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AMK Nardonaya Soljanka

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  00:00:04  19 March 2011
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On forum: 08/22/2007

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03/19/2011 0:06:34
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English translation compilation

This file is an all in one translation for NS ver. 19.04+14.08+03.09 that contains the following:

Nutbags latest translation
sapsan 18.11 patch
ver. 4 English text edit
plus new translation work

The new translation work completes the following chapters:

The search for the lost expedition
Quest for Arharas notebook
Begin search for Ghost and Fangs Murderers
The search for Fangs killer
The search for Ghost
the search for the Black Doctor

The artefact/recipe missions
The teleport missions

Theres a lot of small additions to the translation such as descriptions and news messages for the terrorism mod, The transmutator anomaly names identification, locking and unlocking cache message, names, encylopedia, loot money, new monster part names and desc...ect ect.

If you are using later script files than 18.11 sapsan, just apply them again after the translation install.
  20:51:18  17 April 2011
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On forum: 02/27/2011

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04/17/2011 20:59:19
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What to download?

I've got a question, if I wanna play it (the easy way as you describe, the Achille's folder), I have to download the gamedata folder, but do I need to apply the xr_game fixes too, the ones to make the computerized rifles to work, or am I able to play the game downloading only Achille's gamedata folder? Please, split which are the links to the mod and which are the fixes/addons, it's confusing.


I'm playing ShoC with 1.0005 patch, should I applly the compatibility patch for this mod too? Or does Achille's folder contain it? It's confusing.
  15:43:59  30 May 2011
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On forum: 05/30/2011
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hello I am interested in playing this mod but its difficult for me to download the latest version thats completly patched and translated. the older method 19.04and updating worse do to internet costs in my country. Would it be possible that someone made a TORRENT for Nardonaya Soljanka latest mod with all updates and translations (no dmx or dkz please, my computer only have 2gbs, cant upgrade) thank you very much in advance and i hope you can help me
  20:06:13  30 May 2011
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On forum: 05/30/2011

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05/30/2011 20:09:36
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Thank you Pseudostomp. I was unable to navigate russian site even with translator, and the Achillesdave gamedata folder I am unable to download because Megaupload says file is unavailable. since I am unable to download the patches to bring my 9.04 to latest form I am afraid I am stuck with it that way.shame. I really wanted to play mod in its full glory. Perhaps someone may brighten my day by providing me a torrent link for the latest most complete mod with all patches and translations.
  21:40:53  31 May 2011
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On forum: 05/30/2011
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ive bumped into a bug. im running 19.04 with cumultative patch 20100 or something. my game is crashing every 2 minutes
  22:45:10  9 June 2011
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On forum: 11/21/2010
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Daft question, i have downloaded the 8 parts (following your easy way)

Part 1 313 MB MD5=611ff1f758e440d447f386980f374833
Part 2 368 MB MD5=2324a7209cd9313b3db89aec3f323002
Part 3 340 MB MD5=074b04442be46c35222f84d38de7bfd6
Part 4 299 MB MD5=e0a8fe036a0aa75347ab872593958a7a
Part 5 159 MB MD5=9c23e92d77487551c60de9a16d9eda46
Part 6 191 MB MD5=7872cad5f6c997a4b47704871a09e77a
Part 7 216 MB MD5=2d4f210ce73907c4a9de30e378140653
Part 8 517 MB MD5=1fe770579b20868a059345c3b3ad853b
Restore default crosshair: edit Gamedata > Config > System.ltx cross_length = 0.015

do i also need to download the following to go with them?

* NEW * Gamedata folder, from "Napalms" at Narodnaya Solyanka Mod of Apr-19-2010 + Aug-14-2010 + all patches and fixes to Sept-3-2010 (for SOC V1.0004). Download two files, totaling 2.466 GB, which unpack with 7-Zip to 6.9 GB, 991 folders, 14602 files. Add the Translation and [Optional] Adaptation to SOC 1.0005/6 as described above.

Part 1 1.9 GB, 2,044,723,200 bytes,
MD5 = 1bf953d5af19a72a59df0421d6ebc762
Part 2 402 MB, 421,786,323 bytes,
MD5 = 33dcdf46f6b502279fc1433e54db41f0
Click on "Скачать файл", the blue-green rectangle. Enter captcha & click on "Скачать файл". Wait 60 seconds, and try not to look at pictures (celebrities, the nearly nude, or simply bizarre). Click on "Скачать файл" (top of the page).

  23:18:05  11 June 2011
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On forum: 06/11/2011

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06/11/2011 23:30:47
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I managed to get the base mod (patches included) working with the translations, but I can't get DMX working.

So the installation order just to be clear would be

-the Base mod (the one that includes all the fixes)
-The 1.0005 compatibility patch
-followed by DMX mod
-and then Stalker Weather Overhaul
And all this on v1.0005.

Am I missing something?
  16:56:55  19 June 2011
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On forum: 06/19/2011
Messages: 9
Could someone Make a torrent for this but an 1.0005v with all the patches and an eng translation please?
  09:03:57  24 June 2011
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Senior Resident

On forum: 08/25/2010
Messages: 176
Weapons pack for AchillesDave v1.0004 of this mod?

I've heard there is a weapons pack/add on in 2-4 different parts for this mod(AchillesDave's version 1.0004, no DMX). I'd like to add it.

Can someone post the links where I can download it? Thanks.
  16:03:36  24 June 2011
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There is a strange beauty in The Zone.


On forum: 04/17/2010

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06/25/2011 0:03:08
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Weapons Pack for Narodnaya Solyanka 2010 by Buusty

Buusty writes: "This pack was made, basically, for those who at least once passed through the mod and now would try to pass it with new and interesting weapons. Oh, and for "newcomers to Solyanka" this pack, most likely, will also be interesting".

Latest News: June 24th this post to Mod Downloads, June 20th Patch for "final" version announced (due ~6 weeks), "Cheat Sheet" of quest guns.

Discussion Thread here at, for questions or comments:

Main mod site:
Great thread with screenshots and Youtube videos for some of the 50 or 60 new guns, plus download links and patches.

There is a one-part version, which requires a new game. There is also a four part version, which installed piece by piece (1+2+3+4) allows playing NS from your existing saved games (tested by Diablow ). ATTENTION! This mod add-on overwrites some files in the current Achillesdave all-in-one English translation.

INSTALLATION: Weapons Pack Mod.
Start with Narodnaya Solyanka 19.4.2010 + 14.8.2010 expansion + patch of 20.8.2010 + patch of 3.9.2010. This is available in a 2 part download posted by Napalms, or 8 parts from Achillesdave. Later Sapsan patches may conflict with this mod (latest Achillesdave translation, april 1st 2011, includes Sapsan 18.11.2011 scripts).

Install mod and options in this order: "Weapons pack (final) + gadgets from pack (except for changes to anomalies by dimak + Art addon version 1.5 + Fix ver.00.1 + adaptation."

I started with a clean Narodnaya Solyanka install patched to 3.9.2010, put on the Weapon Pack (big one piece full version), added the Achillesdave all-in-one translation (Config & Script folders), then added the Weapon Pack Config and Script folders (again, to see which translations are overwritten). A new game started ok (with some new intro screens). Diablow tested the 1+2+3+4 four part installation and can play from his existing NS saved games.

Weapon Pack Mod overwrites these translated files, and maybe more:

Оружейный пак - Weapon Pack folder. Main mod Gamedata.
"Всякие примочки - All sorts of gadgets" folder contains:
- Адаптация прицелов под 16х9 от AR_F-man - Adaptation of the sights of a 16x9 AR_F-man
- Новая озвучка изломов - New Voice for Fractures Izloms
- Новые текстуры к Десантнику - New Textures FN2000 Marine
- Перчатки для ГГ - Gloves
- Правка аномалий от dimak - Edit anomalies from dimak ( reduces anomalies to around 1/2 the usual numbers).
- Правка по глушаку на динамике - Edit Glushak on the dynamics of
- Убираем раскачивание прицела - Remove Sight Sway tips: Do Captcha & press green button. Uncheck the box for a toolbar. Click on the link just above the check box.

Download Weapon Pack one-part version here -

Universal Icon Fix , of June-14-2011, by Buusty.
"This has fixed all the icons and proapgreyzhennyh guns, and icons of the art add-on Fanat , and even the icons of the "Collector". If anyone is any problems with the icons, put boldly...".

List of compatible guns, Trader repair patch June-21-2011 17 KB. "... be able to repair the new guns at Sids. Add to the gamedata folder, overwriting files. A new game is not necessary"

Fix for the MauserK-98 sights. Only for those who have trouble aiming with this gun. Mirror:

"For those who do not want to start a new game: Weapon Pack parts one to four"
• Pack № 1:
"Download the fix for the flight in the sarcophagus in the teleport to camera gun":
"Install before the conversation with Lightning at Monolith HQ. Required when you install only the first pack. If you install the second pack then the fix is ​​not necessary."

• Pack № 2:

• Pack № 3:

• Pack № 4:

"Recommend installing all four. They are placed sequentially, one after another - first pack, then second, then third and finally fourth.
To run in the "nano-suit" to "lean armor + interactive effect of breathing", you need to download this: For those who disable this option, do not need to put - "Nano" will work well."

"Here's adaptation of Art addon pack for weapons", adaptatsiya.exe.html password for the archive 56 [I did not download this part, -Pseudostomp]

Cheat sheet list of quest reward guns:

Four of the computerized guns require the patched xrGame.dll to shoot.
1. "The Executioner" Akim.
2. "Anomalous Walther" Chernomor.
3. "SVD-Pletka."
4. "Exhaust - Anti-terror".

"Description and contents of pack" (translation).

Pistols -
1. TT pistol (it will be on sale at Sidor, especially useful for those who have just begun / started playing Salsola and bummed another automatic weapon) - Author Real_Wolf.
2. Colt "Kimber Custom" (A copy of the semi-automatic pistol M1911 for the Force Spetsialnyh Operatsy U.S. - US SOCOM. 45y caliber, 10-round clip) - by Real Wolf and pseudo-STALKER
3. Glock 35 (22x-shot automatic pistol company «Glock» chambered for .40 S & W) - borrowed from the DMX-fashion.
4. Beretta 92A1 (New Model UNIQA altered by the caliber of 5.45h39) - by eXiu.

Submachine Guns
1. Thompson submachine gun (with a disc of 70 cartridges and built-in collimator) - authors @ "StreloK" and eXiu.
2. MP-40 (submachine gun Volmer (many take it for that same "Schmeisser", WWII)) - by D. Kruger.
3. New Model AKS-74U - by eXiu.
4. New model PP "Bison" (pravozaryadnaya and with the ability to set the optics "CID-1" Tulip " - by Alexandrovich, updating model eXiu.
5. Unico based on the PP "Bison" (by the caliber of 9x19mm and integrated collimator "Cobra" - by Alexandrich.

Machines -
1. AK-47 "Scout" (Improved optics and precision, set all the skirts) - the model of the Arsenal mod.
2. AKM "Dream" (AKM with folding bipod, a disk magazine for 75 cartridges and a removable optical sight PSO-3) - author @ "StreloK".
3. AK-203 (AR-F "Sniper." In essence - the same AK-47, only with Western bodywork, and very accurate) - by Alexandrich.
4. FN2000 "Paratrooper" (or simply "The Marine", a modernized complex FN2000, increased accuracy, the multiplicity of optics, rate,
by the caliber of 9h39, horn 30 rounds) - author of the idea and the initial configuration vdv5549, refinement of the model itself eXiu and Aahz.
5. Flamethrower, "Poltergeist" (A new model based on the flamethrower FN2000, spets.ognesmes a balloon, very conveniently cleaned area from the large flocks of evil spirits) - the author dimak.
6. AK-104 (one hundredth of AK series chambered for 7.62x39, dual horn, increased rate of all body kits) - by pseudo-STALKER
7. Steyr Aug "Kaltera" (Austrian assault rifle with grenade shotgun) - Author Chainsaw.
8. AKM (Kalashnikov Modernized, chambered for 7.62x39, it is possible to install all the skirts) - the model of the Arsenal mod.
9. IMI Galil ARM (Assault Rifle IMI Galil, an Israeli version of the AK, only under NATO cartridge 5.56h45) - Model of the Arsenal mod.
10. IMI Galil ARM "Sniper" (Option IMI Galil rifles chambered for 7.62x51, with a high accuracy of fire, reduced rate) - a model of the Arsenal mod.
11. OICW (System OICW (Objective Individual Combat Weapon - the objective individual combat weapon). Combined Assault rifle Heckler-Koch XM-29 OICW (U.S.))
- Author Nomadec.
12. Mini-Dragunov " (automatic AK47 Sniper "Mini-Dragunov" - a hybrid of the AK-47 and SVD, built-in 8-times the optics, it is possible to install a silencer and podstvol)
- Model of the Arsenal mod.
13. STG-44 (SturmGewehr 44 - German assault rifle in 1944 under the cartridge 7.92h33mm) - Model of the Arsenal mod.
14. SIG 550 (New pravozatvornaya an interesting model of LURK, truth distortion of the gate with his left hand looks a bit unnatural, we assume that the HS - left-handed))).
15. AN-94 "Abakan" + new skirts for him, optics and silencer (New pravozatvornaya model "Abakan" from stalkers Real Wolf and pseudo-STALKER)
16. AK-9 (Silent shortened machine, based on the AK-74M. The machine uses subsonic ammunition 9x39 mm (SP-5, SP-6)) - by Grayshooter.
17.Skorostrelny AK-74 Arrow (new model based on the AK-104 and a caliber of 7.62mm) - by Aahz.
18. AK-101 customizable (AK-74M) (The machine was developed under the cartridge 5.56 x45 NATO. Integrated optics collimator and a removable silencer + + podstvol) - by Real Wolf.
19. AS "Val" - "Cobra" (removable collimator "Cobra" and the optics of PSO-1) - the author of the new model Aahz.
20. AK-108 (AK-108 has increased (1,5 - 2 times), accuracy of fire bursts, chambered for NATO 5.56 mm x45. Sight ACOG. silencer 5,56 "Supressor". podstvol'nyy grenade launcher GP-25 "Fire " - by pseudo-STALKER
21. SIG SG 552 "Commando" (Shorter machine SIG SG 552, based on SG 550.Na Picatinny straps can be installed collimator optics and ACOG. Located in the first slot.) - by Aahz.
22. Colt M4 (machine (carbine) M4 contemporary issue, with ACOG Trijicon ACOG and tactical arm) - by Aahz.
23. AS "Val" - "Tactics" (Tactical hilt and butt, a removable sight PK-A) - Author: model of pseudo-STALKER, tuning @ "StreloK".
24. AK-47 attack aircraft " (an excellent weapon for close combat and at medium ranges. Horn for 45 rounds, an integrated collimator Cobra, podstvol - GP-25 "Fire" - Model of the ARMA, tuning and model fitting @ StreloK ".
25. SBR (modified assault rifle, M4A1) - author eXiu.
26. New model AK-74 - by Alexandrich.
27. New model AK-47 - a model of ARMA.
28. New model Unique - AN94 Abakan "Sniper" - a model of the Arsenal mod.
29. SR-3 "Whirlwind M" - author SnipeRStalkeR.

Machine guns -
1. Minigun "Pecheneg" ("elder brother" PKMa. A modern and reliable rapid-fire machine gun. Very useful for cleaning large areas of scum) - by Nomadec.
2. RPK-74 (Kalashnikov's machine gun. Disc 75 rounds of ammunition, possibly to put a silencer and optics) - Model of the Arsenal mod.

Sniper rifles -
1. SVD "lash" (with adjustable sight and Auto capture the target) - For the firing of the rifle to replace the file in the folder xrGame.dll bin.
2. New model SVD (real sniper! "Or else ... a misunderstanding that was originally Solianke) - by SanekEd.
3. New model SVU (real sniper! "Or else ... a misunderstanding that was originally Solianke) - by SanekEd.
4. K98 Mauser (German 5-charge rifle during the Second World War. The people affectionately nicknamed "Karkushey. Caliber 7.92h33mm) - Author: L @ r1ng1t $ and Aahz.
5. VSK94 (Reduced analog VSS "Vintorez, located in the pistol slot) - by Alexandrich.
6. "exhaust" (large-caliber sniper rifle is quieter chambered 12.7h108) - by Nomadec.
7. SVU-AS (Modification of the basic version. Removable 8-x optical sight and automatic fire) - the author of Pseudo-STALKER
8. New model of SCD Vintorez of ARMA (sniper rifle with night sight, horn for 20 rounds - has replaced the model UNIQA "It Vintorez)
- Author of the pseudo-STALKER, refinement and tuning of the model "under Unic" Aahz.
9. AKS74u-SVD (Hybrid AKS-74U and the IRS - the production of local artisans in the Zone) - the author eXiu.
10. SIG 550 "Sniper" (a unique modification of the Swiss Rifles SIG SG 550, a powerful integrated optics + silencer and podstvol NATO, a rifle cartridge 7.62x51) - author, unfortunately, I do not know. If anyone finds out in the trunk my job - writing, arranging.

Shotguns -
1. Mossberg 590 12GA (Smoothbore Pump Shotgun, powerful and reliable. This version of butt-shots 8mi) - a model of LURK-fashion.
2. Mossberg 590 Compact Cruiser (Smooth-bore shotgun. Shorter version, the 7-charging. Placed in the first slot) - a model of the DMX-fashion.
3. Saiga 12K "Sniper" (smoothbore carbine "Saiga", the ability to establish and collimator optics) - by Aahz.
4. Saiga Cardan (New user-friendly, smooth, rapid-firing rifle, automatic firing modes and increased the horn is placed in a pistol slot) - by Aahz.
5. AA-12 (Automatic shotgun Atchinson disk-to-20 rounds) - by eXiu.
6. Sanglier 1912 (smooth bored with the disc 20 rounds + automatic firing mode + collimator "Aimpoint" - the authors: a model of Mongol, tuning and Aahz @ "StreloK".
7. Remington 870 "Marine Magnum" (Pump The most powerful shotgun in the game, the librarian is better to go with it) - by Alexandrich.
8. New model SPAS12 "Hunter" - the author eXiu.
Almost all the weapons with the right gate and the CHN-hand.

Other Weapons
1.Granata "Snowball 7643b" (local production Kulibina. The explosion mimics anomaly "Snow" - the idea dimak, the implementation of my
2. Double F1 grenade (Significantly increased the damage radius fragments. Throwing just from shelters!)
3.New form of munitions - "Grapeshot" for all shotguns.
4.In the game introduced a new cartridge 7.62x39mm "HE" (7.62x39mm cartridge with an enhanced charge "U.S.." Now this kind of "ammo" is registered to all the trunks that use the same caliber).
5. New 7.92x33mm cartridge , plain and armor-piercing (for a German captured weapons).
6. New optical sight PSO-3 . Registered some of the trunks of the pack (which - will understand from the description).

Other Features
New visual Wolf - now it's a true leader and role model for beginners - Designed by Aahz . With the new Wolf will be available to a new quest by doing that, you can not bad "pack" already Cordone (not strictly judge, this is my first quest).
In addition to all revised performance characteristics of weapons and ammunition. Slightly revised TTH rifle grenades, and now it's really a real help in combat (you can bring down a water meter, if needed to get somewhere!).
New trunks will not be freely available - they can only get for completing quests or find in the caches. Necessary "skirts" for new trunks will be on sale at Adrenaline.
Some of the new trunks distributed NPCs. I think the difference in the re-experience the once already in the cordon. The most "rearmed" bandits, hiring, chistonebovtsy (well, some other groups). Including What is new trunks can get in a fight, taking away from the enemy. Unico cool the packs distributed to some quest (klyuchevym!) characters, some of the immortals, well, some to kill (because puhi) can not - break off the storyline.
Fixed some minor bugs and rough spots, which were the most Solianke example, when the Mayor did not give a reward for the quest for parts of monsters, and now provides one of the new stems from the pack (in general, I advise you not to ignore the quests that character). Spawned a second controller brain at ATP for Lucas, now it's not a legend, he really is a "wait" when you find him)).
New atmospheric voice of all weapons from the stalker Kuzm @ Master (new voice really "Freaky" hopefully find it yourself).
In the pack added three new unique exoskeleton ( "Stormtrooper" , "Kevlar exoskeleton Sniper" C "," Kevlar exoskeleton Sniper "NA" ), as well as restored Nano-suit . Model suits taken from Fashion "Tin", the adaptation of costumes for Solianke - vdv5549 .

Pack was made and tested for pure Solyanka version 4.19.2010 + dopa from 14.08. + Patch from 8.20. + Patch from 9.3.

And then, after install this package, the top does not need anything more knurl, especially addons, that introduce other new guns or weapons related edits.
Acknowledgements stalkers :
dimak (consulted on all the technical issues that arise when creating a pack)
vdv5549 (new costumes from the fashion "Tin + good advice)
Balls (new visual Wolf, the new models of weapons, some made ​​specifically for the pack)
Kuzm @ The Master (a new voice of all weapons)
_Val_ (original edit performance characteristics of all weapons)
Comador (some technical issues)
Vadimische (beautiful icons to the new trunks)
@ "Strelok" (new models of weapons)
eXiu (new models of weapons, tuning old)
AR_F-MAN (adaptation of new sights for Widescreen)
... It seems no one has forgotten ...
All the good hunting and bezglyuchnoy game! Sincerely Buusty .".
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