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Multiplayer game

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  22:18:46  2 July 2008
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On forum: 03/20/2008
Messages: 19
Multiplayer game

Seems like I am biased by the other games, but here I go.
There must be more realistic team action in multiplayer Stalker.
I'll try to describe what kind of game I'd like in the multiplayer.

2 (or more) teams compete for controlling the territory.

Team spawn point should be near the entrance to the map (like a gate) so every time you respawn it is like you are the fresh reinforcement entering the map.

There should not be any "no-kill" zones at the spawn point.
Instead there should be a fortified base for each team right at the spawn point. Like a building or a complex of buildings.

The goal of each team is to acquire the base of the other team(s) - this disables the other team's respawn point.

If your team's base if taken you can stay on the map as long as you don't get killed.
You must free your base with the other members of your team still on the map or with the help of a friendly team (if any).

If you get killed and your base is taken - you cannot respawn untill your base is cleared of enemy.
The team loses the game if it's base is taken and no team members are still alive on the map.

You shouldn't be buying anything, weapons and ammo should be freely available at your base in the boxes.

If your base is taken then you lose the access to the weapons supply and must look for the alternate sources.
Frags should drop the carried ammo and weapons so you will be able to hunt enemies for supplies.

You should also be able to sneak in the enemy base and steal supplies.

There should also be some key locations on the map with special weapons and supplies.
A team should be able to take over and hold a location like this.

Special weapons and armor should be limited in counts for a team.
E.g. one sniper rifle per team at some well-known location.
So there is only one sniper per team. Or more than one, but some limited number.
If the sniper dies then the other team member can pick the weapon up at the die spot for sime predefined timeout.

After the timeout the special weapon should be found in it's usual predefined location.
Like a box on the top of the tower. You make it to the top - you are the sniper.
Your team guards you and the other team tries to take over the tower to plant it's own sniper on it.

The same is for special armor like exosceletons.
It should have its purpose.
Like players in exesceletons cannot travel the map that fast as the players without them, but they are better armored to penetrate the buildings for example.

Ranking system is good.
It should not have any effect on your weapons or armor though.
It should define how you interact with the rest of the team.

For example, rank 1 allows you to carry any weapon or armor but you cannot issue commands like 'Attack' or 'Fall back'
Commands should not be like chatting, they should help your team.
Therefore the commands should be accessible for experienced players, rank 2 for example.

Rank 3 could give you an option of managing the battle by the map.
You would be able to pinpoint the location your team has to acquire.
For example, you could coordinate teams action by ordering to take over some critical location.
Or several locations by different team members.
And then launching the attack on the enemy base from this location.

Some notes about the equipment. This might also apply to the single-player.

Turn off the enemy discovery and identification in binoculars, this is cheating.

There should be no number of PDA's online.
It might count friend's PDA's - but this number is useless so it could be just removed.
It should definitely not count enemy's PDA - you cannot have access to the enemy networks.

PDA and any other electronic equipment should fail to work in the high-radiation or psy-emission areas.

Enemies you see should be red dots on your mini map.
AND on the minimaps of your team members. The PDA's should be communicating with each other...
This way there would be a chance for everybody to play - low pingers, high pingers, rookie players, expert players...
There must be things like reconing the enemy locations for the other team members who would sneak and take the enemies out.
So if you have bad ping and cannot shoot you could still play...
  22:38:45  9 July 2008
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On forum: 01/23/2008
Messages: 301
So basically we should all go play Counter Strike?

Lol.. jk.

I'd love to see this multiplayer mode put into play. Hopefully it's scriptable tho..
  19:41:00  18 July 2008
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On forum: 03/20/2008
Messages: 19
Forget the map figt coordination - GRAW got them...
Still, it would be nice if your chat predefines inventory would depend on the rank. Like advanced players can signal commands e.g. "Attack" and the others might confirm or reject.
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