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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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  13:56:31  5 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 08/13/2007

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11/05/2007 13:57:48
Messages: 952
Congratulations, and thanks, to the creators of THE ZONE RECLAMATION PROJECT

I have finished the game twice with the Zone Reclamation Project (second time mixing with a mod) and I've had the most enjoyable play-through up to now without any crash or glitch whatsover. The I've found that the patch enchances the game in terms of user interface, technical restoration/enhancement -and as a result of that a perfected stability- and therefore overall enjoyability.

I have also noted that there is a visible -and significant- reduction of stutter that the game 'from the original' suffered, and the game has run smoothly not only in technical level -as said- but also in logical level -mission stability, NPC movements and interactions, etc.- as well. Congratulation to all involved. THQ should endorse it as its official 1.0005 patch.

(You may find this as feedback):

I also played The Zone Reclamation Project mixing with a mod, throwing the ZRP on dezodor's Freeplay II v.3 mod, but by not applying the necassary due and care (and procedures) that the creators of ZRT would advise, and instead, by letting the Windows handle the merging (whatever it asked, answer was "yes"; merge this: yes, overwite that: yes, etc.) in a potentially disaster-inviting way (I was tired that day, no other reason), but even this approach at the end proved and endorsed the level of Stability that ZRP can add into the game engine.

The outcome was a rather interesting one, while the ZRP gained the overall control, dezedor's mod retained some of its core elements. And I've completed the game, again, without any crashes or any other performance -or logical- problems; another smooth ride.

After the mixing, this was the in-game look:

--Wile Zone reclamation Project retained all its technical features, mission & NPC corrective measures, some aspects of the Freeplay II also found added. The overall combination is as such:

--All items were sellable to all NPCs (ZRP)
--No NPC B&Qs (ZRP)
--Corrected dialogs -such as the doorman at 100 rads Bar (ZRP)
--No sleeping bag (off the dezodor's mode Freeplay II)
--Although the weight limit registered as 50 kg, actuall weight-carrying capacity of 150 kg remained (as Freeplay II)
--There were blow-outs (as Freeplay II) -would not miss them if they went-
--Option of being a Duty member was retained (as Freeplay II)
--No vehicles (off Freeplay II)
--Some of Freeplay's added level changers remained, though were not visible (no halo effect) -such as the one in front of the newbie camp in Cordon.
--Freeplay's zombies/creatures remained, expect in Pripyat and in NPP. There were blow-outs in both areas, but none of the creatures/zombies/controllers respawned in either areas.
--Zombie/creature/controller attack on Army Warehouses at the point of attempted exit by Marked One remained (but proved to be unsuccessful -Max team AI recognised the danger and moved to attack on them)
--Heavy Radiation around NPP complex (off Freeplay II)
--Zone Reclamation Project found overall dominant as Freeplay II cheased to exist by loosing its main purpose of offering return to Pripyat and beyond. NO level changer -back to Pripyat- found operational once the player enters NPP. No return. (off Freeplay II)

{ PS. I found that I can now kill with one or two shots, period. A lot of ammo still remains; but no one to sell. (that is nothing to do with any of the patches/mods }

I hope I did not take too much space and time, and hope that this may be found useful. Thanks again.
  06:55:38  6 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4297
Wow, Nightwatch. That is very high praise, indeed. Maybe some of it will get back to bardak, who has fixed most of the common crashes and some of the quests. The rest of us will take credit for the rest of the fixes and features.

I am surprised that your method of merging didn't produce problems. It sounds like dezodor's mod's modules were fairly self-contained.

The weight capacity shouldn't have been affected, unless you were using the optional actor.ltx_alt1 file renamed to actor.ltx, in which case you would also need the system.ltx.alt1 to fix the display -- but it's better that you didn't, because I would expect Free Play II to have its own...

That would also explain the somewhat-improved accuracy -- but you were probably getting more head shots; they tend to do a lot more damage.

The Free Play II mod is likely responsible for the trade changes you saw.

I would expect that the reason you didn't see the level changers for true "free play" is that they are usually defined in the all.spawn file, and you likely overwrote the Free Play II all.spawn with the one in the ZRP. The same would go for other features not working. But if you found additional level changers in Cordon, either Free Play II has dynamic level changers or you are using FP II's all.spawn.

Thanks for taking the time to recount your experiences, Nightwatch. These are good notes, and should prove useful for mod merging in the future. Looks like the all.spawn file is needing some special attention...
  18:44:44  7 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/04/2007

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11/07/2007 18:45:12
Messages: 1705
Hey NatVac, I've got a small question for you: does the idle_time parameter also work without ZRP (i.e. can I just add the parameter and its corresponding value without using ZRP)?

PS: On the topic of what to have as defaults in ZRP, I agree with the others - only the fixes should be default. None of that fancy PDA/color message/text placement tweak stuff, and yes, even the repositioning of main menu items ought to go. It's one thing to have them as available potential features, but to have them shoved into your face isn't nice (No offense! The features are well executed for what it's worth, it's just that people will not want so many changes when in reality all they want are fixes).

EDIT: A typo.
  07:19:58  8 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4297
I'm preparing a update with a first cut at a configuration utility. It supports variable modification and file swaps. Support for checkbox control of features is coming, but I need to get something out for folks to test.

Defaults will be as close to vanilla as I can get it at the moment -- except that some changes will need to wait for updates to the config utility. That includes a couple of the things you might not want, Decane, but at least the PDA changes will not be the default option.

Yes, you can just add the idle_time parameter if you want to the task_manager.ltx file. But the game adds it for you since it is normally not supplied. Or is that where you want the change -- in the script file where the default is set? If so, look a bit earlier in this thread to the related discussion between omero and me.

Also: what's a "fix" and what's a feature? When this thread started, Decane, you wanted tasks "fixed". But they weren't really broken, they were just not what most people wanted.

With the config tool, that should eventually be something one can change with a click of a button. So it won't matter whether it's a fix or a feature; we can choose what we want.

However, all.spawn changes will not be tweakable by the normal user.*

If the upcoming changes still fall short, let me know what would make you happy. Also, you might look for the official 1.0005 patch. I understand it is undergoing "final tests" at the moment.

Victim and Fatrap, when the next update is released, you'll want to take a look how we can quickly switch between different forms for inventory, trade and search via the config utility. The stuff is very customizable in just a couple of clicks. This way we can supply that cool trade grid you've done, Victim, and still keep the users who want fewer squares happy. We might need to discuss the approaches, but the customization files are easy to generate.

I'll be releasing another version in a short while after that, to update the utility based on feedback and to incorporate additional "bug" fixes, Victim's work, and additional/expanded configuration files.

DC-, the fixed treasure_manager.script.normal should be included in the next update.

*I've seen a complaint that the removal of the in-your-face request to return to Dark Valley after you return to the Garbage actually introduced a bug rather than fixed one: the dialog was reportedly put there to protect you from your stupidity in rushing back into a radiation zone.
  20:42:03  8 November 2007
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On forum: 10/21/2007

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11/08/2007 20:45:57
Messages: 47
Hello! It's me again

NatVac that config interface sounds great and will surely make lots of people happy!
Speaking of the inventory grids... I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't see it happen under my eyes. I was watching brother play over his shoulders and he was at Sid, using the blue stash over there. Suddenly I noticed something: he was swapping things from the stash very bottom to backpack and... WHAT?!? The grid wasn't being reset back up!
The stash was crowded with different outfits, weapons, artefacts, I struggled to see a pattern of what could be "nailing" the grid but I couldn't . When I suggested him to close the dialog and open it again, the well known behavior was back. *SIGH*. I'm sure I've seen it...

Oh, one more thing. In .../scripts/gulag_dark_valley.script,
around line 231:

 "ignore_ distance_sound          = 30n" ..

I guess that the blank space after the underscore shouldn't be there.
Found this with grep(*) on "distance" for a way to calculate distance between player and a stash during give_treasure() time...

(*) grep is the Unix command for searching strings and patterns in a file...
  21:06:03  9 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4297
Interim Version 1.04 with Configuration Tool

Okay, the latest is now 1.04, with the Modifier configuration program included, with a couple of configuration files, _ZRP and Actor.

This version is much more vanilla, which should make a lot of people happy, and Decane less unhappy.

Other changes in this release:

The Dark Valley scam jeering no longer repeats after the first sale. (Requires new game.)

Skull's group no longer repeats the examination and remarks over the bodies of the Freedom group as you enter the Army Warehouses level from the Bar. (Requires new game.)

You can now set the default idle time delay before a task can be re-offered.

A scrollbar slider button issue on searches was corrected, thanks to Fatrap.

A vanilla Dark Valley NPC hearing problem was fixed, thanks to omero.

A crash in vanilla that occurs when one does not defend the border from the Monolith and then leaves and returns to the area, was fixed.

Options now include the ability to turn off the white-out radiation effect, and quite a bit more.

If you have an earlier version, you can just copy the new version over the top of the old -- but I highly recommend backing up your gamedata\config and gamedata\scripts directories, first.

Download link (2MB): [link][/link]

MD5 checksum on the executable in the archive:
5e89ce8ad4a6d6e193d8df4e7fd05c76 *Modifier.exe

This is an interim release; expect an update in a bit as more vanilla bug fixes are added and Victim's new stuff is included.

Please let me know any errors or needed corrections, or any other feedback, especially on the configuration tool and its documentation, or the associated configuration files and their docs.
  22:16:15  9 November 2007
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short-haired anarchist hippy scum


On forum: 08/26/2007

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11/09/2007 22:20:14
Messages: 790
Nice! This works a lot better than using an installer program to make these sorts of changes.

How flexible is your Modifier program? I haven't dug into it yet, but it looks fairly straightforward, though I'm not sure how powerful it is yet (IOW, whether we can adapt it for Extreme).

ETA: Never mind, I've got it. Pity it doesn't support embedding diff files or something, but it's hardly a deal-breaker. Now to start folding this into Extreme...
  02:29:00  10 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4297
Looks like 1.0005 might only fix the Bes dialog for single-player, from comments I've seen. It seems to be mostly a multiplayer game fix.

Thanks for the quick acknowledgement, silverpower. Before you get too far: I'll be adding support for checkbox switches. This will allow turning items on/off by commenting/uncommenting lines, among other things.

But maybe it could be used for toggling blocks of text, either code or configuration data, via a diff-like comparison: lines starting with "-" are used if the box is unchecked, and lines starting with "+" go in if the box is checked.

Or maybe something else would work better. It's okay; this is not set in stone and we can always support more formats. Again: suggestions very welcome. Any constructive comments or observations will help make this more useful to everyone.

I can't give you everything at once, you know. It keeps me from being "strangled".

Also note that I prepended an underscore on the ZRP configuration file. This is to move it to the top, above the Actor config file. For Extreme, you might want the same; just remove the underscore from the ZRP config file and put one on the Extreme config. Then make the corresponding config notes filenames match.
  02:11:06  11 November 2007
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Senior Resident

On forum: 05/21/2005
Messages: 1089

Looks like 1.0005 might only fix the Bes dialog for single-player, from comments I've seen. It seems to be mostly a multiplayer game fix.

Honestly, I don't mind that at all. The less work I have to do towards making Extreme compatible with the next patch, the better. Besides, there will hardly be anything left for GSC to fix once you're done NatVac.

180 slot inventory:
  09:08:22  11 November 2007
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On forum: 01/08/2005
Messages: 353
When i tryied to go back to red forest from pripyat i was thrown in front of 5-10 monolith soldiers.Nearly impossible to fight trough them.

Aslo , why cant we go to the stadium area in Pripyat ? It would be nice place to explore.
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