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Important - Read Now

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  22:49:27  2 February 2004
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Important - Read Now

Hello and welcome to the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. community. Before posting please keep the following in mind:

The official FAQ can be located here: [link][/link]

The faq covers many aspects of S.T.A.L.K.E.R., it would be wise to read it before posting.

Regarding demo and beta testing:

GSC mentioned that there will be a demo shortly after the game is released. Also, a multiplayer beta test will take place soon.

Regarding ejection ports:

Please do not start new threads about this topic. It's been discussed many times and GSC gave their reasons for doing mirrored weapons. You may use the "search" button to find threads corresponding to this topics.

Regarding mirrored weapons:

Regarding performance and system requirements:

Please do NOT start new topics asking whether your videocard or processor can run Stalker and what videocard you should purchase if you want to upgrade for the game. Starting a new topic for that reason is pointless for numerous reasons:

- Stalker is not finished, the system requirements are always subject to change until development is complete.

- There is an extensive FAQ that answers many questions including the estimated minimum system requirements to run the game.

- Many other people have the same videocard you own and have already asked the same question, use the search function.

- Performance is relative, your idea of good performance can be someone else's idea of horrible performance, and vice versa.

- No official benchmarks have been released and you are only relying on people's opinions.

Please read ALL the forums if you're new to the community, they contain a wealth of information regarding Stalker.

Regarding illegally obtained software:

ANY post discussing any illegally obtained software will be deleted without warning.
Thank you for your understanding and enjoy your stay.
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