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Developers respond!!!

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  13:25:02  5 May 2006
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Senior V.I.P.

On forum: 12/07/2005
Messages: 15
Heroes. Beta version. Patch 1.1

We are happy to report the players’ extensive feedback and very active participation in testing of the recently launched beta version of Heroes of Annihilated Empires. In the heat of the testing process, we would like to highlight the goals which we primarily pursue with this open beta test effort.


1. To demonstrate the current state of the game, specifically the engine, graphics and the gameplay basics. This in mind, we had assembled a separate, non-game mission to represent the above-mentioned elements on one map. It should be noted that by far not all of the game mechanics were demonstrated, while many elements present in the version are rather abridged too:
• The mission has incomplete upgrades system, no flying units, fleet, walls, which the full game will provide;
• There has not been activated the possibility to select enemy units, view their vulnerable spots, characteristics and abilities;
• The mission does not have AI in the sense of «choosing the weakest target spots», «maneuvering», «evaluating enemy strength», «base build-up».

2. Due to the game being done on the new engine – to test the game version compatibility with various non-standard configurations (which are very common as the test proved);

In response to the feedback and multiple requests of the players to have tried the beta version, we have prepared the first patch fixing a considerable number of technical and game bugs, so as improving the performance drastically.


Critical! 1. Black screen bug, aka blinking screen bug fixed (a problem
with wrong display drivers so that the game does not understand the maximal usable screen refresh rate). The options added to the launcher (HeroesOfAE.exe) allow you to choose in between safe mode or higher refresh rate.

Major! 2. Pathfinding improved (but still to be improved in further versions)

Major! 3. Arrows and 2-3fps bug fixed (arrows no longer stay on the ground)

Major! 4. Performance considerably increased owing to new shadow quality option added (low)

Major! 5. Fog of war method completely redone (panoramic view (PageDown(View) high zoom out) looks stunning)

Minor! 6. Minor change in mission script. AI increases power through time by carrying out zombie upgrades. It gets tougher to play now on later stages of the game.

Minor! 7. Zooming function changed to allow deeper zoom-in no need to constantly press the zooming button, the stances switching now (zoom-in, standard view, zoom-out)

Minor! 8. Game logic changed to increase the performance (enables performance boost on virtually all machines)

Minor! 9. Smaller balance tweaks

Info! 10. In-game hint with hot-key info added

Surprise!!! 11. Interface redone (new styling)


We will be happy to continue receiving your feedback on the game on our forums:
  17:16:21  5 May 2006
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Senior Resident

On forum: 08/14/2003
Messages: 285
Superb news Maxam!!!

Downloading now

I also wanted to add to this thread, that it feels like a breeze of fresh air seeing you guys (meaning GSC) communicating this way.

If possible, it would be great to see some responces and communications from a few programmers, 3D artists who are working on the game. Maybe even like a WEEKLY journal, one week from the programming department, the other from the 3D artists department
  18:26:44  5 May 2006
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Don Reba
Bishop and Councilor of War


On forum: 12/04/2002

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Don Reba
05/05/2006 18:30:44
Messages: 11732
• The game does not slow down as much.
• Pathfinding is much better.
• The interface looks better.
• Fog of war looks better.
• Zoom is better.

• The game still gives less than 5 FPS on my computer, which is way above the minimum requirements, and almost meets the recommended requirements. The game complains that there is too little video memory - 112 MB. The minimum requirements call for 64 MB.
• Now that the first-person mode is disabled, it is impossible to pass the mission when an enemy gets onto a cliff, which happens often enough.
  23:45:32  6 May 2006
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On forum: 04/30/2006
Messages: 5
After 3 minutes into the patch.

Your tool tips are broken. When I level up, the icons display the tool tips of the first level options... even when you get the expanded list when you skip a level.

Also, thanks for the new stat icons. They look better than a lawsuit to me.

Anywho, back to the game.
  11:49:51  8 May 2006
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sunset dreamer
On forum: 04/25/2006
Messages: 2
sorry but as far as im concerned the patch gets a big uurrgh!

1) Pathfinding didnt seem any different
2) Fog of war made me feel like i was role playing mr magoo, unable to see a horde of undead at more than 10 paces. At the very least the speed at which the fog is lifted needs to match your speed, and i think should be bigger than the distance it is now. When moving you litterally dont see anything until you walk into it!
3) Potions are now borken, they work maybe once in 4 times you click on them
4) Sound effects are now broken
5) Difficulty has been increased and is better (the ONLY improvement for the patch)
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