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All the Patch 1.0004 bugs you find, list them here!

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  02:28:43  1 September 2007
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On forum: 08/28/2007

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09/02/2007 0:23:18
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Load last save bug

I have noticed that "Last save" in the main menu doesnt allways load the last save for you.

Random mission bug.

After clearing the X16 lab mission and returning to yantar for a second time you may get a random mission to clear the area of zombies. The problem with this is that you cant get to the guy that gives you the award because he is in the Duty HQ and you can only enter Duty ground if you have spoken to Barkeep (after X16 mission) and he say something about Duty might have a job for you. (This was a problem for me and may be a problem for other first time players because i did not know that you had to speak to barkeep to be allowed into Duty HQ.)

A fix for this would be that this particular mission may only be activated after you have spoken to Barkeep comming back from the X16 mission.

I hope i was clear explaing this problem .

Give medkit bug

Some NPCs cant be given a medkit while they are down, the option for that action is missing when you talk to then. (even if you have a medkit)
I cant be 100% that this bug has the do with the NPCs them self or some other factor unless someone comfirms the list below.

The following NPCs cant be given a medkit:

German Rogue

More to come...

(can someone comfirm this bug please?)


Inventory shows wrong

The blue meter (armor condition?) in the inventory always show 100%.

Mission marker bug

Some mission markers wont go away even after clearing the mission.

List of bugged markers:

Marker still on some NPC in Cordon. ( marker info says "Wolfs scouts" )

"Get inside lab x16" marker still there.

"Find the way out of the underground" marker from the "Find Streloks groups Stash" mission still there.

NPCs spawn inside campfires alot. (or do they just walk in and die?)

  02:36:49  1 September 2007
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On forum: 02/04/2005

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09/01/2007 2:51:19
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well funny as in post 1 of this thread

i crash to desktop when i try to go to the garbage level also if i change my setting then try to go to garbage it will ctd the game and will revert the setting to the previous setting as if i had not change a thing
oh i know i have quite an old setup but it runs fine like playable not like the best you can get but 1024x768 and all at max
Windows xp pro with SP2 (last update where checked yesterday)
radeon 9800pro AIW
Athlonxp 2400
1gig pc3200
with page file set to 4096 min and max on the second ide
and boot ini tweaked with the following:

[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" /fastdetect /noexecute=optin /3GB /Userva=2900

the last two thing are whats making this game playable before setting my page file on a seperate hdd and adding the setting in the boot.ini i had ton of lagging compared to before its now 95% lag free with my setting
all driver are up to date catalyst7.8 and Nforce 5.10(official driver) with 4.62Nforce audio driver(also official and more recent then the one in the 5.10 package)
also i i try to go true to garbage level and crash my log in the shared forlder stays empty
  15:18:38  1 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/17/2007
Messages: 275
The most anoying bug.

Since the .04 patch every artifact I pick up goes to the 1st slot as if I'd picked up a pistol......
  15:26:41  1 September 2007
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On forum: 09/01/2007

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09/01/2007 15:27:21
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Bugs that I've encountered

In garbage, hiding in a bus or tin shed and mutant dogs can poke their heads through the walls and attack me
In Rostok - Every time I enter the Wild territory, I get assigned a new random task
In Rostok - Wild Territory I often have a pack of Mutant dogs/Merc spawn right next to me. Happens if I'm next to the truck at the start of the level, or next to the truck after the first lot of snipers. Needless to say, I usually die. (
Clipping seems to be a bit off. Enemies can poke their bodies through objects if they are at the corner/edge of an object (wall, stack of concrete etc)
At Chernobal, I have enemies looking and firing away from me (90 degrees) yet the bullets still hit me. Looks really odd especially when they are using a gauss rifle
Bodies will sometimes disappear when they die
Stashes marked on the PDA will sometimes come up empty. Happened a couple of times trying to get the grenade launcher at Rostok. Had to re-load the level from the start (ie after finishing Yantar) to get the launcher.
At Yantar, Lab X16 - have had Snorks spawn in mid air. Happens if I'm on the crane rails in front of the warehouse, or on the roof by the caged in area. They seem to spawn at the same altitude that I at.

Happily, few crashes, although I do occasionally get kicked to the desktop. I can switch back to the game OK

  16:17:30  1 September 2007
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On forum: 04/16/2007

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09/01/2007 16:17:59
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-- what I have found so far --

1. I am getting the "F6 - quicksave" crash quite alot now, never did before.

2. I had a random crash to desktop when trying to access the games menu.

3. I am (when starting a new game for the first time) getting about a 5 second freeze when trying to exit the bunker in Cordon for the first time. I have never had this problem before.

4. I am getting random crashes now. For example, Just as I was about to enter the Garbage my game just froze. I have never had these problems before and all of a sudden they are happening.

5. My FPS seems to drop quite alot now when im running between bushes or trees. Again this happend at the border of Cordon & Garbage.

6. Because I get the "F6 - quicksave" crash alot I was thinking of saving via the game menu. The moment I hit the "Esc" key my game crashed back to the desktop. yet another bug I have never had before and now since 1.0004, I now have it. (not happening so much anymore since I got the Vista hotfix, but it still does from time to time, maybe a ratio of 3/10)

7. When playing in Multi-Player and there is a strong wind, the grass almost jerks. I have not had this problem before or have never noticed it. I have not seen it in Single-Player, yet...

8. After killing the bandits in the first mission from Wolf, I have noticed that some of them just vanish. Never had this problem before with any of the other patches.

9. When wanting to talk to an NPC I never get the "talk" text that shows up at the bottom of the screen even though I can still push "F" and talk to them. Same thing when quicksaving I push "F6" and it saves, but the text saying "quicksaving" does not show up anymore.

10. When I first enter the game and check my FPS I am getting a static 15 FPS, I push "Esc" go to the menu, go to advanced and just push "use these settings" without changing a thing and my FPS goes back to normal.

11. I don't know how they missed this but, there is no grass shadow at all. No matter how high you set it.

12. Alot more stutters. Just leaving the bunker at the start I get about a 4 second pause and then the stuttering in the game has increased about 3 or 4 times.

13. I have found that when I load of the game and load my saved game (or any game) I am getting about 20FPS. When I go the the game menu, click on "options" and then click on "use" and go back the game my FPS doubles more more. However, the longer I play the game the more it drops, so if I do that again (what was said about) the FPS doubles again. Now this is all good and fine but I should not really have to do that. I have no idea why it helps the FPS or what you have to keep doing it but the game should not be like that. I have never known a game to require so much user messing around to get it to work. GSC really need to fix this problem as well. In-fact, I would say, above all else. Also it is not that it only gets lower as the game goes on, but the moment there is a stutter in the game my FPS drops by half. For example. In the bunker in Cordon. My FPS was about 45 - 50. I just moved back a meter, and as I moved forward I got a short stutter. The resualt was my FPS dropping to 25.
Fix this GSC, this is really too much now.

14. The game sometimes freezes/crashes when trying to open the inventory.

15. Trying to save games manualy via the menu crashes upon selecting which game you want to load.

16. The PDA stats are totally messed up. It says I have killed almost 2000 Loners when in fact it wont be more than 15.

17. The Bandit spawn rate in the wild territory is really messed up. Sometimes they spawn really fast and someimes they do not spawn at all (where they should be)

18. I have seen dog's and other mutants just standing still off in the distance (maybe 150m from me) and they do nothing, only once I get to within about 50m of them do they move.

19. The bandits in the Wild Territory sometimes do not respond to being shot. I was shooting a guy in the back while he was walking away, He did nothing but just kept on walking till he was dead.
  00:01:39  2 September 2007
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On forum: 05/02/2007

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09/02/2007 0:01:53
Messages: 92
One additional thing, the spawning bug where NPC's appear in front of you does happen in underground areas too. I'm just roaming around in X16 and snorks/zombies appear out of nowhere.
  01:49:42  2 September 2007
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Der Mond Das Meer


On forum: 04/10/2007
Messages: 161
Hmm I just had my first crash ever in Yantar when Kruglov and I were moving to take the measurements for the emissions.

Otherwise I have similar problems as above with enemies clipping through walls and firing (A Spetnatz who was kneeling a floor above me had his AN-94 barrel through the floor and was shooting at me, I know they're special forces but I don't remember that in training... D= )

Disappearing bodies can be weird, as can weapons falling through the ground. First LR-300 totting Merc I encounter in Garbage, drop him with a shot to the head run up to claim my prize.... no rifle, not for a fifty metre circle and believe me... I looked!

Zombies still running from grenades but I just throw more grenades anyway...

The spawning is ok at times, keeps things interesting but please put some sort of proximity level, say enemies cannot spawn within fifty metres of the player. With my edited files it only takes two-three shots to be killed from a rifle even with a Loner Stalker suit. Having Mercs spawn three feet in front of me can be a bit hairy at times.
  17:23:19  2 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 03/22/2007
Messages: 375
Don't worry folks. All these problems will be fixed in the next patch called Clear Sky, honest!
  02:57:44  3 September 2007
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On forum: 04/23/2007

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09/03/2007 3:19:53
Messages: 252
First CTD

First ever CTD. In Pripyat, on second tour after roaming back to Bar and Yantar, went left this time and met little resistance except for packs of marauding predators. Made it back to the "Idol" and then headed for the left entrance to the stadium because I missed the "halftime show" the first time and then Hello Desktop.
Also on first trip to Pripyat I dropped ammo in the Hotel on the right only it fell through the floor and I found it later downstairs.
Windows XP/ 2048 ram/ nForce 4 MB/ 640vram 8800GTS 162.18 on hard drive 1 with pagefile on a separate partition.
Games on hardrive 2 also with another partition for more pagefile.
Pagefile partitions are on the first (fastest) part of the drive.
No stutters. Pauses in front of Garbage and outside Warehouses.
  07:37:10  3 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/20/2007
Messages: 174
Returning out of X18 when the .mil attacks:

Had 3 cases where the .mil guys rose up thru the floor.
One got up on the roof (never seen an NPC climb a ladder).
Heard shouting below me (on top floor, ladder access) and went to roof and back after some sniping and leaving the roof walked out of the tiny room that houses the ladder and 2 .mil were waiting. I hid, leaned out and they were gone but still yelling at me, stayed leaned out and they rose thru the floor almost joined at the arms.

Not really a bug, I think, but annoying: Weapon of the Dutyer was in the Agaprom Underground in the electro anomolies. Condition @0% and could not give him a TRS or shotgun (both perfect) to get it back. Did not even show on his person...hummm.

Here is the BIG ANNOYING Bug: Empty stashes that are marked as having stuff in areas that I've just visited for the first time.
Maybe part of spam reduction, but what I'd like is a limit to # of weapons (say 10) and none on ammo (gimme, gimme, gimme).
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