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ZRP - A joint effort in fixing S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

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Question Do YOU want an unofficial patch?
Yes, I'm desperate!
Yeh, why not...
I don't care either way.
Could easily do without it...
Decane, stop spamming the forums with your dumb ideas! NO!
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  14:38:14  13 April 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4286
The links to the current Zone Reclamation Project (ZRP) download site are in the first post on the previous page.

ERForman, Cromm Cruac discusses aspect ratio relationships in scope images and links to an illustration on page 12 of this thread:

"WIP COP-inspired inventory", page 12:

Looks like the standard/wide-screen ratio is 0.8 for scaling those 4x3/5x4 scope images in GIMP or PS or other paint program to look okay in wide-screen. This means shrink the base image horizontally, then center it in a blank form using the original dimensions. This adds 204 to the width, 102 pixels each side.

I've incorporated BobBQ's feedback re AIPack (thanks!). I'm organizing an adapter for the Rulix (Bak)/AIPack stuff to ensure initial compatibility with the R3 release. It looks like the install instructions would be: 1) install ZRP 1.07 R3, 2) install Rulix and/or AIPack with adapter files (Modifier option), 3) tweak settings, and 4) play. I'll probably need some independent verification...

weidrik, re Agroprom Spetsnaz: the secret is to let them see you on the rooftop, then move away from the roof edge so that you are no longer visible to them. They will then come after you. One can peek to see them approaching in the building connection tunnel after that, or one can increase the still_visible_time in config\misc\actor.ltx (or Modifier > Actor configuration > Enemy on Radar) to track their approach while hidden.

Lijenstina, that could very well be the reason for the blank after "! Unknown command:" for the one experiencing it. I recall stopping it from occurring in the log when the game tried to process the unsupported r__wallmark_ttl and rs_skeleton_update directives in rspec_*.ltx simply by removing those lines.

Any "Executing [...]" line just before some references to "! Unknown command:" could be used to identify the source.

Right now, case81, the MonoMartyrs are barely tolerated by the factions normally enemy with Monolith. MonoMartyrs are not after them, just you for your role in the loss of their life purpose. See gamedata\modcfg\MonoMartyr.cfg.txt for back-story details, or select the MonoMartyr configuration in the Modifier and click the Config Notes button.

You can change the eight occurrences of "-350" in config\creatures\game_relations.ltx to "-5000" to make the MonoMartyrs enemies with Duty, Freedom, mercenaries and loners. Be prepared for the complete destruction of those factions by the tougher MonoMartyrs, and a big whack to the game's economy. It is usually more effective to use ERForman's approach.

ZaGaR, while Fox's over-alertness could very well be "a mod problem", I'd like to note that there are a lot of permutations that need to be considered. One possibility is that while a normal playthrough will switch the bridge soldiers online before Fox as you approach in normal gameplay, a save made at a particular location might exhibit the problem when reloaded because Fox switches online before or at the same time as the soldiers.

I had the problem happen to me in the early days of 1.0004. I didn't like the idea of having to hurt Fox to get the info I needed, so I added the ignore_distance fixes and that problem never recurred.

Maybe it happened more in mods because you died more. Or perhaps it's a 1.0004 issue, favored by those mods in the early days of 1.0005. Or maybe the mods had sounds with bad or missing STALKER sound attribute comments that made NPCs hyper-alert.

I recall that you had an issue with Petruha's "returning to starting positions" comment that I didn't, initially -- it took me months to get it to happen, and even with Lijenstina's fix for the companions it could happen with a logic reset to a different state if Petruha lived. (That should be gone with the imminent ZRP update.)

You also had a logic reset issue with Kruglov/Sakharov that I've never seen since I deployed some logic changes there.

I never have the delayed-spawn issue. But then I play with a single-core processor, yet another permutation.

>> What's this doing on page 3?

And Steelyglint applies the forum thread form of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, whereby the inquiry of a thread's position changes that position!

I'm working on the next release in my sporadic spare time, giving it a higher priority than posting. I ran out of time the last time I posted, in the middle of a lot of power issues following that recent north Texas tornado event. Strangely, around here if the power stays on after a storm, the next couple days tend to contain a few electrical power hiccups.

I'm still working through the minutia of managing the ZRP/Grenadier/AIPack/Rulix AI permutations, but there's not too much more to go.
  21:44:43  13 April 2012
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Skaarj Hybrid - NaPali survivor


On forum: 07/24/2007
Messages: 647
Permutations is a bitch, I agree. And I'm playing on dual/quad cores from quite sometime.

I simply am reporting what to me seems the most common occourrence, running with my setup(s). I did not have any recall of the Fox problem with vanillas of the past. The quick test, for what is worth, confirmed that. Also, the past of this forum is not filled with people pulling their hair for this problem. It makes me think its probability is rather low.

The integration of the full AiPack, let alone its enhancement with Rulix's extensions, is a big step with many unkonwns. I would not vote for that, considering that schemes like Medic and Tamagochi (suit upgrade) result in irrational/illogical situations. Anyway, that's to be tested extensively before passing any judgement.
  06:48:28  16 April 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 04/12/2007
Messages: 224
wide screen scopes

Found the fix, working just fine now.
  10:31:19  21 April 2012
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Senior Moderator

On forum: 04/10/2007
Messages: 8995
Just wanted to thank you for your joint effort. Can't imagine replaying SoC without it.
  16:08:50  25 April 2012
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Skaarj Hybrid - NaPali survivor


On forum: 07/24/2007
Messages: 647
BAC9, were you involved in any level in the making of AIpack?
  10:34:21  1 May 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 11/06/2011
Messages: 213
allow task rejection

I'd like to use function alllow_task_rejection included in zrp in vanilla 1.0004 task_manager.script. Is this even posssible ? And what should I change in this script and maybe other files ?
  11:59:06  3 May 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007
Messages: 4286
A special day just passed, and I saw nary a comment about it: On May 1, 2012, this universe caught up with the beginning of the great adventure in STALKER SoC's fictional one. Just after 5 am local time that day, I celebrated by uploading the 1.07 R3 version of the ZRP. Details follow in a subsequent post.

>> It makes me think its probability is rather low.

Yes, ZaGaR, the probability of that problem is low. Some problems appear only under very unusual circumstances. My obsessive-compulsive goal is zero probability of bugs, which means I will die young. --Okay, not young, but sooner than normally.

Eventually there will be no "road not taken". Remember when you encountered a dialog crash with Murk because you killed all the bloodsuckers before talking to him? The more permutations explored, the more problems revealed and hopefully solved. Because unexplored paths yet remain, I can't claim that someone's report is wrong.

Your concerns about the AIPack/Rulix are also my concerns. I'm not providing the "full" pack, though. The Grenadier part will be completely replaced by your version, as it is much more practical and more lightweight, both in size and gameplay load. I did make some minor compatibility adjustments mainly with #include organization, as you will see.

Aside from basic functionality and compatibility, the AI stuff will be without warranty or guaranteed support.

I'm providing more choices in a form compatible with the ZRP mentality: no need for a new game, works with 1.0004/1.0005/1.0006, and relatively easy to enable/disable.

I do have to say that I did enjoy starting a new game, using TZIO to enter free play (equip only), changing to the Red Forest level (TZIO teleport only), jumping across the level via Esc J to below the sniper roost, and then joining in the mess between Duty, Freedom and the Monolith while grenades and grenade launcher use were enabled. Even a pseudogiant and a poltergeist crashed the party.

ERForman, I'm curious: Did you use a mod for wide-screen scopes?

Just wanted to thank you for your joint effort. Can't imagine replaying SoC without it.

Hey, it's BAC9-FLCL, the Prometheus who brought the fire of Russian mods to the western world! I saw this and went eep! because I was in the process of preparing the latest ZRP release. Maybe you can play it again in a few years, just before I release the next version.

r_populik, allow_task_rejection is a flag variable for that feature. You should be able to add that functionality by following the references. Start by comparing task_manager.script versions between 1.0004 and the ZRP (which works with 1.0004 AND later patches). The additional dialog line is added by a function call like the rest of the dialog stuff. It helps to have a good find-in-files search function like that found in Notepad++ and a good file compare function like that in WinMerge.
  12:11:15  3 May 2012
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Senior Resident

On forum: 06/15/2007

Message edited by:
05/04/2012 22:46:28
Messages: 4286
ZRP 1.07 R3 is out. Download link is on previous page. Please follow the instructions and avoid copying the new version over the old. You can merge in your changes -- and may definitely need to do so if you modified weaponry and the like. In that case note the new #include structure for custom weapons and items.

Edit: Special NOTE: The "AIPack -- Grenadier NPCs" entry in the May 1, 2012 version of the Experimental_AI.cfg file installs the wrong file when "Enable" is selected. ("Disable" works fine.) However, the basic install choices for the "* Rulix/xStream's AI Install *" will install the right file, pre-enabled for use. If you selected "Enable" for the "AIPack -- Grenadier NPCs" entry after installing the whole AIPack, you can use the Revert button for the "AIPack -- Grenadier NPCs" entry to restore the correct file.

The fixed file is available separately on the website, and is already incorporated into the May 3, 2012 release. Or you can fix it yourself:

Edit gamedata\modcfg\Experimental_AI.cfg. Find this line:


Change it to say this:


Save the file. It will work correctly after that.

Thanks go to bamah for reporting this.

Also remember to copy the optional\_custom_zrp.script up a directory if you want macros and jumps. If you already use that file AND have changed it with your custom jumps, please merge it with the R3 version.

Changes in 1.07 R3 over ZRP 1.07 XR2
General changes (NatVac and others as noted):
• Prevent accidental membership in Freedom. (MrSeyker)
• Restored original odds of finding grenades on bodies.
• Prevent dialog crash when talking with wounded NPCs that are normally enemy (bandits, mercs, military, monolith).
• Prevent Petruha's team from repeating his report should he die afterward (Lijenstina, NatVac per ZaGaR).
• Fixed missing hit@ and death@ logic section references reported by castl.
• Fixed typos in meet@ logic for Freedom trader and armory guard.
• Changed on_meet@ to meet@ logic for AW Freedomers.
• Red Forest cut/paste logic errors corrected per Lijenstina.
• Removed unused level and test logic.
• Sleeping bag support added. (Speed/Ab@dDon/fatrap/NatVac)
• Guardian of Freedom 3rd-person view corrected per Riddle.
• Post DV-scam replacement loners don't also follow scam triggers.
• Wide-screen inventory text spacing tweak by Riddle.
• General script cleanup: used # instead of table.getn(), commented out printf()/print_table() in supplied scripts. Commented out some unused functions/tables.
• Fixed chapter selection progress if equipping only a knife but not entering free play (strange choice). Also, items no longer needed are removed.
• Antirad injection via Esc F1 now only occurs if you are irradiated; no wasted antirad doses.
• Autosaves can be automatically renamed for each level.
• Controller noise will now fade after your death -- wait for quiet before reloading a save if told to do so.
• Unlocked and opened Monolith Control C-Con doors after dealing with C-Con using existing vanilla game. This means true free play without having to start anew or resort to intra-level jumps or debug teleport, etc.
• Removed ST-incompatible psydog from Pripyat gulag list and corresponding check function.
• Increased RPM respawn delay max from 596 hours to 596000 hours (68 game years).
• Added overspawn protection to RPM for mod support.
• Minor sound repetition tweaks, additional X19 cooling pump theme.
• Added missing self ref to better look at target of speaker per castl.
• Lowered Agroprom-to-Yantar dynamic level changer height per ERForman.
• Updated Changes: new sleeping bag, explosives; revised medkits, flipped antirad and a couple of artifacts to see the inventory numbers better.

All.spawn changes/fixes since XR2 (requires new game):
• Fixed snork respawner typo found by Lijenstina.
• Adjusted DV-scam zone check per ERForman.
• Restored VOG-25 grenades to bandit inventory box spawn.
• Poker kept out of smart terrains until switched online. To keep him interesting, his spawning is also delayed.
• X18 dream not shown in free play (reported by ERForman).
• Return to Bar level before visiting Sakharov no longer denies you ecologist suit reward if you first saved Kruglov in Rostok (per romulous et alia).
• Adjusted level changer map markers for Bar-Garbage and Army Warehouses-Red Forest.
• Kruglov attack's surviving mercs can't join quest target before going offline per weidrik.
• Army Warehouses Freedom sniper zone stops making Freedom your enemy if Skull's group dead.
• Army Warehouses "Defend border from Monolith" quest now accepts all dead/wounded per BobBQ.
• Above-ground tunnel door keypad now safe to bump. (Lijenstina)
• Freedom HQ door guard added to bypass possible delay on Alife spawn reported by Riddle.
• Adjusted ph_sound uses of pump cooling sounds to make them actually work properly.
• Removed smart_terrain assignment from Pripyat psydog. Normally offline since 1.0004, it would crash games based on 1.0003 or earlier.
• Changed NPP building battle sound switch-off triggers from non-existent aes_blowout info_portion to one obtained in Monolith Control.
• Changed one more chopper to not sound altitude alarm at final path end.
• Fixed monolith camp capacity typo found by Lijenstina.
• Reduced height of gar_way_if_reject_to_bar (level changer reject/ZRP level jump position).

Modifier changes (NatVac unless noted):
• Autosave choices added.
• Sleeping bag enable/disable.
• CGI cutscenes are now always skippable.
• Inventory vanilla grid choices added per lowenz.
• Freedom Vs. Duty configuration added to permit joining Duty or Freedom, or gaining access to Freedom armory. (MrSeyker)
• Hint now warns of possible weather mod collision for env_ambient.ltx (ERForman).
• Revert for Weather Choices removes both modded files.
• xStream's AIPack, Rulix AI and a ZaGaR-customized version of xStream's Grenadier are now available as installable and configurable options.
• NPC Use Single Item Rule added. Now you can change it without having to edit a file.
• Door Repair/Door Removal scripts added.
• Mark By Partial Name script added to marking scripts.
• Wording changed to make clear that a full version of Quest Overhaul (Decane, with NatVac modifications/extensions) is included (not-default option).
• Updated Real Gun Names and associated files per MrSeyker.
• A special configuration file is included for tweaking ZRP for even more vanilla behavior.

Debug changes (NatVac):
• Optional functionality moved from _z.script to zx.script. Move, rename or delete zx.script if that functionality is not desired.
• User-defined macros can be manually assigned, and menu keys can be redefined. Optional file _custom_zrp.script must be copied from scripts\optional to scripts, or you must merge the changes with any existing scripts\_custom_zrp.script.
• Esc 1 will use an existing medkit. scientific medkit, or army medkit in that order, or if Marked One is not seriously hurt or not bleeding, will use food.
• Esc Home opens the sleeping bag dialog directly via macro. (Sleeping bag does not need to be enabled for this; you can save inventory space.)
• Esc D O now uses game's CLSIDs which can vary in mods.

See docs\DebugSupportChanges.txt for details.

ZRP Support Utilities Changes (NatVac):
These changes require the re-installation of the ZSU scripts. If you have edited your scripts, be sure to back them up and merge the changes.
• Added quick-key option to a few scripts which saves clicks and keystrokes:
Faction Friendship
Faction Relationship Repair
Repair Weapon or Armor
Spawn AP Ammo For Weapon
• Added door/gate/switch repair and door removal scripts.
• Added Mark By Partial Name script.
• Added script to fix the Rostok Merc/Bandit quest. It must be copied from scripts\optional\ to scripts\ for use. It is not needed for a new ZRP 1.07 R3 game.

This version has not been tested with 1.0005/1.0006 or with dynamic lighting, but I do expect it to work just fine, being just a minor update to 1.07 XR2. I may have overlooked something in the compilation assembly, some fixes might impact logic branches that I did not test and the new AI additions have not been exhaustively exercised, so I'm counting on your feedback.

Please report any problems or issues here. I don't bite, unless you are a tasty Nymlit.
  15:07:22  3 May 2012
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100RadsBar - Formerly known as LoboTheMan


On forum: 06/03/2009
Messages: 1710
Downloaded will take a swing at it this weekend.

Just a quick question.

What is the difference between: EggChen's revamped particles.xr and the Particle Enhancement mod?

I guess apart from the blue Witches Jelly?

Is the ACDC tool still the best/preferred to compile/decompile the all.spawn?

And yay I saw my name in the ReadMe (and yes I always read the whole Readme )
Although I can't quite remember if I have said (or contributed) something useful

But thank for your extensive work on ZRP so far
  15:20:30  3 May 2012
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On forum: 02/17/2008

Message edited by:
05/03/2012 15:21:09
Messages: 1158


Is the ACDC tool still the best/preferred to compile/decompile the all.spawn?


The best ACDC is the universal one, it has config folder scanning capabilities too - but it still can't unpack the Priboi Story all.spawn (xrSpawner can open and edit it only):

I wrote a step-by-step tutorial about how to work on all.spawn (on vanilla, ZRP, some mods...) with aiwrapper+converter+level editor+xrAI - but i can't upload it to the mod wiki.
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