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Complete List of Improvements to Single Player Game

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  10:19:23  18 September 2007
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On forum: 09/17/2007
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Complete List of Improvements to Single Player Game

1. Fixed the bug with shooting from the grenade launcher. The grenade is fired with the first shot now.

[Nice, but now if you fire the bulldog in quick succession, a grenade sometimes hangs in mid-air, and the launcher will refuse to fire]

3. Fixed the game crash on Pripyat location, when the player approached any of the monolithians' camps.

[No, you didn't. Mine crashes there just like it used to, it will crash to desktop, then refuse to load the savegame, and I have to revert back]

5. Fixed the random quests at the Wild Territory.
6. Fixed the random task to destroy the bandits' camp at the Cordon.
7. Fixed the random Barkeep's task to clear the snorks lair at the Dark Valley.

[Any news on fixing the Defend Camp at Garbage, Eliminate Bandits at Agropom, Eliminate Mercs at Wildlands yet?]

8. Fixed the bug with the automatic task to defend the camp when switching location or saving/loading the game.

[No, you didn't.]

14. The zombies at Yantar do not run from the grenade now.

[Yes, they do, they still run faster than normal people can away, and this patch is the first time I've seen this issue]

18. Fixed the bug with repeating the scene of the Duty group ambush at the beginning of the Military Warehouses level.

[No, you didn't, they still loop. I love hearing "Anarchist Scum!" Everytime I go there.]

And yes, I am patched to Version 1.0004, I have mutant rats and all!

I was looking forward so much to be being able to actually play in Prypriat, instead of just running through it and saving for fear of crashes!

Besides that, this is pretty terrible, I patched because the fixes looked promising, particulary the Prypriat crash one, and now I find they have not changed.

EDIT : Also, you have not fixed the looping NPC speech "Get out of here stalker." "don't just stand there, I said come in." "Hello, Hello." "Come over here Stalker, I always have information for people like you."

Nor have you fixed the problem with headlamps occasionaly appearing semi-underground, or collision problems whereby you can be shot through walls, particularly in Brain Scorcher underground.

Also, the problem of entering an area and having things there with you has not changed. I once entered Army Warehouses from Red Forest, went to the toilet (My loads are sloooow) and came back dead, so I reloaded and found why, I enter the section with about 15 dogs, 2 fleshes and 2 bloodsuckers!

Not only do the crashes in Prypriat still happen, but it corrupts all of my saves made in Prypriat, so now I have to sprint in, loot everything, sprint out and save it before it crashes and corrupts everything.

Fix everything on this list and you may have a working game!
  22:01:45  19 September 2007
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On forum: 09/15/2007
Messages: 10
if your loading time is slow you need turn down the settings or get a new video card or more RAM, this way some of the bugs will be eliminated. You should get the recommended requirements for the game to play it without bugs, minimum just won't do.
  13:31:02  28 September 2007
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Skaarj Hybrid - NaPali survivor


On forum: 07/24/2007
Messages: 647
Thanks Angus Man for analysing it so accurately. Somebody has to say it:

G S C I S A B U N C H OF L I A R S ! ! ! !

If they wanna' challenge that, just read and then re-read the first post here .
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