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All the Patch 1.0004 bugs you find, list them here!

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  00:48:16  21 September 2007
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On forum: 05/11/2007

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09/21/2007 0:49:14
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I don't recommend deactivating the L2 cache, xLOOMx, although that's a clever way to slow it down enough to get past the problem. Unfortunately that slows everything down, and slows it down a lot.

You could try re-installing and patching only up to 1.0003. Only older saved games (prior to 1.0004) will work, though.

>> Stash room in Pripyat deletes anything left in it (best ending room)

Actually, bullseye_not, the items fall through the floor to the room below. Go downstairs and look. Yes, it's still a bug.

>> All stashes empty themselves after a (quick)save/load it seems

Goner, there's a bug with secrets given to you that are within the "switch_distance" limit from you; default is 150 meters. You have to get the contents from the stash after you get a local secret, or they will not be considered "real" by the game after a save.

Secrets farther than 175 meters and secrets for other levels are okay.

Decane, I've got some bug fixes in addition to the ones bardak has implemented in his "Patch 1.0004 Bug Fix Attempt". I'll discuss some of those in the Mod Discussion thread you started...

Hey...i can modify the patch 1.0004??????
to remove him:
"Calculating detailed objects was moved to the second CPU stream"

to other people it is crashes to him for that reason:
" i am play 5 minutes and crashes"
I want to use the new patch because it works with more FPS.

THanks...and sorry for my ENGLISH

S T A L K E R F O R E V E R!!!!!!!
  03:39:17  21 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4302
xLOOMx, if you are running with a Pentium III, you don't have a second CPU, so it might be crashing for a different reason. Look at this thread first:

"Crash To Desktop (CTD): Causes and Treatment":

Look at your log file after a crash. Create a new topic in this forum section and put the [error] information from the log into the post.
  11:05:34  21 September 2007
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On forum: 05/11/2007

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09/21/2007 11:09:01
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xLOOMx, if you are running with a Pentium III, you don't have a second CPU, so it might be crashing for a different reason. Look at this thread first:

"Crash To Desktop (CTD): Causes and Treatment":

Look at your log file after a crash. Create a new topic in this forum section and put the [error] information from the log into the post.

The second CPU stream it is a L2 Cache memory? My L2 Cache its a 256K FSB.
Or these speaking of dual Core????
Thanks for the info, I am going to look for the error. Thanks AGAIN.
  18:11:48  21 September 2007
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On forum: 09/21/2007
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delayed or no spawning

Hi !

I am playing Stalker on my laptop under Windows Vista 32 bit a core 2 duo 7300 2.0 Ghz processor and the 8600M GT 512 Mb graphics card (with "Mobileforce M6 Stock" driver) and 2 gb ram.

After I installed patch 1.004 I have had some serious bugs.
Theee bugs where not present in the 1.000 version of the game.

At first the game krasched every 5 minutes, but after I installed a recent Windows Vista uppgrade (an upgrade that prevents the computer of crashing when running out of virtual adresses and memory.) this problem vanished.

However, now I have another major bug.
Almost everything in the game is "spawning" too late or not at all.
When I open boxes, there is nothing there because the items has not spawed yet, and I can walk past almost all enemies before they spawn.
I have to wait for people to spawn so that I can meet them.
In the Aprom underground I only hear the mutant scream, but there is no mutant to be found, and so on...

This bug really destroys the game.

I would very much appreciate all help I can get to resolve this problem !
  20:13:34  21 September 2007
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Skaarj Hybrid - NaPali survivor


On forum: 07/24/2007
Messages: 647
Among the myriad of bugs and glitches that 1.0004 introduced or didn't fix, my top ranking list remains the same:

1- NPCs dying in the firebins.

2- NPCs dying in the firebins at a fast rate.

3- NPCs dying in the firebins at an exaggerated rate, creating hills of bodies.

4 - NPCs walking collectivelly into anomalies for a grup suicide cermony.

So obvious and idiotic are these bugs, that listed among the top ranking complaints pre-1.0004. When someone with a roof missing half of the tiles, repairs a small broken glass at the window to escape the rain....?????

What was the important fixes that GSC introduced with 1.0004, because I don't see any?
  12:21:28  22 September 2007
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On forum: 07/28/2007
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Almost everything in the game is "spawning" too late or not at all.


I can't confirm "everything", but there are definetely some spawning problems. The Bandit base in wild territorry was almost completely empty, I went in, and suddenly Bandits were spawning directly in front of me.

Bug: Stalker receives permanent radiation damage

Bug: Mission "clear bandits and mercs from Rostok" cannot be completed
I killed everyone in the area, but the mission stays unfinished.

Bug: Kruglov stands motionless after tunnel to Yantar
Happened both in 1.0003 and 1.0004, can be fixed with save & reload.

Bug: "number of stalkers" indicator not working correctly
Just one example: I came out of X18, militaries are shooting at me, but the number is zero.
  12:26:03  22 September 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007
Messages: 1706
LATEST VERSION OF BUG LIST!!! (as of 22.9.2007)

Bugs (still) present in the Official Patch v1.0004 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:

* Upon entering the 100 Rads Bar in the Rostok, the bouncer by the entrance constantly repeats "I said come in, don't stand there" when the player is standing within 5 meters of him. It is very annoying, so I would be appreciative if the amount of time it takes for him to repeat it were greatly reduced, or even better, just have him only say it once each time the player enters the bar.

* The player becomes an enemy to everybody if he/she kills a stalker from a hostile faction in the Bar location.

* In menus where there is a scroll-bar (when for example placing items into your stash, or taking them out), the scroll bar flips to the top after one double-click. This is extremely annoying if you have lots of loot in the bottom: You need to grab the scroll bar each time and scroll down again, which is nerve-recking. Also, the scroll bar itself doesn't function very well....

* .... Because when you grab it, you only need to go 1cm to the side of the bar for it to stop scrolling. Like this:

Here it is still moving..

Here it has stopped moving..

* New Mercenaries spawn every single time after I have left and re-entered the Wild Zone in the Bar Area. It doesn't matter whether I re-enter immediately or after 2 weeks; they always spawn at the same places each time, and in quite large amounts. This is very annoying if you have to make multiple journeys there, when for example looting. It is also unrealistic, and takes away from the immersion quite a lot. I also somehow have a feeling that this "bug" isn't only limited to that particular area. Please do something about this, preferably making the respawning of NPCs be independent of whether or not the player has exited the area, and only have it rely on the respawn timer.

* The repetition of certain lines of speech extends far beyond just the bouncer mentioned first in this post. Please fix this, as it's very immersion-breaking to hear "get out of here stalker, we don't let just any loser go through", "get out of here stalker, we don't let just any loser go through", "get out of here stalker, we don't let just any loser go through", etc. etc. again and again. (This particular line of speech gets repeated by the Duty Soldiers in front of the gate to the Bar Area in the Garbage Area)

* Sometimes NPC's block doorways, and if they do not move, there is nothing you can do about it except shoot them (which you shouldn't have to do to get them to move), or reload a previous savegame because you cannot push the NPC even the slightest bit by walking against him in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. A good example of this is the ecologist in the green suit at the Yantar bunker: I have not once gotten in the bunker without having him block the innermost door. I'm always forced to load a savegame to get him to realize that all the Zombies have been dealt with! (he's always in a crouching position with his gun pointed outside, usually through the door, so I'm assuming he still thinks there are hostiles in the area)

* When trying to sneak, you are detected by the enemy. You then try to load a savegame where you have not yet been detected, but your enemy/enemies will act as if he/they have seen you! Even though you just loaded a save where they have not yet done so! For the record, this bug is still present in patch v1.0004.

* Some monsters show up as being "friendly" after having killed them.

* Enemies sometimes shoot through walls.

* In some maps, there are farmhouses which have ladders you can climb to reach the top floor of the farm house. Going up is not a problem, but sometimes there is a wooden ledge blocking admission to the ladder when trying to get down. The player then needs to jump out of the farmhouse, and sometimes even this doesn't work. Please fix this collision bug.

* The dialog with Bes at the Garbage after repelling the bandit raid is borked:

* A small spelling error spotted in the "Duty Illusion" Local Folklore diary entry: In one part of the entry there is written: "...that'll be the end of me I though...", even though it should be "thought" with a "t" in the end. See image below.


* The hand model for the SPAS-12 shotgun is flawed, where the hand is suffering from a lack of smoothing and the wrist seems to have a spline-based issue. (taken from another person's post)

* Zombies still run away from grenades, even after applying patch v1.0004! To test this, go to Yantar and throw a grenade near the batch of Zombies residing near the helicopter. See them running away? I do.

* Upon entry to Yantar, a random mission of "Destroy the Zombie" often pops up. This mission is given by Voronin.

* Upon entry to Yantar, a random mission of "Wipe out the Snork camp" often pops up. This mission is given by the trader ecologist in the bunker.

* When you click on the encyclopedia in your PDA, and read the entries, they go from green "unread" status to white "read" status. However, when you save and reload, the entries are green again! The game does not remember that they have been read.

* Reputation randomly goes to "Terrible", even when actions warranting such a status have not been undergone.

* When having nightvision enabled, picking up another type of armor results in the nightvision being turned off.

* When having nightvision enabled and entering a new area, it no longer activated after changing to the new area.

* The green map markers for the following places won't go away after completing their coinciding missions:

- Lab X-16

- The Bandit base in Cordon

- The Duty base in Rostok (bring the Bulldog 6 from the village)

* PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS BUG! IT DESCRIBES A BROKEN MISSION! Poker is still nowhere to be found. I had a savegame at the Bar, when I updated my game from v1.0003 to v1.0004. I then walked into the Duty base in Rostok, to undertake the Poker mission from General Voronin, and went to the Dark Valley where Poker was supposed to be located. Well, I slaughtered the entire bandit base, triple-checked every location, even shot my gun empty to make noise and attract attention from enemies, but Poker was nowhere to be found. Also, when I clicked on the button in my PDA which normally shows the part of the map where the mission related NPC's are located, it pointed me towards Agroprom. What the heck? So I went to Agroprom, and guess what? Poker wasn't there! Once again, I triple-checked every location, including the underground.

* PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS BUG! IT DESCRIBES A BROKEN MISSION! I was doing a few quests at Agroprom, one of which was a 'bandit elimination' quest, and the other one was a 'defend the camp against bandits' quest, both of which I had received from the Barkeep. So, anyway, I did the quests, and then proceeded into the Agroprom underground tunnels to pursue my journey of meeting the Doctor. Once I got underground, I got a message "destroy the bandits at Agroprom", which was a mission for Sidrocovich. Well, after I had dealt with everything underground, I went back up only to find that I was unable to complete the quest because all the bandits were already taken care of (since I had just done the same quest for the Barkeep)... Please make it so that the undertaking of a quest like this is only possible after the game has checked that a sufficient amount of killable NPCs exist in the game world. Also, I have found this particular bug to be present even if I have not undertaken the "eliminate the bandit camp" quest from the Barkeep!

* PAY SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS BUG! IT DESCRIBES A BROKEN MISSION! Upon entry to the Army Warehouses, a random mission of "defend the border" pops up, but this in itself isn't a bug. What is however a bug, is that the mission is broken (it cannot be completed). Killing all the mutants fails to trigger a "mission complete" notice... Nothing happens.

* When hugging the wall near the first trader's layer, this is what happens at a particular spot:


* There are numerous spelling errors in the PDA entries. Here's an example:

The "c" in "controller" is circled because it should be a capital letter ("C" ) like all the rest of the mutant names.

* The map of the Wild Territory in Rostok gets cut off towards the edge nearest to the Bar when approaching the exit.

* When shooting a hanging corpse..... Well, see for yourself:

This can also be replicated in the case of wooden planks blocking admission into a room (in for example a house in the newbies' camp) by walking against them. (For example, the room in the noob village at the Cordon)

* The "Doctor" has a few polygon spikes coming out of his finger in the cutscene at Strelok's stash, and no, those are NOT graphical artifacts. Nowhere else does it do that in the game, and it's done that every time I've played that spot. Others have confirmed this bug.

* Patch v1.0004 has introduced some very strange spawn issues. Today I did the quest to save Professor Kruglov in the Wild Terrirory, and on my way back to the bar (still in Wild Territory), I came across a group of Duty soldiers. Okay, nothing wrong with that, but... When approaching the exit of Wild Territory which leads to the bar area, a huge pack of assorted mutants suddenly spawned out of nowhere. There were dogs, pseudodogs, snorks, bloodsuckers and rats in the pack of mutants, and I'm telling you, that was one huge pack! I'm talking over 30 creatures! This has never happened before with patches v1.0001 or v1.0003. Another time, I encountered a pack of about 15 dogs which spawned right behind me when I entered Garbage via the Dark Valley.

* Random "Defend the camp" and "Destroy the bandit camp" missions still pop up upon entry to the Garbage. Also Wild Territory now suffers from a random "Eliminate the bandits and mercs" mission. Seriously, either remove the random pop-up missions altogether, or make it so that you can receive the reward from someone nearby, for example one of the stalkers at the warehouse in the Garbage, which you usually have to defend. It's annoying beyond belief to have to travel all the way back to the Cordon just to receive 1000RU for some random mission you didn't even voluntarily undertake.

* Bodies sometimes suddenly disappear, but they can still be searched by pressing "E". They momentarily become invisible, but when they are searched, they become visible again.

*A small typo in the dialog you can go through with Cap at the Border in the Army Warehouse area:

* The M203 grenade launcher says in its description that it can be attached to the GP 37 assault rifle, but it can't. Here's a pic:

When you left-click on the M203, the only option it gives you with a GP 37 in your rifle slot is "drop".

* Grass shadows no longer work after installing patch v1.0004. (I'm assuming this is a bug since it wasn't included in the release notes for the patch)

* The reward for the "Kill the snitch" quest received from Freedom is incorrect. The quest giver will say that he will give you Black Kite, but you receive some other pistol instead. (taken from another person's post)

* The "Shell" artifact is wrongly named "Battery" in the game. The actual Battery artifact constitutes a reduction in shock damage, while the "Shell Battery" constitutes a reduction in burn damage.

* A duty soldier at the barricade in the Bar Area was inside a wall... Here's a picture, notice the gun barrel sticking out:

* There are at least two more Pripyat crashes present in patch v1.0004, according to the member "bardak" in this thread:

"1) Fix for crash/save in Pripyat. Yes, 1.0004 fixes one crash in Pripyat, but there are at least two others."

* Take a look what happens as I walk towards the static blood decal in the ditch before the Duty barricade at Rostok (Bar area):

Far away and everything's swell...

Closer and... Hey, what the heck is that?

Oh so that's how it's gonna be...

* Decals start glitching when player moves away from them:

Even further:

* Light bugs, lots of them, especially in the Bar Area. See the pics below:

Bugged versions:

Non-bugged ones:

The weird thing is, the spots occupied by the bugged light beams are usually the spots occupied by NPCs wearing head-lights in the night, and during night-time, there are no bugged light-beams as can be seen from the images I posted. Coincidence? I doubt it...

* Bugged light in the wall next to the doorman's/bouncer's station in the Bar. I don't really know how to explain this, so you'd better take a look at the screenshots below:



* When a muffler/silencer is attached to a pistol, the game does not recognize that the pistol now takes up one more slot:

Just to be clear on this, all of these bugs are still present in patch v1.0004. Please consult the threads below for more bugs:
  21:21:21  22 September 2007
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The Dane


On forum: 09/22/2007

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09/22/2007 21:23:47
Messages: 2061
Crash is game stopping as user created saves are corrupted.

After installing patch 1.0004 only the Autosaves are OK, saves I do manually, both Quick saves and saves I give a name are corrupted and crashes the game to the desktop while in the Syncronizing fase of loading the savegame. This is quite annoying as the game keeps crashing close to the theater in Pripyat where the Monolith have their camp so currently I'm unable to progress in the game.

Re-installing and patching the game to version 1.0004 does not solve the problem.

The bug submit tool does not work either. If I can get a mail address I could mail the bugreports from the STALKER-SHOC - logs folder.
  04:01:57  23 September 2007
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On forum: 07/11/2007
Messages: 62

1) Even though the readme says zombies no longer run from grenades ... well, they sprint like Carl Lewis in my game. Very funny but annoying.

2) Freedom guards walking in the air between Sniper Towers. This is just plain bizarre.

3) If I have like 5 main rifles in my inventory, I cannot unload/drop the bottom one when I open the inventory. I have no idea why, but it just acts as if there is no object there.

4) Since installing v1.0004, I am noticing dead bodies are taking a lot longer to disappear. This is causing major slowdown when entering areas of heavy warfare where I have killed loads of people (ie, Garbage).

Maybe more, will edit when I remember.
  02:53:39  26 September 2007
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On forum: 09/26/2007

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09/27/2007 10:35:13
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LATEST VERSION OF BUG LIST!!! (as of 22.9.2007)

Bugs (still) present in the Official Patch v1.0004 for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.:

Hi all,
My first post: I single play only:
Patch 1.0004, I can still get another stash from a previously used dead body.
Wild territory runs at 6 frames per second. It started in the far end mercs section and has now moved to include all of wild area. All other maps run at 70/100 fps. I play this game without finishing it because I love the battles with mercs. The only good thing about 1.0004 is the new armor. Does anyone have this problem?
Regards from Cespenar.
I loaded an earlier save and there are no problems. Weird! When the frame rate drops, the sound is also extremely bad. Could it be a sound problem?
Now, if an earlier save plays okay, could there be a bug in the saves that show the problem. It can't be the game if an earlier save works okay.
Edit: I found a clue in the forums. Every time i shot the bad guys they dropped a weapon. A thousand bad guys left a lot of weapons around. I did a litter pickup and the frame rate is now normal.
I also get the sticky door in Cordon. All I can do is load an earlier save.
Regards from Cespenar.
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