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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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  01:46:13  2 November 2021
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On forum: 06/15/2007

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11/02/2021 1:49:20
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so if i were to apply what you typed i would have to wait for max and the squad of freedom to reach the Skull's group, wait for them to fire and then proceed to kill them and maybe that wouldn't hurt the relation with duty correct?

If you are going to go with Max, fellow, it's a good idea to avoid any deals with Skull unless you don't care about uncompleted or failed tasks.

Letting Max and his Freedom group shoot first will keep you from seriously hurting your relationship with Duty. Once Duty is on alert, you would still hurt your relationship by 200 points by shooting at them, but if you have been doing some tasks your relationship is probably greater than zero before you join the attack. There's a debug feature in the Modifier under the _ZRP.cfg's Debug Options page for showing your faction relationship changes. As long as you stay above -400, you should be okay.

That's the normal way to do it.


If you are willing to engage all of Skull's group by yourself by making them enemy first, know that attacking an enemy member of a neutral or friendly faction does not count against your goodwill with the faction. You just have to figure out how to make them your enemy first. Just talk to the last Duty gloater. Make a quicksave here before you talk to him! There's a certain path through his dialog that will really piss him and his buddies off.
  14:06:10  21 January 2022
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On forum: 01/08/2022
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I have encountered 2 bugs which are not mentioned anywhere.

1. If i stealth kill a neutral npc in a beginner camp, even from a sniper rifle from extreme distance, two other npc immediately become aware and turn hostile. Even if they cant find or see me, even if im outside of detection range they still become hostile. That behavior may be encountered in other camps.

2 when using grenades, i can only trow them for about 10 seconds after choosing them. After that they become unresponsive to ANY button(mouse, keyboard), except button 4 which i can remove and choose them again. Throwing grenade resets the 10 sec timer.

  03:49:48  23 January 2022
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On forum: 06/15/2007
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SoHo, welcome to the forum. Thanks for taking the time to report what you have found.

Killing a neutral or friendly loner NPC will automatically make enemies of his group in vanilla. ZRP 1.07 doesn't change this. ZRP 1.09 XR3a will keep them from knowing it was you, as long as you were perfectly stealthy and greater than five meters away from the victim's buddies.*

I can't duplicate the problem with the grenades. I can hold them for a minute and then throw them. What version of the game are you running? Is it from an official source, like Steam or GOG? What region (CIS, NA/WW)? What mods? What changed binary files, like LuaJIT.dll?

This sounds like an engine issue, and no one else has been reporting this. Have you validated your game's installation?

*If you use ZRP 1.09 with a fast PC, I strongly suggest limiting your framerate to 250 fps or less in your video driver; using a vertical sync frequency of 144 Hz works fine. This depends on what your monitor will support. Not limiting the framerate might result in NPCs finishing paths early, like Nimble taking a nap on the way back to the rookie camp after his rescue. Engine has race conditions and the highly-optimized ZRP 1.09 code is starting to expose them...

This might also reduce the coil whine from the GPU and keep the card from overheating in the main menu.
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