded and bleeding I made it back to the Yantar Mobile Lab.
Sakharov used some strange instruments and quickly removed the
bullet from my thigh. He said he had just gotten a Message from the
Duty HQ in Rostok. The Loner's Camp in the southern Wild Territory
had reported another large movement of Zombies heading this way again.

I dropped off all the Shotguns but one and loaded up heavily on Ammo,
Food and Medkits. I brought the Dutyers up to date and told them if I
didn't return they would know where to find my Body. I cut over the
Hills again and soon found myself with lethal Radiation as I arrived:

It was really hard on me with the blood loss going around the long way
but the element of surprise was gone with the ground littered with the Dead:

I recognized a Loner I once knew from a few months ago where I
had met him in the Agroprom. He had taken a turn for the worse:

I climbed back in the bed of Stalingrad and let the Soul Artifact do it's work:

I had Reserves of 567 AK Rounds, 404 Viper, 5 Grenades and more
Medkits, Food and Anti-Rad than I normally ever carry. I was not
going to be retreating or falling back after another Wave this time:

The wind was light, the skies were overcast and I stood up listening intently:

From the last reported sighting they should be here within the hour:

The wind abruptly stopped and the dead silence filled the Canyon:

I switched back over from the AK to the Viper to keep them both warm:

I checked my PDA seeing there were the routine Yantar Jobs pending:

The question was were they using the Railroad Tracks or the longer,
winding Road to travel down here? And I firmly beleived the Controllers
were gathering and drawing all their Forces from the entire Yantar Region:

I heard a roar and quickly put down my PDA and raised my weapon:

The Controller had surprised me and blasted me with it's Psychic Powers:

I must have lost consciousness briefly...I rose back up very disoriented:

I just got the Pied Piper...know it was time to meet all the Rats:

The wind picked up again and the branches of the trees began swaying:

Surrounded by so many of the Dead and I soon heard the snarls of the Living:


  01:10:35  12 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/12/2008 6:19:34
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Act II Part 2 )

I heard the distinctive growl of several Snorks approaching and fired at
them with my Shotgun but they leaped into the back of the Truck Bed
with me as they thrashed about and ripped up my Suit until I killed them:

The second one I had blasted clear out of Stalingrad's Bed with me:

Only when it got suddenly quiet did you really feel the cold seep in:

I heard the Beep-Beep-Beep of my PDA announcing new arrivals:

6 Zombified Stalkers approaching with 386 Viper Rounds in reserve.

Down to 299 Rounds and they kept coming. 8 Zombies on my Mini-Map:

Destroy the Zombie at Vasiliev's downed Chopper. Another
Job I would fail as I was slightly busy with 9 of their number:

I continued firing trying to hit as many of them as possible:

Wounded and bleeding I switched over to RGD-5 Grenades:

The explosion echoed violently through out the Canyon:

I got out my AK to shake the coldness from it and keep it operating:

Several shots just missed me and ricocheted right in front of my face:

Even though their speaking skills were degraded they could still shoot:

Purge the Lair of the Snorks expired and I still had 2 Zombies to take care of:

I thought I had only 2 Zombies left but some stragglers kept wandering in:

Finally a moment of peace to check on my remaining Inventory.
Down to 279 AK Rounds, 239 Viper, 91 Shotgun and 3 F-1 Grenades:

I was quickly looting looking at a Zombie who had been carrying
two different kinds of weapons when I was caught outside the Truck:

I looked up to see a figure approaching:

A wave of Psychic Energy enveloped me as I fumbled for my Shotgun:

I raised it waiting to see the white of the Controller's Eyes to fire:

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea:


  03:52:37  12 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/12/2008 3:58:11
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Act II Part 3 )

Most of those Zombified appeared to come from the Loner Faction:

I walked among the Dead looking for clues about the Zombified Army:

Someone or Something really wanted to retake Yantar at all costs:

I gathered all the Ammo I could and a few more Weapons to sell:

To my horror among the Dead I found some unfortunate Stalkers:

Two poor souls that had come over the rise and into the rear of the Zombie Army:

Fully loaded and wanting to report the Loner's Deaths to Sakharov, I returned
to the Mobile Lab and left behind my SVU since I had no decent amount of it's
Reseve Ammo. I switched my SPSA-14 for a Chaser 13 and quickly returned:

I looked over the battlefield below and counted almost fifty dead bodies:

This many Zombies appearing in one place was no accident:

The Crystal Artifacts removed the Radiation as the Soul reversed the Blood Loss:

Even with my breathing apparatus working the Snork really stank:

Having kept the Chaser 13 warm I switched back over to my AK:

I was fortunate that the weather had been good and no heavy snowing:

My Exoskeleton was holding up okay at about 75% strength:

Leaves blew briefly in the wind until enough ice clung to them:

I stood in the back of the bed listening intently for any approaching movement:

All the dead around the Truck were really starting to pile up:

What the Zombified Army coming down the Road saw when I was standing:


And the low-crouch where I stayed and waited:


  20:48:51  12 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/12/2008 20:53:47
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Act II Part 4 )

I had a moment to reflect on the overall situation. While Barkeep
had wanted me to turn off the Psi-Transmission in Yantar, all the
equipment was still powered and ready to be operational. Why
had no more Ecologists arrived to further study the Psi effects?
Were they already aware of the marching of the Zombified
Army and were staying clear until conditions were a safer?

Yantar was a strange place without any apparent night and day:

I had changed some of my weapons around having my Viper, two AKs
a Chaser 13 and a lot more Ammo. My Bulletproof Cap was at 46%:

I replaced my Soul with a Mama's Beads and raised that to 61%:

I jumped up on Stalingrad's Cab and looked below at the Zombies closest
to me. I had starting sorting a few weapons but always got interrupted:

If any Loners came around the corner they would probably turn back and run:

But the Zombies kept coming and knew no fear or dread:

This many Zombies of so many Factions could only mean one thing:

Looking at my PDA Map I could see the close proximity of Garbage
and the Agroprom with anyone venturing just beyond their range
soon falling victim to the Psi-Transmission location of Yantar with
the Train Tracks in either direction being an easy path to get here:

As always when I looked at my PDA a Controller seemed to arrive:

Strangely I did not come under direct attack as this one looked
confused at all the fallen Controllers before it. I quickly reloaded:

I again was reminded that I really needed a PSO-1 Scope in Yantar:

There was one in my Stash at the Loner's Camp in the Wild Territory:

As expected the Snorks scouted ahead of another wave approaching:

As I switched over to my Chaser 13 Shotgun they were right upon me:

I had learned my lesson before as the others would be here shortly:

Two Exoskeleton Zombies four counting a Loner:

The first one came into visual range as my Mini-Map revealed 14 total:


  10:58:04  13 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/13/2008 11:13:49
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Act II Part 5 )

Another column of the Zombified Army was approaching.
I lined up the iron sights of my AK at the first of the 14:

I dropped a few of them and got their number down to 11
as another one of the Zombie fired at me while crouching:

8 left and they were now spreading about on both slopes of the Canyon:

I reloaded another clip as more of their numbers came back up to 10:

From this angle I could see some Zombies outside the Mini-Map's 50 meter range:

I tossed a Grenade as the Zombified Army kept coming:

Their numbers down to 7 they were getting way too close for comfort:

The Mini-Map said 8 but I quickly counted 10 as one aimed right at me:

The empty hot cartidges spun in the air as the Zombie and I traded
fire at point blank range with it's bullets smacking into the steel bed
of Stalingrad, as I steadied my aim right into the Zombie's skull:

And the Zombies kept coming without rest so relentless in their task:

I held the line all alone in the cold of winter in this Canyon filled with Death:

And more came up as their number went back up to 8 and I threw a Grenade:

And closer each time they got as they would sneak from around the tree:

Again the Mini-Map showed far less than what I could count and see:

Zombie after Zombie I was shooting and ducking for cover seeing the same:

I had gotten them down to 5 when the Mini-Map went back up to 7:

Then I heard the worst sound a Stalker could ever hear in the Zone
with a click-click-click and to realize you had exhausted your Ammo:


  22:38:23  13 July 2008
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On forum: 05/20/2008
Messages: 108
omg can't these zombies just stop coming!?!?!?!?! Tejas i'm rooting for you! slay them all! of course u will need ammo for that . I hope u have some more.
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