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All the Patch 1.0004 bugs you find, list them here!

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  23:25:20  29 August 2007
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On forum: 03/26/2007

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08/29/2007 23:26:12
Messages: 153
Stalker works fine here on 1.0004 and Vista.

I had some crashes to desktop, under Vista 32 bit, when I was hitting F6 and ESC. Then I upgraded to Vista 64 bit and all these problem disappeared. Now the game works very well. No crashes at all, and with very good framerate at maximum settings at 1440 * 900. About 40 - 60 fps
  00:55:58  30 August 2007
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On forum: 06/27/2007
Messages: 232

Stalker works fine here on 1.0004 and Vista.

I had some crashes to desktop, under Vista 32 bit, when I was hitting F6 and ESC. Then I upgraded to Vista 64 bit and all these problem disappeared. Now the game works very well. No crashes at all, and with very good framerate at maximum settings at 1440 * 900. About 40 - 60 fps

That's my exact situation as well. Vista 32 bit sucked, but after going to Vista 64 Stalker runs GREAT at max settings on 1440x900.
  08:42:04  30 August 2007
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On forum: 04/05/2007
Messages: 79
Help game loads to late and enemies spawn next to me!

Ever since the 1.0004 patch the game loads enemies to slowly.
For example under the broken bridge where the army guys are at the start i can cross it and just as i do thats when the army guys spawn and start shooting me!
This is just an example the other part was when you have to help mole and the game does a fly over of the buildings i could hear gunfire but there was no one on the screen not until i ran right up to the buildings then every one just spawned out of nowhere.

Is there a fix for this because this sucks.
  09:46:02  30 August 2007
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The sound guy...


On forum: 04/05/2007

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08/30/2007 9:47:06
Messages: 2131
I bet this has been mentioned already,but i still have this weird mission bug in Cordon. When accepting the mission to kill the mercs attacking the village from Fanatic,after wiping them out you hear through the radio Fanatic saying something like "Well done,come over and we'll talk." but at the same time he is saying to the other stalkers "Ok,everybody get into positon,get ready." And after that,every stalker in the village go to their positions prepairing for the fight,AFTER i've already killed the mercs and completed the mission. Not a questbreaker,but annoying cause everyone in the village stays at those ambush positions after that.
  10:55:46  30 August 2007
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On forum: 04/16/2007
Messages: 1869
How do you change your Vista to 64bit?
  11:46:46  30 August 2007
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On forum: 08/30/2007
Messages: 1
* Snork's Disappear when jumping and are invisable behind some cover

Was walking through the tunnels of X16 labs was quitly sneaking through hoping to get a first shot at a snork that spawns behind a pipe didnt appear
till i was right on top of the pipe .

* Huge amount of snorks and dogs when walking back to bar from yanatar
had 3 snorks running in a pack wasted so much ammo getting back

I ave no mods and counted the snorks bodies finall count was 26!!!!!!!!

I could'nt be bothered to count the dogs but this is a joke man!
  13:46:52  30 August 2007
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On forum: 04/16/2007

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08/30/2007 16:51:31
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-- what I have found so far --

1. I am getting the "F6 - quicksave" crash quite alot now, never did before.

2. I had a random crash to desktop when trying to access the games menu.

3. I am (when starting a new game for the first time) getting about a 5 second freeze when trying to exit the bunker in Cordon for the first time. I have never had this problem before.

4. I am getting random crashes now. For example, Just as I was about to enter the Garbage my game just froze. I have never had these problems before and all of a sudden they are happening.

5. My FPS seems to drop quite alot now when im running between bushes or trees. Again this happend at the border of Cordon & Garbage.

6. Because I get the "F6 - quicksave" crash alot I was thinking of saving via the game menu. The moment I hit the "Esc" key my game crashed back to the desktop. yet another bug I have never had before and now since 1.0004, I now have it. (not happening so much anymore since I got the Vista hotfix, but it still does from time to time, maybe a ratio of 3/10)

7. When playing in Multi-Player and there is a strong wind, the grass almost jerks. I have not had this problem before or have never noticed it. I have not seen it in Single-Player, yet...

8. After killing the bandits in the first mission from Wolf, I have noticed that some of them just vanish. Never had this problem before with any of the other patches.

9. When wanting to talk to an NPC I never get the "talk" text that shows up at the bottom of the screen even though I can still push "F" and talk to them. Same thing when quicksaving I push "F6" and it saves, but the text saying "quicksaving" does not show up anymore.

10. When I first enter the game and check my FPS I am getting a static 15 FPS, I push "Esc" go to the menu, go to advanced and just push "use these settings" without changing a thing and my FPS goes back to normal.

11. I don't know how they missed this but, there is no grass shadow at all. No matter how high you set it.

12. Alot more stutters. Just leaving the bunker at the start I get about a 4 second pause and then the stuttering in the game has increased about 3 or 4 times.

13. I have found that when I load of the game and load my saved game (or any game) I am getting about 20FPS. When I go the the game menu, click on "options" and then click on "use" and go back the game my FPS doubles more more. However, the longer I play the game the more it drops, so if I do that again (what was said about) the FPS doubles again. Now this is all good and fine but I should not really have to do that. I have no idea why it helps the FPS or what you have to keep doing it but the game should not be like that. I have never known a game to require so much user messing around to get it to work. GSC really need to fix this problem as well. In-fact, I would say, above all else. Also it is not that it only gets lower as the game goes on, but the moment there is a stutter in the game my FPS drops by half. For example. In the bunker in Cordon. My FPS was about 45 - 50. I just moved back a meter, and as I moved forward I got a short stutter. The resualt was my FPS dropping to 25.
Fix this GSC, this is really too much now.

14. The game sometimes freezes/crashes when trying to open the inventory.

15. Trying to save games manualy via the menu crashes upon selecting which game you want to load.

16. The PDA stats are totally messed up. It says I have killed almost 2000 Loners when in fact it wont be more than 15.

17. The Bandit spawn rate in the wild territory is really messed up. Sometimes they spawn really fast and someimes they do not spawn at all (where they should be)

18. I have seen dog's and other mutants just standing still off in the distance (maybe 150m from me) and they do nothing, only once I get to within about 50m of them do they move.
  15:44:56  30 August 2007
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On forum: 05/02/2007

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08/30/2007 15:45:26
Messages: 92
The Vista update fixed the crash bug for me, I was able to play quite a while but stopped it now. The reason is 10004 is not really different from 10001 with which I completed the game first.

- Enemies still detect me through walls
- NPCs spawn directly in front of me (I literary ran into a bunch of dog just
spawned on the street)
- NPCs still do not detect anomalies, the corpses of them pile up at certain
- certain widescreen issues (out of the box text etc.)

Quite disappointing to be honest, gonna join now the waiting-queue for 1.1.
  18:25:03  30 August 2007
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On forum: 06/13/2007
Messages: 67
Possible vid restart problem

Could it be that this is an ATI-specific problem? I had it too after installing the Catalyst 7.8 driver on a Sapphire Radeon X1600PRO, but after re-installing the older 7.7 driver, it disappeared.
Whenever I load a saved game or move to another area, the graphics become much darker for a short time, but they reset to my adjusted values as soon as the saved game is loaded. Cat 7.8 seems to prevent that, and the framerate drops significantly with it.

By the way, the PDA stats section really is messed up. After a few game days and maybe 300 mercs and bandits less in the Zone, I had 188000 confirmed kills and more than 40000 mutants in there.
  14:10:33  31 August 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/17/2007
Messages: 275
So far.

Completed thru dark valley, back thru Cordon and back to bar......

Only thing I noticed was the mission to help bullet was broken (went like this)
I got to the valley, Bullet was doing his chat to the wounded guy...
I started searching the bodies close by, Bullet talked to me, turned and ran.... I followed him to the spot where he's suppose to say something like "Go across the raod and hide".... Instead he said "You refused to help when I asked, no go" or something like that......

I headed to the spot where the 2 guards start out with the prisoner, but all that was there was a pack of dogs (no bodies)
Went to see if the other prisoner could be seen through the windows and when I spoke to him, he gave me the speach he gives when I freed him.....
Went down and freed him.... Got the same speach......

Am noticing hic-ups in movement up to several seconds (this is worse then before the patch) However have not gotten the black screen yet (but I haven't hit the warehouse district yet where I had most of the black screens before the patch)

Am not using mods in this game (am running the game using my mod on a different system and have run into the same identical problems so far)

Am playing using the -noprefetch.....
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