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GSC Game World Board Rules

Forum administration bears no responsibility for a prejudice caused to a registered board member or a guest by another registered user. It is the author of the post who shall be held responsible for such a detriment. Administration will do everything in its power to prevent any damage, disadvantage or harm to registered users.

Forums are constantly monitored by moderators to maintain threads clean and user-friendly.

The moderators may and will:

  • Delete ads.
  • Delete flood (unreasonably large amount of posts by the same user).
  • Delete/lock messages/threads about warez and No-CD software.
  • Delete/lock/move threads not pertinent to the forum subject matter.
  • Delete/lock threads where users sort out their relationship with the developers or other registered users in an unacceptable manner.
  • Delete MESSAGES IN CAPITAL LETTERS if they were posted so for no apparent reason.
  • Delete messages abounding in emoticons for no apparent reason.
  • Delete/lock threads that are duplicates of those already created/locked/deleted.
  • Delete messages containing explicit language.

Advertorial messages posted by a person or corporate body shall be deleted without any notice.

Messages that are not pertinent to the subject matter of the thread, do not contain useful information, do not reflect well-reasoned and well-grounded opinion of the author, addressed to a small group of users or dealing with personal issues that are of interest to this specific group, may be deleted at discretion of the administration without any notice. However, reasonable amount of private messages is acceptable.

Messages/threads about hacking the game copy protection system will be deleted at discretion of the administration without any notice.

Messages/threads with abusive and offensive content addressed to any user or site administration will be deleted/locked at discretion of the administration without any notice.

Messages/threads containing severe explicit language will be deleted/locked at discretion of the administration without any notice.

Threads that are duplicates of the previously created and active threads may be locked/deleted at discretion of the administration without any notice. To avoid confusion, it is strongly recommended to use Search option before starting a new thread!

Discussion of the administration actions, deliberate attempts to start another thread which subject matter resembles that of the closed or deleted thread as well as any disputes on what is flood and what is not are unacceptable.

Administration has the right to ban repeated violators permanently or temporarily at its own discretion. Should selective banning be impossible, administrator may ban a subnetwork or the whole zone.

NOTE! These rules may be modified at any time. All changes and supplements will be reported in the GSC General Forum.

Special Offtopic Section Rules

Threads in GSC General Forum » Offtopic, as well as roleplaying threads in the General section of each game forum, are subject to the same rules of conduct as the rest, with the following amendments:

  • A wide choice of subject matter is allowed, except that prohibited by the general forum rules.
  • Users are expected to behave courteously towards each other without supervision; they may remind each other of common sense and advise to edit posts.
  • Posting another user's personal information without consent is unacceptable.
  • Let others speak for themselves; in roleplaying threads, avoid describing what others do or have done to them.
  • Moderators will try to interfere minimally and give fair warning prior to doing so.
  • A moderator participating in a discussion is equal to the other participants and will not exercise moderator powers to affect the discourse.
  • Roleplaying threads can define additional rules, as long as they are consistent with the main forum rules. Such rules should be followed in the form they are written.
  • Should a thread get out of control, it might be locked until the problem is resolved outside the forum.

Have fun, folks! :)


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