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All the Patch 1.0004 bugs you find, list them here!

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  16:41:21  2 October 2007
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On forum: 10/02/2007
Messages: 3
According to the claim that the bug trap has been fixed... It still doesn't work for me. I press "Sumit" and it quits responding. I do have one mod but it's the trader all items mod. I have many of the other glitches ppl have mentioned as well. I did notice that the breakable metal blue/white boxes spawn the insides below themselves occasionally, in army warehouses the VSS Vintorez is in the floor instead of on top, and occasionally the marked stashes do not have anything in them or they did and the stuff dissappeared. I also can't load my last quick save. It keeps crashing after it syncs w/ client
  13:23:37  3 October 2007
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Skaarj Hybrid - NaPali survivor


On forum: 07/24/2007
Messages: 647
Prypiat level is screwed beyond imagination. No mater how you approach the mission solution, near Monolith HQ it will crash with 100% certanity. For my setup, it was very rare with 1.0003.

Thanks GSC for "fixing" it.
  22:18:37  10 October 2007
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On forum: 03/31/2007

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10/10/2007 22:19:16
Messages: 21
Fix the broken EAX support in Stalker!

I have Audigy 4 and console log says EAX not found.

This problem seems to be with most, if not all Stalker players.
  06:17:47  16 October 2007
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On forum: 10/16/2007
Messages: 1
No Need to Post...

Decane Nailed Every BUG I have encountered perfectly. I have seen or dealt with 99% of the issues he detailed. Hire him forthwith and we will be in business.

Otherwise we will be slogging through the Mire that is S.T.A.L.K.E.R 4evah...

Its a great game but omigosh fix it!! Nothing is more frustrating for the completist gamer than broken missions. <gasp>

  08:25:51  19 October 2007
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On forum: 10/19/2007
Messages: 8
After going under the tunnel with all the anomalies and it says I need to talk with Kruglov,. As soon as I talk to him I crash to desktop. Please help. I have version 1.0004 (started game on this version).


[error]Expression : !phrase_dialog->m_PhraseVector.empty()
[error]Function : CPhraseDialog::SayPhrase
[error]File : E:stalkerpatch_1_0004xr_3daxrGamePhraseDialog.cpp
[error]Line : 140
[error]Description : No available phrase to say, dialog[bar_ecolog_crush_professor_start]

  15:21:02  31 October 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/13/2006
Messages: 1432
Not a bug per'se, but something that should be "fixed". All monsters that are in STALKER (with the exception of the dogs, theres bloody loads of them already) ALL mutant spawns should be increased by 150%, NPC spawns lowered by 25%, and each level should be hoast to many more mutants. IE; at escape it shouldnt just be dogs, flesh and boards, but also some zombies, a few roaming controllers and maybe a bloodsucker or 2.
  16:45:36  31 October 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 09/12/2007
Messages: 426
Texture problem(blue weapon)
  18:04:46  1 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 08/12/2007
Messages: 161
Should be capital here: [link][/link]
  13:42:25  2 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007
Messages: 1706

Should be capital here: [link][/link]

Use my IEL mod and you won't encounter any more errors like that.
  14:57:38  8 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 01/13/2006
Messages: 1432
I'll just copy and paste my last post and add to it.

Heres a problem, patch 1.0004 sucks ass in general and overall. I pray to god that the reason for the jump to 1.0006 is because GSC/THQ know this and are rectifying it as well as fixing other stuff. Also, increase mutant spawns and make them free-roaming for crying out loud! Stealth is also impossible in patch 1.0004, I modified my knife so it makes ZERO NOISE (and registers as such on the "noise" meter) and somebody STILL somehow heard me! The level after the sewers is also properly screwed up, if you die in that level, your narfed. NO savegame from that level will load, resulting in a crash to desktop. If you can get past that level without dying, the crashes in Pripyat will surely get you. Patch 1.0004 is worse than the inital release of the game, and thats saying something. Also sort out the god damn ATI problems in STALKER, these problems are not ATI driver based, they ARE STALKER based problems. Come on, you must of had ATI hardware to test on as well
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