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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Question Do YOU want an unofficial patch?
Yes, I'm desperate!
Yeh, why not...
I don't care either way.
Could easily do without it...
Decane, stop spamming the forums with your dumb ideas! NO!
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  09:03:35  12 April 2021
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04/12/2021 9:04:57
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Current Zone Reclamation Project (ZRP) download site:

Please read the documentation in the mod's archive before posting here. And your question might already be answered elsewhere; you can try Google with the search parameter to check this site.

Have a crash? A freeze or lockup? A BSOD? A shutdown? Go here, first:

"Crash To Desktop (CTD): Causes and Treatment":

Crashes still in the patched game:

Read the "Find your log file" section. Most "crashes" are fixable, but we need the info from the end of the log file. Please post the last ten lines of your log file here.

Bugs in STALKER-SoC:
Troubleshooting FAQ:

Feel free to mention any bugs or crashes you know that are missing from the list.

If you don't start a new game, there may still be some minor problems with your saved games. The saves are modified versions of the all.spawn file present when you started your current game. Saved games based on mods might also include custom items from those mods, and support for them will need to be properly merged to avoid crashes.

Changing the logic is the straight fix, but I still believe you should leave a workaround in the dialog tree, just in case.

In that case, you'd have a race condition between two Murk's initial dialog branches, 400 ("Why are you wandering around like a ghost?") and the now-valid 700 branch you quoted ("So? How did it go?" "I slaughtered those beasts." "Wow, you showed them! Know what... go see Skinflint at our base. He pays for good work." "I will"). You can prove this to yourself in your game with the commented-out or removed <dont_has_info>mil_go_to_miser</dont_has_info> line in dialogs_military.xml, or you can use a normal game after the completion of Murk's village bloodsucker task by resetting the mil_go_to_miser info_portion via ZSU's "Info_portion Reset" script.

While I grant that it is only a mild immersion-breaker, the fix is a real fix, because Murk's death makes the dialog crash impossible. And the odds of anyone installing a fixed ZRP with a vanilla save made during that brief, unlikely scenario (Murk's companion dead, so mil_ugrumy_dead is set as you complete the bloodsucker task) is extremely low, and it can be fixed with the workaround. So I'll include that workaround as a Modifier option and notes in the Known_Issues.txt and Vanilla_AllSpawn_with_ZRP.txt files.
  11:11:43  18 April 2021
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04/18/2021 11:21:37
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SHOC shadowsofchernobyl

We are approaching the next anniversary of the 1986 disaster. Sad as that is to say, I've decided that will be the day the final version of this mod will be made public. As a matter of fact it is eight days away. Good news on my end. Successfully restored EAX and it is now implemented in my project. Actually that is a lie. EAX is in the game by default, you just have to crank it up in the system.ltx file and user.ltx to enjoy different soundscaping. However the implementation is limited and not as intense as the preset it was replaced with. Having the option for either and understanding how it is working is good knowledge. It really is such a facelift in the contrast of what hundreds if not thousands of projects have tried to do and what Complete mod for example was supposed to be. Actually enjoy Complete, minus the difficulty tweaking. Speaking of terrifying NatVac if you and other people here ever get the chance should really give this project a playthrough. Brought me a wave of nostalgia from when I first had played the game. It was very unsettling the amount of horror that was genuinely in it. Made my heart pound rapidly exploring the laboratory and in Yantar I didn't even want to leave the bunker, but I had to, to beat the game. Wasn't just going to be stuck there wondering what was supposed to happen. Unsettling is a good word for how Yantar is now. It is going to be a challenge. Not quite as hard as the dream about a month and a half ago about it. Made sure it will be difficult, but realistic to accomplish, because it can very easily BECOME a nightmare. Recommend two fully automatic assault rifles, one of which being a 7.62x39 with HOLLOWPOINT and or INCENDIARY, and a high powered shotgun. Going to need that no question. All I'm going to say is I was in the Labaoratory and had an AR-15 with the trigger held down nearly the entire time. Not even joking about ////////////////////////////////////////// the entire magazine repeatedly to drop what is in store for you down there. Bring alot of ammunition. Definately required
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