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A Truck named STALINGRAD

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  09:02:30  8 July 2008
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Cmdr. Vasily Kutnetz
Cordon Commissar


On forum: 02/03/2007
Messages: 673
Oh well sorry, Its against my arbitrary regulations to be sober on duty
  10:22:45  8 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/08/2008 10:52:29
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A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 7 )

I didn't see any Dutyers at the entrance to the Mobile Lab but
found them inside the walls and out of the cold northern wind.
They greeted me and said they had heard my SVU far away
and asked about the Loner's Camp. I said a few were there:

5 Dutyers guarding the Mobile Lab with the single sentry walking back
and forth near the Gate. I almost forgot to ask them the silly question
Captain Ivantsov back at the Duty HQ in Rostok kept bugging me to ask
them in Yantar. "How's Stalingrad?" I asked expecting to be laughed at
and told that was the nickname for the Duty Detachment down here:

"Tell Captain Ivantsov we need more anti-freeze" said Seva Diver.
I must have looked at them totally confused. "Tell him" another said.
Sanyok Witcher then explained that when the original Duty Detachment
first came down here setting up the Mobile Lab that they arrived in two
Trucks. They were Captain Ivantsov's Trucks and that he had named
them Leningrad and Stalingrad after the stories of his grandfather in the
Great Patriotic War. They said Leningrad now had fried electronics from
the strange Yantar transmissions and was right outside the Front Gate:

"That's our escape plan" Pasha Hipster announced "In case everything
goes really bad." They continued to explain that the Truck named
Stalingrad was right outside the harmful transmissions range in the
Yantar Canyon. The Battery was kept charged and they would bring
in fuel and it was their way out of here if the Mobile Lab ever fell:

I went inside for a little warmth and sold some weapons and loaded up
on Ammo. Not surprisingly I heard gunfire outside and went on out to
find a couple of Zombies descending off the road and headed right for
me. I raised my SVU and noticed a total of only 38 Rounds remaining:

The Zombified Stalker was not dead yet and wriggled wildly on the snow:

Not wanting to get my knife out in the cold I blasted it again
with my Shotgun. When I searched the Zombie Bandit I quickly
realized that this poor soul had very recently been converted:

I surveyed the entire former Yantar Swamp now only a small
fraction left of it's original large expanse. I looked for movement:

Picked up a few more dropped weapons and headed back to the Mobile Lab:

The wind was picking up and more sleet was blowing through the air:

I stopped by my Main Yantar Stash and grabbed some AK & Viper Ammo:

Looks like Kruglov and Vasiliev are still dead tired:

As I was leaving, Sanyok Witcher called me over and asked me to do
him a favor. He said he forgot to put some Fuel Stabilizer in Stalingrad
and asked if I would do it for him without letting the others know he didn't:

Not a problem I told him. I left the Mobile Lab and saw a new Loner
approaching and decided to take a little shortcut over the Hills. I quickly
picked up some lethal Radiation but nothing the Artifacts couldn't deal with:

I approached the Yantar Canyon and saw Stalingrad down below:


  19:27:43  8 July 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/13/2003
Messages: 309
Dang TS you really make me wanna try this winter mod, if I survive long enough to make it to winter that is
  19:46:36  8 July 2008
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On forum: 04/29/2008
Messages: 33
You know how to tell a story TS
Can't wait for your next report.
  22:05:02  8 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/08/2008 22:18:30
Messages: 29408
A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 8 )

The low elevation of the Yantar Swamp surrounded by the higher Hills
had really protected Yantar from receiving a worse dose of Radiation.
The Hills themselves however were quite deadly. My Belt Artifacts
cleansed me of all the harmful effects but it took a few minutes:

I put back on a Soul Artifact to reverse the Blood Loss:

The Road from Yantar going to the Wild Territory continued over that
rise and descended again to a large open plain. The wind died down
and there was a moment of absolute silence. Then I heard talking...

I thought a Loner was coming up the Road but it was just a Zombie:

A few rounds of my Shotgun put an end to that noise. Then I heard
running in the snow. A Loner appeared and ran right by the Zombie:

He wouldn't even stop to talk and turned to point his weapon behind him:

Suddenly his shout to me echoed in the Canyon.
"Get out of there Stalker, something really bad is coming!"

I thought at least 2 or 3 Loners had made it to the Loner's Camp.
With only 5 to 6 there now they needed a few more to their number:

And I hadn't even had a chance to attend to Stalingrad. With that
thought in mind I turned around and walked back to the Truck:

Okay...Let's add the Fuel Stabilizer and crank up that Engine:

I charged the Battery and checked all the fluids. Maybe that Loner
had just gotten spooked coming up on the slower Zombie I had killed:

Stalingrad was in great shape and I climbed on top for the view:

I was just about to hop down and head back to the Mobile Lab when
I got a sudden premonition to jump down in the bed and seek cover:

For some strange reason I thought about the fact that there were no
found Anomalies anywhere above ground in Yantar...and then I was
reminded that meant no Suit & Health Regeneration within my reach:

I had a little Exoskeleton Suit damage and 100 Rounds of Shotgun, 200
Viper, 200 AK, a few Grenades and Medkits...what was I worried about?

The wind was picking up again...and I felt it was getting a lot colder:

I switched to my Viper with more Ammo and to keep it warm and working:

I suddenly fought the desire to make a run for it and hunkered down even lower:

The Loner had been right...Something Evil this way comes.
And it looks like I was going to make my stand here and now...

In the back of a Truck named Stalingrad.


  00:36:41  9 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/09/2008 0:40:12
Messages: 29408
A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 9 )

Suddenly everything got brighter and my head starting aching and
without moving a single inch myself I was knocked aside to the left:

The pain and intensity washed over me and I could see clearly again:

I raised my Viper at the expected shape that was coming:

The Controller used it's Psychic Powers to knock aside my aim:

I fired a few bursts into it's torso:

Checked my weapon and reloaded my clip:

I was blasted again but this time much worse and I saw red:

The Controller roared at me and seem quite agitated.
I tried very hard to focus the iron sights of my Viper:

My aim was knocked downward this time:

When I looked back up the Controller was passing me:

I couldn't let him get passed me to the others:

As if it read my Mind it turned around and stared right at me:

I slowly and carefully took aim with it's back to me when-

The pain was blinding, my head felt turned and blasted me again:

When I struggled to maintain consciousness it got around me:

It was escaping and I was hurting so badly I could not even see straight:

I was seeing two of everything...


  02:56:58  9 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007

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Tejas Stalker
07/09/2008 3:07:06
Messages: 29408
A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 10 )

My head and vision cleared but by then the Controller was slipping
out of range off all my weapons but one...and I only had one chance
as it disappeared behind the thick brush and trees. I couldn't let it
get to the Loner's Camp but hadn't been able to stop it so far:

Once it got past the tree it would use it's Psi-Attack again. I carefully
raised my Scope having just a split second to shoot it right as it would
appear again. I waited while the seconds seemed like hours when
suddenly the sound of my SVU rang out echoing in the Canyon. The
Controller went limp, dropped and slid down the hill in the Snow:

Strange to come across so many Controllers traveling alone without
their usual entourage. While Barkeep had only wanted me to turn off
the Psi-Transmission Underground, everything below was still operational:

The Unknown Forces at the Center of the Zone in Chernobyl
really seemed to be trying very hard to retake all of Yantar:

I suddenly heard a Mutant scream behind me...

Recognizing the growl of a Snork, I knew they did not travel alone:

32 Total Rounds for my SVU...I didn't need to waste them:

I switched back over to my Viper as the two Snorks approached me:

They leaped and flew over me and back again as I wildly try to keep
my sights on them. I quickly realized they were trying to make me
waste my Ammo. I grabbed my SPSA-14 and got the first one:

Once again it was only the sounds of Winter blowing through the Canyon:

I brought up my Inventory and checked my Reserves.
242 AK Rounds, 131 Viper Rounds, 89 Shotgun, 22 SVU,
2 F-1 & 2 RGD-5 Grenades and 54 Pistol Rounds Total.
Down to 1 Medkit, 3 Bandages and 1 Tourist Delight:

I got out my AK and loaded a Full Clip:

Find the Secret Lab...Reach the Power Plant...See the Wish Granter.
All things I hoped to do soon but now I was kind of busy doing a few
other things. As I looked at my PDA I abruptly got another Contact:

Was it a Man or a Zombie?

Vadik Conman...just the kind of Stalker that Yantar attracts:

As he passed by me I asked if he saw anything following him.

Yes he said that there were two Loners on the Road way behind him:

I turned and shivered in the cold waiting to greet more needed Loners:

I could hear them talking to each other as they were coming up the rise:

I checked my PDA Contacts:


  07:38:51  9 July 2008
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Tejas Stalker
Veteran of the Psychic Wars


On forum: 05/12/2007
Messages: 29408
A Truck named STALINGRAD ( Part 11 )

My PDA Contacts showed 2 Zombies...wait...3 it was 4
Zombies approaching me including an Expert wearing an Exoskeleton:

I steadied my SVU's Scope and waited for them to come into view.
The crack of each round echoed loudly through out the entire Canyon.
I watched as each of them dropped and slid down the snowy slopes:

I looked at the Road where their Bodies came to rest and saw some
movement...I had just killed 4 Zombified Stalkers but now I had 3 more:

Not 3 was 5 and they were all muttering loudly:

Their footsteps were starting to sound like an approaching Army:

Through my Scope I realized they had just spotted me and opened fire:

The Bullets flew over my head and were soon impacting against
the thick metal bed of the Truck I was in. I quickly ducked down:

Several of them were now shooting as I peeked at how many were coming:

My PDA quickly showed me there were former Dutyers, Loners, Bandits,
Mercenaries and even Freedom Troopers that had been turned into Zombies:

That meant they would be carrying AKs, Vipers, Obokans, TRs 301s,
IL-86s, Sawn-off Shotguns and every Exoskeleton armed with SPSA-14s:

The Zombies spread out and were going up the slopes on each side:

One of them opened up with his AK with the clang-clang-clang of the
rounds hitting the steel bed of Stalingrad with one bouncing around
inside with me. Suddenly they all started shooting and I heard the
sounds of various automatic weapons and the shotgun blasts that was
deafening. With a calmness and clarity I have had very few times ever
in the Zone...I realized that I was not going to be getting out of here Alive:

I had at least 15 Zombified Stalkers attacking. I tossed an F-1:

Bullets were spraying everywhere bouncing and ricocheting wildly:

I threw another Grenade but being Zombies they had little effect:

Too many of them had gotten too close to me beneath my protected
view and were flanking around me. My Grenade got one of the Zombies:

All my Grenades were gone and I got out my Shotgun.
I fired a few Rounds but there were just too many of them:

I pulled out my AK seeing only 232 Rounds left. I was cold, hungry
and knew I probably only had a few minutes left to live but sure as
Hell I was going to take as many of the Zombified Stalkers with me:


  07:43:34  9 July 2008
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/25/2007
Messages: 6862
Chewing my fingernails to the bone here, TS!

Give us the next part, damn it!
  08:38:19  9 July 2008
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The Grodlund


On forum: 05/09/2007

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07/09/2008 8:38:35
Messages: 437
Loner Support?
I guess the Zombie army will get attacked from behind and get distracted.
Or you undress from your armor and sprint away from there.. that´s what I would have done
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