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rcon instructions

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  01:58:27  31 August 2007
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rcon instructions

Patch 1.0004 for the game S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl introduces new features into the system of server game control. To increase efficiency of servers, a new command of remote server administration has been added.


The Remote Admin application has been created for controlling the server from a remote computer.

- How to set up remote server administration?

To set up, you have to create on the server you want to control in the appdata folder the file radmins.ltx, in which the administrator account and his password will be specified. For example, like this:

killer = 123456
lamer = 654321

where killer and lamer are administrator accounts, and 123456 and 654321 are their respective passwords.

After creating the file radmins.ltx, the administrator can simply enter the game and in the console write:

ra login killer 123456

and press Enter. Now you are in full control of the server.

- How does remote control work?

The server is controlled via entering certain commands into the game console. All commands must begin with ra, for example:

ra sv_timelimit 100

The full list of available commands:

ra help

- Which commands are the most useful?

Here is a list of the most useful commands:

get_server_address - (no parameters) display the server address
sv_listplayers - (no parameters) display the list of players
sv_listplayers_banned - (no parameters) display the list of banned addresses
sv_listmaps - (no parameters) display the list of maps in rotation
sv_remove_weapon - (-1,0,1) remove weapons from the ground (-1 – never, 0 – immediately, 1 – after a time specified in configuration)

sv_remove_corpse - (-1,0,1) remove corpses from the map (-1 – never, 0 – immediately, 1 – after a time specified in configuration)

sv_startteammoney - start money
sv_hail_to_winner_time - (0,60 sec) duration of time to congratulate the winner for
sv_client_reconnect_time - (0,60 min) save a disconnected player's profile

sv_vote_enabled - (0,255) enable voting on this server (8 subjects to vote for, a bit field for each, 255 - allow all)

sv_spectr_freefly - (0,1) observer - free camera
sv_spectr_firsteye - (0,1) observer - first-person camera
sv_spectr_lookat - (0,1) observer - attached camera
sv_spectr_freelook - (0,1) observer - third-person camera
sv_spectr_teamcamera - (0,1) observer - camera for own team only

sv_vote_participants - (0,1) when determining the outcome of the vote, consider only the voting or all participants

sv_vote_quota - (0.0,1.0 coefficient) voting quota
sv_vote_time - (0.5,10.0 min) time limit for voting
sv_forcerespawn - (0,3600 sec) forcefully reincarnate a fallen player after a delay

sv_fraglimit - (0,100) frag limit
sv_timelimit - (0,180 mit) time limit времени
sv_artefacts_count - (1,100 штуки) the number of artifacts to win the game

sv_dmgblockindicator - (0,1) display an invincibility indicator for players
sv_dmgblocktime - (0,600 sec) invinsibility duration after birth
sv_anomalies_enabled - (0,1) anomalies off/on
sv_anomalies_length - (0,180 min) anomaly duration
sv_pda_hunt - (0,1) give bonuses for a picked up backpack
sv_warm_up - (0,3600 sec) warm-up before match
sv_max_ping_limit - (1,2000 msec) ping limit (if a client exceeds it, he is given 5 warnings, then thrown out of the game)

sv_auto_team_balance - (0,1) automatically ballance the number of players in the team

sv_auto_team_swap - (0,1) exchance teams each round
sv_friendly_indicators - (0,1) show an indicator (a flag above the player) in own team

sv_friendly_names - (0,1) display names for own team (CAPS-LOCK)
sv_friendlyfire - (0,2.0 coefficient) friendly fire coefficient
sv_teamkill_limit - (0,1 times) team kill limit
sv_teamkill_punish - (0,1) throw the player out of the game if he killed members of his own team more than <sv_teamkill_limit> times

sv_artefact_respawn_delta - (0,600 sec) delay before creation of a new artifact

sv_artefact_stay_time - (0,180 min) artifact lifespan
sv_reinforcement_time - (-1, 3600 sec) reinforcement
sv_bearercantsprint - (0,1) whether the player carrying an artifact can run
sv_shieldedbases - (0,1) invinsibility at base
sv_returnplayers - (0,1) return platers to base after artifact retrieval

- How to disable remote administration of a server?

You can disable administrator access without leaving the game with the command:

ra logout
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